Taiwan’s Local Food

This is a long overdue post back in 2012

Let me show you the best Taiwan’s Local Food that we ate during our trip.

**sorry for i dont know what exactly the restaurant’s name and where exactly the restaurants are. haha..

im just not good at remembering Chinese names. hahaha. well. anyway..


1. Dumplings in Hua Lien City 


2. Taiwan Hot Dog – i never ate such a yummy hotdog before.. *i swear. haha.. 

Its in one of the night market in Hua Lien City as well. but u can find it in other nightmarket as well. 

Its wrapped by some sort like glutinous rice and the have other things like cucumber, pickles and chili, and some other things that i dont exactly know what that is.. but it is awesomely nice. hahahaha. 


3. Fried pork ribs? hahaha. 

intinya babi goreng dahh ini. ahhaah.. 



3. Cold Tofu and beef noodle when we were on our way to Taroko Gorge. =) 


4. Local Handburger with pork. This is sinfully delicious. ~.~

its somewhere in sun moon lake. 


4. The most delicious beef noodle that ive ever tried. 

named Lin Tong Fang in Ba De Lu Road in Taipei! 

it’s a small counter at the road side. They have their kitchen on 1 stall, and a place to seat in other stall.

i love their chewy noodle and their beef and tendon that really melts in your mouth. 

and plus their chili. aaaahhh~~~ Its just heaven! 




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