Israel Day 7: The Other Side of Israel & It’s Authenticity

i have mentioned in earlier post that our Israel’s city tour was very laid back,

so after we finished our Day 6, Raimond suggested to see the other side of Israel city. 

and we agreed.. =)

well, except ci Bombie cause she was feeling a bit unwell that day. =(


i always thought that Israel have no fun place to go. haha.. 

like, no place to hang out and all.

since it’s a city of Pilgrimage, a land that is called Holly.

and also a city full of *im sorry* war.. hehe.  


but i was totally wrong.. 

they are very developed country in the first place.. 

they have trains! even better than Jakarta. muahahha. 



so, we went to Ben Yehuda Street.

i think it’s like the Orchard Road / Bugis Street of Israel.

where you have can have some shopping and just chilling around.


our Hotel shuttle bus drove us here.

at first, we thought we were somewhere else, because the driver apparently cant speak english well.

so.. we opened the map to see where we were. haha..

well.. i mean Raimond and Gill.. haha..

i cant really read mapss.. hehe

so we decided to just take a stroll till the end of the alley

and found Mcdonald’s there! hahaha

we went in there because i needed to pee.. but too bad the toilet is closed.. *aghhh*

i can still hold it, so i took a picture of the menu before we left. haha

ohh.. and the Israeli lady who looked at the camera was about to say ‘NO PICTURE!’ haha.

but too bad lady, ive taken one.. hehehe..


apparently the menu is kinda different there..

all the burgers are just different from asia.. 

very mouthwatering. but yeahh. decided not to eat there. cause we gonna have some diner back at our Hotel. hehe. 


and finally here we are!


Ben Yeduha St.. the place that we intended to go.. hehe.

it’s a very lovely place i may say.

it’s like im in some Europe countries. haha..

i really like how the set the cafe! hehe..

*pretty paintings on the building*


we went in to one shopping mall as well.

but the shopping mall is really2 small.

well, it’s like a 5 storeys department store where they sell branded goods.

they have those parfumes like issey miyake as well.. haha

and i saw Panerai ads on some other shopping centre’s digital wall.

so Israel is not that boring.. muahahha..

*well.. i think they are human too who crave for some good goods.. hehe*


so, we just strolled around the city without buying anything. haha.

because all the goods are more expensive than Singapore,

also “the clothing trend” is surprisingly the same as well as our little-red dot city, only they are more conservative than us. hehe


after we went one round.

we decided to go back to out hotel.

and we tried the train !

 luckily they have some english language option on this machine. haha

this one is only for one time used only.

ohh. this one is new for me.. 

you need to press this for IN and OUT.. 

the doors will not open automatically like Singapore’s

 and it’s the tap machine. hehe

but i forgot if we tapped our card, or insert our card to that yellow thingy.. haha..


Day 7

The Lazarus Tomb

they sell this in front of the Tomb. haha.. 

okay.. so this mustard’s seeds is still a big seeds, ci Gill said she saw something tinnier than this.. 

*bible parable said :  if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20* 

if you see the “black hole” beside the man, its’s the door to the tomb.. kinda small and low.. haha. 

and apparently it’s quite dark and steep to enter the tomb,

so we need to hold on to the rail tightly cause we dont want to fall. haha.. 

this is the stairs 

and we are at the Lazarus’s Tomb now! hehe.. 

okay.. the tomb is rather small. 

idk if it’s really small from the ancient time. or because of refurbishing 

anyway, not much to see over here.. hehe.. 


Beit’ Abra – Believed to be the authentic place where Jesus was baptized

Jordan River

it was a very hot day that you can literally melts a chocolate within blink of an eye. 

and this place have no shelter at all.

well.. they have it.. but quite fat from the baptism place.. hehe.. 

ohh.. the river is a little bit dirty i think.. 

and i dont care i took a pic when the people behind me have baptism session. hahaha.



okay.. so after the authentic baptism place of Jesus

we went to the more commercialized baptism area.. *still Jordan River*

and it’s a very different ambiance.

really commercialized. hahaha.

but im a little bit scared if i want to be re-baptized here.

cause, too many fishes.. and yes, some of them are a very big ones. 

i dont know if Jesus experienced the same thing too.

surrounded with fishes when he was baptized by John. haha.  

a very different place with Beit Abra, right?

even you need to pay USD 2 for toilet. ~.~


some churches contribute / donate this “The Lord’s Prayer” to be displayed on the walls before you entered the baptism place.

i heard that you need to donate some of money, so you can put yours here. 

you can see the prayers in many languages. 

but i only captures this 3 languages that caught my eyes. haha. 

*oke deh. ncang ncing enyak babe.. aye undur diri dulu yee.

sampe jumpe di postingan israel berikutnyee.. hehe.. * 


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