ATV Ride in Cappadocia

My heart was aching when we know that we could not ride the Hot Air Ballon that time.

We only stayed in Cappadocia for 2 days 1 night, and only have that only morning to fly and see the beauty of Goreme, Cappadocia.  Everything has been booked for the balloon ride that morning. Samed from Koza Cave Hotel *a very pretty cave hotel* helped us to arrange a ride with Butterfly Balloon. 

we already woke up at 4am, got ready and waiting eagerly at the lobby by 4.20am. waiting for the driver to come and pick us up at 4.30am. not long after that, the driver come with a paper and talked with Samed’s father (the hotel owner) in some local language.

The hotel owner said that we could not go for the hot air balloon because of the bad weather. and the driver also added this statement

‘Go up Okay, Go down Problem’

haha.. very funny statement yaa..

oh yaa.. the people in Goreme are all very nice and helpful, eventho they speak little english..

me and amel was very sad to hear that.. there gone our wish to see beautiful sunrise in Cappadocia.. =(

But luckily few hours before the disappointment, we already went for the ATV ride.

Actually this ATV Ride was also an impromptu one.

we never plan to have any. only when we walked down to Goreme Open Air Museum, we saw people are riding and ATV and saw ATV rental around the corner.

we came to visit and asked how much does it cost, blablabla..

i cant remember exactly on how much we spend for the ATV, it was not that cheap too.. i think around 40 Eur if im not wrong for an hour ride.

we were lead by the local youngsters to see a sunset on a hill.

there’s an option whereby you can rent the ATV for a day and go around Goreme too.

riding an ATV was very fun experience.  it’s like driving a big motorbike with 4 wheels. haha..


The youngsters lead us to 3 places.

– The local church, a place where no one of wanted to go, because we must hike up. haha.. so we just stay there for a while and go again to the second sightseeing place.

– The Second place was a higher ground where we can see some valley from there.




*they gave us shower cap before putting on our helmet. haha.. so cute!*



– And the third last place was our final destination. The Sunset Place.

There’s a funny story.

Raimond found this place so pretty, and so did we.

so he go and ask 1 of the youngsters this question.

‘ What’s this place name?’

‘ My name is … ‘

‘ No.. this place, what’s the name?’

‘ Ohh.. Sunset Place’ *smiling*

hahahaha.. yahh kurang lebih gt deh ceritanya.. lupa2 inget. hahaha..


Yes, it is a hill for us to see the sunset, but we dont know what’s the name of the place until today..  haha..







Pretty, isnt it?

oh.. the one thing that i dont like while driving ATV was the sand that keep going in to your eyess.. gahhh..

i already wore a spectacles that time, cannot imagine if im using my contact lense.

and you can share the ATV if you want to cut the cost. hehe.. anyway, after a while your hands will get very tired, especially your right thumb because you must keep pressing for the gas. haha..

but overall, it was such a great great experience, something that you must do if you are visiting Cappadocia.



3 thoughts on “ATV Ride in Cappadocia

  1. jen, i think it’s rose valley .. apa salah yaaa?! HAHAHAH .. well it was an experience though!! btw, aku comot poto terakhirnyaa yaaa.. i didn’t know you have this pic btw hihihiih 🙂


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