The Love, The City, The Food – Osaka : Day 4

Ga berasa banget ternyata udah lewat begitu aja 3 hari di Tokyo.

and finally it’s the time to go to Osaka.. before we left our apartment, we need to check a lot of things.. from the simplest thing like dont leave anything behind.. folding back the sofabed.. clear our things from the fridge.. put all the things back in their place.. and throwing our garbage.

i really want to share with you on how Japanese throw their garbage.. so, the owner of the place gave us some handbook to read.. like how to turn on the microwave.. how to use the washing machine.. the dos and donts.. and 1 particular page on how to throw our garbage..

so, basically all Japanese differentiate their garbage to several types.. like the burnable, non-burnable, recycle, batteries, etc etc.. if you have plastic bottles, paper waste and anything burnable, you must separate it to one transparant plastic bag.. and so does the non-burnable , and the re-cycle ones.. *pokok.nya tiap jenis lu harus pisahin tempat sampah.nya* And if you wanted to throw batteries, you must throw it in black plastic bags.. and you can only throw it once a month..

and the thing that ‘wow-ed’ me the most is.. you must know WHEN to throw your garbage.. example : Monday, Wednesday, Friday is for Burnable. Tuesday, Thursday is for Non-burnable. and the rest of the day is to pick up the other type of garbage. Let’s say you put Non-Burnable on Monday.. they wont pick it up for you.. they will just pick it up when the schedule is there.. *gila banget ga si? haha.. gw ga tau saking teratur.nya sampe begitu bangett.. kita sampe pusing gt pas mau cabutt.. pertamanya msh mikir ini burnable apa bukan.. sampe akhir.nyaa.. ahhh. sudahlahh.. buang aja semua dalam 1 kantong. hahahah.. mudah2an semua burnable. hahahaha..*

Thirza, the friend of mine was also so confused when she first moved to Tokyo.. finally she created special alarms only to remind her which garbage to throw away today. hahaha.. *gila2ann dehh*

That’s why if you go to Japan, you will not find so many trash bin, she said the government encourage you to bring back your own garbage home. faint.. haha.. so different with Singapore, where there’s trash bin in every 10-15 meters. haha..

okay.. now it’s time to go to Osaka! *eggciteddd!*

we went out from the apartment as per planned. 1 hour before our Shinkansen schedule.. and you know what? we almost missed our first bullet train.. we thought 1 hr is more than enough.. since from our place to Tokyo station only take 20 minutes time..

what make us almost late was.. we did not expect the long walking distance in Tokyo station itself! it took us about 25 minutes just to figure things out and walk our way to the Shinkansen platform. so, Tokyo station itself have many many trains.. from the many lines of normal trains.. tokyo metro and the shinkansen.. again, we thought how far it would be from 1 platform to another platform? *dan ternyata.. panjang aja dongg jalannya..* the walk is like from ION Orchard to Somerset Station with a lot of escalators.. up and down.. and it’s still in Tokyo Station..! its just unimaginably BIG !

Finally. we reached the Shinkansen platform by 11.00am.. our bullet train supposed to go by 11.03am.. we rushed to find our Car number, quickly go inside the train and put our luggage on the top. Just nice when we sit down, we can feel that the train is already moving.. when we saw the time.. it is already 11.03am.. another ‘Wow-ed’ moment.. they are reallyy ON TIME !

*pas kereta.nya tiba2 jalan.. kita semua lngsung liat2an gitu dong.. untung bngt ga ktinggalann.. every minutes counts bngt disana.. temen gw cerita juga.. dulu pernah ada kejadian dimana Shinkansennya telat beberapa menit doang.. trus si masinis.nya minta maaf sambil bungkuk2 gt ke semuaa car / gerbong di shinkansen ituu.. gila bngt yaa.. cuman bbrp menit doang loh. haha.. mungkin kita orng indo kebiasaan telat kali ya.. jadi klo tiba2 on time bngt jadi kaget gt. hahaha. sesuatu yg harus di tiru banget sih kalo soal on time*




*you can turn the seat if you want.. seru bngt yaa..hehe.. sayang bngt ga kburu ambil penampakan luar.nya si Shinkansen.. huu.. tampak.nya sama sih sama yg kalian liat di tipi2.. putih doang aja gt.. hehe*

BTW, we took Hikari Line from Tokyo – Osaka. if you wants to travel to many cities. we really recommend to buy the JR pass.. eventho i know that it is freaking expensive (about SGD 350), but it’s really worth it than buying normal tickets.. and this JR pass is not sold in Japan itself. so you must buy it online or go to some travel agent to purchase it.

Finally we reached Osaka!

we must take another local train in order to reach our Hotel that is Located near Osaka Namba Station.


reached Osaka-Namba Station that is very very confusing and doesnt have escalators and lifts at all. ~.~’.. *semua underground gt.. bingung bngt cari jalan ke atas.nyaa.. ternyata bnyk exit di samping2.nya cuman pake nomor gt.. kyk b21.. b22.. ya mana tauu yahh itu exit ke jalanan.. huu.. semuanya kyknya lagi laper gt. jadi ga bs berpikir jernih. haha*


after we got out from this station.. we must walk about 3 minutes to reach to this Dontonburi road.. and pass by one bridge before we reached to our hotel. SONY DSC SONY DSC

because we felt very starving.. we just put our luggage and quickly go to below restaurant, that we dont even know the name. haha.. *jelek.nya gw kalo lagi laper tuh bawaannya jadi short temper. jadi kudu cepet2 makan. muahahha*


They are only selling deep fried Yakitori or Kushiage. Actually we wanted to eat Matsusakagyu Yakiniku (the one above this restaurant), but they are only re-open at 6pm. and we cant bear any longer. haha..

i dont know if we are so starving or the kushiage are just damn good or all the food in Japan are good. hahaha.




we finished this things in only 10 minutes time. haha..

how to eat this?

just dip once to the sauce and you can enjoy the kushiage..! *yuumm.. the sauce is like normal soya souce.. only much nicer.. i cant decipher what else that they put to the sauce. haha..

we were in Osaka for 2 and a half day only. so much things to do, yet so little time..

wanted to go to Osaka Castle, but too bad.. we could not managed to catch the timing. =(..

so we just go to Yumi Katsura lovers sanctuary. *aka kuil cinta kalo kata si Ivan Prakasa. haha..  pengen ktmu Ivan waktu pas ke Jepang. tapi sayang bngt kaki dia lagi bengkak gara2 main basket.. lain kali yaa vann kalo gw ke Tokyo lagi.. hehe..*

This temple have no opening hours. you can just go there whenever you want to. The place is quite secluded somewhere in Umeda neighbourhood.



They have their steps to pray.. so we tried to follow the customs:

1. Wash your both hand and mouth with the water running water


2. Throw a coin inside


3. Ring the Big Bell three times.


4. Pray


5. And lastly, you must bow down after you finished your prayer.


This temple is a remembrance of a couple who really deeply in love for each other.. Ohatsu was a prostitute and Tokubei was a simple guy who was a soya sauce seller. like Romeo and Juliet. Like Sampek and Engtay, their love end in tragedy, where both of them committing suicide. =(

Now, it’s a very famous place for the young couples to pray that they will have an unwavering love. muahahha..

below is ‘Ema’ – a wooden plate where you can write your love wishes..



*just a random shots. hahaha* centil .com

we just went there for a while, and quickly went to Umeda Sky Buidling to see Osaka for above.. the admission fee is 700 Yen (about 8 SGD).


and here are some pretty pictures from Above.. =)





*lumayan cantik ya? hehehe*

after this pretty viewing. we went back directly to Matsusaka to eat our dinner. so starvingg after only eating few sticks of Kushiage. haha.

Matsusakagyu Yakiniku

1-1-19 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0076, Japan

when we went there, the person told us to come back tomorrow since it’s all fully booked for the night. we did not know that it was that popular and wasnt thinking that we need to book. gahh.. feeling blehh.. but suddenly there’s another waitress that told us that we can use a private room. not sure if someone cancelled or what. haha.. *thank God*

and this was our most expensive meal for the trip.. we already prepared the money, since all blogs and reviews told that the average spend is about 6000 yen / person (about SGD 70).. thankfully it’s still much cheaper than Singapore Gyu Kaku. haha.. *terhitung murah di banding yakiniku singapore walopun harganya berat di kantong.. tapi since sampe sana.. kyknya sayang aja klo ga di coba.. hehe*

but it was all worth it! the beef really melts in your mouth, so juicy and tender and sweet and makes you tipsy.. haha.. it was just too good to be true.. the best beef we have ever tasted. *sumpahh, kepala gw sampe pusing gara2 uenak.nya poll! hauhaua..



*the magnificent beef tongue with salt*


*The Best Beef BBQ set i have ever eatenn. we ordered set for 4 person*


And that night, we slept with a very happy tummy. hahaha.

Thank God for creating such a great beef for us to consume!

Major Love.. ❤ ❤


15 thoughts on “The Love, The City, The Food – Osaka : Day 4

  1. Bener bgt urusan sampahnya jen..lg prtama ksni jg gt bdua bingung..slny di reject aja dong sampah kt yg tidak sesuai prosedur itu… Ditempelin kertas ddpnnya dblg salah gtu hahaha *sampah aja bs direject* U__U skrg udh hafal jadwalnya cm utk brg2 yg beda ky gelas,kaleng dll gt ga hafal2 slny jadwalnya yg ky stiap hr rabu minggu ke 2&4 gtu hahaha ribet 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jen, salam kenal ya 🙂
    Hahaha ribet banget ya disana masalah buang sampah, tapi salut mereka segitu awarenya sama kebersihan. Disini mah di jalan raya aja bisa ada yang tiba2 buang kantong plastik segede gaban 😀
    Btw disana lagi autumn kan yah? Cantik banget yaa pasti..


    • Hi Kak Mar.. salam kenal jugaa. hehe.. iyaa.. kita yg turis sampe bingung gt.. katanya sih lebih cantik pas april yaa.. soalnya kan ada sakura gt.. hehe.. tapi autumn enak sii adem2 gt.. indah juga kok tanpa bunga2. hehe..


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