Dream Dinner Destination

So many list of beautiful countries waiting to be ticked off from my bucket list, and it is very hard to find a good period to travel since i started working. But the passion to travel is always there; so by the end of the day, i always find myself reading at some travel journals, visit some travel websites, and looking for airline promotions. haha.

it is really hard to decide where to go next, since all places have their own pulling factor, from their culture, their sceneries, their architecture, their shopping haven, their natures, and probably their food.

and talking about food, ‘Where is your Dream Dinner Destination?’

Indeed, it is one tough question. Each and everyone of us surely have our own ‘must place to go’.

If i may share with you, below is my 3 top choices for my ‘Dream Dinner Destination’

3. Ristorante Gambero Rosso, Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy.


*picture source from here*

Ohh, come on. who does not love this lovely colourful place. Vernazza is one of the fifth town in Cinque Terre region. For me, to have dinner in this place is a blessings. To enjoy the view, to feel the sea breeze, and to enjoy the local food! People said this restaurant is famous for their originality, fresh seafood and great pasta. i think ill be in love with the pasta that they are serving. Since i am a great noodle/pasta lover as well, i think it is a perfect dinner destination.

2. Grottino 1313, Luzern, Switzerland. 


*picture source from here*

Switzerland, one of the safest country in the world. I always wanted to visit this country and even think to spend my retirement in Switzerland. Well, blame all the pretty pictures that is very pretty and calming sceneries. while i browse through Switzerland, i found this super cozy and romantic restaurant. a place that you can have your lovely candle light dinner, literally. i can imagine the cold breeze outside, and the warmth that they offer inside. The perks of going to this restaurant is, they dont have a specific menu, they will surprise you with 2 courses menu for Lunch, and 4 courses menu for Dinner. I think it is somehow good for me who often do not know what to eat. haha, so they can just surprise me with their lovely sets.

1. Le Jules Verne, Eiffel Tower, Paris. 


*picture source from here*

ahh, Paris.. A city of Love. maybe some of you find it mainstream, but not for me. Paris have a special place in my heart. Went here when i was very very young, and fell in love with this Eiffel tower since then. I just found the tower, magical. When i grew up and find out that there’s a restaurant in it, by all odds, it become my ultimate Dream Dinner Destination! It has been a dream of mine to enjoy a great dinner and sipping some great wines and looking out to the beauty of Paris.

 Talking about travelling and eating, of course language take a huge part in it. You would not want to to get lost to your Dream Dinner Destination. well, i know sometimes getting lost when you travel could be fun. But, if you already made a booking somewhere, i think it’s good to find your way directly to your place of destination. And same goes with choosing the menu, and communicating with the waiter/waitress. Language is just so important, since you do not want to order something that you cant eat; let’s say you have food allergy or restrictions to some meat for example, and a restaurant already had this information available in English. i think there’s where Translation software could be useful for our travel.

Talking about Language, i took basic French before, since i’m a huge fan of french thingy, i thought i would be awesome if i can speak french one day. which i still think so. But learning a new language is really not an easy task to do. I gave up my french course since i dont have the time to attend the classes anymore and i dont have someone to practice with. So if there’s anyone out there who would want to teach and practice with me, i will be terribly happy! haha.

So that is my Dream Dinner Destination. Share yours if you have one! =)


18 thoughts on “Dream Dinner Destination

  1. Jeen, huaaaa mauuu juga semuanyaa… Aku jg kepengen banget ke Paris. Ngebayangin duduk2 santai sambil menikmati romantisme kota Paris aja udah seneng amat rasanya. Someday! 🙂


  2. Jen mau bgt practice french brg hahaha.. Dulu les ada kali setaun yg intensif gt.. Ga pny sparing partner syg bgt deh ga kepake jdny skrg bnyk lupa 😦 Pdhl jauh lbi suka français dbanding japonais 😛


    • whoopss. hahaha.. thanks ko for saying out. hahaha. udah ada nomor 1.nya sekarang. hehe.. iyah nih. after a lot of googling around.. finally stick with this 3. sbenernya sih bnyk tempat bagus2 lainnya yahh.. europe kyk semua view and restaurantnya seru buat di explore.


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