Alive Museum Singapore

The two Korean interactive entertainment museums just opened in Singapore last year. There is 2 places to enjoy this 3D art paintings. one is in Sentosa Island (Trick Eye Museum) and the other one is in Suntec City Mall (Alive Museum), the one that i went last week.

Alive Museum offers more than 80 pieces of 3D paintings, Digital arts, and Object arts. so there’s a lot of things to play with and many funny pictures to be taken.

me and some of my friends went there Friday last week. and just nice we got special price offered by a friend of mine.

so, instead of paying SGD 25. we got it for SGD 15 !! *yeayy* hehe. Moreover, we got in by 9pm, and no ones was there except us. so we got the whole museum to ourselves! we ran here and there to take pictures, and laughed out loud without disturbing anyone. it was just so fun! haha..

When we entered the museum, all of us was so amazed. Really, some people are just born creative, that they can make this kind of paintings. Enjoy the illusions.

IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1043 IMG_1048 IMG_1055
IMG_1064 IMG_1070 IMG_1072 IMG_1076 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1087 IMG_1090 IMG_1094 IMG_1098 IMG_1100 IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1108IMG_1122 IMG_1123Sorry for making this a shameless photo gallery of mine. hahaha..

To find out more about Alive museum, you can click here

Some tips for the girls, do not wear skirt or dress.. find it so hard to pose with it..

and some other tips are just have fun and dont be afraid to pose! haha.. *even though i did not pose so convincing as well* haha.. but facial expressions will really make your pictures different, and make the paintings comes to live. so why not try to go all out, and test your acting skill also. who knows you have the hidden talent!

27 thoughts on “Alive Museum Singapore

    • haha.. iya mas dan.. aku sbenernya cuman ikutin contoh gaya aja.. ada yg keramasan.. haha. jadi ikutan keramasan dehh.. hehe.. iyaa. sayap.nya bagus yahh.. jadi sayang ga pake baju putih juga saat itu. ahahha.


    • iyaa.. sepertinya begituu.. di singapore aja sampe ada 2.. kyknya perlu bngt gt. hahaha.. padahal 1 aja kyknya cukup. hahaha..

      iyaa.. nice to mee you too! kalo ke singapore bilang2.. siapa tau bisa nemenin jalan2. hehe..


    • hi Mba Ika, salam kenal. hehe.. ohh.. di jogja ada 1 museum gt juga? menarik yahh.. aku tuh baru tau ada tempat2 gini. aku pikir paling lukisan ilusi itu cuman ada di pinggir jalan aja, yg emang buat di nikmati orng banyak. haha.


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