Singapore Mourns


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Singapore has lost her founding father this Monday (23rd March 2015, 3.18am) and The whole nation has begun the national mourning since then.

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (91) has contributed all his life to built Singapore from nothing to one of the richest / most expensive country in the world.

I dont really know him, and  I dont really read about his history as well. But one thing i know from all the stories that i read and see, He was a great leader and a great man for his family.

How he fought for this nation, and how he loved his wife so much, really makes me think that this kind of person is very seldom to be found.

He gave all his years to build the most developed Asia country, the small yet one of busiest port in the world, the safest Asia country. and eventhough he was busy managing the country. he still spend his time for his family, and his love story.. Ohh.. i bet it is one of the loveliest as well..

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while his wife (Geok Choo) was sick many years back, and He can went back during his meeting just to read his wife’s favorite storybook. isnt he remarkable? unfortunately, his wife left this world first in 2010, and since then his health deteriorate. It seems that his life teared apart since she have been gone.

Singapore begun the National Mourning since Monday (23rd) to Sunday (29th). Most of the places and media are airing all video documentations about him.

The train stations screens, the papers are all about him. No TV shows for this week. all Radio stations talk about him every minutes. All places hang their flags at half mast. Most of the people wearing black / white to show respects. Some shows are cancelled. The whole nations really mourns, and i never see something like this before.

The government decided to have a state funeral at the Parliement House, so everyone can pay respect to him. Initially i would like to visit and pay respect as well. But i heard, The Queue takes about 6-8 hours.. crazy isnt it? But well. Singapore have about 4 millions people, and the state funeral will only open from yesterday (Wednesday 25th – Saturday 8pm). so i guess the long q period made sense if everyone wants to pay the respect.


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during this period of time, they open the state funeral for 24 hours, and operate the MRT for 24 hours as well.

It is really ‘happening’ here, now, in Singapore. Everyone from young and old, rich and poor, locals and foreigners, everyoneeee talks about it.

I guess, maybe this is how Indonesian felt when we lost Soekarno ?

Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

I dont know you. but thank you for making Singapore a beautiful city for us, or at least for me.

Thank you for making me, a foreigner, love to stay in your country. a place that i can call second home.

Thank you for making me safe to walk around alone at day and night,

Thank you for making a great public transport for us to travel around,

Thank you for a clean city.

Thank you for the great changi airport, so i can travel so conveniently.

Thank you for a country where i can learn how to be independent.

and Thank you for teaching me that nothing is ever impossible.

Goodbye, Mr. Lee.

14 thoughts on “Singapore Mourns

  1. Bonus nya dah banyak banget yaaa, udah 91 th aja hehehe. Angkat jempol ama beliau yg bisa membangun negara sampai segitu maju nya. Btw kmrn baca koran, kata nya masih ada turunan semarang nya lho


    • wahh.. di komen blogger kondang! hehehe..
      iya mass.. katanya sih begitu yahh.. aku belom baca berita lengkap.nya sihh. cuman liat bbrp berita seliweran gt ttng kluarganya yg di semarang. hehe


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