#Random : Falling down

Few weeks ago, i fell down infront of my apartment.. With groceries on my hand and with a mind full of charlie puth song, i suddenly slipped off and found myself already in the ground and squashed one of my milk bottle. 

I never fell down for the past years (literally). I am really afraid of getting hurt, thats why i watched my every single steps. It’s one of the reason why i do not want to learn on how to cycle. Well.. I want to ride a bike and enjoy the nice breeze.. But the idea of falling down is already painful, and that makes keep delaying not to learn cycling. 

But few weeks ago just happened like that. I suddenly fell, cried a little, in a shocked, and i hurt my knees and elbows. I sat down there for awhile, thinking how i can fell down? When i think i already watched my steps. 

It turns out that, i walked away from the pavement and didnt realize that i already stepped in to the lower grassy ground and loss my balance. 

Shitty things did happen in my life too sometimes. I thought that i already carefully choosen things, that i already walked on the right path, that i already did the best, i thought that i already carefully watched my every single steps. 

But human being human, i sometimes just miss-step and fell down quite badly. Which when i sit down and think again, it is normal for human to fell down in anything. 

Like failed in your exams, didnt get your dream job, failed your relationship, had some serious sickness eventho u live healthy, closed down your business. Sometimes you just fell and thinking that how you can fail this when you already given up your all? 

I guess sometimes it’s just fated that way. God allows the ‘falling down’ process to happen in your life to teach you that sometimes you just cannot control everything and He allows things to happen for the better. 

I know someone who found his soulmate when he retake his course. Someone who stand up stronger and rebuilt stronger business empire after failed his previous one. Someone who found his true passion after a tough breakup. And they thank God for something bad that has happened in their life, which thankfully turns into something beautiful. 

Actually i write this to cheer up myself. That things are going to get better.. when i fell down and bruised my knees. It hurt a lot.. But i know that in a few weeks time my skin will regenerate and i can dance and do other things again after that. 

So does my situation now. I feel that i fell down quite terribly in some aspects of my life. I dont know why and how i fell as well. But im sure that everything will get back to normal and things will be better tomorrow, and much much better in the few weeks time. And im sure that there’s a very good reason why i need to go through this. 

I thank God that i have a faithfull God that always catch me when im falling. My source of unending hope, and the One who surely give me the best in everything. 

For those of you who maybe in this ‘falling-down-process’ as well. Lets not give up on our situation. For your God and my God will not forsake us. 

‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, β€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11

8 thoughts on “#Random : Falling down

  1. Namanya hidup memang ya. Kadang kita sudah berhati-hati, ya tetap aja sekali dua kali bisa “kecolongan” πŸ™‚ . Tapi ya yang namanya hidup sih pasti ada roller-coasternya ya. Kadang di atas, ada kalanya juga di bawah, hehehe


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