What i like about Taiwan is you can hop from one city to another easily with bus or train with many hours to choose from (or drive if you like to). Taichung is only 2-3 hrs away from Taipei (by bus), and there’s a lot of things to see around Taichung city. Went to Xin She Castle and Carton King last time, and for this time around, me and my classmates went to CingJing Farm. A place where you can breathe the mountain’s fresh air and see a herds of cute sheep.

Since it needs another 1.30 hr-ish to go to Cinjing Farm from Taichung city, we decided to stay over 1 night at Taichung, so then we can go early in the morning the next day and go back to Taipei in the evening.

– Lodging 

See you International Hostel

No. 12, Lane 83, Sec. 1 Meicun Road West District Taichung

Even though i heard a lot of good hostel and considered it so many times when im travelling, this is actually my first time to stay in a hostel. And to be honest, i like it a lot.

The Hostel that im staying is really clean, comfortable and so high-tech. Im not sure how the other hostels do it. But there’s no receptionist here. so when we reached their main door, we just need to key in the password that they have given to us and just proceed to the room that we already booked which can be opened with another password. and Voila, Here’s our room! The room size is okay for 6 people and the aircon was working well, and the bed is just okay. What is lacking is only the power point, they only have three plugs in an awkward place. Dont forget to bring your toiletries cause they only provide a sachet of bathgel and shampoo.


*The Hostel entrance is located between the 2 cafes. Looks small on the outside, but pretty big inside*


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


– The Journey

We went to Cingjing farm 8.30ish on the next day. The road up there is long and winding and made me quite dizzy to sit at the back of our rented car. But when i saw this amazing view at the side of the road, i suddenly felt so refreshed!  Too pretty to miss out! ❤



– WuLing

Never intend to go to this one of He hua shan mountain peak at the fist place. But because we missed out the first sheep show, our Taiwanese friend brought us here first instead of waiting at the CingJing Farm itself.

The temperature at WuLing suddenly went down when we got down from our car, suddenly it turned very very cold, and unexpectedly snow starting to pour down right after we took this two pictures. Intended to stay longer there to take a walk, but since we never prepared for the snow, we couldnt stand it any longer and rushed back to the car. haha

I guess we were very lucky to experience snow in Taiwan, since it is a very rare occasion, even in winter time.


– CingJing Farm  

Finally, after the crazy yet exciting temperature drop. We got to CingJing Farm. Such a pretty natural – manmade farm. With NTD 200 (SGD 8.5) or NTD 120 (SGD 5)  if you are a student, you can really immerse yourself in the fresh air and pamper your eyes to see the seemingly unending grassland.

I dont have to much to say in this entree. Just enjoy the pictures folks! And oh, i was so very happy to feed the sheep! haha. The have the ‘vending machine’ to purchase the sheep snacks over there for NTD 10 ( SGD 0.5) per pack.




  1. Aku sudah beberapa kali denger/baca tentang Taichung ini kalau nggak salah Jen. Kece banget tempatnya kayaknya ya.

    Btw, itu busnya yang dari Taipei maksudnya bus kayak coach gitu atau bus umum?


    • Iyaa.. Baguss koo. Mayand buat family getaway gt.. Haha. Coach gt ko.. Tapi ada coach yang murah jugaa kyk dr pemerintah gt. Bus umum ga sampe dr kota ke kota. Hehe.. Di eropa klo mau ke kota lain bs naik bus umum ya?


      • I see. Enak kalo busnya coach, hahaha. Di Europe tergantung destinasi juga sih, bus umum paling cuma yg deket2 aja, semacam Delft-Rotterdam atau Delft-Den Haag, hahaha

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