#Random : Blind Intersection

我覺得長大是一個很可怕的事。 得負很多責任, 預計選對的選擇。比如說接不接受這分工作,要不要跟那個人談戀愛,買不買這個東西。好像選擇越來越難。我還記得,小時候這要選那一個卡通片比較好看,跟朋友去玩還是跟堂哥弟姐妹出去玩。


hmmpp.. 好想現在最對的選擇只有禱告,相信耶穌會為我開路,會領導我的生命。

*Again, i tried to write something in Chinese. Hopefully you can understand my abstract writing (since my vocabularies still not that much – but still trying to improve myself) haha*

Okay, talk about Blind Intersection. I am sure many of us faced this intersection before, or maybe the more popular word now is ‘quarter life crisis’. A time whereby you are expected to choose the right option for your life. It’s like make it or break it options.

‘To take up the new job or leave it?’

‘To be or not to be in relationship with this person?’

‘To start up your own business or continue with the current-not bad-job?’

‘To buy stocks market or just buy gold bar?’ etc etc..

To be honest with you, im in that blind intersection. Im not sure how did i end up here as well. haha.

When i read my bible, it’s interesting how the high priest in old testament (like what Aaron’s had) has this Urim and Thummim (a magical gemstone) to seek answer from God. Determined to go or not to go, to fight or not to fight, only by throwing that two magic stones. How my life will be much simpler if i have that most-precious-stones ? I assume, if it shines, God said Yes, if it’s not shining, the answer is No. haha.

But it became more interesting when i flip my bible to the story of David. His priest, Abiathar have that magic stones as well and used it few times when he needed to flee from Saul (please do correct me if im wrong) But, many other times David never use that, yet God answers to all his questions.

It really got me..

Relationship matters!

and  i think it’s kinda explain Why God can call David a man after God’s own heart. He always seek God first. Like Marry who sat at the Lord’s feet.

I learnt that David always cast his questions, worries and his OPTIONS  to God, when ME?? i often asked the people around me first before God. Thinking that people’s opinion matters, since they may have gone through it or i saw them as an expertise in some fields.

it explains that you dont need any magical stones to tell you which directions to go or what to choose, because you (or at least me) already have God ( the Maker ) who we can consult our options with.

I may not have the Ephod (Urim and Thummim) now. But i am assured that the God that guided David, will perfectly guides me as well.

because the Lord says, ‘ I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.’ – Psalm 32:8

What i need to do now is seek Him evenmore. Even though i can be lazier than Koalas sometimes in my prayer life. haha. and if you guys are wondering why i need to seek Him more. It’s because it stated in the bible that ‘Seek His will in all you do, and he will direct your path’ – Proverbs 3:6

and how to know that God guiding me? Again, i dont have that magical stones. as cliche as it sounds, i have my bible, which i think it’s the only magical items that i have now.

I know this blog entry may sounds ridiculous and so abstract. But i just think that i need to write this down. Re-assuring myself that God is still talking to us, because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

If there’s any of you who read this currently feels the same way. I just want to encourage you that you and i can have the right answers in Him. and how do we know it’s the right answer?

the bible also stated that ‘My Sheep recognize my voice, I know them and they follow me’ – John 10:27.

I know this may sounds crazy for many of you, and still in confusion on how to listen to God’s voice. Well, But i think when we already have a very good relationship with someone, we should know that it’s from them. Like text message, we know that it’s not from our partner / best friend because they normally dont text us that way.

I think It should be the same with God. It should be from God when we have the peace, the strong conviction, and when it does not contradict with God’s word itself.

*Sorry ya guys, kalo agak ngebingungin dan super galau di postingan kali inii.. Intinya saya lagi di intersection, and trying to convince myself that it’s gonna be alright. haha*

9 thoughts on “#Random : Blind Intersection

  1. Semangat Jen! Mudah-mudahan segera bisa ditetapkan ya pilihannya 🙂 .

    As for me, I always follow what my heart tells me. When I try to make the decision, I do not let my brain and critical thinking play a role. If something does not feel right, I will not do it 😛 . The converse is also true 🙂 .


    • hahaha.. iyaa nihh.. cuman kadang ga boleh gegabah juga pake hatinyaa.. jadi yah gt dehh.. apa mungkin cewek lebih suka feeling2an yaa.. jadi kurang baguss.. hahaha..kan kalo cowok lebih pemikir.. so when they use their heart, emang bener2 yg dia mau gt? hahahah..


  2. It is indeed gonna be alright jend! Im sure of that as long u do what u said above, im sure of that hehehe n dun forget ur God’s protected daughter, gw keinget pas u ilang barang d pesawat n dibalikin itu hehehe that was emejing hehe..


      • Iyaa nii.. Writing this to be a reminder to me as well.. Soalnya klo udh gini, tendency nya tanya2 orng pastii.. Huahua.. Yeay. Thank God if it blessed you too.. Hehe.. Iyaa.. Itu sihh ga ngerti dehh gimana ceritanyaa.. Puji Tuhan buangettss.. Hehe..


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