One of the Highest Starbucks in The World

Who doesnt know Starbucks? One of the most popular coffee-shop chain in the world. When Seattle is the home base of Starbucks shop, Taipei has one of the highest Starbucks outlet amongst the other 23,768 outlets in the world.

Located at the 35th floor of Taipei 101, this Starbucks really grabs the foreigners and even the local’s attention. I’ve been wanting to go to this outlet since the first month of my student life in Taipei, but only gotten the chance to visit this on the very last month before i left.

Since this Starbucks really catches so many people’s attention.. So you need to book it 1 week prior your visit. When you do your booking, it is best to speak with them in Chinese since they dont really understand English. If you cant speak Chinese, maybe you can ask your hotel concierge or your AirBnb host to help you with the booking.

How to enter Starbucks 101?

It’s quite tricky since it’s not inside the mall. You need to Enter via Xin Yi Road, Sec.5, door 7. which located not far from 101 mall entrance.

There will be security guards in front and asking you where are you going? Just say you are going to starbucks, and they will direct you to the foyer. After you reached the Foyer, just wait there for a while.

As for me and my friends, it is very easy to spot the foyer, since there are already a long Q when we reached there. Starbucks already allocate the time for their customers, so all of us can enter the lift together, since they need cards to enter the office buildings.

After 5-10 minutes of waiting time, their staffs will come down and fetch you up (dont forget to give them the booking code that they have given to you to be exchanged with the table number)



And here you go, one of the highest starbucks in the world. haha.. It’s just a normal starbucks shop. Just happened that they have a good locations whereby you can see Taipei’s skyline and sceneries from above.

Some people advised that it is better to go here, rather than going to the Taipei 101’s observatory, cause you need to spend about NTD 400-500 (SGD  16-20) to enter the observatory, and get quite the same sceneries that this starbucks offered you. On the other hand, you need to order 1 drink + 1 cakes/sandwich per person, which will cost you about NTD 150-200 (SGD 6-8).

Actually it goes back to each individual, cause some people love to listen to history and want to understand Taipei more. Then, if you are that kind of person, i will still advise you to go up to the observatory and listen to all the ipod tracks that they provide you with.

My piece of advise if you are going to this Starbucks is.. When you gather downstair, Walk slowly to the lift, and let you and your friends be the last person to enter the lift. So, when you go out of the lift, you can quickly grab the best seat! hahaha.. *Kiasu mode on*

Too bad we did not get the best spot.. so, i was quite lazy to take the sceneries as well.. Sorry for no pretty pictures of the sceneries. =(

If you asked me if it’s worth it or not to go to this place.. I’ll say.. Just go if you have time. If you dont.. Hmmpp.. I think it’s still okay to give it a miss.. Unless you are a Starbucks fans or Mug’s collector. haha.


Starbucks 101.
110, Taiwan, Taipei City
Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Road, 7號之1
Tel: +886 2 8101 0701


24 thoughts on “One of the Highest Starbucks in The World

  1. Read about it before but it didn’t mention to make a reservation first 😁 Love to read all your taiwan related posts since my holiday is getting near 😀 Jen, bole tanya ga kalo night market yg most recommended yg mana? Takutnya ga bs dikunjungi semua jd bs diprioritasin hehe..


    • Kalo kamu mau makann.. Rao He night market is recommended.. Yg jual makanan kyk 70% gt. Haha
      Kalo km pengen shopping, ke Shi Da night market.. Semua baju2.nya bagus2..
      Tapi paling gede dan tradisional itu ShiLin night market.. Bnyk street food juga.. Tapi not so much on fashion. Hehe..


    • Ga bisa mann. Kalo lngsung dateng. Nanti dia kasih nomor booking lagi.. Liat jam mana yg masih kosong for that day or tomorrow.. Hoho.. Lebayy sii emangg.. Sampe weekdays pun harus telpon dl katanya..


  2. Omg, even you need to book just to go to a Starbucks? Lol. This has to be the most exclusive Starbucks of all 😛 .

    Hahaha, nice tips with the elevator Jen. Will keep it in mind then 😛


    • Harganya sama sihh sama outlet lain. Jadi masih okelah. Ga berasa di cheat gt.. Hehe.. Sayang nih ga foto pemandangannya kmrn.. Gara2 ga enak excuseme2 di spot orng lain. Haha


  3. Edannnn hahaha.. Tapi gua malah ga tahu soal sbux ini.. Gua dulu mau reservation resto yg di lantai 86/88 juga, chinese resto, sampe 2 minggu waiting listnya.. Geloo.. Gak jadi lah.. Udh gitu, ada minimum spend kalo duduk samping jendela hahah.. Tapi kl liat di websitenya sih, view malam mang keren yg smpg jendela..


    • Ohh woww.. Thanks for letting me know katie! Ive googled it before i wrote this, but the one in seattle never came out. 🤔🤔 gonna check it out and edit my title then. Thanks! 🙂


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