Hello, Budapest !

*I still have a lot stories from Flores, guess a break from it is necessary. Haha*

Budapest has been in my bucket list since 2010. Thanks to National Geographic. I cant remember what article that i read, i only remember seeing beautiful pictures of glowing Chain Bridge that span from Buda to Pest at night. It really enchants the younger me. Feels like majestic, pretty yet mysterious. I really wish to visit Budapest until i changed my previous office desktop and my old samsung phone display picture to the beautiful view of Budapest from above. I guess thats what ‘faith’ is, believing that you’ll go somewhere someday, and envision it!

And so, by God’s grace, me and my family went to East Europe last August and spent a day in this jewel of the east.

~ Heroes Square

One of prominent square of Hungary to commemorate the 1000 year old history of Magyars (the ethnic of Hungarian people) and a place where people pay tribute to the passing soldiers and national leaders. I love the ArchAngel Gabriel on the middle top, which symbolises the Roman Catholic Region. It’s sandwiched between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery of its left and right.

When i visited this place, they have this cute beer-truck along the square that’s ready to quench your thirst. I found it amusing and brilliant since i never see anything like this before. haha..


~ Matthias Church

This church was first found by Saint Stephen, the king of Hungary in 1015, after  many attacks and terrors, the church that was build based on Baroque style now turned into a Gothic style, and was named after their King Matthias on the 19th century.

Entrance fee is 1200FT (Hungarian Forint) = EUR 4 = SGD 6 = Rp 60,000


~ Fisherman’s Bastion 

This castle on the hill is must visit when you are in Budapest. The locastion just side by side with Matthias Church. And when you go up to the so called ‘castle’, you can see the beautiful panoramic view of Budapest. This bastion is built during 1890s, and somehow, some angle of the castle looks like those disney castle on the fairytales. Or is it just me who dreams too much? Haha..


~ Danube River Boat Tour

To be honest, i dont really like cruising. But now, i know why i dont like it. It’s the ship! haha. Guess the sheltered ships where you can only sit down and bend your neck on one side is not fun at all, like in Netherland for example, or the too big boat like those is Istanbul. I love my cruising experience with the small, half-sheltered ship like i had in Budapest. It made the cruising experience different, you can really feel the breeze, and make your photo session nicer. hahaha..

Uber love the view of Parliement House (with the red dome) and the Royal Place buidling (the green dome) from the boat. It looks so surreal, it looks like a nice paper town from down there. haha. Would love to comeback and see the night-view of Budapest. Surely it will be more enchanting than the day-view. ❤


** All pictures taken with SONY RXIII by Me.


16 thoughts on “Hello, Budapest !

  1. Salam kenal! Saya juga suka banget sama Budapest, sangat charming ya kotanya. Duh Fisherman’s Bastion itu memang kayak fairytale banget yaaaaa, putih2 semua cantik. Apalagi Matthias church atapnya warna warni cantikkk. Semua cantik lah di Budapest. Dessert dan makanannya juga yahud banget 😀


    • Hi mba aggy.. salam kenal juga.. makasih udah drop by.. iyaaa.. Budapest bagus bngt, sayang deh waktu itu cuman numpang lewat doang.. pengen balik lagi dan stay lamaan.. =(.. aku ga gt suka dessert nya sih waktu itu.. tapi beef goulashnya enakkk bngtt.. *slurpp.. hehehe..


  2. pengen kesana pas summer gini deh Jen, aku ksana pas winter parah terus ngeliat byk homeless di Buda, kesian banget, liat di TV aja sedih bgt makin parah karena immigration traffic dari Syria, etc.


    • Waaa.. Srius yaa?? Ga sempet muter2 kotanya bangt kmrn ituu.. Jadi ga tau bnyk homeless.. Huuu.. Kesana pas lg summer malem2 seru kali yaa.. Yg aku liat di natgeo itu sii buagusss bngt! Kelip2nya kota malem.. Hehehe


      • Iyaaa.. Pas aku august kesana aja mayand semeriwing2 gt anginnya.. Apalagi winterr.. Yaa.. Sedih yaa.. Mudah2an udh di solve sama pemerinta sanaa buat yg homeless


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