Croatia Must Visit – Plitvice Lakes

Stunning, Stunning, Stunning.. Guess that’s all i can say for this beautiful Plitvice Lakes.

I never thought that i’ll be here someday. Well, i love to travel. But sometimes your mind limit you. Things like, ‘Croatia is too far away from my home country’, ‘Is Croatia Save’, ‘Who’s gonna go with me, since i don’t do solo-travel’, and other random thoughts. Well, maybe it’s true that you proximity place a huge part. Like, you will feel safer when you travel to place that is near / familiar to you, or at least speak the same language.

I knew Plitvice Lakes for quite sometime ago, it just keep showing up on our local TV when they cover like, ’10 Best waterfall in the world’ or sth similar like it. And as the world is getting closer (thanks to the internet) i kind see it more often. Things become, a little bit familiar, you somehow know some stuff about Croatia, it might be super random, like Game of Thrones shooting place that took place in Croatia for example. But hey, at least we know something about Croatia. Haha.. and i actually quite amazed as well to know that travel industry in Indonesia is getting wider. Sometime ago, many Indonesians may not know about Croatia at all. Like some westerners who does not know where Indonesia is. haha.. But now, Croatia turns into a popular destination for avid Indonesian travellers.

Okay, let’s move on to my stunning first destination in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia most unique destination. It has 16 interconnecting lakes that has stunning turquoise water that you can stare all day long, and to top that they have 90 waterfalls with different sizes, with stunning viewpoints for you take pictures. more over if you are a drone pilot, guess it will be even more jaw dropping.

Plitvice Lakes is so huge that you cannot finished it all in one day. This pretty place became protected national park back in 1949, and since 1979 the place is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many people visit Plitvice Lakes National Park either from Zagreb or from Zadar and Split. As for us, we travelled by the tour bus all from Zagreb, which takes about 2-3 hrs to reach Plitvice.

We went there in March, where the weather is still pretty cold for us Indonesian, since we live in tropical country. So, we were still wearing long-john, long shirt and a coat. I know it may sounds ridiculous for some of you, but 9 degrees was quite cold. Haha. Luckily the sun shined brightly that day, and the 5KM walk made us feel quite warm. >.<

As i said before, this lake is so stunning. If i stay nearby, i might go to jog everyday (eventhough) i am not a sporty person. haha.. Well, come on, they have pretty lakes, nice trail, fresh air, serene atmosphere, i bet most of us would love to jog here, or bring a nice book to read by the lake.

Oh, if you love to jog or hike or simple want to explore the whole lakes section of the park, they have special 18,3KM trail for you to conquer. As for my trip, since i went with a tour group, we took the shortest route.

The shortest route is 5,2 KM long, and it takes you along the Upper Lakes, all the way to the Proscansko Jezero, and end the trip with short boat ride across the Kozjak Lake. and the shortest route takes about 2 to 3 hours. I think this route is Not that psychically demanding, since my dad easily gets tired and still can walk through it (of course with a lot of stops too)

Apparently Plitvice lakes entrance fee is always changing from season to season. Why so? Cause too many visitors come during summer time, and less visitors during winter time. Clearly people love to spend their summer here, so if want a less crowded timing, then you should avoid July-August.

All i can say is, this is worth the visit if you’re travelling to Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park might be one of your unforgettable place. Probably the only advise from me is to bring your own drink and pee before you go in, cause you’ll have a hard time to find a cafe / vending machine and a toilet. haha

I guess nuff said. Enjoy the beautiful pictures below, everyone! ❤

Slovenia : Bled – a lake that caught my heart

I always said i’m a ‘city-girl’! Well, i am probably a weirdo, whereby i have this claustrophobic issue yet love the hustle and bustle of a busy place. Haha

But somehow this city-girl, always got captivated by nature. Always! Nature never fails me. It is always breathtaking, and it always remind me to its Creator.

And today i want to share to you this awesome place that captured my heart. Located at northwestern side of Slovenia, Bled town has attracting visitors from all around the world, All the more its Bled castle and Bled lake.

History said that German Emperor, Henry II was giving a favour to the local Bishop. But the Bishop thinks that the castle is too fancy for him to stay in. Since then, so many owners come and go, was Brixen administrative building once as well. So the castle itself changes a lot too in terms of their architecture. I myself don’t really understand buildings, but this oldest castle in Slovenia is just pretty and worth the visit.

Why though? Because it is seated just next to the beautiful Bled lakes, surrounded with big mountains decorated with a pretty little island church in the middle.

Beautiful, isn’t it?? I can stop and stare for a long whilee.. and right after visiting the Bled castle, we took our bus tour to visit that pretty tiny island church.

The bus ride from the castle to the lake was about 15mins, and took about another 20 minutes for the lovely boat ride (Pletna – a gondola like with canopy on it)

Once we arrived at that little island, we have to take 99 steps up to the church up there. History said that long long time ago there was this rich couple who lived in Bled castle. Then the husband died when he was travelling. To keep the memory of her loving husband, the wife wants to build a bell tower. But apparently after two times of sending, the bell always failed to reach the island. She finally decided to built a church to commemorate her husband.

Until the local Bishop heard about this story, and try to send the bell for the her husband for the third time.

Finally the bell made it to the island! And legend said, if you ring the bell and believe, all your prayers will come true. ♥️

Now, this place is a busy place for local couple to take pre-wed and have a wedding in this island. Well, i cant see why not. Since it’s indeed pretty in here.

Exploring Slovenia : Postojna Caves

My parents kept asking me and my brother to go for this Balkan trip. And we finally agreed to go in March, when the period is already heaten up a bit. Well, if you try to google, the best time to visit Balkan countries (southeast of Europe) is during the Spring time, which is in April/May. But since we have to go for a tour, there’s not much options on the travelling dates.

Ok, maybe some of you are asking, why Balkan? Apparently my parents are quite an avid traveller, even though most of their trips are on tour. So, not much options for us the kids to choose for. We just need to follow their lead. Haha

Anyway, the very first day of the Tour is super interesting for me. We went to Postojna (read: postonyah) cave , the billion years old cave that was just discovered 200 years ago by a cave lamplighter assistent, Luca čeč. The cave itself is super huge, it is stated that it’s the only cave in the world that have a double track railway line!

Yes, it’s the very first time for me as well to enter this kind of cave with a train (you can see my IG for reference🙈) , and it’s quite an interesting experience too to travel the first 3,7km with it. It feels like you’re in some kind of rides in universal studio. Haha. *Thanks to the imperial couple Franz Joseph and Elizabeth, who came to visit for the first time, and the people got it set up for them to enjoy the cave. Since then, the train tide has always been revamped for the visitors to enjoy the ‘show’.

i’ve been to this kind of cave in Hanoi (Thien Chung Cave) and China (Guilin, Reed Flute Cave – this one is pretty amazing too) but nothing like this before. Maybe it’s size captivates me. I think the size of the cave is 70 metres high, with more than 24km long.

But yesterday, we only walked about 2,5km. Which is the normal package of the attractions. Maybe the other 19km is not explorable for the visitors.

You have to enter this cave guided by the provided tour guide, and in designated time. So if you’re late, you have to wait for the next timing. They have many languages too. But mostly are still in english and european language.

The stalactites and stalagmites are so amazing. I can’t stop staring at some of them. Moreover when i know that it takes 10,000 freaking years to only grow a metre of it. It’s just Mindblowing!

Btw it’s cold and quite damp inside, so make sure you bring a jacket and wear comfortable shoes to walk that 2,5km of awesomeness. And dong forget to see blind Salamander aquarium right at the end of the walk. They said that Postojna blind salamander lives in total darkness in the Postojna cavern complex. They can grow to up to a foot in length, making them the world’s largest cave-dwelling animals and they can live up to a century.

There’s another funfact too why we cannot use flashlights inside the cave. Scientists said somehow our flash lights have some chemical reactions that somehow will stimulate algae to grow on the Karst. Surprise surprise!

*amazing 5 metre Karst that is very iconic. The white one (right side) is made from pure limestone, whereby the red-brick one (left side) is made from limestone with a mixture of red soil. Interesting to see how a side by side thing can grow differently.

And can you see the sparkly-like-diamond Karst? So lovely 😍

*For you who’s a bit claustrophobic like me, there will be some small tunnel inside the cave, but it’s still manageable since it’s not that tiny and there’s still room to breathe. So you can still chillax and enjoy :))

Unhappiest Place On Earth

When Disneyland claimed to be the Happiest place on earth, i guess Nazi concentration camp can be titled as vice-versa. If you know Dementor (one of Harry Potter’s creature), the spirit who can take away all the happiness away, it feels like a troop of Dementor is already standing in very front of parking area and sucking all my happiness away.

The gloomy weather on that day, added the sadness. I cant even smile at all. I guess even the joker will be left silent when they enter this place that has been turned to holocaust museum.

I am sure everyone knows about the despicable history of Hitler and the Nazi party that he put up. My first thought when i reached this enormous camp is, How can someone convince almost a whole European to kill a tribe that did no wrong? That one person’s hatred can cause so much of terrifying nightmare..

Nazi Concentration camp has three places, Auschwitz I, II and III, that located not far from each other. This camp is enormously huge that it can be a town of its own.

Auschwitz I  (The Main Camp)

Previously was a Polish prison that turned up to be the first and oldest camp in 1940. It was then expanded according to the needs of the camp. Below is the picture of the front lawn, before we entered the camp.

Before we enter this camp, there are quite a tight security check that for our bags, and big backpacks are not allowed to be in. They have a place for you to store your things at the main entrance. I will suggest you to bring smaller bags, since i heard this place always crowded with tourist from all over the world, so it will make you wait a little longer as well to store your things.


The main gate with ‘Arbeit Macht Freit’ signage, that means ‘Work will set you Free’. What the Jews know, they were sent here to ‘work’. They did not know that they are entering a man-made Hell.

An eerie feeling creeped in when i entered the barrack complex. And the hugeness of this place, make it doesnt look crowded anymore like i saw in the entrance. They have so many barracks here for the inmates, the security barracks, the store rooms, Dr Mengale ‘research rooms’, the gas chambers and the crematories.

Hitler and Dr Mengele already briefed their team to kill those who were unfit for work like the elderly, the sick, women and children to the gas chamber. And the men, twins and others were for work and for Dr Mengele crazy experiments.

We can explore most of the barracks that now turned into photography exhibitions and other exhibition such as the Nazi’s documents and things that were brought by the Jews when they came to the camp. But there are some areas that we cant capture, for example, the place where they store all the Jewish hair that was meant to be sold to make sweaters or blanket.

When i was observing and thinking how cruel the German was in that ‘hair exhibition’, my group was just taking a look and gone just like that, and suddenly i found myself alone in that exhibition. I was quite panicked, since i dont wanna be left alone in that barrack, and ran to find them. And for a while, i was lost in the middle of the barrack complex. Luckily i saw my brother from a far who was busy taking picture on the other alley, and got back together with my tour group. ~Fiuhh~

I can imagine how scared and confused for them who tried to escape from this hell. Even now at the daylight, it is difficult to find the way out. Every alley looks similar with all the big trees planted beside the barracks.



The three pictures above was the gas that was used to kill the Jews in the gas chamber, The Gas Chamber, and the Crematories.

The Jews were told to put off their clothes and get some shower, they did not know that it will be the last ‘shower’ in their life. Instead of water that supposed to come out, it was the poisonous gas of Zyklon B (that was used as fertilizer and insect killers).

One of the SS (Nazi guards) said that he can heard loud screaming from the gas chamber when the gas was released. They were fighting to live as well. But too bad, no one survived the deadly chemical that made them suffocated. After they died, the guards will bald them, and cremate them immediately. About 1,1 million of Jews were died in this camp.

Auschwitz II – Birkenau 

About 3 km from Auschwitz, there were one Polish village. Since Auschwitz I cannot take more prisoners, the Germans expelled the villagers and demolished their houses to build another concentration camp that is bigger than Auschwitz I. The largest installation of mass murder that was built in 1941.


Above picture is the mass toilet that was used during time. Our guide said that actually this was the safest place back then. Since the place was so filthy, the Germans seldom went in to check how they were doing. Normally the Jews will exchange informations here, and the one who was assigned here was considered lucky because they can keep themselves warm instead of working outside.

Some of them tried to escape to the forrest behind (as you can see from below picture), but no one know if they managed to ran away.


This camp is about 1.5 hours of bus trip from Krakow City, Poland. I was on a tour from Jakarta, Indonesia. I researched that you can take train to Auschwitz as well, but you have to take another public transport, since Auschwitz train station is located 2 km away from the camp. I saw a bus station in front of the parking lot when we about to reach the camp, so probably taking a public bus would be a better choice.

If you decided to go on your own, there’s shuttle bus to go from Auschwitz I to Birkenau, but public buses only available outside Auschwitz I, so do take note the timing.

The entrance to this museum is free, but if you need guided tour, you can see this link for more informations. There are many day tour to this place as well when you reached Krakow City, if you dont want the hassle.

They do sell some food in Auschwitz I, so do not worry if you get a little hungry after hours of visiting. But do take note that they only receive ZL (Polish Zloty). So make sure you changed your currency before going to Poland. Else it will be difficult for you to buy things and use the toilet.

And for those of you who love to read, they are one bookstore outside Auschwitz II – Birkenau that sells everything about the camp. And it is available in many translations. I think i can spend an hour to just browse through the bookstore. Finally i decided to bring home this book, and finished this in 2 days time. Such a moving story.


 ~ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ~ Edmund Burke

All pictures (mostly unedited) and video are taken by Sony RX1oo iii.

Hello, Budapest !

*I still have a lot stories from Flores, guess a break from it is necessary. Haha*

Budapest has been in my bucket list since 2010. Thanks to National Geographic. I cant remember what article that i read, i only remember seeing beautiful pictures of glowing Chain Bridge that span from Buda to Pest at night. It really enchants the younger me. Feels like majestic, pretty yet mysterious. I really wish to visit Budapest until i changed my previous office desktop and my old samsung phone display picture to the beautiful view of Budapest from above. I guess thats what ‘faith’ is, believing that you’ll go somewhere someday, and envision it!

And so, by God’s grace, me and my family went to East Europe last August and spent a day in this jewel of the east.

~ Heroes Square

One of prominent square of Hungary to commemorate the 1000 year old history of Magyars (the ethnic of Hungarian people) and a place where people pay tribute to the passing soldiers and national leaders. I love the ArchAngel Gabriel on the middle top, which symbolises the Roman Catholic Region. It’s sandwiched between the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery of its left and right.

When i visited this place, they have this cute beer-truck along the square that’s ready to quench your thirst. I found it amusing and brilliant since i never see anything like this before. haha..


~ Matthias Church

This church was first found by Saint Stephen, the king of Hungary in 1015, after  many attacks and terrors, the church that was build based on Baroque style now turned into a Gothic style, and was named after their King Matthias on the 19th century.

Entrance fee is 1200FT (Hungarian Forint) = EUR 4 = SGD 6 = Rp 60,000


~ Fisherman’s Bastion 

This castle on the hill is must visit when you are in Budapest. The locastion just side by side with Matthias Church. And when you go up to the so called ‘castle’, you can see the beautiful panoramic view of Budapest. This bastion is built during 1890s, and somehow, some angle of the castle looks like those disney castle on the fairytales. Or is it just me who dreams too much? Haha..


~ Danube River Boat Tour

To be honest, i dont really like cruising. But now, i know why i dont like it. It’s the ship! haha. Guess the sheltered ships where you can only sit down and bend your neck on one side is not fun at all, like in Netherland for example, or the too big boat like those is Istanbul. I love my cruising experience with the small, half-sheltered ship like i had in Budapest. It made the cruising experience different, you can really feel the breeze, and make your photo session nicer. hahaha..

Uber love the view of Parliement House (with the red dome) and the Royal Place buidling (the green dome) from the boat. It looks so surreal, it looks like a nice paper town from down there. haha. Would love to comeback and see the night-view of Budapest. Surely it will be more enchanting than the day-view. ❤


** All pictures taken with SONY RXIII by Me.

Postcards from Hallstatt-Austria

If you have been following National Geographic Travel and Beautiful Destinations on your Instagram, i am pretty sure you noticed that they posted a lot of Hallstatt pictures every now and then. My favourite is still the one that they took in winter-time. I love how the mountains and all the rooftop of the houses are all covered by the snow.

I still remember the days, years ago, when i thought ‘it is impossible’ to visit Hallstatt. Since Austria itself is very far away from home, and heard that Central-Eastern Europe was not so safe back then. Furthermore, Hallstatt is a small village that’s located far from the big cities and not easily reached.

But Hey, nothing is impossible! By the grace of God, Finally i can see and visit this unbelievably beautiful village with my own eyes, not through the social media or magazines anymore. *Yeayy.. hands in the air*

I love the super fresh air, the cold breeze (even-though it was already summer), the pastel colour of the houses, the clear lake water that really invites you to jump and swim and the majestic towering mountain that surrounds this serene village.

I just love every corner of this salt-mine village, and the 4-5 hours bus ride from Vienna is super worth-it. Enjoy the picturesque Hallstatt. ❤ ❤


All pictures are taken by Sony RX100 III – by me

24 hrs in Vienna-Austria : For Sightseeing

Vienna, the capital and the largest city of Austria has many beautiful places that will bring your imagination back to 1700s. A time whereby most of the cities in Europe were still ruled by Kings and Queens.

As for me, to explore a town, you may need at least 3 days to at least see the touristy place and visit the hipster cafe around the city. But too bad, some people dont have the luxury to do that, Like for those person who’s on business trip or on a transit, or some people like me, whose parents prefer to go on a tour rather than explore and get lost. haha.

1. Kunsthistorisches Museum ( Museum of Art History)

Welcome to the largest ART Museum in the country! This mega-museum was opened around 1891 by King of Hungary – Franz Joseph I, when Austria was still Austro-Hungarian Empire. This museum holds mostly paintings and sculptures. I do not know much about arts, but this museum building is just sooo pretty, more over with the octagon dome on the top!


2. St Stephen’s Cathedral & Old Town

Seems like most cities in central/eastern Europe has their own must visit scenic old town. A place whereby most good eats are, a great shopping place and of course a place for you to see and visit some historical sites.

St Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the must see when you’re in old town. It’s the mother church of Roman Catholic in Vienna and one of Vienna’s landmark.


3. Schonbrunn Palace

Where maybe some of us have some villa in Puncak or Bali, a queen named Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria and Francis I, Duke of Lorraine owned this extravagant palace for their summer residence. Surely this palace is the biggest residence that i have ever seen in my life. They have so many beautiful gardens for their 16 children to play in. Yes, Maria Theresa had 16 children, 10 of them were girls, and 1 of the 10 was the famous Marie Antoinette (Queen of France).

What i can say is, some European history are heavily influenced with Austrian history, since the Archduchess’ children were married to other European Dukes. The palace is one of Europe’s most impressive Baroque style, which now is a part of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage due to historic importance. They Palace was wonderfully made inside out, too bad no photography allowed. So, just enjoy the outside few!

DSC00764DSC00823DSC00802DSC00805DSC00810DSC00817DSC00820DSC00821DSC00799DSC00796DSC00784DSC00777DSC00763DSC00785DSC00808DSC00813 * this maze garden reminds me of maze runner film and romeo and juliet the movie. Dont you think so? *

4. Johann Strauss II Monument at Stadtpark 

Austria is also well-known for the birthplace for many great composers / musicians. Even until now, many people still go to Austria to learn musics. And for the classic enthusiast, i am sure you all know who Johann Strauss is. Because even me, the music noobs know the famous ‘Voices of Spring’ by the master himself.

This gold monument were built by Edmund Hellmer and unveiled to the public on 26th June 1921. For you who love to listen to classics, there are daily concerts that you can attend to. They have many ticket sellers around this area, and they do have promotions for foreigners too!


All picture are unedited – taken by SONY RX100 III

5 Biggest Churches in The World

Research stated that there are about 7.3 billions people in this world, and According to CNN there are about 2.17 billions people hold Catholic / Christianity as their faith.

When we talk about religion, it would not be far from its place of worship. There are so many big and beautiful churches in this world. But for now, i would like to talk about 5 biggest churches. Why? Because i visited two of if earlier this year.. *grin*

5. Cathedral of Milan, Italy (Duomo di Milano)

This Gothic style cathedral take up one entire city block, its surface is 109,641 square feet. They said this church has the most statues than other churches. It took nearly six centuries, which is about 600 years! to build this most famous gothic church in Europe. Rumour also said that it has not finished yet, due to political and money issue. Napoleon Bonaparte also contributed a lot of his time and resources to finish the Duomo’s facade.

I love this church exterior, it really gives those ‘Van Helsing’ vibes, i can imagine myself running away from Lord Dracula and hid inside the church. haha. Too bad there were still construction that time, and they had some events going on in front of the church, so we did not manage to go inside the church.  Many tourist come here to view this magnificent church, because not just they can learn the history, but they can shop as well at Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. This shopping mall is just located beside this Duomo that has a lot of branded shops and good foods.





4. Cathedral of St. John the Divine, United States

This church located in New York City. it was Byzantine style before, than changed into Gothic style because of  the radical style in the two World War. One day in December 2001, a big fire consumed most of the building. They took about 7 years to re-open the church, but until now, the church itself is still unfinished although it is functioning normally.


source :

3. Cathedral of Seville, Spain.

The other name is Cathedral of Saint Marry of the See, located in Andalusia, and registered under UNESCO World Heritage Site. This church was first build to demonstrate the city’s wealth. They locals want to build the grandest church ever, until the other people who saw it will think they are mad. The space itself is 11,520m2, and this church is also known where Christophorus Colombus is burried.


source :

2. Basicila of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil.

Brazil is one of the largest Catholic country. Normally the locals will come to the church to honour the Blessed Virgin Marry. This church have very interesting story. History said, there were three fisherman who went to fish, but after they waited the whole night, the didnt caught anything. Suddenly they caught something very heavy, when they lift their net, it was the headless statue of Virgin Marry. and they also caught the head statue of Virgin Marry on the next throw. and the three fisherman caught so many fishes after that tragedy. The statue was taken to this shrine afterward. Not sure if the real statue is still there, cause i read in some articles that someone ran and accidentally dropped the statue, and they decided to built the replica. It is estimated about 750,000 people go into this church every year.

People attend a mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida in the town of Aparecida do Norte, Brazil, Friday, Oct. 12, 2007. Thousands of pilgrims flocked to this town to celebrate the day of Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of all Catholic Brazilians. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

source :

1. St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

Who doesnt know this biggest church in the world? Most ‘end of the world’ movies and many Hollywood movies took some of their segment here. Vatican City itself is the smallest country in the world, about one-eight of New York’s Central Park. This church is famous for its hand drawn ceiling by Michael Angelo. One of the apostles, Peter, also buried there too, and they made the tomb as the main altar. But not just Peter, all Pope who has passed away are buried inside the church as well.

To be honest, this is really the grandest and the most beautiful church that i’ve ever been to. The mosaic, the arts, the statues, the paintings, everything in this church are valuable art pieces. From the hand-drawn ceiling by Michael Angelo, Lapietta’s statue – The mourning of Virgin Marry, the altar itself that was designed by Bernini, and Davinci’s last supper painting. What a gallery isnt it?

We took about 30 minutes to get in to this church. Our Tour Guide says, everyday is crowded in Vatican city. They draw about 6 millions visitor per year. Even though this is the smallest county in the world, they has the most guards in the world. They have two types of guardians. One is Vatican Guardian, who came from Swiss. This Vatican Guardian is so special, they are chosen by blood, passed through generations, you cannot apply to become Vatican’s guardian. and their uniform is designed by Leonardo Davinci, and never changed since then. The other guardians are normal Vatican police.


SONY DSC** Do you see all the statues on top of the pillars? They made the statues for all saints that has passed away**



**The Vatican City guardian – The Swiss army**


**Lapietta’s statue – The Mourning of Virgin Marry. They put glass around it, because there were one mad Poland visitor claimed that he is jesus, climbed the statue and wanted to be carry by the Virgin Marry*


** The magnificent art piece by Michael Angelo **




** Bernini’s grand altar **


p.s : World history stated St Peter’s Basilica is the second-largest now. The first largest is Basicila of our Lady of Peace, located in Ivory Coast, built in 1985.

** All pictures are taken by Sony Nex C-3, unedited **



Eyegasm at Mount Titlis

To be honest with you, i think Switzerland is the most beautiful country amongst the other Europe countries that i visited. The place is so calm and serene, and where ever you laid your eyes on, all the sceneries are just pretty.

We spent half of our day at Mount Titlis, Engelberg, one of the top mountain destination that has eternal snow in Swiss Alps area, other than Matterhorn and Jungfrau.

It took about 2 hrs bus ride from our hotel in Zurich direct to Titlis foothills.

To reach the peak of mount Titlis, we need to ride 3 kinds of cable-cars.

The first one is the normal cable-cars, where only 4-6 person can sit in.



and i took these 2 super pretty pictures in this cable car! It’s crazily beautiful isnt it??? No edit, No Filter, No colour adjustment, Nothing..! the mother earth just naturally beautiful.. just like those pictures in the postcard!


The second cable-cars is bigger in size, rectangle shape, and can fit about 70 people i guess? haha.


and the third one is a round shape rotatable cable car. Yes, rotatable, so, it will keep rotating in slow motion until we reach the peak of Titlis mountain. They said, it’s their new innovation, so we can see all angles of the mountain.


and Finally, after maybe 1,5 hrs of 3 cable-car rides (plus q-ing time), we reached Mount Titlis!

But before we start our venture, we dropped by to their food-court to eat some lunch




and their food are super freaking expensive. haha.. the cost of 1 meal of pork chop is about 16 CHF, and their mineral water cost about 5CHF.. crazyy!! but well, since it’s the only food-court up there, we dont really have any choice, do we? haha. But luckily, the food is goodd.. haha..


And after lunch, it’s venture time! i was super duper excited to see and to touch/play with the snow. Well, it was not my first time playing with the snow. but the cool breeze, the warm sun-rays, and the fresh air up there make the great feeling! haha.. and you know what.. Bromo mountain is much cooler than Titlis mountain. hahaha. I guess it’s because we went up to Bromo at 3am, and went to Titlis at noon time, when the sun already shows up so mightily. haha.. Actually me and my brother wanted to ride the snowtube and the ice flyer, like the below pictures at the entrance.. But again, too bad.. the time was not on our side.. so, we just took loads of pictures, enjoy! ❤






That guy was just about to skii from 2000 mtrs of altitude and 12 km down the mountain.. cant imagine how scary and excited it is. 12 km of skiing is super longgg for me.. hahahahha.. well ya.. i cant skii at all.. but i want to learn how to skii next time.. yeapp.. hopefully i can do this before i turn 30! haha


** All Pictures are unedited, taken by Sony Nex C-3 **


One Day in the City of Love

Call me mainstream, but i loveeee the idea of travelling to Paris so much! I guess all the Media are very expert in portraying this city as the city of Love. #awww.. hahaha. i could imagine myself strolling around Eiffel tower and bumped myself to the love of my life. ahahha.. #soverydrama

When our tour bus was passing by Champs Elysees and making our way towards Arc De Triomphe, it feels like La Vie En Rose music is playing softly in the background. haha.. even though many people said that Paris is not as great as the other Europe countries, still i felt enchanted by the beauty of this city.

Arc De Triomphe

The most iconic of all French Monuments beside the Eiffel Tower. This Monument sculpted so delicately, and we can see the delicacy of the design even from a far. Napoleon wanted to built this monument to pay a tribute for all the French soldiers who died on French Revolutions, but Napoleon died before he can see it.



Montparnasse Tower 

This tower is the only skyscraper in Paris, we can see the beautiful view of the city from the 56th floor. The lift will only bring you to the 55th Floor if i remember it correctly, a floor whereby you can buy souvenirs, drink some tea at their cafe, and go for toilet break. to reach the 56th floor, you need to climb up the stairs. Please bring cardigan if you want to visit this top-deck, because the wind never stop blowing that makes the whole place chilly. Too bad, when i went there, the whether was a bit gloomy. =(



Eiffel Tower

My most favorite monument of all! haha. Somehow this tallest man-made monument enchants me with its magic. haha.. blame Eiffel I’m in love the movie i guess? haha.. well, apparently watching romantic movie when you are 12/13 years old, does make a huge impact. haha. But besides that, i dont think i need to intro much, since everyone should already know about this wonder of the world’s. Bravo to Mr. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. it is indeed a lovely tower, at least for me. So sad i did not get to go up there.. it’s okay.. ill be back, Eiffel!






Cruising through Seine River

All the sceneries are pretty when i took this boat cruise. We can see a glimpse of all the great monuments all along Paris. It is about an hour of boat ride. and to be honest, it is quite boring for me. i rather walk to see the city. haha.. But if you love to take cruise, i guess it will be a great experience to enjoy the breeze of Paris while you are floating.







Shopping Time! 

We went to Galeries Lafayette and Champs Elysees to shop!


Galeries Lafayette is a French department store, it is such a shopping haven for those people who love to shop branded stuff. Guess this is the most favorite place for all the tourist to shop.. the tax refund Q was crazy when i was there. Luckily out tour guide knows someone inside, so they can prioritize us to do the tax refund.

From shopping at Galeries Lafayette and going to Champ Elysees, most of the shoppers are from China. it was like 60% of them maybe? it was crazyy.. it’s like they are everywhereee.. even some big shops like LV provides Chinese speaking sales girl just to serve the China customers. omg.. guess my decision to study chinese language is a right move? hahaha.

Champ Elysees is more like Rodeo drive, LA i may say. Boutiques and nice cafe are there.. a nice place to just sit down and enjoy your tea or to just stroll around if you dont want to shop..


Lido Cabaret Show (Lido De Paris)

This cabaret place just been revamped. This place has been around since 1946. Famous people like Edith Piaf  *the only french singer i know* and Elton John performed there before. In fact, this place is an entertainment place to see exotic dancing *literally half naked girls dancing*, singing and perform other things like magic, pantomime, some gymnastics and those dangerous act like putting a sword to the mouth, etc.

overall it was a nice show *my first time see-ing half naked girls singing and dancing. haha*. They have a great stage, a great costumes sets and great lighting to set a right ambiance.

Many men carrying binoculars on their hands to see the delicate body of the dancers as well. *Huh, nasty old men! haha..* Well, this place should be a high end entertainment i guess, cause most of the guest area wearing nice dresses and tux. the interior of the building also very classic and glamorous. They actually dont allow camera to go in, but i sneakily took some pictures with my phone. haha.





Had a goodtime in Paris. Will definitely go back here to visit Lourve, the catacomb, and just to sit again and enjoy Paris. ❤

Boone Nuit people!

**All pictures are unedited, taken by Sony Nex C-3 & Iphone 6**