Hello December! Indeed, time goes by too fast! I still remember vividly how my last December like, having Christmas dinner with my all my loved ones back in Singapore and Jakarta. and this year, im spending most of my December in the island of God, Bali, Indonesia.

Someway somehow, Bali always excites me. It’s the only place that i would not mind to go back again and again, at least for now. Haha. So, Normally i will share about a must go place or must eat food in Bali, but for now, im gonna share with you one villa that captured my heart.

Tehila House 

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A villa / guest house located in the heart of Canggu has really captured my heart. Definitely not a fancy hotel with all the 5* service, but i love the serene ambiance homey kind of feeling that they offer. Tehila house has 10 different rooms that has been carefully thought and uniquely designed. The owner goal is to get her guests feels inspired when they are staying in Tehila house.

Room 2

During my 3 days stay in Tehila, i got upgraded from the owner to room number 2. A more spacious room for me and my friend who just had her pre-wedding shots in Bali. I personally love this big rooms. i know it’s kinda too big for the two of us. But it feels super comfortable since we can get the queen bed all to ourselves. Love the hanger with the local-made ‘sarong’ as their background, the self-made white bed frame, all the little details that the owner put, the morning rays of lights , the fish pond view and the ‘back-to-nature’ bathroom design that makes your bathing experience a little bit different.

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Room 5

During this trip, I also travel with my high-school friend, Aquinaldo Adrian whom nowadays people known him as GD Indonesia. Haha. He got room number 5, which i have to admit that it is one of the nicest room that Tehila has. It has a very picturesque corner that will make you feels like you’re staying in Santorini. Haha. Okay, i might be too much on this. But i just love that blue-white corner to the bits, and love the green stone bed-frame. Guess nowadays, it’s hard for you to find a nice big stone as your bed-frame. Haha

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Aside from the nice bed-rooms for us to sleep in, they have this few comfortable public space to hang-out with the other travellers. Like the Gazebo for example, i love how they built it in the middle of the beautiful fish pond. It is super relaxing, and the breeze can literally put you to sleep in that Gazebo.

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Other than the Gazebo, the kitchen or the bar could be the perfect place for you to work in. When i spent my days in Tehila, i always woke up in the morning to open up my emails and do some works before i left. Literally the kind of space that i want if i can work remotely.

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They also have some sofa to chill in their living room if you want some cooler air. But i prefer to stay in the bar tho. Haha.

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And the last but not least, THE POOL! It may looks small from a far, but if you really swim in it. it can be pretty tiring too. *Duhhh. HAHAHA. Anyway they are very thoughtful to put the floaties, so i can take pretty picture with it. Yeayy.. hehe.. Owh, it can be very hot at daytime yet a perfect spot for you who wants to sunbath.

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Overall, my stay in Tehila was perfect! Love the owner, Anita very much! Such a lovely person with big personalities! She is very helpful during my stay, shown us good and nice cafe  (which i just knew that there’s a lot of well known cafe around that area. Haha. I even met Irfan Bachdim, Indonesian footballer in one of the cafe. Indeed a strategic place to stay in. Haha) , give us some insights on what to do in Bali as well, and can be a great listener to all your Bali stories. Haha. And last but not least, love the companion of their little friends over there. Puma and Boyboy who fill my stay in Tehila with more laughter. Hope you see you guys again! ❤

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*And this is Pak Domi, Tehila’s butler and bodyguard*

Tehila House 

AddressJl. Tegal Sari No.39, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361



HELLOOO again everyone!

I just came back from Bali. Super blessed to have a 4 days 3 nights sponsored trip by ATLAS PEARLS and SHERATON KUTA BALI RESORT.

Well, actually this is a giveaway gift that i got from Maria Rahajeng’s (Miss Indonesia 2014 and Brand Ambassador of Atlas Pearls). I still remember that i saw Maria Rahajeng’s instastory. At that time, she mentioned that this is the last day to sign up for the giveaway. I was like, ‘What Giveaway?’. Haha.

Cut the story short. I read her post on the giveaway and signed myself up. And since im quite a ‘Dory’ sometimes. I soon forget about it.

Later at February 2017, i got an email, saying that i won a trip 4days 3 nights to Bali. I read the email and everything, and though that, ‘Woww. this scam looks legit’. HAHA. and then, i ignored it again.

Until i saw Maria Rahajeng’s tagged me 2 posts on Instagram and her Instastory, then i am reminded that i took part in her giveaway! hahahaa. OMG jenddd!!

I was and still so happy about it. Feels so lucky and blessed to have such a lovely trip. Thankfully, i can decide whenever i want to leave for the trip. So, i can use it last week, for my secondary school friend’s wedding in Bali.

Apart from staying in a luxury Sheraton Kuta Bali for 4days 3 nights, i got an exquisite pearl diamond necklace from ATLAS Pearl! *wohhooo*

Never thought that Indonesia has great seas and places like Bali, Labuan Bajo to Raja Ampat to farm oysters that can produce wonderful SouthSea pearls. We really should appreciate and take care of Indonesia even more!


*With Mba Marsha, the marketing manager of Atlas Bali. and posing with Atlas Pearl’s Bali Team*

IMG_3047IMG_3048IMG_3049IMG_2970*Ta-Daaa!! my Diamond Heart and SouthSea Pearl Necklace. Loving it’s simple yet elegant piece of ATLAS pearls*

If you girls are a pearl lover, you can let me know! ❤

And ohhh, after so long. Finally, i Vloggeddd again! Yeayy! Hope you enjoy it!



Jl. Raya Seminyak No.73, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) 732769


I am really in a need of Holiday. This past few weeks has been rough for me. But I’m pressing on.. Knowing that it is not the end of the line, and knowing that i have a great God who is just Risen, who healed my scars and gives hope of the future! oohh, by the way, Happy Passover for my Christian and Catholic friends. ❤

Since i cant go anywhere for now, i just browse through my picture folders to ease my craving for holiday. When i browse around, i found that i have not share about this one great hotel in Bali.

Tijili Hotel 

We spent another night in Bali after spending our 5 days of Flores trip. Last year, we still need to made flight transit to Bali before going to and from Labuan Bajo. Whereas now, there’s a new flight schedule from Garuda Indonesia that goes directly to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta (even though the price is still not as friendly as other airlines and not many direct flights yet)

A friend of mine, Amanda, found this while we searched on our Bali accommodation. and i felt so blessed to sleep in this uniquely beautiful hotel. Moreover, after one night stay at traditional village on a mountain, with three nights live on board. This hotel is just so perfect for us, like finally we are back to the civilisation. Haha.. Well, dont get me wrong, Flores trip was super awesome, but getting a proper rest after the adventure is equally important for me too. =)

Located at the trendiest neighbourhood of Bali,  Seminyak, a nice location where many local boutiques shops, restaurants, and nightlife entertainment, and 20 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport. And as i remember, this 4 star hotel is still affordable too. Not as pricy as other hotels.

This cozy hotel is quite spacious to share among three guests, luxurious standard of bedding (even for the extra bed), clean room, cold aircon, fast wifi. and a very unique design of everything in it.  I just love all the creative interior details.

“Tijili” refers to a Balinese traditional motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

*and gossip said that Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil contributes his ideas to made this artistic hotel too!



PS: This post is not an endorsed post.

Tijili Hotel

Jl. Drupadi No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Medan Trip : Part II (VLOG)

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything this past two weeks.. Life has been hectically fun this past one month.. Yeay.. Thank God! hehe.. Gonna tell you in separate post, hopefully sometime this week. hehe..

Anyway, after almost a month full of ‘running’ here and there. I fell super sick this past 3 days. Gahhh..  =(.. That’s why it adds up another delay for me to write new post. hukss..

As for now, continuing the previous post about my Medan Trip PART I , here’s the part II people. Went to Samosir Cottage to have some lunch and enjoy the pretty view of Toba Lake. Hope you enjoy my humble VLOG.. hehe..

Kalo suka, Boleh di subscribe dan di like ya kakak.. hehehe. #mintagapapayasesekali.. HAHA


What i like about Taiwan is you can hop from one city to another easily with bus or train with many hours to choose from (or drive if you like to). Taichung is only 2-3 hrs away from Taipei (by bus), and there’s a lot of things to see around Taichung city. Went to Xin She Castle and Carton King last time, and for this time around, me and my classmates went to CingJing Farm. A place where you can breathe the mountain’s fresh air and see a herds of cute sheep.

Since it needs another 1.30 hr-ish to go to Cinjing Farm from Taichung city, we decided to stay over 1 night at Taichung, so then we can go early in the morning the next day and go back to Taipei in the evening.

– Lodging 

See you International Hostel

No. 12, Lane 83, Sec. 1 Meicun Road West District Taichung

Even though i heard a lot of good hostel and considered it so many times when im travelling, this is actually my first time to stay in a hostel. And to be honest, i like it a lot.

The Hostel that im staying is really clean, comfortable and so high-tech. Im not sure how the other hostels do it. But there’s no receptionist here. so when we reached their main door, we just need to key in the password that they have given to us and just proceed to the room that we already booked which can be opened with another password. and Voila, Here’s our room! The room size is okay for 6 people and the aircon was working well, and the bed is just okay. What is lacking is only the power point, they only have three plugs in an awkward place. Dont forget to bring your toiletries cause they only provide a sachet of bathgel and shampoo.



*The Hostel entrance is located between the 2 cafes. Looks small on the outside, but pretty big inside*

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetSONY DSCIMG_6336

– The Journey

We went to Cingjing farm 8.30ish on the next day. The road up there is long and winding and made me quite dizzy to sit at the back of our rented car. But when i saw this amazing view at the side of the road, i suddenly felt so refreshed!  Too pretty to miss out! ❤



– WuLing

Never intend to go to this one of He hua shan mountain peak at the fist place. But because we missed out the first sheep show, our Taiwanese friend brought us here first instead of waiting at the CingJing Farm itself.

The temperature at WuLing suddenly went down when we got down from our car, suddenly it turned very very cold, and unexpectedly snow starting to pour down right after we took this two pictures. Intended to stay longer there to take a walk, but since we never prepared for the snow, we couldnt stand it any longer and rushed back to the car. haha

I guess we were very lucky to experience snow in Taiwan, since it is a very rare occasion, even in winter time.


– CingJing Farm  

Finally, after the crazy yet exciting temperature drop. We got to CingJing Farm. Such a pretty natural – manmade farm. With NTD 200 (SGD 8.5) or NTD 120 (SGD 5)  if you are a student, you can really immerse yourself in the fresh air and pamper your eyes to see the seemingly unending grassland.

I dont have to much to say in this entree. Just enjoy the pictures folks! And oh, i was so very happy to feed the sheep! haha. The have the ‘vending machine’ to purchase the sheep snacks over there for NTD 10 ( SGD 0.5) per pack.



SONY DSC*galau(dot)com bngt yaa foto yg ini. hahaha*



Desa Atas Awan

Bali itu memang selalu jadi pilihan yang tepat untuk berlibur. Kalo pulau Bali di ibaratin seorang cowok, sosok ini gak hanya ganteng dan charming, tapi selau bikin cewek kayak gw selalu penasaran.. Kayaknya ada aja hal dari pulau ini yang harus di explore.

Beberapa bulan lalu, gw dan teman2 harus decide itinary buat trip kita ke Bali. Since kita cuman punya waktu seminggu di pulau ini, kita harus decide baik2 kemana kita harus pergi.. biar maximal liburannya..

Akhirnya kita menjatuhkan keputusan untuk spent 3 hari terakir kita di Bali untuk menginap di ‘Desa Atas Awan’. Villa yang berada di ketinggian 1000m di atas permukaan laut ini bener2 pilihan yg memuaskan buat kita semua. Di kelilingi oleh indahnya perkebunan dan sawah yg terbentang seperti tanpa batas, dan udara yang segar tanpa polusi udara, bikin gw dan 16 temen gw jatuh cinta sama desa ini.

gw selalu berpikir kalo gw ini anak kota yg ga begitu suka dengan alam. tapi ternyata gw sendiri pun belum mengenal diri gw sepenuhnya.. setelah gw sampe di tempat yg ‘tranquil’ ini, jiwa gw serasa di segarkan kembali. ternyata gw suka memanjakan mata gw dengan hijaunya alam, biru.nya langit, dan segarnya udara yg gw hirup. ternyata, gw suka sama ketenangan yg alam tawarkan. well, ga tau emang gw suka alam, atau emang villa ini bagus bngt yahh.. hahaha.

Untuk sampai ke ‘Village above the clouds’ ini, kita harus menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 2 jam dari seminyak (tergantung macet). Lokasi villa ini beneran ‘secluded’, supir kita sampe wanti2 untuk berangkat pagian karena mereka takut nyasar, dan karena jalan yg di tempuh cukup challenging, mereka pun ga berani bawa mobil kalau sudah lewat dari jam 6 sore.. soalnya udah gelap dan ga ada penerangan di atas bukit sana.

Kita sampai di ‘Desa atas awan’ sekitar jam 5 sore. sesampainya kita disana, kita langsung di sambut dngn porter yg membawakan barang2 kita, dan langsung di suguhkan jus sehat dan enak sebagai welcome drink.

IMG_4159 **The Receptionist Area**IMG_4161IMG_4235

Indah banget ga sih pemandangannya? hahaha.. ini pas lagi gloomy gt abis gerimis.. dan di voto-in pake HP temen yg pake apps gt, jadi warna-nya contrast bngt.. Nahh, di bawah ini adalah pemandangan asli, suer tanpa edit di tempat yg sama di ke-esokan pagi,nyaa.. hehe.. Breathtaking banget kann??


Salah satu hal yg bikin betah lagi adalah akomodasinya.. gw suka bngt sama bungalow.nyaa.. super cozy untuk di tinggalin sama temen2.. Mereka hanya punya 3 bungalow (bisa di isi 5-6 orng) dan 2 suite room (bisa di isi 3 orng) yang ranging from Rp1,5 juta – 1,6 juta per kamar.nya.. Jadi kemarin gt, kita kyk berasa book 1 desa.. bungalownya cuman di tempatin sama temen2 sendiri aja.. hehe..

IMG_4158 IMG_4167

Ini bungalow lantai dasar, masih rapih pas kita baru check-in.. hehe.. Lupa voto lantai atasnyaa.. Dan ini pemandangan pas di pagi hari.. Duhh.. pengen bngt wake up to this amazing view everyday of my life.. hahaha.. seger bngt ga sih? kyk im ready to seize the day gt kesannya yaa.. haha..


1 Bungalow ada meja makan kecil, 1 fridge, 1 electric jug, 2 sofa, 1 meja kecil.. di siapin 6 towel kecil dan besar, 2 kamar mandi, 1 toilet, dan 1 tempat cuci tangan, jadi lumayand ga berebut untuk mandi pagi.. cuman sedikit berebut kalo ada yg kebelet buat poo poo.. hahaha..

Nah, buat ciwik2 yg harus bngt pake hair-dryer kyk gw, kalian harus bawa sendiri, karena mrk ga siapin buat kita.. ceritanya mrk eco-friendly gt.. kyk handuk aja, mrk hanya akan cuci-in 3 hari sekali aja..


Mereka serve complimentary breakfast untuk kita.. dan seru.nya, there are plenty menus to choose from.. dari omelette, scramble egg ala desa di atas awan, granola yoghurt, pancake, nasi goreng / mie goreng, dll.. setiap dari kita bisa request 1 menu.. Susu, teh, kopi dan juice juga udah di sediain untuk pagi hari.. dan i have to say that masakan mereka not bad.. hehe..

IMG_4194 IMG_4195And they have nice dining room as well. Mereka juga cukup thoughtful untuk arrange meja,nya supaya kita ber17 bisa duduk bersama saat makan..


Penampakan dining room saat pagi.. dan di bawah adalah penampakan dining room saat malam.. Setiap makan malem disana dan berdoa bersama, rasanya kayak christmas atau thanksgiving bngt dehh.. dingin2 gt dan menikmati santapan bersama the loved ones.. hehehe.. IMG_4168

Meal yg complimentary hanyalah Breakfast, jadi untuk Lunch dan Dinner, kita harus pesen lagi. since Desa ini beneran jauh dari mana2, mau ga mau kita pesen makanan dr mrk juga.. Price range dari Rp 40,000 – 80,000 per meal. Taste wise is not bad.. Tapi mungkin agak bland aja untuk lidah2 orng indo kyk kita.. Mereka claim that mereka ga pake MSG dan too much salt di makanan kita, karena mrk support hidup sehat gt dehh.. jadi ada one of the night, gw ga berasa pengen makan makanan mereka, jadi gw seduh pop-mie yg udah gw siapin aja deh for my dinner. hehe..

What to do 

Amazingly, di sekitar desa ini ada banyak kegiatan.. jadi buat temen2 yg ga mau nyantai duduk di villa, jangan takut kalian bakal bosen..

Angsari Hot Spring

Dingin2 begini, enaknya berendam di permandian air panas.. Tapi untuk kesini, kita harus jalan kaki sekitar 1-1.5 jam dari bungalow kita.. Macam anak petualang gitu.. kita harus lewatin sawah, hutan, dan jalan2 yg mendaki untuk ke hot-spring..

IMG_4232 IMG_4205IMG_4240 Akhirnya sampe deh di Hot-Spring.nya.. ga sampe fantastic gimana sih.. karena kita pikir bakal besar.. ternyata nggak.. public hot-spring.nya cukup kecil.. huahua.. yg ini panasnya moderate aja.. kalo mau yg lebih panas lagi, mrk ada siapin cubicle2 kecil untuk kita berendam gt.. tapi tempatnya ga gt picturesque buat di voto.. hahaha.

Well. jujur kolamnya agak kotor sih menurut gw, banyak lumutnya gt, jadi agak licin juga tangga untuk kebawahnyaa.. tapi yahh, not bad sih buat berendam di suasana yg sejuk2 gituu.. again, yg bikin seru adalah companionnya! hahaha.

IMG_4268IMG_4264IMG_4250**Obsesi model ala-ala Vogue. muahahhaa*

Hot-spring ini adalah complimentary dari ‘Desa atas awan’, kalau kalian ga nginep disana, mrk akan pungut bayaran sebesar Rp 50,000 per orngnya.. Nah, buat yg males buat balik ke hotel dngn jalan kaki lagi, mrk bisa nawarin ojek atau mobil pick up sayur.. kalo ojek harganya sekitar Rp50,000 dan kalau mobil pick up sayur, mrk hitung Rp 30,000 per orng..

Freedom School

Buat kalian yg suka main sama anak2, disinilah tempat yg tepat! Mr. Josep, sang spanish owner ‘Village above the clouds’ ini adalah contributor besar untuk sekolah ini, jadi anak2 yg kurang mampu di desa ini bisa sekolah disana tanpa di pungut biaya apapun. Mereka belajar bnyk hal, dari bahasa inggris yg di ajar oleh Mr. Josep dan istri, kelas komputer, kelas memahat, kelas tari bali, dll. I was very surprised to know that the owner have a very fond heart for the surroundings. Well, soalnya kan bnyk yahh businessman yg cuman peduli omset aja.. nah ini tuh beda, hitung2 yahh biaya kita tinggal disana itu, untuk biaya-in anak2 yg sekolah disana..

gw belajar cara memahat kayu disana.. dan gilaa.. susah puol! 1 jam gw belajar mahat, dan pahatan gw jauh dari sempurna.. harusnya bongkahan kayu kecil ini di bikin bunga.. tapi untuk buat 1 lingkaran dasar.nya aja tuh susah bngt.. haha..

Pas mau pulang karena gw menyerah untuk memahat lagi.. ehh, gw sama temen gw malah di kasih pahatan yg udah jadi dari anak2 disana.. mrk bilang, mrk kerjain pahatan ini 1,5 hari.. dan mrk mau kasih kita ini sebagai kenang2an.. so sweet bngt yaaa.. Gw salut dan terharu sama mrk karena mrk bisa kasih hasil jerih payah mrk begitu aja sama orng yg hanya di kenal selama 1 jam aja.. Alhasil, pas kita lewat warung.. kita beliin mereka snack2 gt deh, sebagai tanda appresiasi kita ke mereka.. hoho..


IMG_4223 IMG_4275IMG_4227**Makasih Dina dan Kadek.. =)) **

Sebenernya masih bnyk aktifitas lainnya, seperti outbound, berkunjung ke danau Bratan dan Tamblingan, tapi karena waktu yang sempit, kita cuman sempet melakukan 2 kegiatan itu dehh.. dan malem.nya, yah kita Quality time aja.. enjoying the dinner and the talk, and playing stupid games that made my stomach hurt real bad. haha..

Makasih temen2 kuu yang udah buat the stay in this pretty village more beautiful.. Thank you for the amazing memories that we created..

Untuk temen2 yg mau ke Bali dan mau cari suasana yg beda, boleh banget untuk consider ‘Desa Atas Awan’ ini.. mau pacaran / udah nikah / atau cuman mau spend quality time aja sama temen2.. gw yakin tempat ini akan jadi tempat yg memorable untuk kalian.. =)

Desa di Atas Awan (Village above the Clouds)

Munduk Andong Kelod,

Desa Bangli, Baturiti

Tabanan Bali, Indonesia

Koza Cave Hotel

History said, the city of Cappadocia formed millions years ago by volcanic eruptions.

That is why most buildings there are made from natural rocks, and surrounded by hills and valleys.

I was so excited when i know that we will stay in one of the cave hotel in Goreme, Cappadocia.

We were from Istanbul that time, so we need to take a 45-60 minutes flight from Ataturk Airport (Istanbul) to Nevsehir Airport (Goreme,Cappadocia) by Turkish Airlines.

Initially, we wanted to take public transport from Nevsehir airport to the Koza Cave hotel, but after we did our research, Goreme is not so public-transport friendly. the bus there only come every 30-45 minutes, and once you reached the bus station, you still need to drag your luggage up and down the hills to reach your cave hotel.

Finally we decided to take shuttle bus that managed by some transportation company *cant remember what company that we engaged*, it cost us about 15-20 EUR / trip if im not wrong.  Just like every shuttle bus in all around the world, they will stop in a few places (hotels) . Luckily our hotel is the first stop. hehe.. it was quite a journey from the airport to the hotel. it took us about 50 minutes to reach Koza Cave Hotel.

The great thing about the van is.. they have a WIFI in it. hahaha *first-world problem!* haha. i was quite amazed when i saw a very big user ID and password that they paste on the van’s dashboard. really like this kind of van! hahaha.

Once we arrived in Koza Cave Hotel, It was scorching hot outside. it’s like the sun is just shine right above you. i thought it will be better inside. so, we quickly went in to the Lobby, which looks like a normal living room and did our check in.

I was surprised that the lobby doesn’t have any air-con, but have the cooling feeling, even though i still feel very hot and humid inside. what made me even more surprised is the have no air-con inside the room as well. i asked one of the hotel owner (it’s run by one friendly family), why there’s no air-con over their place? they said, because it’s cold at night and the rocks will give you the cooling feeling.

and you know what, when i touched the room walls (made from rocks).. it really is cold.. and i was shivering at night because it is too cold.. haha.. luckily they already provide us with a thick blanket to sleep in. haha..

*itu fenomenal aneh bngt menurut gw.. siang.nya puanas bngt udara di luar.. dan pas masuk cave.nya tuh jadi adem2 gimana gt. haha.. udah kyk udara di gurun pasir deh pokok.nyaa.. *

and all that i can say is please do stay at cave hotel when you are staying in Cappadocia.. it’s a very rare and great experience that you will be having. hehe.. especially for us who stayed in Asia i may say.

below are some pretty photos from Koza Cave Hotel.




The view opposite the hotel





That’s our room on the left side.. and you can hang around outside.. *ngobrol2 cantik gt di sofa.nya.. hehehe*


*romantic ambience in the room*



*open concept bathroom. haha.. everyone must go out first if someone do their big business. muahhahaha. tapi kalo lagi mandi aja enak wangi.nyaa. hehe*



*a little ‘santai’ corner*


pretty isnt it? Major Love! ❤



Japan Trip

Very excited for the Japan Trip!

me, my brother and 2 of our friends will be going to Japan on 28th September.. *yes, yes, exactly 1 more month to go* woohoo..

actually i never think that Japan will be my next travel destination. since Japan is not that appealing to me, except the Ramen. haha

but since my brother wants to go there so bad for his graduation trip. as a good sister *hoekk*, i decided to accompany him to go. hahaha. then we start to find travel mates for this trip.

after finding our travelmates, it’s research time!

gosh.. suddenly i got huge desire to go to Japan after a few days of research. haha..  not sure if Japan is that good, or it’s just because i need to go for holiday badly. hahaha *mungkin panggilan si ichiran ramen yg merayu2 aku untuk pergi, since it looks very good. haha*

i heard from 2 friends that JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) is quite good for their flight and hotels package.

so, i came there 1 month ago to compare the price.

going to Japan with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1500, which is quite cheap, since ANA itself cost us about SGD 950. so, top up about SGD 550 more and you got quite good accomodation.

i went back and tell them that they offer us a good deal. but we must confirm within 2 days, because left a few seats with ANA. and suddenly 1 of our friend told us that she cannot go on our said date and time, because her colleague already took the leave.. *kalah cepet* hahaha.

so we re-arrange the date and ask JTB again for our desired date (which is only 1 day different). and you know what, they quoted us much much more expensive.. =(

same arrangement with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1800. hey, 300 dollars different is quite huge, right?

then we ask the sales girl why they have huge different. then the girl said, SGD 1500 is too cheap. i think my colleague quote you wrongly. gahhh..

since we dont know who is correct or wrong, then we decided to book everything ourself. haha.

after 2 weeks of comparing price, finally we booked following flight and accommodations :

– Delta Airlines : SGD 684.20

Tokyo AirBnb (Shibuya) for 3 nights : SGD 207.25

Hotel Vista Grande Osaka for 2 nights : SGD 194.85

Hotel Almont Kyoto for 1 night : SGD 92

Hotel Tokyo Dome for 2 nights : SGD 247

JR pass : SGD 347 *this is freaking expensive for 7 days train pass, but what to do, they said if we buy individually

– Tokyo Disneysea (1 day pass) : SGD 78

– Universal Studio Japan (1 day pass) : SGD 90

Visa Japan : SGD 39

so, Total per person is SGD 1979.3 / person, which is much more cheaper than buying the package in JTB. some more the SGD 1800 that they offer is a package for 3* hotel and not including the JR pass and the amusement park tickets. =(

actually we can go cheaper for the accomodations, but some airbnb apartment that we like is already full or have minimum nights for booking. so, we just go ahead with the hotels.

after all the booking, it’s time to make itinerary.. *yeay.. hehehe.

we already have some rough itinerary, but still not fixed yet.

if you have any great place to go in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Please let me know ?

Thank you before.. =)

Israel Day 8 : Mount of Beatitudes & Sea of Galilee

Okay.. bear with me people..

my Israel Blog will be finishing soon. haha..

it’s 8/12 days in Israel.. so yeah.. 

i think i wont write much in this entry. but we’ll see how it goes. haha..

firstly, i want to show you our very last hotel in Israel. 

not a very luxurious, like the previous one.. 

it’s more like a very old resort for me, whereby u still locked the room with the traditional key, only few floors there, and no wi-fi at all at the building, except the lobby. haha..

so yeah. you can always find us in the lobby every afternoon and evening, engrossed with our smart phones, giggling and spamming the instagram. haha.

but on the higher note..

our hotel is facing the Sea of Galilee.. 

i took the above pics from my instagram, so thats why the pics size is a little bit different. hehe.

we met a lot of American-Jewish there..

and got a chance to know one of the girls.

we chit-chat about 20mins.. and we learnt something new about how the Jewish preserve their race on earth by arranging a free camp to Israel and hope that some of them can fall in love, got married and give birth to more Jewish..

well. they are indirectly match-making them with some good motives, to know your more about your Jewish root. haha.

*i will talk more of this on my next post*


move on to my Day 7

this day was very ‘adventurous’. why?

because we are climbing to the mount – not literally,

but literally sailing on the sea where Peter walks on water 2013 years ago. hihi..

okay. so firstly is Mount of Beatitudes, the place where Jesus deliver the “Happy” sermon on the Mount. hehe..

well.. like i said we did not literraly hike the Mount, because they already furbished it with some souvenir shop at the entrance, decorate the whole path with water fountain and “Happy” verses along the way to the church.

yess.. like most of the ‘sacred’ places, they’ll surely built up a church on it.

*thank God for CROCS! this flat-shoes really comfortable for travelling* hehe

 they also have the monastery house there.. owh. i think it’s a pretty buildings and garden. hehe..

*if you place this somewhere else, it just looks like some rich people’s house, isnt it? haha*


The city of Capernaum.

A town in Galilee where Jesus taught in synagogue and healed the man who was possessed by an evil spirit (Luke 4:31-36)

not much to see here, and somemore the weather on that day is not friendly at all.

i think that’s the hottest day ever in my whole trip. haha

but i like the ruins of the synagogue. it’s just sooo nicee. i love the big pillars.

like i travelled back to some ancient greek time, where Zeus is still known as a god of the greeks.

 ci bom with her triple protection : sunblock, hat and umbrella hahaha

gigantic crocodile tongue. ahahaha.. i mean aloe vera.. 

is there any other name than aloe vera? cause it doesnt sounds right for a plant.

aloe vera drink just sounds better. haha.  


the Sea of Galilee

okay.. this is one of a kind experience. because we sailed on the sea where Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water, and it was my very first sermon on the boat.. haha.. *sounds very tacky*

we also have small session there,

firstly we get to know others first (since we are together with some other small group that came from all over the world), then we sing some songs and he finally he shared something about Faith.

well.. i think all pastors will share the same thing if we are talking about walking on the water.

Faith to walk on your ‘water’, the impossible. =)

 quite a big boat, right ?

i think i can jog around here. haha.

as we approaching the land..

ill see you again on my next Israel’s entrees. =)

Israel Trip : Day 5 – Tragedy at The Lowest Point on Earth

introducing our hotel for the next 3 nights!

the grandest hotel for our Israel trip.

Grand Court Jerusalem Hotel

*15-20 mins walking distance from Via Dolorosa* 

who says great things always comes in BIG package? haha..  

too bad i forgot to take the picture of our room sweet room. =(

i rate this hotel 8/10.. great service. great room. great food. great interior. great ambiance.

bottom line.. 

it’s just great for all of us. haha..


our Day 5 started with


a fortress of tragedy i will say.

Herod the great built this ‘luxurious fortress’ in the middle of Judean dessert because he was just appointed as a King by the Romans. and i think he is paranoid person as well, because i heard one of the reason he built that is to protect himself if Cleopatra – the pretty queen from Egypt wants to knock them down. *dear Historian, please kindly correct me if im wrong. haha*

i think, Herod the great with his people are awesome people.


because firstly, they can built their own water system. can you imagine how to bring the water from down there to the fortress? hardwork is much needed there, man.

i think if Herod the great people live in today’s life. they can be a very famous architect. haha.

they can built a sauna room as well. i always thought that sauna room is one of the latest invention in humanity. haha *lebay* i just nvr thought that they had one back in BC time. haha.

thank God now they have cable car.. or else we need to go up to the fortress by the “snake path” below.

 cant believe if we have to go thru the path all the way up.. the pipping HOT weather is unbearable. 


 it’s one of the room..

if you are wondering why they have the black line there, it’s for differentiating which one is the real one and which one is made to ‘conserve’ the ruins.

so below the black line is the authentic ruins. from thousands years ago.. 

the colourful thing below there is what the archaeologist found

 Herod the Great sauna room

after Herod the Great died, the Jewish people take over the fortrees as a hiding place because the Romans already took down Jerusalem.

they stayed there quite a while i guess.

until one day, they saw the Romans people are already near them, and i think they dont know where to go anymore.

and the tragedy began,


they decided to have a mass suicide. but they dont kill themselves.

they draw lots to kill others.

at first they draw 10 people to kill the others.

after others are killed,

then they draw lots among 10 of them.

the lucky 3 gets to killed the other 7.

and 3 of them gets to draw one last lot.

finally the ‘one last man’ gets to killed the other 2 and kill himself at the very end.

tragic, isnt it?

they rather died than being the Roman’s slave. hmpp..


on a lighther note..

this fortress is located not far from the Dead sea..

so we can get to enjoy the view from up here.. hehe..

finally i got to wear shorts! haha..

it’s really hard to find a place that you can wear whatever you like. 

cause mostly are religious places.

but it’s kinda pro and cons for the shorts.

it’s more comfortable, since im not a jeans person, and i got the ‘sun-kissed-skin’ moment as a memorabilia hahaha. 

 and we have this for our lunch.. 

yummy little big meatballs. hehe.. im not sure what meat was that. but just nice for our grumbling tummy. hehe.

*at dead sea sroll’s place – where they found all the bible scrolls except the book of Esther*


Dead Sea  

geographically speaking, it’s located at the lowest point on earth !! how cool is that ??

so as what like other tourists did.. we took pictures there..

and of course, floating on Dead Sea !!

what a lifetime experience..

i want to go back there for another float.. haha..

we only float for around 20-30 mins.

actually we want to stay longer.

it was just the pipping HOT weather that forbid us to do that..

well. i think we cant float that longg also.. cause the salt level that is super high and can make your finger *keriputss* wrinkled.


some rules also applied there, for example :

– dont jumpt into the sea.

– dont swim – just float. haha..

– go until half of your body is inside and squat to float. haha

– dont float facing down the sea – yeah. i think it’s make prefect sense since it’s very salty and can burn your face and eyes. haha

– etcetc. haha.


i tried to put some water on my forehead for my pimple..

and omaigad, it feels like pourings salt into a wound..

hurts like never before..

but my pimple dried within 2 hrs, and gone the next day. hahaha. *magic*

they also have muds there.

basically u are walking on a mud inside the dead sea..

so be careful if you go in.

you can fall anytime there.. *lirik amel*

you can take the mud apply on your skin too, they say it’s good for the skin..

so i tried to apply that on my hands..

the feeling was like applying ‘Dove’ soap to your body – the soapy feeling on ur skin eventho u already rinsed it for many times. haha

and ohh.. we can really float there.. *if some of you still thinking if we can really float there or not. haha*

because there was one point of time that i cant touch the ground anymore..

i was pushing down myself.. like trying to drown myself in the water.

but i cant ! i still float !! hahaha.


so, bottom line.. you should put Dead Sea on your travelling agenda. hehe

and our last stop for the day is



not much there.

and because i was just too tired of floating on Dead Sea, i just managed to take a few pics. 

im not sure whether we can still drink from this place or not.haha

that’s all for our one day trip on the lowest point on earth.

see you up there in ‘normal ground’ on my next post. hehe.. 

thanks for reading. =) 


facts : Dead Sea is drying up because of Global Warming.

save the earth readers, save the Dead Sea.. so we can go there to float again. hehehe.