Liverpool : This is Anfield

United Kingdom, a country where football can be counted as one of their religion. I guess most people who love Steven Gerrard will definitely put Liverpool as one of their travelling bucket list when they come to Great Britain. and i am thankful to be able to visit the world’s 8th most valuable football club, even though i’m not a hardcore fan.

Liverpool Stadium size is much smaller than Manchester United, the previous stadium that i visited. Anfield stadium can accommodate to 54,000 spectators. But we were not so lucky that day, we cant see their nice green grass because they had their pitch relaid. Which means, they have to change their grass, drainage system and heating system so it will be a better ground for the team to play again in August.


DSC04004DSC04010Processed with VSCO with nc presetDSC04005

Hillsborough Tragedy memorial (Liverpool vs Nottingham Forrest, 1989) – i just knew that there’s this kind of Tragedy. I firstly thought that it was a plane crash memorial. It turns out to be a human crush memorial. never though over crowded can end like this.



And this time around, we get to see Liverpool’s team changing room! Yeayy!

So amazed by the nice changing room! It is super cool! But i thought it will be much bigger with some lockers above the shirts panel. The guide told us that we can do anything that we want inside the changing room, we can take pictures and video, sniff the shirt, kiss it, hold it, hug it, but Do Not remove the shirt from the hanger. haha..

For Liverpool fans, i am sure you know ‘This is Anfield’ sign. The famous sign that has always been touched by the team before they are out for the game. That acted out as their good luck charm.

The most Iconic sign of Anfield has been removed from Anfield main tunnel and got modified as well. I guess people will like the previous sign with the nice old frame on it. But well, Jurgen Klopp, the Reds boss mentioned that players cannot touch the ‘This Is Anfield’ sign until they win something,”  “It’s a sign of respect”. But well, i think the new signage is too high for some Asian tho. Even my brother can only touched a bit of it. Haha.


Liverpool stadium is a little bit awkward in their positioning though. This gate is located outside the stadium. You’ll see this gate, If you’re going to the merchandise shop from the stadium.

To go to Liverpool’s merchandise shop, you have to pass by one alley of local’s houses, which is pretty far from their stadium. Well, it was quite warm with some wind on that day, so walking experience is quite enjoyable. More over most of the houses have unique coloured doors for us to see, very English i must say. Sorry for not taking picture of that alley though. =(

I am not sure if everyone still stays there. But i think it will be such a headache everytime Anfield has to hold a game. Haha.. Well, for the location, i guess Anfield is more accessible since it’s located at the city itself.

You can get the Stadium tour ticket for 17 GBP (SGD 30 // Rp 297,000) and you can book it online as well to see the available dates.


Isnt this uberr cutteeee?? my goodnesss..



Manchester United – Old Trafford

Helloo everyone, how was your Lebaran holiday?

Be it travelling abroad or local, or simply just enjoying your quality time with your loved ones in the perfect Jakarta’s traffic. I hope that it was a great one for you and your family!

As for myself, my family decided to go for UK on this year hari Raya. I never fancy a tour trip before. But this one is kinda different. I quite enjoyed the 2 weeks of tour trip conducted by Indonesia local travel agent.

I am not sure if it’s the schedule that was quite free for us to roam around the cities, or the fun tour-mates that we had. Haha.

Anyway, we took a 13hrs and 45 mins flight that goes directly to Manchester from Singapore. and since we are in Manchester, guess Old Trafford is the right place to visit for the very first destination.


Well, i am not a big fan of football actually. So i did not have that butterfly on my stomach kinda feeling like others may had. But to be honest, i am very impressed by this second biggest stadium in England, somehow it just sparks ‘magic’ to those who visited them.

Manchester United is one of the football’s most successful club. Big Thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devil’s former manager. Even though i don’t really understand how the football industries work. But Sir Alex Ferguson must had worked his a*s off to make this team to be one of the world-known football team.

I think not many football club have their own stadium. And their’s is the largest football club stadium in all over England.  What an achievement, isn’t it?

Moreover, they have their own stadium and museum tour. Whereby all MU and football fans from all around the world can taste the glorious home base of Manchester United!

We got our ticket for 16 GBP (SGD 28 // IDR 278.000) for the 1 hr stadium and museum tour. We supposed to see the whole stadium and the changing room with other rooms too. But since we were late for our appointed tour. We can only visit the main stadium only. =(..  If you’re not going with the tour (who already help you to arrange everything), You can purchase it online as well, and see the available time slot. and Remember, Dont be Lateeee..

And for you who could not wait to buy their souvenirs, fret not!

Just walk out from the museum, and walk to the other side of the stadium and you’ll find the megastore!

FunFact : Gelora Bung Karno ( Jakarta football stadium) is larger than Old Trafford. Where GBK has about 80,000 seats and 76,000 seats for Old Trafford.

*Hopefully Indonesia can have their own stadium tour someday, and every football fans from all around the world will come over to Jakarta just to see GBK.



Jakarta : Maple and Oak

I am not a breakfast person. I can just drink a cup of cold chocolate milk in the morning, and it will just keep me full till noon time. But i fancy Brunch! hahaha.. Not sure if i got carried away by trends, or simply i just got hungry because i never take my chocolate milk in the morning before i go for brunch. Haha..

OR.. maybe i just love lovely places with good food and great companies.

Maple and Oak located somewhere in Menteng in Central Jakarta. The place is somehow quite hard to find, even though it’s located at the main road of HOS Cokroaminoto. It’s inside ‘De Ritz Building’. When you see ‘Bumiputera bank’, and ‘KERIS department store’ on your left side, you should slow down and turn left right after that.. The building beside KERIS, is De Ritz building! *Your Welcome* Hahahha.. Cause Once you missed out, it’s quite a long way for the U-turn.. *and yesshh, i took the long U-turn back. geezzz*


It’s a small cozy place, with modern design with some greeneries decorations all over the pillars. Maple and Oak serves all day brunch menu, coffee and tea, and some cakes. Since i just got back, i am not really updated on what’s hits in town. So a very good friend of mine suggested to go to this place. And since all three of us never been here as well, we decided to give it a try. We came at 10am on Saturday morning, and the place was already crowded. I can see that it is still on high demand, even after 1 year of opening.

Beet Salmon Lox (Rp 83.000)

Toasted bread with cream cheese and generous amount of seared salmon, Beetroot yoghurt and beetroot itself with feta cheese and some salad. I personally think that the beet makes it too sour. My least favorite, from the 3 menu that we ordered. But salmon lovers might like it. and the Feta cheesee!! ohh.. i think feta cheese never go wrong with any kind of salads.

Big Breakfast (Rp 98.000)

This is a plate that will never go wrong. I always order this for a saver choice when i dont know what to eat. Haha.. The mushroom is sauteed nicely, the egg is scrambled softly, the cherry tomato is sweet, the bacon is not that salty (which is good for me) and the sausage was just okay.  Well, actually i wanted to order a bowl of Granola (Rp 68,000). But as for the price, i think the big breakfast is more worth it.

Mapple Butter Brioche (Rp 78.000)

This is the ‘STAR’ of the day! It’s like a big breakfast, minus mushroom and sausage. It’s just a normal toasted bread with bacon and scrambled egg, BUT.. the truffle butter and the maple syrup makes the whole plate taste so different.. So nice, sweet and buttery, different sensation in eating the toasted bread. MUST HAVE item when you’re here. Ah ohh, you can request more maple syrup as well. Trust mee.. it is soo good! so different with other maple syrup. not that sweet but so tasteful and savory. Much love for this plate! ❤

Maple & Oak
De Ritz Building 1st floor
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto no 91
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Opening Hours: 07.00 – 21.00
Phone: (+6221) 3906757

Luxury Getaway : Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort (VLOG)

Ive been staying in so many hotels, but never before i got an excellent service like this.

Thanks to Atlas Pearl x Maria Rahajeng who gave out this giveaway!

I still remember how happy i was, when the Associate Director of Marketing Communications of Sheraton Bali called me for the winner confirmation.

The call was on end of February 2017 (if im not mistaken), and they were very  kind to let me choose my own date of arrival. Which just happened 4 months after that. During that 4 months, Sheraton team occasionally will ask me if the date is really fixed and asked if ive done my packing to go to Bali around 1 week before i flew. Feels so legit. Haha.

Finally the day has come, they flew me and my brother with Garuda Indonesia, and picked us up with super comfortable car, lovely driver, and great in-car service (if you have such a word) hahaha..


After we reached, we are greeted with a warm smile by two Balinese girls as the security opened up our car. Then, The Balinese girls put flowers behind our right ears, while the bellboy helped us with our luggages, and then up we go to the check -in counter.

Once we were at the check in counter, another super friendly lady greeted us and offered us their welcome drink. Not long after that the whole team came to see me.

The Associate Director of MarComm (Ms. Bee) and Team, with their GM (Mr. Dario) came to greet us and congratulate me. And finally they escorted me to our lovely suite room that overlooking Kuta Beach!


I love their Bathroom sooo veryy much! trully #bathroomgoal for me! haha

After the lovely room, we got a super breakfast with champagne as our drink for the next 3 days. Goshh, this is a lot! *literally* haha

We are served :

one lot of cheese and ham platters, one plate of croissants and other breads, that comes with madacamia butter, normal butter and so many kind of jams, like marmalade, honey, chocolate and peanut butter.

vast selection of juices, tea and coffee, yoghurt with muesli and dried fruits (my fave),

exotic selection of eggs, like truffle, foie gras, caviar and other things (that i cant remember already. haha.. must check out my VLOG), and foie gras with duck terrine,

and of coursee.. chilled sweet champagne as one of our drink..

Goshh.. me and my brother love everything here, but definitely cant finished theseee lots! Guess it’s a portion for 4. haha.. Oh well, maybe this is a portion of 2 for some people.


Took that shoots on our first day of breakfast (from Bene – Italian Kitchen), and asked the crew to bring in to our hotel room for the second and third day, just because we are too lazy to walk down to the restaurant. haha.. *Yeahh, the distance was quite a walk from our room to the restaurant. haha*

and we did not regret itt.. causee we also got thiss view from our room!

More laid back kind of breakfast, whereby we dont need to be well-presented and watched some TV programs with our PJs. haha.. AHHH.. miss this kind of breakfast, even though im not a ‘breakfast person’. haha..

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thank you once again SHERATON BALI KUTA RESORT! Thank you for all the love an hospitality, and Mr Dario and team who never failed to send us plate full of chocolates during our stays.. Much love for everyone of you.. and Hope to stay there again on my next trip! <3<3 ❤

and below is my VLOG, in case you have not seen it.. hehe

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361


HELLOOO again everyone!

I just came back from Bali. Super blessed to have a 4 days 3 nights sponsored trip by ATLAS PEARLS and SHERATON KUTA BALI RESORT.

Well, actually this is a giveaway gift that i got from Maria Rahajeng’s (Miss Indonesia 2014 and Brand Ambassador of Atlas Pearls). I still remember that i saw Maria Rahajeng’s instastory. At that time, she mentioned that this is the last day to sign up for the giveaway. I was like, ‘What Giveaway?’. Haha.

Cut the story short. I read her post on the giveaway and signed myself up. And since im quite a ‘Dory’ sometimes. I soon forget about it.

Later at February 2017, i got an email, saying that i won a trip 4days 3 nights to Bali. I read the email and everything, and though that, ‘Woww. this scam looks legit’. HAHA. and then, i ignored it again.

Until i saw Maria Rahajeng’s tagged me 2 posts on Instagram and her Instastory, then i am reminded that i took part in her giveaway! hahahaa. OMG jenddd!!

I was and still so happy about it. Feels so lucky and blessed to have such a lovely trip. Thankfully, i can decide whenever i want to leave for the trip. So, i can use it last week, for my secondary school friend’s wedding in Bali.

Apart from staying in a luxury Sheraton Kuta Bali for 4days 3 nights, i got an exquisite pearl diamond necklace from ATLAS Pearl! *wohhooo*

Never thought that Indonesia has great seas and places like Bali, Labuan Bajo to Raja Ampat to farm oysters that can produce wonderful SouthSea pearls. We really should appreciate and take care of Indonesia even more!


*With Mba Marsha, the marketing manager of Atlas Bali. and posing with Atlas Pearl’s Bali Team*

IMG_3047IMG_3048IMG_3049IMG_2970*Ta-Daaa!! my Diamond Heart and SouthSea Pearl Necklace. Loving it’s simple yet elegant piece of ATLAS pearls*

If you girls are a pearl lover, you can let me know! ❤

And ohhh, after so long. Finally, i Vloggeddd again! Yeayy! Hope you enjoy it!



Jl. Raya Seminyak No.73, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) 732769


Back in Singapore days, we love to go out in big group. The more the merrier! More over when i go out with my Indonesian friends. We dont just go in big groups; We tend to stay quite a while after our meals and talk like there’s no tomorrow. haha..

Since we already know our so called ‘bad habit’. Normally we gonna squeeze our mind to just find a proper place to eat and hangout at the same time. And it is very tiring sometimes, since not so many places can fit 10-15 people in one go, at the same table. So, if your circle has the same habit like ours. Guess PICNIC can be one of your option for your next gathering.

PICNIC is like an international food-court with a beautiful decorated picnic-ky garden theme. Indeed, a very unique idea that makes many people want to give them a visit.


PICNIC itself has more than 10 seasonal and thematic stalls in foodtrucks to choose from. Ranging from Korean food, Japanese, Western, to Italian and French food. They have fancy drink stalls and dessert stalls too!

Food price ranging from SGD 15-20 per meal. A little bit pricy for a ‘food court style’ of food. But since this place is in Orchard, and they have comfortable ambiance as well, so i think this price is already an average.

If you have been to Marche, PICNIC also has quite the same system of payment. The difference is, you have to do it yourself in PICNIC.  So, they have a huge touch-screen menu in every stall, where you can view the food and order it at the same time. and after you ordered it, the ‘beeper machine’ will buzz and ask you to collect your meals. Payment also can be settled by ourselves as well if we are using NETS or Credit card at the exit.

The system is quite high-tech, but i personally think It can be quite a hassle for some people, like my parents for example. But so far, everything is good here! Nice food, great ambiance!


Fancy Tea Bags


Peperoni Pizza from Flour and Water (Western stall).

Normal skinny pizza with tomato base, huge-not-so-dried peperoni, and melted cheese.


Foie Gras Ricebowl from Ezo Hokkaido East (Japanese stall)

This is everyone’s favourite. This consist of medium cooked succulent USA beef , fluffy rice, pickles, with awesome nice-smell super tasty foie gras sauce. All of this combination just melts in your mouth. One of the must try! and must enjoy this while it’s warm!


PorkBelly Sandwich and Truffle oil mashed potato from Le Coq Roti (French stall)

I dont really eat pork. But this one is considered good. The roasted pork belly is so juicy and tender. and since the filling is so overflowing, you have to eat this sandwich with fork and knife, and not with your both hands like the normal sandwich.

The Truffle oil mashed potato is heavenly as well! I can just eat this mashed potato alone without anything else. The mashed potato is just so soft, creamy and flavourfull. More over it’s truffle oil mashed potatoo.. The greatest combination ever!


Kimchi Noodle from Daebak (Korean Stall)

I’m a noodle person, and i am always up for any kinds of noodle. As for this, i think the noodle is thicker than normal Shin Ramyun (Korean instant noodle) and quite chewy. As for the soup, it’s not kimchi-ish much, which not that sour but quite spicy. The melted cheese add more texture for the noodle and richness of the soup. This bowl actually goes with clamps, but since i dont really eat clamps, i asked the cook to change it to extra dumplings. The dumplings itself is just a normal minced meat dumplings, but quite generous in its filling.

Wisma Atria #03-15,
435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 6734 8352
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm 

Cara Membuat Bento Jepang untuk Pemula

** Ini adalah Sample Article aku untuk sebuah media. Daripada di anggurin aja, mending di publish disini yaa.. Maklum, Di buang sayang.. hehe **

Siapa yang tidak tahu mengenai Bento? Saya rasa kata-kata Bento sudahlah familiar di telinga orang-orang Indonesia, apalagi para ibu-ibu muda yang suka mencari ide menu baru untuk bekal  sekolah anak kesayangannya.

Dalam istilah bahasa Jepang, Bento adalah makanan bekal berupa nasi dengan lauk pauk dalam kemasan praktis yang bisa di bawa kemana saja. Pembuatan Bento ini sudah di mulai dari abad ke-5, masyarakat Jepang suka membawa bekal makanan berupa nasi kering sebagai makanan praktis waktu itu. Seiring berjalannya waktu, Bento-pun sering terlihat sebagai bekal sekolah  dan sering di bawa masyarakat Jepang yang sedang pergi piknik. Tetapi, setelah usainya perang dunia pertama, Bento di larang untuk di bawa ke sekolah karena di anggap sebagai sarana pamer bagi murid-murid orang berada di sekolah. Setelah sudah lama hilang, akhirnya Bento pun kembali masuk dan populer kembali di Jepang pada tahun 1980-an. Dan ternyata keahlian untuk menyiapkan Bento untuk anak-anak adalah kebanggan tersendiri bagi ibu-ibu rumah tangga Jepang, apalagi kalau lauk nya bisa di bentuk sebagai hiasan juga.

Saya yakin keahlian membuat bekal tidak hanya menjadi kebangaan ibu-ibu Jepang saja, melainkan semua kaum wanita di Indonesia juga. Karena pastinya tidak hanya anak-anak saja yang suka makanan unik dan menarik, tapi remaja dan dewasa pun suka menyantapnya juga.  Apalagi ketika di sajikan Bento unik yang di bentuk karakter yang lucu dan menggemaskan. Berikut adalah panduan cara membuat Bento Nasi Panda :


Pic source :

Bahan yang harus di siapkan:

  1. Siapkan Tempat Bento
  2. Nasi putih secukupnya
  3. 1 Sosis Sapi
  4. Nori / Rumput Laut
  5. 2 Lembar daun Selada
  6. 1 buah kentang rebus
  7. 1 cherry tomato

Cara membuat Nasi Panda :

  • Masak nasi secukupnya. Ketika nasi masih hangat-hangatnya, langsung bentuk jadi agak lonjong sebesar kepalan tangan. Karena nasi hangat, akan lebih mudah untuk di bentuk. Dan jangan lupa untuk memakai sarung tangan plastik untuk alasan higienitas.
  • Keluarkan Nori yang sudah di siapkan, lalu potong bulat lonjong untuk menjadi mata, hidung, mulut yang sedang tersenyum dan satu garis baju pada panda.
  • Setelah itu, potong kecil sosis yang sudah matang berbentuk lingkaran yang lebih kecil, untuk menjadi rona merah pada pipi panda.

Cara membuat Dekor Nasi Panda:

  • Cuci bersih Daun Selada. Lalu, jadikan daun selada sebagai alas nasi Panda Bento.
  • Potong Sosis menjadi 3 bagian, lalu potong jadi bentuk bunga, dan goreng sampai matang
  • Setelah itu, Potong Kentang menjadi 4 bagian, rebus sebentar agar menjadi sedikit lunak, lalu goreng sampai matang.
  • Cuci bersih cherry tomato sebagai penghias di ujung Bento.
  • Setelah semua bahan sudah siap, mulai-lah tata Bento seperti yg ada di gambar. Di jamin semua yang melihat pasti langsung ingin menyantap masakanan anda.

Kalau anda bukan tipe orang yang suka dengan makanan lucu, mungkin bisa juga mencoba membuat Bento simple yang terlihat lezat seperti di bawah ini. Jepang mempunyai banyak jenis Bento, tentunya semua kembali ke kreatifitasan si pembuat Bento. Biasanya di Jepang, Bento-bento seperti ini di jual di banyak tempat, seperti di restaurant siap saji, supermarket 24 jam, dan stasiun kereta. Ini adalah Bento yang lebih umum di temui, biasanya Bento terdiri dari karbohidrat dan protein, sekaligus gampang di bawa kemana-mana. Bento pun juga bisa di konsumsi di atas kereta shinkansen bagi yang harus menempuh perjalanan jarak jauh. Berikut adalah cara mebuat Salmon Teriyaki Bento.


  Pic source :

Bahan yang harus disiapkan :

  1. Nasi Putih secukupnya
  2. 5 ons Ikan Salmon segar (tanpa tulang)
  3. 1/2 cangkir kecil kecap manis
  4. 2 sdm air lemon yang di tambah sedikit gula
  5. 2 sdt gula
  6. 1 sdm minyak sayur
  7. 1 butir telur
  8. Salad
  9. Mayonaise dan Saus Sambal

Cara membuat Salmon Teriyaki Bento :

  •  Campur kecap, air perasan lemon dan gula. Lalu, rendam Salmon ke dalam mangkuk tersebut.
  • Masukan ke dalam kulkas selama kurang lebih 45 menit.
  • Siapkan broiler pan, masukan minyak sayur dan panaskan dengan api kecil.
  • Masak ikan salmon selama 2-3 menit, jangan lupa di bolak balik sampai matang.
  • Kocok telur dan buat telur dadar seperti biasa. setelah itu gulung telur dadar tersebut.

Setelah selesai, tatalah bahan-bahan yang sudah jadi seperti gambar di-atas. Mudah bukan cara membuat Bento Jepang ini. So, are you ready to cook?


I am really in a need of Holiday. This past few weeks has been rough for me. But I’m pressing on.. Knowing that it is not the end of the line, and knowing that i have a great God who is just Risen, who healed my scars and gives hope of the future! oohh, by the way, Happy Passover for my Christian and Catholic friends. ❤

Since i cant go anywhere for now, i just browse through my picture folders to ease my craving for holiday. When i browse around, i found that i have not share about this one great hotel in Bali.

Tijili Hotel 

We spent another night in Bali after spending our 5 days of Flores trip. Last year, we still need to made flight transit to Bali before going to and from Labuan Bajo. Whereas now, there’s a new flight schedule from Garuda Indonesia that goes directly to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta (even though the price is still not as friendly as other airlines and not many direct flights yet)

A friend of mine, Amanda, found this while we searched on our Bali accommodation. and i felt so blessed to sleep in this uniquely beautiful hotel. Moreover, after one night stay at traditional village on a mountain, with three nights live on board. This hotel is just so perfect for us, like finally we are back to the civilisation. Haha.. Well, dont get me wrong, Flores trip was super awesome, but getting a proper rest after the adventure is equally important for me too. =)

Located at the trendiest neighbourhood of Bali,  Seminyak, a nice location where many local boutiques shops, restaurants, and nightlife entertainment, and 20 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport. And as i remember, this 4 star hotel is still affordable too. Not as pricy as other hotels.

This cozy hotel is quite spacious to share among three guests, luxurious standard of bedding (even for the extra bed), clean room, cold aircon, fast wifi. and a very unique design of everything in it.  I just love all the creative interior details.

“Tijili” refers to a Balinese traditional motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

*and gossip said that Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil contributes his ideas to made this artistic hotel too!



PS: This post is not an endorsed post.

Tijili Hotel

Jl. Drupadi No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

#Random : The Dream Chasers (2)

Sebelum kita lanjut sharing2.nya, ijinkan gw mengucapkan, Selamat Hari Nyepi untuk yang merayakan. Selamat Hari Libur buat temen2 yg lain!

Yakk, buat yang belom baca soal The Dream Chasers (1), langsung aja yaa klik disinii.. 

Mari lanjut part kedua. Untuk 2 orang yang akan gw ceritakan ulang sedikit kesaksiannya, mohon maaf dulu nih, yg kali ini akan lebih sedikit di banding Choky Sitohang. Kenapa? Karena kebetulan bang Chicco Jerikho dan Maruli Tampubulon tampil dalam edisi talkshow, sedangkan Choky ada sesi kesaksian sendiri di event kemarin. Jadi otomatis, ceritanya ga sedetail dan sepanjang blog entry yang kemarin..

Chicco Jerikho 

Kalau liat Chicco sekarang, kesannya hidupnya enak banget yahh. Terkenal, karir lancar, bahkan sempat menang piala citra aktor terbaik tahun 2014. Pasti hidupnya enak dehh..

Ternyata nggak lohh, semua orang sukses punya background.nya sendiri. Chicco emang dari kecil pengen banget jadi Aktor.  Pertama kali jalan menuju dunia akting terbuka, saat dia ikutan ajang pemilihan cover boy disuatu tabloid terkenal tahun 2000. Dari sana, mulai deh ada tawaran iklan dan sinetron. Akhirnya mulai-lah karir dia dari iklan dan sinetron.

He wanted more, dia ga mau stop sampai di iklan dan sinetron aja, lalu dia ikutan casting film layar lebar. Tapi ga pernah ada yg berhasil. Dia sampe mikir, apa emang dia ga jodoh ya sama film?

Akhirnya ketika dia berbaring di ranjang, tiba-tiba aja di mau worship Tuhan. dan munculah satu lagu yang dia ga pernah lupa sampai saat ini. Lagu itu adalah, ‘Ya Abba Bapa, Ini aku anakMu, Pakailah sesuai dengan rencanaMu’

Chicco mulai berserah, terserah Tuhan mau pakai dia dimana dan gimana. Hampir 15 tahun lebih berkarir, tapi nama dia baru booming belakangan ini. Itu juga menarik ceritanya.

Chicco adalah seseorang yang suka nonton film action, mimpinya dia adalah main film action. Tapi ga pernah dapet tawaran itu. Tiba-tiba disuatu hari, dapat tawaran main Film ‘Cahaya Dari Timur : Beta Maluku’, dia sempet bingung waktu itu. Karena dia sukanya film action, tapi di suruh mainnya film drama, orang maluku yang suka main bola.

Ironisnya, Chicco ga suka main bola sama sekali. Haha.. Tapi ya saat itu adalah Kairos-nya Tuhan. Waktu yang Tuhan ijinkan buat Chicco untuk bersinar. Akhirnya film yang menuntut Chicco keluar dari comfort zone dia, adalah film yang membawa dia ke Piala Citra 2014. Dari sana, tiba-tiba banyak banget tawaran main film. Dari dulunya yang di tolak banyak PH, sekarang malah terbalik.

Gw tuh sampe mikir, gila yahh, Chicco yang ganteng gt aja di tolak-tolak sama PH.. kita2 yang biasa aja gimana cobaa.. haha..

Setelah piala citra, munculah film filosofi kopi, Chicco memerankan Ben dengan watak yang sangat ambisius. Dia pun cerita kalo kadang watak itu suka muncul di kehidupan dia, soalnya kan udah diresapi banget. Jadi Chicco pun harus sadar betul, karakter dia sendiri itu gimana, dan ga di campur2 dengan karakter2 film yg dia perankan. Dan untuk balance semuanya itu, ya kembali lagi ke Tuhan, doa renungan harian setiap malam.

Gw pikir2 bahaya juga yaa aktor2 ini.. Kalo perannya baik sih gpp ya, berarti mempengaruhi yang baik juga dong di kehidupan dia. Tapi kalo yang kurang baik, berabe jugaaa mann.. pantesan yaa kayak Heath Ledger itu bisa bunuh diri gara2 depresi. Karena liat Chicco kemarin cerita aja, kayaknya agak susah buat ga mencampur karakter fiksi dan diri sendiri.

Disini, Chicco cuman nekenin arti kata process aja. Nikmatin semua process yang ada, yang enak dan yg kurang enak, dan Tuhan ga akan pernah kecewain semua mimpi-mimpi kita.

Maruli Tampubulon 

Abang yg punya suara super bagus ini, ga pernah mikir dia akan jadi penyanyi sebelumnya. Dia selalu sekolah dan sekolah. lulus SMA, dia langsung ke ausi untuk ambil s1 di bidang finance, dan s2 di bidang political science (kalo gw ga salah inget).

Pulang ke Indonesia, langsung kerja jadi junior lawyer di salah satu law firm di Jakarta. Di lawfirm tersebutlah, dia mulai discover talenta bernyanyi dia. Saat dia berserta boss dan temen-temen sekerja lainnya sedang lembur. Boss.nya mengambil waktu istirahat sejenak untuk mendengarkan sebuah lagu. Maruli sampai bingung, itu kertas2 kita numpuk banget dan sudah malam. kok bisa-bisanya yg lain menikmati musik sambil nyanyi2 dulu.. Ternyata ya memang begitu cara mereka untuk relaksasi di tengan gilanya pekerjaan mereka.

Ketika dia mendengarkan musik yang di play di malam itu. Maruli pun diam dan baru berpikir, ‘Iya yahh, gw kan suka nyanyi daridulu, kenapa gw ga coba jadi penyanyi aja ya?’

Ga lama kemudian, dia pun langsung tender dan bilang ke papanya, kalau dia mau jadi penyanyi. Lalu papa.nya pun bilang gini.

‘Ya terserah kau lahh.. Mau jadi tukang cat juga sana jadi tukang cat. Tapi jadi Tukang Cat yang Terbaik!’ yang di maksudkan papanya disini adalah, ya Maruli bisa jadi apa saja, asal yang terbaik di bidangnya.

Akhirnya dia pun coba-coba untuk terjun ke dunia tarik suara, dan puji Tuhan jalannya di bukakan terus. Dari duet dengan Syahrini dan Winky, sampai akhirnya bisa mengeluarkan lagu-lagu single, walaupun belom sampai jadi album.

Dari sana, opportunity ke dunia akting pun terbuka, dan sempat akting di salah satu sinetron NET tv, dan beberapa film.

Maruli cuman pesen, apapun yang kita lakukan, jadilah blessings untuk sekitar kita, pasti semua jalan di bukakan, karena fokusnya untuk jadi berkat buat orang lain.

Ya, kurang lebih begitu dehh soal cerita kedua abang ini.

Misalnya ada yang dateng juga ke event Kairos Movement kemarin, dan ada yang mau nambahin atau ngurangin. Silahkan banget lohh, karena ini hanya based on ingetan gw ajaa.. hehehe..

Semoga meng-inspirasi dan memberkati yaa.. Good night, people.. ❤



#Random : The Dream Chasers (1)

Dua hari ini, gw lagi ikutan conference di salah satu gereja di daerah gading serpong. Nama conference tersebut adalah Kairos Movement. Dalam bahasa Yunani Kuno/Ibrani, Kairos mempunyai arti ‘Waktu/Saat yang Tepat’.

Di acara ini mereka banyak mengundang pendeta dari Korea dan Amerika untuk sharing firman Tuhan, tapi entah kenapa, ketika gw di ajak temen untuk ikutan acara ini, kok gw lebih tertarik untuk mendengarkan sesi kesaksian dari artis2 lokal kita, seperti Choky Sitohang, Chicco Jerikho, dan Maruli Tampubulon. Bukan karena mereka ganteng lohh yaa, tapi karena gw mau denger gimana mereka bisa di panggil Tuhan ke bidang entertainment yang mereka geluti sekarang. Well, ga bisa di pungkiri sihh.. 3 mahluk adam ciptaan Tuhan ini emang buat semua hati para kaum Hawa disana melelehh.. apalagi Maruli Tampubulon. Ya Tuhann, kalo boleh, saya mau dongg jodoh yg kayak diaa.. udah pintar, lawyer, bisa nyanyi, gagah bngt, setia dan romantis lagii.. sungguh berbinar2 mata gw pas liat dia tadi di atas panggung. hahaha.

Okay, mari kita mulai dengan.. *ohh iya, sebelumnya, maaf bngt yaa di postingan ini ga ada foto sama sekali, gw cuman sempet posting di insta story gw ajaa, dan maaf bngt, gw ga ngesave insta story tersebut, since gw ga mikir akan posting blog entry ini*

Choky Sitohang

Siapa sihh yang ga tau presenter handal kita ini. Doi mulai karir dari journalist dulunya, terus pas merambah ke dunia entertainment, eh dia malah kena penyakit Liver yang cukup parah, dan dia harus mulai dari NOL lagi ketika dia sembuh. Waktu itu dia berdoa supaya Tuhan bukain jalan untuk dia balik ke dunia entertainment. Katanya, kerjaan dia dulu tuh selalu pantengin layar HP, selalu nungguin SMS / call dari orang baru. Kenapa? Karena biasanya kalo nomor baru itu, akan nawarin kerjaan baru.

(Tapi, Kalo sekarang mahh boro2 katanya, kalo nomor ga kenal, ga mau di angkat, karena skrng udah mulai butuh privacy. Begitu kata dia. Haha.. )

Jadi di suatu hari, ada seseorang yang menelfon dia.

‘Shalom.. Dengan Choky ya?’

wahh, orang kristen nihh, pikir si Choky.

‘Shalom! Iya bang, dengan choky disini, ada yang bisa di bantu?’

‘Ini chocky, kita mau punya acara baru, namanya SOLUSI, acara rohani gt, kamu bisa datang casting?’

Choky pun langsung berpikir, waduhh.. Dia kan baru mau mulai start karir lagi, tapi di tawarinnya acara rohani.. Choky ga mauu, karena dia pikir, dia akan di cap kristen fanatik, dan user2 nanti ga mau hire dia sebagai talent karena dia kristen dan dia fanatik. Intinya dia takut sekali kalo di label sebagai presenter kristen, presenter pendeta. Maunya neutral aja gt, ga usah bawa2 agama.

‘Wahh bang, kayaknya saya ga bisa nihh, udah ada Job lain saya di tanggal segitu’

‘Ohh, oke deh kalau begitu’

Akhirnya telepon itu pun di tutup. Choky bilang dia aja job lain, padahal dia belom ada job apa2 saat itu.. Terus beberapa hari kemudian, dia pun di telpon balik oleh si abang itu tadi.

‘Shalom Choky, Ini saya yg waktu ituu.. Cuman mau kasih tau, Casting kita masih di buka lohh. Masih tertarik untuk ikutan?’

Choky pun masih hesitate dan dia bilang ga bisa dateng lagi, katanya dia udah ada acara juga di tanggal casting itu, yang mana sebenarnya dia ga ada apa2 di hari tersebut. Akhirnya di tutup kembali lah telepon itu.

Karena Choky ga mau banget ikutan casting itu, dia langsung save nomor si abang itu, dan udah berpikir, ga mau angkat kalo dia ngajak casting lagi.. Haha

Tiba2 di suatu hari yg indah, dia dapet telepon, karena nomornya ga di kenal, ya dia angkat.. Ehh, setelah dia angkat, ternyata ituu abang yg sama yang ajakin dia casting acara Solusi, katanya dia barusan aja ganti nomor. hahaha..

Akhinya choky pun ga enak, dan dia meng-iya kan untuk ikutan casting tersebut. Walaupun sudah meng-iya kan, di masih mencari alasan untuk bail out di hari H.nya. Dia sengaja telpon ibunya dan tanya istrinya, choky pikir ibunya dan istrinya akan bilang ga usah ambil casting tersebut. Tapi ternyata mereka ber2 malah sangat meng-encourage choky untuk ambil casting itu. Choky pun kaget juga dapet feedback seperti itu.

H-1 sebelum casting, chocky bukanya persiapan, malah main winning eleven di PS sampe jem 5 pagi. Padahal dia harus casting di kerawang (kalo ga salah) jam 9 pagi di ke-esokan harinya.

Dia emang sengaja main sampe pagi, biar ada alesan, dia baru tidur jam 5 pagi, dan sakit setelahnya. Jadi ga bisa dateng ke casting tersebut. Dan taukah apa yg terjadi? Dia bobo jem 5 pagi, dan tiba2 terbangun jem 6 pagi, segar bugar dan ga ngantuk lagi.. Haha.

Choky super bingung kenapa bisa begitu, akhirnya dia terpaksa pergi ke tempat casting tersebut. walaupun super jauh dan hati ga mau, dia tetep samperin. Entah kenapa, dia tetep pergi aja saat itu ke tempat casting itu.

Sesampainya disana, dia di kasih script oleh team solusi untuk di pelajari. Tapi setelah choky dapet script, dia malah taro lagi script nya, dan dia tinggal turun buat sarapan dulu. Pas balik ke ruangan audisi, di tanyain sama pihak Solusi, ‘udah ready mas?’

‘Sudah Mas’, kata chocky.

Waktu itu dia di pair up dengan satu wanita yang namanya Imelda, dia langsung bisikin ini ke wanita itu, ‘Mel, tar lo ngomong banyakan aja yaa, gw ga begitu tertarik dengan program ini.’ Setelah ngomong itu, choky pun jelek-jelek-in casting dia saat itu. Pokoknya dia ga mau kepilih buat jadi host acara rohani.

Dia pikir semua tak-tik nya itu berhasil, dia yakin dia ga mungkin terpilih jadi host karena performance nya yg kurang baik saat itu. Lalu, beberapa waktu kemudian, dia dapet telpon dari abang yg selalu kontek dia..

‘Shalom bangg..’ Kata Choky dengan semangat, karena dia yakin dia ga bakal di terima

‘Iya, Shalom Choky.. Jadi begini, untuk casting yg kapan hari, kita udah berdoa dan berdiskusi..’

‘Iya bang, gpp bang kalau saya ga keterima, mungkin belom jodoh ya bang..’ Potong si Choky saat si mas tersebut belum selesai bicara

‘Eh bukan bang Choky, jadi kita udah doa dan diskusi, kita sepakat kalau bang Choky aja yg jadi HOST nya SOLUSI’

Sontak, Choky langsung kaget berat.. Dan dia langsung jujur dengan team Solusi kalau dia ga mau jadi host acara tersebut, karena takut di cap presenter fanatik, calon pendeta dsb. Tapi, setelah di bujuk oleh beberapa pihak, akhirnya Choky pun meng-iya-kan shooting program tersebut.

Baru shooting episode pertama, Choky enggan sebut nama Tuhan Yesus.. Dia cuman berani ngomong kata Tuhan aja, pokoknya keep it general dehh. Sampe orang studio mikir, clip on mic nya Choky bermasalah, karena ga kedengaran kata Yesusnya. Padahal emang dia ga mau ngomong Yesus sama sekali.

Akhirnya Choky pun minta break, dan dia doa di luar. Bilang Tuhan kalau dia bener2 ga mau job inii, takut menghambat job yg lainnya.

Tapi saat dia doa, dia malah di ingatkan kembali kalau Tuhan Yesus yg berperan besar di hidup dia. Tuhan Yesus yang sembuhin dia dari sakit liver dia yang parah. Tuhan Yesus yang sertai adik Choky yang di lahirkan agak ‘special’. Tuhan Yesus yang selalu cukupin semua keperluan Choky. Saat itu dia langsung nangis, dia ingat semua kebaikan yang Tuhan kerjain di hidup dia. Dan kok malah begini balasannya ke Tuhan.. Terus dia pun berdiam sebentar, seka air mata dan kembali shooting lagi.

Di saat itu, tiba2 dia langsung ada keberanian untuk sebut nama Tuhan Yesus sebagai penyembuh, sebagai jalan keluar dan lain sebagainya di program tersebut.

Dan memang kalau Tuhan yang buka jalan, ga akan ada yg bisa tutup lagi. Dari sana karir choky di bawa naik terus hingga saat ini. Lalu semua ketakutannya itu ga terbukti, ga ada yg pernah mempermasalahkan agama apa yg dia peluk dan Tuhan mana yg dia sembah.

Di acara ini, Choky cuman mau share kalau ada Kairos Tuhan dalam hidup kita, akan selalu ada saat yang tepat dimana Tuhan mau bawa kita untuk fulfill mimpi yang Tuhan kasih di hidup kita. Bagian kita hanyalah tetap berdoa, minta bimbingan dari Tuhan, have the faith, and do whatever God tells us to do.

Dan ga akan pernah salah ketika kita mau melayani Tuhan dulu dengan talenta kita, karena yang lain2 akan di tambahkan kepada kita.

Hopefully this post bisa jadi blessing ya buat temen2 yang lagi kejar mimpi di luar sana. Cerita ini gw ceritakan kembali dengan kata2 gw. Jadi kalau mungkin ada detail2 yang gw missed out, mohon maaf nya yaa.. karena gw ga nyatet pas dia sharing.. Haha.. Tapi ya garis besarnya begitu dehh..

Nanti gw lanjut lagi yaa cerita soal Chicco Jerikho dan abang Maruli Tampubulon. hehe