Unhappiest Place On Earth

When Disneyland claimed to be the Happiest place on earth, i guess Nazi concentration camp can be titled as vice-versa. If you know Dementor (one of Harry Potter’s creature), the spirit who can take away all the happiness away, it feels like a troop of Dementor is already standing in very front of parking area and sucking all my happiness away.

The gloomy weather on that day, added the sadness. I cant even smile at all. I guess even the joker will be left silent when they enter this place that has been turned to holocaust museum.

I am sure everyone knows about the despicable history of Hitler and the Nazi party that he put up. My first thought when i reached this enormous camp is, How can someone convince almost a whole European to kill a tribe that did no wrong? That one person’s hatred can cause so much of terrifying nightmare..

Nazi Concentration camp has three places, Auschwitz I, II and III, that located not far from each other. This camp is enormously huge that it can be a town of its own.

Auschwitz I  (The Main Camp)

Previously was a Polish prison that turned up to be the first and oldest camp in 1940. It was then expanded according to the needs of the camp. Below is the picture of the front lawn, before we entered the camp.

Before we enter this camp, there are quite a tight security check that for our bags, and big backpacks are not allowed to be in. They have a place for you to store your things at the main entrance. I will suggest you to bring smaller bags, since i heard this place always crowded with tourist from all over the world, so it will make you wait a little longer as well to store your things.


The main gate with ‘Arbeit Macht Freit’ signage, that means ‘Work will set you Free’. What the Jews know, they were sent here to ‘work’. They did not know that they are entering a man-made Hell.

An eerie feeling creeped in when i entered the barrack complex. And the hugeness of this place, make it doesnt look crowded anymore like i saw in the entrance. They have so many barracks here for the inmates, the security barracks, the store rooms, Dr Mengale ‘research rooms’, the gas chambers and the crematories.

Hitler and Dr Mengele already briefed their team to kill those who were unfit for work like the elderly, the sick, women and children to the gas chamber. And the men, twins and others were for work and for Dr Mengele crazy experiments.

We can explore most of the barracks that now turned into photography exhibitions and other exhibition such as the Nazi’s documents and things that were brought by the Jews when they came to the camp. But there are some areas that we cant capture, for example, the place where they store all the Jewish hair that was meant to be sold to make sweaters or blanket.

When i was observing and thinking how cruel the German was in that ‘hair exhibition’, my group was just taking a look and gone just like that, and suddenly i found myself alone in that exhibition. I was quite panicked, since i dont wanna be left alone in that barrack, and ran to find them. And for a while, i was lost in the middle of the barrack complex. Luckily i saw my brother from a far who was busy taking picture on the other alley, and got back together with my tour group. ~Fiuhh~

I can imagine how scared and confused for them who tried to escape from this hell. Even now at the daylight, it is difficult to find the way out. Every alley looks similar with all the big trees planted beside the barracks.


The three pictures above was the gas that was used to kill the Jews in the gas chamber, The Gas Chamber, and the Crematories.

The Jews were told to put off their clothes and get some shower, they did not know that it will be the last ‘shower’ in their life. Instead of water that supposed to come out, it was the poisonous gas of Zyklon B (that was used as fertilizer and insect killers).

One of the SS (Nazi guards) said that he can heard loud screaming from the gas chamber when the gas was released. They were fighting to live as well. But too bad, no one survived the deadly chemical that made them suffocated. After they died, the guards will bald them, and cremate them immediately. About 1,1 million of Jews were died in this camp.

Auschwitz II – Birkenau 

About 3 km from Auschwitz, there were one Polish village. Since Auschwitz I cannot take more prisoners, the Germans expelled the villagers and demolished their houses to build another concentration camp that is bigger than Auschwitz I. The largest installation of mass murder that was built in 1941.


Above picture is the mass toilet that was used during time. Our guide said that actually this was the safest place back then. Since the place was so filthy, the Germans seldom went in to check how they were doing. Normally the Jews will exchange informations here, and the one who was assigned here was considered lucky because they can keep themselves warm instead of working outside.

Some of them tried to escape to the forrest behind (as you can see from below picture), but no one know if they managed to ran away.


This camp is about 1.5 hours of bus trip from Krakow City, Poland. I was on a tour from Jakarta, Indonesia. I researched that you can take train to Auschwitz as well, but you have to take another public transport, since Auschwitz train station is located 2 km away from the camp. I saw a bus station in front of the parking lot when we about to reach the camp, so probably taking a public bus would be a better choice.

If you decided to go on your own, there’s shuttle bus to go from Auschwitz I to Birkenau, but public buses only available outside Auschwitz I, so do take note the timing.

The entrance to this museum is free, but if you need guided tour, you can see this link for more informations. There are many day tour to this place as well when you reached Krakow City, if you dont want the hassle.

They do sell some food in Auschwitz I, so do not worry if you get a little hungry after hours of visiting. But do take note that they only receive ZL (Polish Zloty). So make sure you changed your currency before going to Poland. Else it will be difficult for you to buy things and use the toilet.

And for those of you who love to read, they are one bookstore outside Auschwitz II – Birkenau that sells everything about the camp. And it is available in many translations. I think i can spend an hour to just browse through the bookstore. Finally i decided to bring home this book, and finished this in 2 days time. Such a moving story.


 ~ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ~ Edmund Burke

All pictures (mostly unedited) and video are taken by Sony RX1oo iii.


 ~ Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting ~

Merry Christmas semuanya!! Aku berdoa supaya damai dan kegembiraan natal menyelimuti kita semua. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas gathering or holiday with your loved ones yaa! ❤

Pertama-tama aku mau ngucapin terima kasih untuk semua temen-temen yang udah participate dan meramaikan Christmas Giveaway pertama aku.. You girls rocks!

Nahh, setelah beberapa minggu giveaway ini dibuka, akhirnya di tutup tanggal 25 Dec, dan tiba juga dehh tanggal 28 Dec untuk pengumumannya! Gila, Time flies yaa.. kayaknya baru nge-post kemarin, tau2 udah 22 hari aja berlalu.. haha..

Buat pemilihan pemenangnya, aku pake cara random pick manual nihh.. Kayaknya lebih seru aja gt buat aku milihnya dari pada pake random pick di excel file.. hehe

Jadi aku tulisin satu per satu nama ciwik-ciwik yang ikutan kemarin, terus aku masukin ke kantong pink bunny akuuu..


Setelah itu aku kocok kantongnya, DANNNNNNNNN..




Karena nama Ira keluar yang pertama, Jadi aku akan kasih Mizzu Set A buat kamuuu,

Dan Mizzu Set B buat Winny!

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Semoga alat2 make-up nya bisa bermanfaat bagi kalian yahh..

Sekali lagi thank you banget buat temen2 yang udah ikut meramaikan berpartisipasii.. Appreciate it a lot lohh! hehe.. Doakan rejeki aku lancar yaa, jadi bisa kasih giveaway ke2, ke3, dan selanjutnyaaa.. Hehe..

Happy holiday, everyone! ❤ ❤

Merry Christmas 2016

Happy New Year 2017

What’s New in Singapore?

I love fast food so much. Especially the one which have been fried with dozens of secret herbs and spices. Believe it or not, when i was a kid, i was super thin and i all i wanted to eat is only omelette, noodles and fried chicken. Well, I think that pretty much sum up how i can grow ‘big’ after that. Haha.

I always thought that no one can compete to the goodness of  the ‘Finger Lickin Good’. But i was wrong, apparently i just found my new favorite fried chicken in town! And it’s not a fast food chain restaurant.

online media

pic : @pickaboosg – design by: Annette S

Located at the heart of Orchard Road, this new stalls brings fresh option for the foodies. Especially those of you who is fried chicken lover. And Not only they serve uber-nice fried chicken, but they do have a lot of other good foods too!


pic : @pickaboosg

I personally love their signatures, the BOO BURGER. Love the boneless fried chicken, the flavour is just right in all aspect, not to salty and it doesnt make you thirsty or make your throat itchy right after eating. The cheese sauce make it taste better, and it just blend well with the waffle and egg.


Chicks and Mash – If you are not sure on what to order, this would be a perfect choice. Fried chicken and mash potatoes with mushroom sauce will never go wrong. Ah ohh, if you are Indonesian, dont forget to bring ‘Saus Sambal’, i think you’ll enjoy it more with the sambal. Hahaha.. personal preference though.


Fried Rice with Mushroom – Believe it or not, this fried rice taste like risotto to me. The rice texture is so soft and buttery, also you can smell the strong mushroom aroma when they served it. I quite like mushroom a little too much, so probably this one will be a good choice, if you need carbo loading. Haha. and for the vegetarian, you probably will like this too.


Dirty Fries – This is everyone’s favorite. Fries, Spam, ‘Bolognese’-sy topping with Cheese Sause.. Oh Good. If your not on Diet, this is just a perfect combo for your fried chicken, and a good side-dish to share with everyone!



304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, B1 -38, Singapore.

Asian Food Mall (Foodcourt)


#TravelTalk : Travelling in Style

~ All that glitters is not gold, and all who wander are not lost ~ J.R.R Tolkien

Well, The title shows like i’m a socialites who travel glamourously. But, I am sorry that you would not see bling-bling in this post, nor heavy make up or branded goods from head to toe like princessyahrini does when she travels. Haha.

I’m just a girl who loves to travel in my style! and in this blogpost, i would love to share how i dress up when i’m out of town~~

1. Dress 

Believe it or not, i used to ONLY have 1 jeans in my wardrobe. *grin* So, whats inside it? A wardrobe full of dresses, skirts, shorts, tops and leggings. Yeap. Thats me! *Salam Kenal semuanya. HAHA

That’s why i will always bring dresses when im out, or else what else should i bring out? But to bring dresses when you’re out of town, is always a good choice. Since it can be carried out casually and neat at the same time. And if suddenly you happen to go to some fancy dining restaurant, you can just pair it up with a nice flat shoes or kitten-heels. OR just change your bag or backpack with a clutch!


(Bratislava, Slovakia – 2016)

2. Jeans Jacket

Eventhough i dont really wear jeans, i really love my jeans jacket! It is just ‘timeless’ piece, and just goes well with most clothes that i have. Perfect for Autumn, yet not so hot in summer time. And, if you follow my Instagram, you’ll realised that i wear this alottt.. It’s just super comfortable, even on long haul flights.


(Budapest, Hungaria – 2016)

3. Necklaces and sweaters

Necklaces is a must bring item when im travelling. I have a lot of statement and chunky necklaces. I’m not a ring, bracelet or earrings person. Well, actually i love earrings too, but i guess not as much as necklaces. Hmmp, maybe there’s correlation with growing up as well. As i grow up, i fancy plain colours more than patterns, and necklace can really compliment my plain tops.

Somehow i love to see shirt that’s doubled with sweater. Preppy look, but still feminine at the same time, and it gives you a smart yet outgoing vibes.


(Brussels, Belgium – 2015)

4. High-waisted Bikini

I think this invention is super brilliant! High-waisted Bikini for a plump girl like me. haha.. Dont get me wrong, i still like the one piece swim-suit, but because my torso is longer than my leg, sometimes the one piece swim suit hurts my shoulder. =( Anyone on the same boat?

Gotten this bikini as a gift from a good friend of mine and love it to the bits. Now, this is a must bring item when im out in the sun. Well, actually im still not comfortable to walk around with just the bikini on my body (cause it still shown some of my meats. Haha) , so normally i will hang a towel over my shoulder, and voila, im ready to walk around the area!


(Angseri, Bali – 2015)

5. Colourful Skirts

Since i have lots of plain tops, it will not be fun if i have another plain bottom to pair with, right? I dont know if im overly girly, but i love skirts! Just that i dont wear it a lot, since it’s not comfortable when you walk in Singapore and must be alert everytime the wind blows.

I love to wear skirts during autumn time, cause i can put on my stockings and less worry about the wind. At least they wont see my undies clearly. Haha.


(Kyoto, Japan – 2014)

6. Shorts and Sunglasses

Since i only have 1 jeans, you’ll see me more in shorts. I dont care whether im going to tropical countries or cold places, shorts will always be in my luggage. I will just double it up with thicker leggings if it’s cold and wear wool socks inside my boots. Haha

and Sunniesss.. Yes, i guess you guys already noticed that i wore my sunnies most of the time. To be honest, i dont wear it only when im travelling, but everytime when i feel that the sun shines so brightly outside.


(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -2015)

7. Long Blazers and Loafers or Flat shoes

Long Blazers can be another options for thin-coats during the beginning of winter time. I normally wear long sleeves t-shirt or double my tank-top with cardigan (as use this blazer as 3rd layer) if it’s getting colder. Normally i’ll minimize the usage of coat if it’s not really needed, cause coats are heavy and bulky eventhough it’s pretty and warm.

Loafers and Flat shoes are just so me. I used to hate sneakers, i found it weird whenever i put it on me. Well, maybe because i use flats ever since i was in secondary school, so i found it weird to use sneakers if it’s not for sportswear. haha. When everyone complaint their feet hurts wearing flats, i feel weird in wearing slippers. Another fun-fact about me is i only have 1 slippers now. Haha. Anyway, i find loafers and flat shoes can be casual and formal as well. So, i dont need to bring a lot of shoes when im out of town, unless im going for a wedding party or do some hikings.


(Taipei, Taiwan – 2016)

So, thats all about my travelling style. How about you?

And Ohhh, BTW.. The Black friday of Indonesia, which is called ‘Hari Belanja National or Harbolnas’ is coming up soon! For you who’s still looking on what to wear for your Christmas Holiday Trip. Do check out Harbolnas in Zalora ! A lot of nice clothes to complete your holiday look. I think im gonna stock up all my fashion necessities for my upcoming trip! Haha

Even though im not a fashion blogger. I hope this entry gives you some fashion inspiration on what to wear when you travel. Dont forget to share with me your fashion style when you’re travelling.. Im excited to know! ❤


Hello Readers! Ga nyangka yah, tau2 udah bulan December aja nih. Udah mau akhir tahun lagi, dan tentu-nya, udah mau Christmas! The season to be jolly~~~ hehehe.

Nah, di bulan yang penuh dengan nuansa kasih dan berbagi ini, gw mau ada-in my very first giveaway ni.. hehe.. Mungkin ini akan lebih appealing buat Ladies ya, tapi buat kalian kaum Adam juga boleh ikutan kok, kalo dapet kan bisa di kasih ke siapa-nya gt yg perempuan. hehe.

Nah, Giveaway-nya tuh apa sih?

Pasti beberapa wanita disini sempet denger dong, brand make up baru, asli produk Indonesia yang namanya MIZZU. Kalo belom pernah denger, boleh sist, di check di sini, atau cek di website make up blogger yang lainnya. hehe..

Gw akan memberikan 2 SET of MIZZU, seperti foto di bawah ini.




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Jujur, sebenernya gw dapet ini dari salah satu workshop gitu di Jakarta (yang kebetulan bukan make-up workshop dan entah kenapa hadiah-nya ini. haha). Dikarenakan gw ga begitu suka make-up *Sumpah ga gt suka make-up. Make up itu karena kebutuhan panggung aja kalo gw lagi ngemcee. Kalo pergi2 yang biasa, gw gak akan pake alat2 ini, karena biasa paling cuman pake sunblock, moisturiser, BB cream sama pencil alis, dan eye-liner-an kalo lagi ga pake eyelash extention*

Jadi daripada mubazir, mendingan di limpahkan ke orang lain kann.. Biar alat2 ini bisa berguna sama kaum2 Hawa di luar sana.. hehe..

Lalu, gimana nih cara ikutan Giveaway-nya. Gampang banget..

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  6. Semua pemilik blog (Iya, harus punya blog) dari segala penjuru boleh perpartisipasi – asal berkenan kalo hadiahnya di kirim.nya ke alamat yg ada di Jakarta. hehe.

Sebelumnya, gw mau mengucapkan banyak terima kasih untuk temen2 blogger yang bersedia buat ikutan seru-seruan dalam giveaway gw yg pertama ini yaa.. *peluk virtual satu2. hehehe*

Nah, sambil mikirin jawaban buat 2 pertanyaan diatas, boleh di play lagu ini dari abang Sam Smith sebagai back-ground.. Sumpahh, kenapa enak bener yaa suaranya diaa.. hahaha.. Semoga beruntung yahh teman2.. ❤

Flores : Gili Lawa (VLOG)

I cant stop sharing about Flores. Seems like it was the best destination that i went to this year. Breathtaking views, enjoyable sea-swims, challenging tracks, life-on-board experience, and a bunch of crazy friends as a company. Indeed the most memorable trip of year.

Besides Padar island, one of the best sunset spot in Flores, Gili Lawa also offers a great place to enjoy the setting of the sun. The hike up is not as hard as Padar island, but the track is longer than Padar. We took about 45-50 mins to go up since our stamina was not as fit as the other trekkers. Haha.

Our tour guide, Mas Ovela lead us to less common hill for us to enjoy the sunset. Apparently there’s many spots or many hills to hike in Gili Lawa. You can choose which hill you want to hike, depends on your preference and your skills (of course).

Gili Lawa has different topography *speaking like im an expert. HAHA* than Padar island. Why? Because these hills has a lot of plain / flat areas for us to rest or just sit there and watch the view from above, where in Padar island, i cant barely remember if they have any flat areas during our hike to the top.

Gili Lawa is super recommended if you wanna stay on top of the hill and sip your beer while enjoying the sunset. If you’re lucky like us, you can whale-watching from above as well! Yessss, WHALEEEE.. you read it right! We were so lucky that time, that we can watch 2-3 whales spraying its water out from their blowholes. How awesome is thatt! And we also watched how people on their speedboat were chasing after them to get a closer look of the mighty creature of the sea.

Since we went during the dry season, most of the grass were already turned brownish. The colour just like the savannah in Bromo, Java area. The locals said, the hills will all turn green during the rainy season. Cant decide which on is better, i think i will love both. haha.

Gili Lawa separated two islands and two seas. Gili Lawa itself also consist of Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut. This hill is just so unique, every part of the hill uncovered different views, and you just have to visit this beautiful hill of Indonesia. ❤



Most photos are taken by Salam Ransel.

Update Hidup 9

Yoww mann.. It has been a longg while since i posted my last update about life..

Gw inget beberapa bulan lalu gw masih galau banget soal kepindahan gw ke Jakarta ini, kalau hidup di Jakarta ga enak dan berat, dan gw lebih prefer hidup di Singapore.. Ohh you, my second homee.. Lalu, apakah masalahnya skrng sudah di solved?

Jawabannya adalah Belumm.. Muahahha..

Yes, aku masih merindukan hidupku yang dulu di Singapore, sohib2 gw, teman2 se-iman yang ngangenin.. Bisa keluar malem2 tanpa di telponin bonyok. haha.. Banyak salad enak dimana2 (yess, gw tiba2 aja gt suka salad, padahal dulu nggak), public transport yang lumayan on time dan aman.

Tapi walaupun gw masih suka merengek-rengek dalam hati buat pulang ke Singapore, gw skrng lagi bahagia2nyaa.. Kenapa? Because this past one month has been hectically FUN! Hmmpp.. stelah di pikir2, mungkin gw ga gt betah di indo karena ga sibuk kali ya? haha.. Dan gw orngnya tuh lumayan kyk bola bekel, seksi repot, pengen ngerjain sesuatu gt.. Tapi di karenakan satu dua hal, somehow di indo ruang gerak gw terbatas, yg suka bikin gw bored to death. literally.. *hempas rambut*

Anyway sudah yaa ngeluhnya, klo nggak bisa ga habis2 dan ga belajar2 yg namanya kata GRATEFUL. haha.. Jadii di postingan update hidup yg kali ini, gw mau cerita soal the past one month yg FUN banget menurut gw.. hehe.

Medan Trip

Di mulai dari MEDAN TRIP last month (end of October), yang ikutin blog gw, pasti tau dong yaa, secara 2 postingan terakir gw itu soal VLOG Medan.. hehe..

Ceritanya gw kerja di Medan sekalian jalan2. Kebetulan ada temen / partner MC di singapore yang married disana, jadi asik dehh.. sambil menyelam minum air.. hehe..

Gw sempet deg2an banget dan ga bisa tidur lohh sebelum trip ke Medan ini.. Mikirin gimana nanti ngemcee disana. My first wedding GIG in indo, dan langsung di Medan. Nervousnya tuh karena I had no idea at all soal custom nikahan di medan, system kerja EO disana dan takut ga bisa nyambung sama partner MC yang bakal ngomong full in Chinese. haha..

Lalu, ketika gw lg mikirin hal2 di atas, tiba2 allergi gw muncul dongg bbrp jam sebelum manggung.. Bibir gw bengkak kyk Angelina Jolie, sampe ada yg nanya apa gw pake sesuatu dari product2nya Kylie Jenner yang buat bibir gw jadi kyk di suntik Filler. Ya Kali kannn??? hahaha.. *Gw suspect di bubur hotel yg gw makan ada ebi-nya, jadi allergi gw muncul. =(*

Tapi Puji Tuhan, bibir gw yg bengkak itu akhirnya mengempes, walaupun ga 100%. Ya at least, gw ngomongnya ga berasa aneh dehh.. haha.. Well, soal bibir bengkak sihh secara look gpp, yg ada emang jadi lumayand sexyy.. HAHA. tapi pas ngomong donggg, kyk donald duck deh rasanya.. Sumpah ga enak.. haha..

Dan Puji Tuhan juga semuanya bisa berjalan dngn lancar, walaupun sempet grogi banget di awalnyaa.. Bersyukur semua bs running well walaupun acaranya packed bngt dan ga turun2 dari panggung. Bersyukur bs kerjasama dngn baik sama EO dan partner MC gw. Bersyukur dehh kalo semua bisa berjalan dengan baik.. hehe..

Soal ke Danau Toba – Samosir itu udah ada yahh di VLOG gw.. seru bngt pulau ituu.. Sayangnya kita cuman pergi 2 hari 1 malam, yang menurut gw ga cukup.. Yang ada cape di jalan, karena perjalanan Medan – Toba itu 6-8 jam sendiri. =(..

Di tambah supir bus antar kota yang nyupirnya super dasyat.. Macam bawa ayam hidup aja dehh pokoknyaa, kyk ga mikir kalau yang di bawa adalah jiwa-jiwa. hahahah. Tapi setelah tanya2, ya katanya kebanyakan bus antar kota tuh begitu bawanya, selip sana sini, teriak2 dan ga mau kalah.. Untung ajaa mrk punya skill-nya buat salip2 (walaupun ga aman).. kalau tidakk.. Ya kelarlahh hidup kitaa.. haha..

Singapore Trip 

Setelah dari Medan, gw langsung ambil flight ke Singapore, karena ada kerjaan MC lagi di weekend-nya. Daripada bolak balik buang uang, ya lngsung aja dehh cuss kesana.. Sekali lagi, sambil menyelam minum air.. Sambil ada job dan meeting, sambil catch up deh sama teman2 terchintaa.. hehe

Terus tau ga sih, pas gw sampe Singapore, hampir aja gw ketinggalan Laptop di bandara. Jadi ceritanya gw beli pulsa HP di money changernya UOB, dan kyknya emang udah kecapean, jadi gw melenggang aja gt jalan ke tempat jemputan si bapak Uber. Pas si uncle uber lagi ambil koper gw buat di masukin ke mobil, gw baru ngeh dongg laptop gw ktinggalan. Gw lngsung lari lagi ke dalem, dan balik ke tempat UOB itu.. Puji Tuhan bngt barang gw masih di simpenin sama diaa.. kalau nggak, wahh.. bisa panjang ceritanyaa..

Puji Tuhan juga acara wedding di Singapore berjalan lancar. Walaupun, sempet drama banget karena gw ga di bolehin parents untuk balik ke Jakarta karena Demo 4 November kemarin ini.

Jadi seharusnya gw balik tgl 6 november ke Jkt, dan pergi lagi tgl 7 nya ke sumbawa untuk shooting program sama Trans TV.. Tapi apa daya, karena parents cukup kawatir saat itu (di karenakan demo-nya depan gang rumah dan mulai sedikit anarkis di malam harinya), jadi dengan berat hati harus cancel deh trip ke sumbawanya.. Padahal pengen bngt pergi. T_T

Lalu yang seharusnya cuman 5 hari di Singapore, gw akhirnya jadi stay disana selama 2 minggu. Sedih2 seneng sih sebenernya, sedih karena ga bisa pergi, dan seneng karena ada alasan untuk tinggal lebih lama di singapore. hehe..


Nggak ada yg kebetulan. Ya, at least itu sih yang gw percaya. Pas stay di Singapore ini, pas banget ada tawaran untuk live online interview di NET TV. Jadi langsung cari ide deh buat liputan apa yang menarik. Kalau gw pas lg di tempat lain, mungkin belum tentu jadi untuk live online interview.nyaa.. hehe.. Ini video-nya kalau ada yg berminat nonton. hehe



Yakk, setelah gw berpikir pupus shooting sama pihak Trans. Tiba2 the following weeknya mrk kontek gw lagi.. Dan Puji Tuhan ternyata jadwalnya bisa di re-schedule! Halleluya banget dehh.. Akhirnya dari Singapore, langsung balik Jakarta sehari, dan langsung cuss ke Bali dehh buat shooting..

Kesempatan shooting ini tuh datang dari sebuah kompetisi VLOG. Jadi di suatu hari yang indah, gw hampir aja delete satu email yang ternyata isinya tuh undangan buat ikut competition. Setelah baca dan mikir puluhan kali buat ikut, akhirnya gw memberanikan diri buat submit VLOG gw yang simple (aku agak minder sebenernya, karena klo di bandingin travel vlogger yang lain mah, aku mah apa atuh? Cuman VLOG dengan editan yg super simple dan angle gambar yang belom professional juga)

Singkat cerita, Tuhan ijinin gw buat menang dan dapet kesempatan jadi co-host untuk 1 acara travelling di Trans. Nah, di trip ini ada 2 co-hosts (jadi ada 2 pemenang VLOG di trip ini). Dan ternyata gw pergi sama neng Amanda Pahlawan! hahaha..

Ga pernah kenal dia sebelumnya, tau blog atau youtube nya dia juga nggak. Tapi karena anaknya super supel, jadi langsung nyambung dehh pas ketemuu.. Terus ternyata banyak bngt dong common friends bloggernya, jadi pasti banyak dari kalian yang udah kenal dong sama blogger hits yang satu inii.. hehe..

Thank God banget sekamar sama dia selama 5 hari.. bisa seru2an dan norak2an barengg.. hahaha.. Ini sekilas kenorak-an kita.. haha

Norak bngt kan ya? Ya ampunn.. hahaha.. Maaf yaa teman2, di dunia asli-nya kita ga gini2 amat kok.. hehe.

Puji Tuhan shooting 5 hari juga lancar, dan kita bisa berbaur dengan baik sama crew dan talent lainnya.. Nanti gw coba share yah kalo acaranya udah muncul link-nya di youtube.

Yakk, sekian Update Hidup gw yg kali ini. A super tiring one month, karena harus travel terus, BUT i enjoyed it so much as well. Makasih udah baca this super long ga penting post. hahaha..

Happy Weekend guys ❤


Medan Trip : Part II (VLOG)

Hey guys, sorry for not posting anything this past two weeks.. Life has been hectically fun this past one month.. Yeay.. Thank God! hehe.. Gonna tell you in separate post, hopefully sometime this week. hehe..

Anyway, after almost a month full of ‘running’ here and there. I fell super sick this past 3 days. Gahhh..  =(.. That’s why it adds up another delay for me to write new post. hukss..

As for now, continuing the previous post about my Medan Trip PART I , here’s the part II people. Went to Samosir Cottage to have some lunch and enjoy the pretty view of Toba Lake. Hope you enjoy my humble VLOG.. hehe..

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Medan Trip : Part I (VLOG)

I tried to VLOG the whole Medan Trip that i had last week.. (Walaupun semuanya ga ke record sihh.. hehe.. ) I hope you enjoy it yaa..

Daripada pusing nonton video Demo di Jakarta kemarin, mendingan nonton ini aja, siapa tau pusing dan tense-nya hilang dikit gt abis lihat indahnya Danau Toba. hehe..

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Thank you readers ❤

Hiking Padar Island (VLOG)

Back to Flores! Hopefully you dont get bored with the story from East Indonesia. ^^

As i mentioned before on one of my Flores VLOG, there’s only two major things that you can do in Labuan Bajo area, it’s either Go up to the Hill or Down to the Sea. Yes, i notice that i havent share with you the beauty of the down-under yet. Do Stay tune, i’ll post some beauties from the ‘nemo-world’ aka the open sea after this post. But maybe you have to wait for a while, cause ill be out of town for 3 weeks for my MC job. Gonna try my best to keep posting every week, but if i dont, im sorry. =(.. Hope you still love me~~ hahaha.

Okay, back to business people!

Padar Island.. Goshh.. It’s indeed the most beautiful place in Labuan Bajo! Even though The Hill is as steep as Kelor Island, and much more longer than Kelor, but the view up there is totally worth it!

The up-hike requires 40-45 minutes of your time (if you’re not a hiker like us), if you are a pro, the maybe you can reach the peak in 30 minutes time. Still the same field where the hills are very rocky and sandy, but i feel that this hill is much better than Kelor. At least there are some places where you can put your feet to the ground to stand straight and some rocks to sit when you are tired. Haha.

I was so tired after one full day of Hiking (Kelor Island in the morning, Rinca Island in the afternoon and this Padar island to catch the sunset). When we were half-way to the top, i was thinking to just stop there, since the view is already pretty enough. But luckily Ci Manda, a friend of mine keep cheering me up, reminding me that we are not here to only see the good, but to see the Best! #eaaa.. hahaha.

To see the best! Yes, that was my only motivation to keep on hiking to the top.. But too bad, when we were almost at the top, the sun was almost setting. And since there were too many people up there, we decided to stay in one place that’s almost at the peak to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Took many photos like no one’s business and singing our hearts out about never give up in chasing our dreams. Well, actually i am thankful that we didnt force ourselves to go up, cause i am sure if we did, we would not have our quality time there, just us and the beautiful sunset.

Really, the greatness of God’s creations over Padar island can make you forget all your burdens and problems. Somehow it’s just breath-taking, and you can only see yourself smiling all the way, thanking God that if HE can make such a beautiful places in the middle of ‘messy Indonesia’, i am sure that He will make our life ‘more beautiful’ than this in the middle of our ‘messy lives’.

After enjoying the great sceneries, our tour guides asked us to come down quickly as it about to get dark soon. If you remember on my Rinca Island’s post, some Komodos who ate human are exiled in Padar Island, so we must quickly go down before it gets too dark.

Going down is much harder than going up. It feels like we, especially me, took forever in going down the hill. and it’s getting harder with minimum lights that we have.  Thankfully we reached the ground without lacking anything. Only dirty pants, since we needed to ‘slide-down’ at some areas of the hills. haha.

 ~ The Climb is Tough, But the View From Up There is Worth It ~


*Introducing You Ci Manda, the one who said we are only aiming to see the best. haha*


**edited by VSCO**


Most Photos are taken by Salam Ransel and the girls, all un-edited (except the one with VSCOCAM) *too busy VLOG-ing and too tired until i forgot to take my own pictures*