Airbnb : Dreamwood Bandung

Partnership post

The rain accompanied our trip to Bandung that day. Thankfully the traffic was not that bad despite the downpour. Apparently sitting at the back of the car, watching the raindrops, and listening to some old songs, did bring back my childhood memories. A time where a big family of mine often drive to Bandung to visit our relatives, have a relaxing dip in the hot water at Ciater, shopping at Bandung local boutiques (or outlets – what we normally said) , and having supper at Pondok Bambu or Kuotie Shantung. haha. Ohh. How i wish i can turn back the time where all of us were still in school and less things to worry about.

My recent trip took us about 3,5 hrs to drive from Jakarta to Bandung, including a stop-over to fill up our tank, and to top up our e-money. Still a pretty decent travel time i may say. Bandung was still gloomy when we reached there, and decided to have some batagor for brunch and went to some cute cafe in Dago area to have some coffee (which i will blog it later as well)

During this short trip of ours, we decided to stay one night in Dreamwood, an Airbnb apartement located at Ciumbuleuit area. Normally, i will prefer to stay in a hotel when it comes to Indonesia, since the price different is not that huge, and you can enjoy some of the hotel facilities. But after some thought and discussions with my friends, we decided to try something new. and when we reach there, it ‘WOW’-ed each of us!

The room turns out to be much nicer than what we expected it to be. A mix of industrial design and a little bit of boho chic style, together with all the little details that are nicely placed, made this room feels so cozy and pretty at the same time.

Pretty little space, isn’t it??

I’m always amazed by those designers who can maximise the space and fit everything in. I am amazed that this space is not only clean, but it has everything too (except tooth-brush and tooth-paste. haha). They even have a small kitchen as well where we can cook, complete with the basic ingredients as well.

Not only that, they also provided us with bottled water and snacks, and some comics, novel and guitar! Too thoughtful! Guess those little things do matter to make the tenants stay more comfortably. And if i have to give some input, probably they need to put some small wardrobe to complete the room. Haha.

Last but not least, Thank you so much Mba Dinar for the wonderful stay! ❤


Dreamwood at Galeri Ciumbuleuit Apt 3

Jalan Ciumbuleuit No.42A, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40141


AirBnb // Couchsurfing

I love the idea of Free and Easy Travelling. The timings are more flexible. We are not forced to go to places that we dont want to go. I love the idea of getting lost and end up in somewhere exciting. Get to know where the locals go, do and eat. and of course, we can choose ourselves on the places that we want to stay in.

I always love the idea of staying in a Hotel. it always give a feeling of travelling. More over with Hotel Facilities like wi-fi, breakfast, shuttle bus, security, cleanliness, swimming pool, etc. But sometimes the Hotel price is too sky-rocket and could not match with your budget. Or Maybe sometimes you just want to experience the local-stay in the foreign country that you are going. Or Maybe it’s a group of 4, and you cannot find suitable hotel that can fit 4-5 of you in the same room.

Well, it’s kinda because of that 3 reasons, i booked my first AirBnb service when i went to Japan last year.

AirBnb is Air Bed and Breakfast, where they offer you a place to stay and give you a simple breakfast like bread and jam (not all). This company founded on 2008 by a Harvard graduate and eventually made a firm stand and start to be famous on 2010-2011. I guess now, most of us already know what AirBnb is.

I read about this AirBnb from someone’s travel blog, whom i already forgot because too many blogwalking.. ~.~`

Was very curious that time and immediately google on how this AirBnb work. When i looked on their website, i was so fascinated, and thought that i will try to stay in AirBnb when i have the chance.

The website is so each to navigate, and it is a very good website. They are very detailed. Like from the owner’s biography, nice pictures and lists of amenities and nearby attractions around them. They also have availability calendar, and direct contact to the owners. so i can say that it’s quite hassle free in making the booking.

At first one of my friend asked if it’s safe to stay in other people’s house, because we barely know the language and it was our first time there. He afraid If something happen, it will be very difficult since there’s no security and all. But after i explained that AirBnb is save (in most of the review), and it’s worth the try. Finally everyone was up to try it and decided to book 1 room apartment in Shibuya last year during our trip to Tokyo, Japan.

and this how it looks like.



It’s a very small studio room. When you go in to the room, there’s a small space where you can put your shoes in the shoe rack, and a space to store your umbrellas. and when you come further, its the small kitchen where you can cook. All amenities are hanging and inside the cupboards.

on the Right hand side of the the pictures, is the bathroom and a washing machine. too bad, i forgot to take a picture on that corner.


And finally, it’s the Beds already.. haha.

They have microwave and fridge. On the Left side of the second pictures, they have a rack where they put iron, toaster, water-heater, and hair-dryer.

It’s small room, yet it was very comfortable for 4 of us to stay in.

They provide us TV and portable wi-fi, as well as towels, shampoo and soaps.

The pictures that they put in AirBnb is exactly the same.. so we are quite amazed as well.

and the most amazing thing is how they managed to put all the things inside such a small room, and yet so hommie..

To book your stay in AirBnb is so convenient, you just need to create a profile. a fun profile! Then search for a place that you like, and book your stay!

so easy and convenient. haha.

This is not a paid post.. this is personal review of satisfied customer.

Actually there’s another website if you are really on Budget, which i guess most of you already know it as well.

it is called Couchsurfing . I came to know this website from my friend’s cousin. He came to Singapore about 5 years ago for holiday. i asked him where did he stay? He answered, ‘oh, i couchsurf’. and i was like, ‘What is that? is that a name of a place?’ haha.

He explained that it’s a free stay in some strangers couch. *still confused*

Then he explained again that it’s a website whereby you can stay for free in anyone’s house (read:couch) from all over the world, BUT in return, you need to let them stay for free on your couch as well when they are visiting your country. It’s like an open-house concept, but you cannot stay with your friends because they only have limited space in the house.

well, this one is quite scary for me.. but again, since most of the people are doing it, so i guess it should be safe. haha

The pros is you get to stay for free. but the cons is you need to wait the owner to be back at home if you want to enter the house. So, you wont get any key, and you should be out when the owner is out, and you can only go in again when their home. Which is, pretty much logical i guess for a free stay.. Just that you cannot go back to get some rest if you want to.

Have you stayed in AirBnb or Couchsurfing before? Do Share with me please.. =)



Ohayou Tokyo! Day 1

Emang holiday itu selalu berasa cepet bngt ya.. ga nyangka 9 hari udah berlalu.. dan waktu.nya kembali ke realita kehidupann.. *noooo!!!*

but before im coming back to reality.. let us relive the trip.. hehe..

We went to Tokyo by Delta Airlines 6 o clock in the morning. *it was the same flight that took me to USA for my school trip 4 years agoo.. ahh.. another good old memories*

Thankfully it was a pleasant flight, and get to reach Tokyo by 2.30 in the afternoon. Since we only booked 7 days of JR pass ticket, we bought a limousine bus ticket to get to the apartment where we stayed for 3 nights in Tokyo.

nothing fancy about the limousine bus.. it’s just a normal bus that will drop you to some hotels. since we are staying in an apartment, we took the bus to the nearest hotel from the apartment.

the bus was our very first encounter with Japan public transport. and it really amazed me they are really on time.. when the ticket said that the bus leaving at 3:15pm. it will really leave on the dot.. *pokok.nya pas jem.nya berubah jadi 3:15, lansung tancap gas tanpa nungguin siapapun.. beneran ga lebay.. haha*






this limousine bus service cost us 3100 yen/person, which means around 36 SGD. The bus ride took about 90 minutes from the airport to Excel Hotel Tokyu in shibuya area, the nearest hotel from our apartment.

once we reached there, we immediately walked to our apartment. luckily it’s only 10 minute walk from the hotel. *kan cape juga boo jalan sambil narik2 koper. haha*

finally we reached to our lovely apartment named ‘Feel A Shibuya’. we booked this small room from Airbnb, and we loved it so much. it is near shibuya crossing, small but cozy for 4 of us, provided us with portable wifi and all amenities are ready to use.. feels like our own home for that 3 nights. hehe..



since we reached apartment about 5pm. we quickly go to Ichiran Ramen for dinner because we didn’t want to queue so long.

all bloggers, trip advisors and other social media said that Ichiran Ramen is a must go place when you are in Tokyo / Osaka.. *hits banget deh ceritanya ini tempat.. haha*

from our place to Ichiran, we must across the road via shibuya crossing.



shibuya crossing is just so happening.. *jadi ini kyk perempatan dimana semua orng bisa nyebrang kemana aja dr perempatan itu. gw ga ngerti deh cara atur traffic.nya gimana.. hahaha.. ohh. btw. di jepang gelap.nya cepet bngt.. kyk jem 6 gt udah gelap bngt*

Ichiran Ramen is just across Tsutaya mall.. it’s one line with 109 Men’s.




it was only around 6pm, and there was a queue already. luckily it only took us 10-15 waiting time..

since Japan is well know as a vending machine country, this ichiran ramen also require us to order via vending machine.




so you just insert your notes and coins, and just press whatever that you want to order. after that, the machines will print out 1 small notes that you must show to the waitress later on. after showing the small notes, they will ask you to circle the preference.. like the noodle thickness, how strong the soup that you want, spiciness, etc.


if you see the red and green light behind my order paper.. it’s the seating arrangement. they only have 2o seats in total. *dan ga ada bangku yg hadap2an donkk. haha.. gw lebih suka makan yg hadapa2an gt.. kyknya lebih enak aja drpd makan sebelah2an kyk gini.. selain bisa ngobrol, bisa icip2 jugaa.. klo kyk gini kan ga bisa yaa.. haha*



ohh. one funny thing.. we could not see the waitress face here, if you need anything, you just need to press the small button in the middle. and they will come to you. *agak anehh yah rasa.nya klo ngomong ga liat wajah.nyaa*


they provide us with glass and cold tap water. so practical yaa.. haha.. we dont need to keep asking if we want to refill.

and finally.. the moment we have been waiting for!!



ohh.. how i love this so so muchh.. *semua ramen enak di singapore lewatt.. ippudo.. santouka.. semua lewatt.. hahaha*

im not a fan of thin noodle.. but this one is really different. its thin but chewy, the soup was perfectly made.. strong but not make you sick of it. and the porkk.. hmmpp.. it’s just so yummyy and tender. all are just perfect in a bowl.. *faint!*

after we had our glorious ramen.. we just stroll around in shibuya and went back to our apartment, we were just so tired because none of us had proper sleep and we need to wake up early for the next day, because Disneysea is waiting for us! hehehe.





Goodnite from the glasses ‘family’ and Hachiko! ❤ ❤

Japan Trip

Very excited for the Japan Trip!

me, my brother and 2 of our friends will be going to Japan on 28th September.. *yes, yes, exactly 1 more month to go* woohoo..

actually i never think that Japan will be my next travel destination. since Japan is not that appealing to me, except the Ramen. haha

but since my brother wants to go there so bad for his graduation trip. as a good sister *hoekk*, i decided to accompany him to go. hahaha. then we start to find travel mates for this trip.

after finding our travelmates, it’s research time!

gosh.. suddenly i got huge desire to go to Japan after a few days of research. haha..  not sure if Japan is that good, or it’s just because i need to go for holiday badly. hahaha *mungkin panggilan si ichiran ramen yg merayu2 aku untuk pergi, since it looks very good. haha*

i heard from 2 friends that JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) is quite good for their flight and hotels package.

so, i came there 1 month ago to compare the price.

going to Japan with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1500, which is quite cheap, since ANA itself cost us about SGD 950. so, top up about SGD 550 more and you got quite good accomodation.

i went back and tell them that they offer us a good deal. but we must confirm within 2 days, because left a few seats with ANA. and suddenly 1 of our friend told us that she cannot go on our said date and time, because her colleague already took the leave.. *kalah cepet* hahaha.

so we re-arrange the date and ask JTB again for our desired date (which is only 1 day different). and you know what, they quoted us much much more expensive.. =(

same arrangement with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1800. hey, 300 dollars different is quite huge, right?

then we ask the sales girl why they have huge different. then the girl said, SGD 1500 is too cheap. i think my colleague quote you wrongly. gahhh..

since we dont know who is correct or wrong, then we decided to book everything ourself. haha.

after 2 weeks of comparing price, finally we booked following flight and accommodations :

– Delta Airlines : SGD 684.20

Tokyo AirBnb (Shibuya) for 3 nights : SGD 207.25

Hotel Vista Grande Osaka for 2 nights : SGD 194.85

Hotel Almont Kyoto for 1 night : SGD 92

Hotel Tokyo Dome for 2 nights : SGD 247

JR pass : SGD 347 *this is freaking expensive for 7 days train pass, but what to do, they said if we buy individually

– Tokyo Disneysea (1 day pass) : SGD 78

– Universal Studio Japan (1 day pass) : SGD 90

Visa Japan : SGD 39

so, Total per person is SGD 1979.3 / person, which is much more cheaper than buying the package in JTB. some more the SGD 1800 that they offer is a package for 3* hotel and not including the JR pass and the amusement park tickets. =(

actually we can go cheaper for the accomodations, but some airbnb apartment that we like is already full or have minimum nights for booking. so, we just go ahead with the hotels.

after all the booking, it’s time to make itinerary.. *yeay.. hehehe.

we already have some rough itinerary, but still not fixed yet.

if you have any great place to go in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Please let me know ?

Thank you before.. =)