Istanbul : Turkey Kebab

I think most people knows that Turkey is famous for its Kebab..

we were in Turkey for 6 days.. 

and we ate Kebab for almost everyday.. haha

*im not sure if we ate that everyday because we are simply in Turkey and it is famous for its Kebab or we did not know any other food there except the Kebab* hahaha.  

so, before i tour you to all the Kebab’s restaurant..

for those of you who does not know what Kebab is..

It is like pieces of grilled meat..either they make it to small skewers.. or they just slice it directly from their big skewers. hahaha.. do i make any sense here? hahahaha..


Well.. i think it’s better to proceed to the pictures directly. haha.. 

Our first restaurant in Istanbul – SultanAhmed Koftecisi 

i think it’s like Singapore’s kopitiam or coffee shop. haha..

this restaurant located nearby the Basilica Cistern.. 

 they always have bread for appetizers.

 Corba = Soup *i think its lentils soup* haha

the taste was okay. i think it’s just me who dont like lentils. haha..

*rasanya sedikit kayak kacang ijo indonesia tapi ga se enak kacang ijo. hahahaha*


i dont know why they call it meatball. since meatball is always round, doesnt it? hehe..

if im not wrong this meat ball is beef meat

and the Shish Kebab down there is made from lamb meat..

owhh. and let me introduce ‘AYRAN’ to youu..

so almost everyone in that koftecisi ordered ayran as their drink..

we were very curious why?

so we decided to ask the waiter what is it..

the waiter said it’s something like milk.. so we decided to try out one.

we thought it’s something like soy bean milk.

but we were wrong. hahaha..

it’s YOGURT !

after tasting it we were like.. 

ermm.. how a person can eat kebab with drinking yogurt drink? wouldnt it taste funny in your mouth? 

but we figured out that it’s for your health purpose..

kebab is very ‘heaty’ like lamb meat for example..

so. they drink ayran to ‘cool’ it down.. 

well.. thats what we know. please tell us if it’s not true.. haha.. 


Second restaurant – Hamdi Restaurant

located nearby Galata Bridge.. 

okay.. so this restaurant served the kebab on skewers.. 

the place is more high class than the koftecisi..

as for the food.. the kebab taste is richer than koftecisi. 

and for the rice.. it’s like garlic fried rice. 

this restaurant cost double than koftecisi. 

well. i think its true that ‘price never lie’. haha. 


so sad that we could not get the tables by the window..

i bet it’s a nice view of Galata bridge and the sunset. hehe.. 


Third Restaurant – some random restaurant along Grand Bazaar

 Chicken Kebab with Yogurt – the turkish name is et iskandar

i thought it was weird eating the chicken with yogurt..

and guess what??

it is weird..! ahahahha..

well.. the yogurt is nice.. but i think they just dont go along well.. 

we ended up eating the chicken and the yogurt separately.. hehe.. 


stay tune for more kebabs post..

because after Istanbul, we are going to Cappadocia.. hehe.  

so, wait for Cappadocia’s food post. haha..


**to be honest.. all the kebabs are nice..

eventho some are too dry sometimes that makes you very thirsty after eating..  

but i cant take kebabs everyday.. *eneggg broooo.. hahaha* 

luckily i brought instant noodle there..

Pop-Mie (indonesian instant noodle) to the rescue.. !!

cant imagine if i did not bring it there.. hahaha..



Instant noodle lover and someone who now, had enuf of Kebab. hahaha.