Bali : Milu by Nook

Lush green, sun rays, light breeze, a perfect place to rejuvenate your mind and put your mind to ease. The ever-expanding Nook has chose one good place to open up their new sister Restaurant, Milu, on Jalan Pantai Berawa.

Was staying over at my friend’s villa at Canggu, and she asked us for brunch at this lovely place. and, The place does not disappoint at all. Milu by Nook has their famous ‘Nasi Campur’ that you have to try as well. Their Nasi Campur comes in full set, but if you want, you can choose your favorite dishes on your plate too, and they charge you accordingly.

i wasnt in a mood to eat a lot, so i ordered a hearty bowl of Yoghurt and fruits. But the yoghurt wasnt cold enough for me, and tasted a bit blehh. =( But their Nasi Campur and Nasi Goreng is not bad at all. worth the try!

As for me, I love their modern-style interior yet rustic feeling. love the thatch (hay roof) and all the wooden furnitures. Made me want to read some books and sip ice chocolate while looking out to the padi field.


Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 90 XO, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali

Open Daily : 8AM – 11PM




Luxury Getaway : Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort (VLOG)

Ive been staying in so many hotels, but never before i got an excellent service like this.

Thanks to Atlas Pearl x Maria Rahajeng who gave out this giveaway!

I still remember how happy i was, when the Associate Director of Marketing Communications of Sheraton Bali called me for the winner confirmation.

The call was on end of February 2017 (if im not mistaken), and they were very  kind to let me choose my own date of arrival. Which just happened 4 months after that. During that 4 months, Sheraton team occasionally will ask me if the date is really fixed and asked if ive done my packing to go to Bali around 1 week before i flew. Feels so legit. Haha.

Finally the day has come, they flew me and my brother with Garuda Indonesia, and picked us up with super comfortable car, lovely driver, and great in-car service (if you have such a word) hahaha..


After we reached, we are greeted with a warm smile by two Balinese girls as the security opened up our car. Then, The Balinese girls put flowers behind our right ears, while the bellboy helped us with our luggages, and then up we go to the check -in counter.

Once we were at the check in counter, another super friendly lady greeted us and offered us their welcome drink. Not long after that the whole team came to see me.

The Associate Director of MarComm (Ms. Bee) and Team, with their GM (Mr. Dario) came to greet us and congratulate me. And finally they escorted me to our lovely suite room that overlooking Kuta Beach!


I love their Bathroom sooo veryy much! trully #bathroomgoal for me! haha

After the lovely room, we got a super breakfast with champagne as our drink for the next 3 days. Goshh, this is a lot! *literally* haha

We are served :

one lot of cheese and ham platters, one plate of croissants and other breads, that comes with madacamia butter, normal butter and so many kind of jams, like marmalade, honey, chocolate and peanut butter.

vast selection of juices, tea and coffee, yoghurt with muesli and dried fruits (my fave),

exotic selection of eggs, like truffle, foie gras, caviar and other things (that i cant remember already. haha.. must check out my VLOG), and foie gras with duck terrine,

and of coursee.. chilled sweet champagne as one of our drink..

Goshh.. me and my brother love everything here, but definitely cant finished theseee lots! Guess it’s a portion for 4. haha.. Oh well, maybe this is a portion of 2 for some people.


Took that shoots on our first day of breakfast (from Bene – Italian Kitchen), and asked the crew to bring in to our hotel room for the second and third day, just because we are too lazy to walk down to the restaurant. haha.. *Yeahh, the distance was quite a walk from our room to the restaurant. haha*

and we did not regret itt.. causee we also got thiss view from our room!

More laid back kind of breakfast, whereby we dont need to be well-presented and watched some TV programs with our PJs. haha.. AHHH.. miss this kind of breakfast, even though im not a ‘breakfast person’. haha..

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thank you once again SHERATON BALI KUTA RESORT! Thank you for all the love an hospitality, and Mr Dario and team who never failed to send us plate full of chocolates during our stays.. Much love for everyone of you.. and Hope to stay there again on my next trip! <3<3 ❤

and below is my VLOG, in case you have not seen it.. hehe

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361


HELLOOO again everyone!

I just came back from Bali. Super blessed to have a 4 days 3 nights sponsored trip by ATLAS PEARLS and SHERATON KUTA BALI RESORT.

Well, actually this is a giveaway gift that i got from Maria Rahajeng’s (Miss Indonesia 2014 and Brand Ambassador of Atlas Pearls). I still remember that i saw Maria Rahajeng’s instastory. At that time, she mentioned that this is the last day to sign up for the giveaway. I was like, ‘What Giveaway?’. Haha.

Cut the story short. I read her post on the giveaway and signed myself up. And since im quite a ‘Dory’ sometimes. I soon forget about it.

Later at February 2017, i got an email, saying that i won a trip 4days 3 nights to Bali. I read the email and everything, and though that, ‘Woww. this scam looks legit’. HAHA. and then, i ignored it again.

Until i saw Maria Rahajeng’s tagged me 2 posts on Instagram and her Instastory, then i am reminded that i took part in her giveaway! hahahaa. OMG jenddd!!

I was and still so happy about it. Feels so lucky and blessed to have such a lovely trip. Thankfully, i can decide whenever i want to leave for the trip. So, i can use it last week, for my secondary school friend’s wedding in Bali.

Apart from staying in a luxury Sheraton Kuta Bali for 4days 3 nights, i got an exquisite pearl diamond necklace from ATLAS Pearl! *wohhooo*

Never thought that Indonesia has great seas and places like Bali, Labuan Bajo to Raja Ampat to farm oysters that can produce wonderful SouthSea pearls. We really should appreciate and take care of Indonesia even more!


*With Mba Marsha, the marketing manager of Atlas Bali. and posing with Atlas Pearl’s Bali Team*

IMG_3047IMG_3048IMG_3049IMG_2970*Ta-Daaa!! my Diamond Heart and SouthSea Pearl Necklace. Loving it’s simple yet elegant piece of ATLAS pearls*

If you girls are a pearl lover, you can let me know! ❤

And ohhh, after so long. Finally, i Vloggeddd again! Yeayy! Hope you enjoy it!



Jl. Raya Seminyak No.73, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) 732769


I am really in a need of Holiday. This past few weeks has been rough for me. But I’m pressing on.. Knowing that it is not the end of the line, and knowing that i have a great God who is just Risen, who healed my scars and gives hope of the future! oohh, by the way, Happy Passover for my Christian and Catholic friends. ❤

Since i cant go anywhere for now, i just browse through my picture folders to ease my craving for holiday. When i browse around, i found that i have not share about this one great hotel in Bali.

Tijili Hotel 

We spent another night in Bali after spending our 5 days of Flores trip. Last year, we still need to made flight transit to Bali before going to and from Labuan Bajo. Whereas now, there’s a new flight schedule from Garuda Indonesia that goes directly to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta (even though the price is still not as friendly as other airlines and not many direct flights yet)

A friend of mine, Amanda, found this while we searched on our Bali accommodation. and i felt so blessed to sleep in this uniquely beautiful hotel. Moreover, after one night stay at traditional village on a mountain, with three nights live on board. This hotel is just so perfect for us, like finally we are back to the civilisation. Haha.. Well, dont get me wrong, Flores trip was super awesome, but getting a proper rest after the adventure is equally important for me too. =)

Located at the trendiest neighbourhood of Bali,  Seminyak, a nice location where many local boutiques shops, restaurants, and nightlife entertainment, and 20 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport. And as i remember, this 4 star hotel is still affordable too. Not as pricy as other hotels.

This cozy hotel is quite spacious to share among three guests, luxurious standard of bedding (even for the extra bed), clean room, cold aircon, fast wifi. and a very unique design of everything in it.  I just love all the creative interior details.

“Tijili” refers to a Balinese traditional motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

*and gossip said that Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil contributes his ideas to made this artistic hotel too!



PS: This post is not an endorsed post.

Tijili Hotel

Jl. Drupadi No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Hindari Makanan Ini Kalau Mau Naik Pesawat

*Masih edisi bahasa Indonesia karena bulan Agustus*

Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. Kayaknya makanan yang satu ini (pasti) selalu ada di list kebanyakan orang Indonesia kalau lagi jalan-jalan ke Bali. Apalagi bagi traveller atau tourist yg cinta pedas, Wahh.. depot makanan ini pasti ga boleh terlewatkan deh!

Tapi, selain Nasi Pedes ibu Andika, ada satu nasi pedes lagi yang ga kalah enak! Malah dia lebih di tunggu2 orang, karena bukanya hanya jem 6-9pm aja. Gw udah mau cobain ini dari 2 tahun lalu, tapi belum pernah kesampean, udah 2x kesana dan selalu kehabisan. =( Dan akhirnya rasa penasaran lidah gw ini pun terjawab di awal bulan kemarin. *hooray*

Perjalanan beli nasi pedes ini sebenernya lumayan deg2-an juga.. Karena Pesawat balik dari Denpasar ke Jakarta 7.20pm, sedangkan depot ini pun baru buka jam 6pm. Tapi saking pengennya, kita bela2in bngt buat drop by sebentar untuk beli.

Penasaran nama nasi pedes-nya apa? Namanya adalah Nasi Pedas Bu Hanif. Kita sampai lokasi jam 5:52pm. Dan ternyata mereka belum buka! *gubrak moment* Mereka masih set up tenda, dorong gerobak, dan sayur2 pun fresh baru datang di hantar pake mobil pribadi mereka.


Kami pun mendesak mas-mas yg bertugas berjualan disana, karena kami punya pesawat jem 7.20pm.. Di tambah lagi, kami adalah orang ke-3 yg antri. Kan enak juga nyelak walaupun kita udah lumayand mepet. *biasa, anak soleh yang tau tata krama. hahaha*

Mas-nya dengan santai bilang. ‘Tenang neng, 5 menit lagi buka, airport juga deket kok’. Kita sih takut macet bngt di daerah Kuta sana. Tapi Puji Tuhan, mas2 yg tugas disana sigap kerjanya, dan pas buka jam 6 sore. Setelah kurang lebih 10 menit, akhirnya kita bisa memboyong 7 bungkus nasi pedas dengan isi nasi, usus goreng, ayam suwir, kacang panjang, mie goreng, abon dan cabaiiii seharga RP 17,000 ribu saja per bungkus.nya.. Cukup murah jauh di banding Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika.


*Sebelum Makan*

Setelah ngebut ke airport dan balikin mobil, akhirnya kita sukses ngemper di dalam boarding room untuk menyantap Nasi Pedas ini.. Dan apa yang terjadi??

Tiba2 dari yg ramai pun, semua orang jadi diam, muka mulai merah, mat amulai berair, hidung mulai berair juga.. dan tiba2 Lidah semua orang terbakar, dan perut semua orang panasss gara2 satu bungkus makanan inii.. Kita semua pun akhirnya membeli mineral water di airport yg harganya lebih mahal dari harga nasi bungkus kita ini.. Rp20,000 aja per botolnyaa.. haha..

Tidak lama kemudian, kita pun harus boarding, dan kita adalah 7 orang terakir (yang mungkin hampir di tinggal) gara2 beberapa dari kita mules2 di toilet airport dan beberapa yg perutnya panas pun beli susu untuk meredakan gejolak di dalam lambung. Puji Tuhan gw cuman kepedasan dan ga terjadi apa2 sama gw.. Cuman perutnya agak panas aja dikit.. Tapi temen2 yg lain lngsung bolak balik toilet setelah lambang sabuk pengaman di matikan setelah lepas landas.

Jadi karena kejadian ini pun menginspirasi gw untuk menulis blog-entry ini. haha.. *lama yah intro-nya. hahaha*

Perlu di akui, seenak-enaknya pesawat yang kita tumpangi, pasti ga enak kalau harus duduk terlalu lama, apalagi kalau sakit perut dan menganggu orang di sebelah-sebelah kita untuk keluar masuk + harus nunggu untuk antri toilet.nya juga.

Hal-hal yang harus di hindari saat kamu mau naik pesawat: 

  • Makanan Pedas
    • Yah, seperti cerita di atas. Sebenarnya sih ga usah naik pesawat pun, makanan ini harus di hindari ya untuk kita yang mau travelling via darat/laut/udara, karena lambung kita yang ter-iritasi akan menimbulkan rasa mulas. Untuk mencegah bolak-balik ke toilet, lebih baik hindari makanan pedas.
  • Minuman Bersoda 
    • Sebenarnya kalau minum kebanyakan pasti ada efek bloated nya juga sih, namanya juga minuman bersoda. Tapi katanya, ketika kita terbang di atas 35.000 kaki, pencernaan kita bekerja lebih keras dan membuat perut kita lebih kembung atau istilah kerennya adalah jet-bloat 
  • Sayur-sayuran / Kacang-kacangan / Permen 
    • Masih berhubungan dengan Jet-Bloat, ternyata bukan hanya minuman bersoda saja, jadi beberapa sayuran seperti brocolli dan kol juga bisa menimbulkan kembung. Karena tekanan cabin naik hingga 30%, jadi udara yg masuk ke dalam tubuh lebih banyak, dan jenis sayur-sayuran ini memproduce gas juga, yang akan membuat gas berlebih di lambung. Kalau untuk kacang-kacangan dan permen, basically mereka mempunyai kandungan gula kompleks yang susah di cerna oleh badan. Jadi akan membuat perut sedikit kembung juga kalau kamu suka konsumsi ini,
  • Fast Food
    • Masih berhubungan dengan penceranaan yang bekerja kurang baik di atas ketinggan 35,000 kaki. Jadi katanya, kalau di darat saja makanan fast food ini susah di cerna, apalagi di udara. Dan karena fast food mempunyai banyak lemak jenuh (lemak jahat), mungkin saja bisa menyebabkan sakit perut juga .
  • Bawang Putih
    • Yang ini sih ga aneh ya. Kalau makan kebanyakan bawang juga bau.. hehe.. Tapi kalau kamu lagi di pesawat, udaranya kan berputar disana-sana aja, jadi mungkin lebih tercium kalau kamu lagi ngobrol sama temen2 sebelah kamu.. Kan kalau sebelah kamu cantik/ganteng jadi maluu kalau mulutnya bau bawang.. hehehe.. Eh, tapi katanya Bawang ini juga punya kandungan sulphur yang bisa di serap oleh darah dan paru2 kita, jadi katanya ketika kita bernafas pun, bisa menyebakan bau juga lohh..

List di atas adalah gabungan dr apa yg aku baca2 di internet. Sebenernya sih rasanya gpp yaa asal kamu ga makan berlebihan. Seperti kacang-kacangan misalnya, kalau memang iya dia buat perut kita kembung, ga mungkin kan banyak maskapai penerbangan memberikan kita kacang untuk snack. hehe.

Jadi kamu pernah ga salah makan yang menimbulkan ketidak-sejahteraan di dalam pesawat? Cerita juga dongg.. hehe..

Nasi Pedas Bu Hanif

Jl. Raya Kuta (di ujung jalan, depan pasar Kuta), Bali


Bali Adventure : Munduk Wilderness (VLOG)

Halo Readers.. Kali ini, gw akan tulis cerita travelling gw dengan bahasa Indonesia. Kenapa? Karena ini adalah bulan Agustus, bulan kemerdekaan kita, dan karena tempat yang gw kunjungi berikut ini adalah salah satu tempat yg kece di Bali-Indonesia, tapi malah jarang di kunjungi sama orang Indonesia.nya sendiri.

Mari kita mulai dengan kemana gw pergi minggu lalu.

Munduk Wilderness

Sebuah operator adventure yang terletak di desa Munduk. Desa Munduk ini berada di Bali bagian tengah, kalau kalian pergi ke desa Munduk dari arah Kuta / Seminyak di butuhkan sekitar 1,5-2 jam travelling time untuk sampai ke desa ini.

Jadi apa sih yg desa ini tawarkan? Well, kalau kamu pencinta ngopi2 cantik sih gak akan nemu yang begituan yahh disini.. tapii kalo kamu suka dengan pemandangan cantik dan aktivitas yang sedikit berbeda dari biasanya.. Tempat ini adalah tempat yang tepat untuk di kunjungi!

Penasaran kayak apa? Langsung liat aja yukk VLOG dari gw dan temen2..


Buggy Ride

Munduk wildnerness ini menawarkan berbagai jenis adventure yang bisa di lakukan di desa Munduk. salah satunya adalah Buggy Ride *sorry yaa kalo gw selalu mention ATV di VLOG gw, karena kita semua baru tau itu namanya buggy at the end of the trip. doeng bngt ga siihh.. hahaha..*

Jadi Buggy ini beda dengan ATV.. kalo ATV itu kayak motor bentuknya, dan kalo buggy itu kayak mobil (dengan kapasitas seperti mesin motor 250cc), kesamaan dari kedua alat ini adalah mereka cuman bisa maju jalannya dan ga bisa di reverse atau mundur.. haha.

Dulu gw pernah naik ATV di Cappadocia , itu pengalaman yg asik bngt dan tak terlupakan. Medannya pun ga sampe susah gimana. Nahh, pas naik si buggy ini, it’s a whole different experience. Pertama2 gampang, lalu makin lama makin susah, dari aspal sampai ke tanjakan bebatuan. Buggy yang gw setir pun beberapa kali stuck di bebatuan besar. Kalau-pun dia nggak stuck, buggy itu bisa miring 45 derajat atau lebih sewaktu kita off-road. Duhh.. rasanya itu buggy udah mau terbalik terus dehh.. haha.

Gw sama temen cewek gw, udah teriak2 dan sedikit panik aja setiap kali buggy itu miring.. haha.. Deg-deg-an tapi fun gt.. Tapi untung bngt ada dua orang mas2-nya yang bantuin kita kalau buggy kita stuck, kalau nggak sihh, bisa nyerah deh kyknya di tengah perjalanan. haha. Maaf yaa di video ga ada clip dimana kita stuck, karena udah keburu panik pas stuck.. hehe..

Ohh, Btw ada satu kejadian mujizat juga nih pas buggy-nya stuck.. Karena buggy gw nabrak batu gede, buggy gw pun harus di angkat dan di geser sama kedua mas2 team leader kita.. Nah, pas gw lagi nungguin semua buggy untuk lewat di pinggir cliff, gw hampir ketabrak buggy temen gw sendirii cuyy.. haishh.. *Yes, jangan tanya gw kenapa berdiri di cliff, gw pun ga tau kenapa gw memilih untuk berdiri disana*

Untung bngt Tuhan masih mau gw hidup.. itu buggy dengan kecepatan tinggi menikung ke arah gw, dan yg gw lakukan hanyalah teriakk dan reflek menahan ban mobil dari buggy itu yang pas bngt ngerem di waktu yg tepat.. *fiuhhh.. Untung itu rem nya masih pakem jugaa..* Kalo nggak, gw pasti udah jatuh cuyy ke jurang, karena gw pun udah ga bisa step back ke blakang satu langkah pun.. ~.~”


Danau Tamblingan 

Setelah kita mengendarai buggy selama kurang lebih 20 menit, kita pun di ajak untuk Canoe-ing di Danau Tamblingan. Jadi ceritanya ada beberapa spot yang kita bisa kunjungi dengan buggy ini, and our first spot is Tamblingan Lake.

Danau yang di kelilingi hutan ini berhawa sejuk, sangatlah tenang dan airnya pun terlihat bersih dan menyegarkan. Tapi karena Danau Tamblingan ini mempunyai kedalaman sedalam 90 meter, jadi tidak di sarankan untuk berenang di danau ini. Dan mitos mengatakan bahwa di jaman dahulu kala, desa munduk di serang wabah penyakit epidemi, dan masyarakat disana harus turun ke danau ini untuk mengambil air yang di percayai bisa menyembukan penyakit pandemic tersebut.



Setelah kita Canoe-ing, kita langsung heading our way to the hills. Dimana trail buggy ini menjadi semakin susah untuk di lalui. Setelah stuck beberapa kali seperti cerita yang di atas, akhirnya kita pun istirahat sejenak di pinggir hutan untuk menyantap makan siang yg sudah di pack oleh Mas Putu dan temannya(para team leader kita).

I have to admit, this is the most memorable lunch ever. Kapan lagi makan burger di pinggir hutan, di atas mobil buggy. Lalu udaranya pun sejuk, bisa mendengar kicauan burung dan bbrp suara binatang lainnya yg datang dr hutan, lalu menikmati indahnya alam Indonesia.. hehe..


Setelah lunch, kita pun pergi trekking ke hutan di sebelah tempat parkir buggy kita ini. Hutannya masih bersihhh, ga ada sampah, dan trailnya pun masih belum keliatan banget. Jadi kalo ga ada si Mas Putu ini, di jamin kesasar dehh di hutannyaa.. haha..


Coffee Plantation 

Coffee Plantation ini adalah destinasi terakir kita, dimana kita bisa melihat biji kopi, perkebunannya yang seluas 5 hektar, dan minum kopi robusta yg fresh yang katanya baru di tumbukk..

Mereka pun punya kopi luwak juga, katanya luwak itu hanya makan biji kopi yg merah aja loh.. Nah, kalo warna yg hitam itu katanya sudah matang biji kopinya.. dan ternyata butuh waktu 2 bulan untuk menjemur biji kopi sebelum di proses lebih lanjut.. *geleng2*, pantesan aja yahh kopi itu ga murah harganya.. haha..


Sekian dari kitaa.. semoga kalian suka VLOG.nya.. kalau kalian pengen coba aktivitas yang menyenangkang ini, bisa langsung cuss ke website ini.. hehe.. *Ini bukan endorse loh btw, cuman gw suka aja sesekali melakukan aktivitas outdoor yg seru kayak ginii.. hehe.

Fun fact : gw dan teman2 adalah group orang Indonesia ke 4 di tahun ini! wow bngt ga sihh..?? kayaknya orang2 indo yang di Bali cuman ngafe2 cantik aja nihh di seminyak.. hahaha.. Jadi kata mereka semua pengunjung mereka adalah foreigners, dan kebanyakan dari Eropa. Ohh, btw harga yang di cantumkan di website itu harga untuk foreigner.. Jadi email mereka langsung aja untuk harga local.nya.. hehe..

See you on next adventure yaa.. =))


at Munduk Wilderness basecamp

Exploring Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan

For those of you who think that Bali is over-rated and got enough of Bali’s traffic and crowd, you must try to explore Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This two small beautiful islands located on the southeast coast, approximately about 15km of the main island of Bali. IMG_4027nusa lembongan

What we did in Nusa Lembongan 

Snorkeling and Diving

It’s a small island surrounded by the vast sea. That’s why Snorkelling and Diving is the most popular activities in this island. Where you can get to see the clear water with beautiful corals, huge varieties of cute tropical fishes and manta rays (if you dive). They have a snorkeling and diving package to choose from. as for me and my friends, we chose to snorkel to 3 spots : Crystal Bay, Mangrove and Gamat Bay.

For 3 snorkelling spots, they charged us Rp 150,000 / person, inclusive boat price and snorkeling equipment (like mask and fins)



As for me, the best spot to see the fishes is in Crystal Bay, the place is not to shallow, so you can see everything nicely from above. Mangrove offered the best spot and the prettiest for its corals reefs, but the place is too shallow for us to snorkel until some of my friends had some scratches on their legs. As for Gamat Bay, the current was too strong until we cant snorkel.. =( Well, we can snorkel, but it was tiring because you must keep swimming back against the current.

One of our friend got carried away pretty far by the current in this 3rd spot. He was out of breath cause he tried to swim back to our boat. He was panicked and thought that he would drown that time. Luckily there was a boat nearby to throw him a float. Finally, we must stop the snorkelling session, cause he was screaming for help and we asked the boatman to quickly go to his spot to rescue him.


**too bad my friend’s xiaomi camera wasnt capturing many photos that time, but it recorded video instead, and the video wasnt so nice as well, cause we thought it captured pictures. =( **

Devil’s Tear 

It’s the must see natural attraction in Nusa Lembongan. it’s located inside the Dream Beach. it should be a daunting showcase of huge waves crashing the cliff, but too bad the tide wasnt high enough that time, so we could not get the fantastic view that most people talking about. But nonetheless, it was still a pretty view down there. =)


devils tear 2 devils tear


Dinner at Sandy Bay Beach Club

The must visit restaurant in Nusa Lembongan. we went here for Dinner. Best if you do reservation, more over if you are coming in a big group like us. Some of the waitress have attitude problem, but the manager was very nice to us. The place is amazing, it has the rustic feeling, and so comfortable for hangout and drink beers. The food is nice, but it took quite long for them to serve.


Biking to Nusa Ceningan 

The motorcycling itself is considered the highlight of the day for us. It was 9 of us, so we must rent 5 bikes and convoy through the islands. 2 of my friends never ride a motorbike before, They said they can cycle well, so riding a motorbike shouldnt be that different. And so, they tried and luckily they succeed to get the girls a ride. Bravoo!

The route to Nusa Ceningan was very challenging. It took about 20-30 minutes from Nusa Lembongan. So many uphills and downhills, and road were very rocky and uneven. Some more, the bridge to Nusa Ceningan is very narrow and made from wood bars. So when we went through the bridge, we can hear the rippling sound. It was so scary, i imagined what if suddenly the wood bars fell off and the motorbike fell down into the river. haha..


**picture taken from**


** Let me introduce you my friend, Dewi. The only girl who can ride a motorbike amongst us.. isnt she cool or what? **

What to do in Ceningan 

Blue Lagoon

A natural beauty that you must see! the un-ending waves that breaks to the cliff makes the sunset time more dramatic. it seems like your problems tossed away in the ocean and withered with the wind. Such a great place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. one of my friend said, it felt like in New Zealand. haha.

IMG_3975 IMG_4046

blue lagoonIMG_4001 IMG_4005 IMG_4006

**this sunset really enchants me**

They used to have cliff jumping from this area. but the local said the tide is getting more and more unpredictable, so they decided to close the cliff jumping activities for now. For adrenaline seekers, it might be the best experience that you could have. you can try to find out whether they have re-open.

Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan are on the rise now, many tourist aim to go here for relaxation. All the snacks and food are a little pricy. But compared to Bali, this place is quieter and seems less touristy, eventho mostly are tourist.. haha.. Overall, i had a good time in this island, and looking forward to come back next time to dive here with the Manta Rays *hopefully i can go for diving lessons soon, so i can dive there. hahaha*

How to get There

You must take speedboat from Sanur Beach, Bali to Nusa Lembongan. The journey takes about 45 minutes to get to Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan. You can buy the tickets at Sanur Beach. They have many boat operators over there that ranges from Rp. 60,000 – Rp 100,000 / one way.

I cant remember what operator that we were using, but we had it for Rp 140.000 for 2 ways. The speedboat can fit about 30-40 people. so we must share it with other people.

If you only want to go to Nusa Ceningan, you still have to go through Nusa Lembongan first, as they dont have direct boat to Nusa Ceningan. From Lembongan, you can rent a motorbike for about Rp 75,000 (half-day) and Rp 150,000 (full day). There’s no car in this two islands. Their main transportation is motorbike. if you cant ride a motorbike, you can rent the motorbike with the biker, but the price is much higher.

Until Next Time Beautiful Islands.. Closing this entry with our ‘remaja kekinian’ pictures. haha. Thanks for reading, awesome people! ❤

kekinian 2 kekinian

** Some pictures are taken from my friend (Yohannes) Olympus Pen camera**

Ubud : Sari Organik – The Healthy Option in Bali

Bali is so well known for its porky meals and their Jimbaran seafood. Those food are indeed super nice, but for those souls who hunger for more hearty food, afraid not, because Bali does offer a lot of healthy and organic food.

One of if is Sari Organik, which located at Ubud. To go to this organic restaurant, we first must walk about 800metres from Ubud’s main road. The walk there is a bit hilly and narrow, so if you want to go there, take off your heels, and get your comfortable slippers / shoes.

it took us about 20-30 minutes to go there, we walked up slowly as we enjoy the beauty of the paddy-fields, breath the fresh air along the way, see how clear the sky is, and of course, taking pictures is necessary since we dont get to see the nature often. Do take note that you have to be careful, as many locals are using motorcycle as their main transportation.


SFOC8897And after a refreshing walk, finally we reached Sari Organik. Since all of us just ate huge breakfast, we first decided to share our food. But when we looked at the menu, we felt that everything there are very enticing. at the end, all of us ordered a menu and 2 juices for each. we felt like some buffalos that never drink for days. haha.



** The Juices**


**Warm Feta Cheese Salad** – If im not mistaken


**Sari Burito**


**Balinese Nasi Campur (with Chicken)**


**Rainbow Sweet Potato Ball*



Above are only one third of our order, we ordered a lot more than that until we couldnt find anymore place to put anything else other than food. I think, the food there is good enough for a non-vegan like me. I dont really eat salad and other organic things, but all the foods here are very edible even for a carnivore type of person.

Personally, i like the feta salad and the Tempe on my Balinese rice. The salad are so fresh and yummy, and the Tempe are crunchy and simply tasty. The price here are very affordable too, the foods are about Rp 30.000 – 50.000, while the healthy juices are about Rp 20.000 – 30.000.

The place itself is very green too. If you are looking for an affordable healthy food with a nice tranquil view, maybe it is one of the best option in Ubud. And for those of you who smoke, they dont prohibit you from smoking. But if other guest are disturbed, you will be encouraged to put it off as they want to keep a healthy environment as well.






But afterall, it doesnt matter what the food is, and where is it at, as long as you have a great company!


Overall Experience:

Ambiance : 4 / 5

Food : 3,5 / 5

Price : 4 / 5

Sari Organik

Subak Sok Wayah (go in from Jalan Raya Tjampuhan)
T: (0361) 972 087





Desa Atas Awan

Bali itu memang selalu jadi pilihan yang tepat untuk berlibur. Kalo pulau Bali di ibaratin seorang cowok, sosok ini gak hanya ganteng dan charming, tapi selau bikin cewek kayak gw selalu penasaran.. Kayaknya ada aja hal dari pulau ini yang harus di explore.

Beberapa bulan lalu, gw dan teman2 harus decide itinary buat trip kita ke Bali. Since kita cuman punya waktu seminggu di pulau ini, kita harus decide baik2 kemana kita harus pergi.. biar maximal liburannya..

Akhirnya kita menjatuhkan keputusan untuk spent 3 hari terakir kita di Bali untuk menginap di ‘Desa Atas Awan’. Villa yang berada di ketinggian 1000m di atas permukaan laut ini bener2 pilihan yg memuaskan buat kita semua. Di kelilingi oleh indahnya perkebunan dan sawah yg terbentang seperti tanpa batas, dan udara yang segar tanpa polusi udara, bikin gw dan 16 temen gw jatuh cinta sama desa ini.

gw selalu berpikir kalo gw ini anak kota yg ga begitu suka dengan alam. tapi ternyata gw sendiri pun belum mengenal diri gw sepenuhnya.. setelah gw sampe di tempat yg ‘tranquil’ ini, jiwa gw serasa di segarkan kembali. ternyata gw suka memanjakan mata gw dengan hijaunya alam, biru.nya langit, dan segarnya udara yg gw hirup. ternyata, gw suka sama ketenangan yg alam tawarkan. well, ga tau emang gw suka alam, atau emang villa ini bagus bngt yahh.. hahaha.

Untuk sampai ke ‘Village above the clouds’ ini, kita harus menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 2 jam dari seminyak (tergantung macet). Lokasi villa ini beneran ‘secluded’, supir kita sampe wanti2 untuk berangkat pagian karena mereka takut nyasar, dan karena jalan yg di tempuh cukup challenging, mereka pun ga berani bawa mobil kalau sudah lewat dari jam 6 sore.. soalnya udah gelap dan ga ada penerangan di atas bukit sana.

Kita sampai di ‘Desa atas awan’ sekitar jam 5 sore. sesampainya kita disana, kita langsung di sambut dngn porter yg membawakan barang2 kita, dan langsung di suguhkan jus sehat dan enak sebagai welcome drink.

IMG_4159 **The Receptionist Area**IMG_4161IMG_4235

Indah banget ga sih pemandangannya? hahaha.. ini pas lagi gloomy gt abis gerimis.. dan di voto-in pake HP temen yg pake apps gt, jadi warna-nya contrast bngt.. Nahh, di bawah ini adalah pemandangan asli, suer tanpa edit di tempat yg sama di ke-esokan pagi,nyaa.. hehe.. Breathtaking banget kann??


Salah satu hal yg bikin betah lagi adalah akomodasinya.. gw suka bngt sama bungalow.nyaa.. super cozy untuk di tinggalin sama temen2.. Mereka hanya punya 3 bungalow (bisa di isi 5-6 orng) dan 2 suite room (bisa di isi 3 orng) yang ranging from Rp1,5 juta – 1,6 juta per kamar.nya.. Jadi kemarin gt, kita kyk berasa book 1 desa.. bungalownya cuman di tempatin sama temen2 sendiri aja.. hehe..

IMG_4158 IMG_4167

Ini bungalow lantai dasar, masih rapih pas kita baru check-in.. hehe.. Lupa voto lantai atasnyaa.. Dan ini pemandangan pas di pagi hari.. Duhh.. pengen bngt wake up to this amazing view everyday of my life.. hahaha.. seger bngt ga sih? kyk im ready to seize the day gt kesannya yaa.. haha..


1 Bungalow ada meja makan kecil, 1 fridge, 1 electric jug, 2 sofa, 1 meja kecil.. di siapin 6 towel kecil dan besar, 2 kamar mandi, 1 toilet, dan 1 tempat cuci tangan, jadi lumayand ga berebut untuk mandi pagi.. cuman sedikit berebut kalo ada yg kebelet buat poo poo.. hahaha..

Nah, buat ciwik2 yg harus bngt pake hair-dryer kyk gw, kalian harus bawa sendiri, karena mrk ga siapin buat kita.. ceritanya mrk eco-friendly gt.. kyk handuk aja, mrk hanya akan cuci-in 3 hari sekali aja..


Mereka serve complimentary breakfast untuk kita.. dan seru.nya, there are plenty menus to choose from.. dari omelette, scramble egg ala desa di atas awan, granola yoghurt, pancake, nasi goreng / mie goreng, dll.. setiap dari kita bisa request 1 menu.. Susu, teh, kopi dan juice juga udah di sediain untuk pagi hari.. dan i have to say that masakan mereka not bad.. hehe..

IMG_4194 IMG_4195And they have nice dining room as well. Mereka juga cukup thoughtful untuk arrange meja,nya supaya kita ber17 bisa duduk bersama saat makan..


Penampakan dining room saat pagi.. dan di bawah adalah penampakan dining room saat malam.. Setiap makan malem disana dan berdoa bersama, rasanya kayak christmas atau thanksgiving bngt dehh.. dingin2 gt dan menikmati santapan bersama the loved ones.. hehehe.. IMG_4168

Meal yg complimentary hanyalah Breakfast, jadi untuk Lunch dan Dinner, kita harus pesen lagi. since Desa ini beneran jauh dari mana2, mau ga mau kita pesen makanan dr mrk juga.. Price range dari Rp 40,000 – 80,000 per meal. Taste wise is not bad.. Tapi mungkin agak bland aja untuk lidah2 orng indo kyk kita.. Mereka claim that mereka ga pake MSG dan too much salt di makanan kita, karena mrk support hidup sehat gt dehh.. jadi ada one of the night, gw ga berasa pengen makan makanan mereka, jadi gw seduh pop-mie yg udah gw siapin aja deh for my dinner. hehe..

What to do 

Amazingly, di sekitar desa ini ada banyak kegiatan.. jadi buat temen2 yg ga mau nyantai duduk di villa, jangan takut kalian bakal bosen..

Angsari Hot Spring

Dingin2 begini, enaknya berendam di permandian air panas.. Tapi untuk kesini, kita harus jalan kaki sekitar 1-1.5 jam dari bungalow kita.. Macam anak petualang gitu.. kita harus lewatin sawah, hutan, dan jalan2 yg mendaki untuk ke hot-spring..

IMG_4232 IMG_4205IMG_4240 Akhirnya sampe deh di Hot-Spring.nya.. ga sampe fantastic gimana sih.. karena kita pikir bakal besar.. ternyata nggak.. public hot-spring.nya cukup kecil.. huahua.. yg ini panasnya moderate aja.. kalo mau yg lebih panas lagi, mrk ada siapin cubicle2 kecil untuk kita berendam gt.. tapi tempatnya ga gt picturesque buat di voto.. hahaha.

Well. jujur kolamnya agak kotor sih menurut gw, banyak lumutnya gt, jadi agak licin juga tangga untuk kebawahnyaa.. tapi yahh, not bad sih buat berendam di suasana yg sejuk2 gituu.. again, yg bikin seru adalah companionnya! hahaha.

IMG_4268IMG_4264IMG_4250**Obsesi model ala-ala Vogue. muahahhaa*

Hot-spring ini adalah complimentary dari ‘Desa atas awan’, kalau kalian ga nginep disana, mrk akan pungut bayaran sebesar Rp 50,000 per orngnya.. Nah, buat yg males buat balik ke hotel dngn jalan kaki lagi, mrk bisa nawarin ojek atau mobil pick up sayur.. kalo ojek harganya sekitar Rp50,000 dan kalau mobil pick up sayur, mrk hitung Rp 30,000 per orng..

Freedom School

Buat kalian yg suka main sama anak2, disinilah tempat yg tepat! Mr. Josep, sang spanish owner ‘Village above the clouds’ ini adalah contributor besar untuk sekolah ini, jadi anak2 yg kurang mampu di desa ini bisa sekolah disana tanpa di pungut biaya apapun. Mereka belajar bnyk hal, dari bahasa inggris yg di ajar oleh Mr. Josep dan istri, kelas komputer, kelas memahat, kelas tari bali, dll. I was very surprised to know that the owner have a very fond heart for the surroundings. Well, soalnya kan bnyk yahh businessman yg cuman peduli omset aja.. nah ini tuh beda, hitung2 yahh biaya kita tinggal disana itu, untuk biaya-in anak2 yg sekolah disana..

gw belajar cara memahat kayu disana.. dan gilaa.. susah puol! 1 jam gw belajar mahat, dan pahatan gw jauh dari sempurna.. harusnya bongkahan kayu kecil ini di bikin bunga.. tapi untuk buat 1 lingkaran dasar.nya aja tuh susah bngt.. haha..

Pas mau pulang karena gw menyerah untuk memahat lagi.. ehh, gw sama temen gw malah di kasih pahatan yg udah jadi dari anak2 disana.. mrk bilang, mrk kerjain pahatan ini 1,5 hari.. dan mrk mau kasih kita ini sebagai kenang2an.. so sweet bngt yaaa.. Gw salut dan terharu sama mrk karena mrk bisa kasih hasil jerih payah mrk begitu aja sama orng yg hanya di kenal selama 1 jam aja.. Alhasil, pas kita lewat warung.. kita beliin mereka snack2 gt deh, sebagai tanda appresiasi kita ke mereka.. hoho..


IMG_4223 IMG_4275IMG_4227**Makasih Dina dan Kadek.. =)) **

Sebenernya masih bnyk aktifitas lainnya, seperti outbound, berkunjung ke danau Bratan dan Tamblingan, tapi karena waktu yang sempit, kita cuman sempet melakukan 2 kegiatan itu dehh.. dan malem.nya, yah kita Quality time aja.. enjoying the dinner and the talk, and playing stupid games that made my stomach hurt real bad. haha..

Makasih temen2 kuu yang udah buat the stay in this pretty village more beautiful.. Thank you for the amazing memories that we created..

Untuk temen2 yg mau ke Bali dan mau cari suasana yg beda, boleh banget untuk consider ‘Desa Atas Awan’ ini.. mau pacaran / udah nikah / atau cuman mau spend quality time aja sama temen2.. gw yakin tempat ini akan jadi tempat yg memorable untuk kalian.. =)

Desa di Atas Awan (Village above the Clouds)

Munduk Andong Kelod,

Desa Bangli, Baturiti

Tabanan Bali, Indonesia


I am sure most woman and some of the guys out there have the love of spa.

whereby you just need to lay down to let go of all your tiredness and rejuvenate yourself .

when i went to bali 2 weeks ago.

me and some of the girls have the craving of spa.

we need to be pampered ! haha


after we did our research,

we finally decided to go to Spa Bali.

yes.. SPA BALI is a spa name.. hehe..

its a nice, decent, clean spa nearby Seminyak area.

*agak masuk2 gang kecil gt*


well, it’s not a luxurious spa

but we are very happy with the services.

as i mentioned before..

the place is clean and very decent

looks small from outside, but its rather big inside.

It’s like mini salon as well, where you can do your hair and nails. 

the price is considered cheap..

we took SPA BALI MASSAGE – their signature Balinese massage mixed with Swedish and Shiatsu techniques for only RP. 133.000 ( 2 weeks ago 1 SGD = RP 9200, so its only for 15 SGD)


they have private rooms. 

since it was 4 of us..

so they gave us 2 rooms.

the room is just a normal 2 bedded room.

our other 2 friends got a room with build in bathroom inside.


ohh.. actually there’s funny story.

the therapist asked us to take off all our clothes except our panties..

then after we took that off.

there’s an awkward moment between me and my friend. ahhaha..

we just chat for a while since the therapist have not come in again,

until me and her was like.. uhmm.. its kinda awkward yaa when we chat without clothes on.

then we just lay ourselves down and wait for the therapist to go in again. hahaha..

i cannot imagine if i need to go for the pre-marital massage. haahha.. well.. hahaha.. 

our other 2 friends said it was even more awkward for them, cause there’s no partition for the bathroom, only have 2 showers in the same place. hahaha. 


they have great ‘massage-rs’ (if there such a word.. haha) or therapist..

they are very friendly and really know what they are doing.

like any other spa, they will ask you how is the massage.

is it too hard or too soft?

i am one of those people who cannot take hard massage.

i prefer soft massage.. 

but that time, eventho it was not that hard..

i can feel some pain on my right thigh.. 

and i asked the therapist to do it softer on that specific area.

when i took bath after that.

i can feel that my thigh is a bit painful. its like the muscle ache.


my friend said it’s normal if your leg are too tired.

so when you go for massage, the pain will come out and will go away shortly after that.


and you know what..

its truee.. haha

so 1-2 hrs after the massage.. i dont feel anymore muscle ache on my right tight..

maybe too much walking in singapore. haha..



it’s very recommended..

i think their stone massage and flower bath is very pampering as well.

but too bad, we only have 1 hr for the treatment since we have to go somewhere else.


the last time i email them, they said their websites is still under maintenance

so you can give them a call or drop them an email if you are interested. =)



Jalan Drupadi

Seminyak, Bali

PHONE (0361) 737-694



888 Jalan Dyanapura

Seminyak, Bali