Best Ramen in Ikebukuro – Tokyo : Day 7

oh gosh.. time flies just like that.. it seems like i just celebrated Christmas and brave myself to enter 2014.

and now, it that month again whereby you need to re-think what you have done in the past year and write your plans for the year ahead..

well. well.. been back from the Japan trip 2 months ago, yet have not finished all the blogs yet.. =(

but good news, only left with 2 post to go (this post and our Mount Fuji Trip)

So, after exploring the 2 shrines in Kyoto, we were back in Tokyo. since we reached there almost 4pm. We decided to have early Diner at Mutekiya Ramen (at Ikebukuro)

one of the reason that we decided to reach early is because most of the review said it will be a long Q after 5pm.. and to skip that Q, then we need to reach there before 5.

we reached at Ikebukuro station around 4.50pm. we followed the direction that one of travel blogger given to us.. but we still cant find our way out. haha.. so we tried to use our googlemap to find the way.. since our dataplan is already low, the googlemap didnt help much.. so, we just tried to walk around and try to find below signage.



after 15 minutes of walk. finally we found it!! *berhasill.. berhasill. hore! gaya dora the explorer. haha*

it was around 5.10pm, and luckily the Q was not that long yet.. we waited for around 2o minutes before we can savour the best ramen at Ikebukuro area.


well. bassically they only have a few types of ramen.. and their bestselling ones are the 3 ramen above. *sorry for the blurry pictures. =(

Favorite Menu for Mutekiya’s first timer :

1. Nikutama Men

2. Tokumaru Men

3. Umakara Men – spicy soup

guess all ramen shop in Japan is only limited for 20 person or so.. and all of it are bar tables.

the first difference between Ichiran Ramen is their tables, in Mutekiya, they give you a range of sauces that you can add in to your ramen – pepper, soya sauce, vinegar, chili oil, tonkatsu sauce, garlic, some other things that im not sure what it is. haha.


The Gyoza came the first


This tastes like normal Gyoza, nothing in particular.. it’s just simply a nice companion for eating the ramen..

and introducing you the Best Ramen at Ikebukuro!


I chose the Umakara Men – the spicy soup based noodle.

owhmaigod! it was just super nice and super spicyy.. *gw sampe keselek gt pas pertama kali makan*

if you order this, you must slowly slurp the soup for the first sip. i was too excited and just gulp the first spoon until i was choking like crazy. hahaha..

okay, what i love about this?

– it’s broth.. the broth is so thick and creamy and so tasteful.. eventho it is spicy, but it’s still enjoyable. not those kind of spicy that makes your bowel suffer. they said they

– it’s noodle… ahhh.. how i love thick noodle.. it’s so yellow and chewy. *lebih seru aja gt makan noodle gendut2. haha*

– it’s pork meat.. muahhaha.. *maafkan daku yah buat yg halal, tapi ini enak bngt menurut aku.. huhu* the meat is just super thick, juicy, tender and doesnt make you sick of eating it again and again.. it just melts on your mouth..! if you compared the thickness and juiciness with Ichiran Ramen, i think Mutekiya has better meat.. well again. this is personal preference.


owh goshh.. this is just too sinful! this is a must go ramen shop if you are going to Tokyo!


After eating this, my Ramen standard is going up to the next level. hahaha *gaya pisan* hahaha.. *tapi bener.. beberapa minggu lalu gw dapet free ramen di Santouka Singapore gara2 pas lagi bday month.. Santaouka itu udah memuaskan bngt biasanya buat gw.. menurut lidah gw sii.. lebih enak si Santouka ini daripada Ippudo.. tapi setelah makan Mutekiya sama Ichirann.. wahh.. rasanya si Santouka udah kyk makan mie-instant biasa aja. kurang greget gt. hahaha.. sok bngt yee gw.. tapi gw tetep royal kok sama Santouka. since mrk suka kasih grastisan sidedish buat member. ahahha.. dan emang gw suka ramennya dia juga sii.. just that standard gw buat ramen enak sudah meningkat aja.. hehe.. *


The Ramen shop is somewhere along Meiji dori Ave.. if you see the that green Tonkudo building, it’s just somewhere across there.

Mutekiya Ramen 麺創房無敵家
1-17-1 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku 東京都豊島区南池袋1-17- (Ikebukuro Station East Exit), Tokyo, Japan. Tel: + 03 3982 7656
Opening Hours: 10:30am-4am