TAICHUNG : Feng Jia Night Market (VLOG)

When there is opportunity to travel, i will definitely pack my bag and go to see the world. Since ill be staying in Taiwan for a while, i hope i have the chance to see all the beauty that this big island can offer.

I got a chance to visit Taichung on the first day of 2016. Taichung is the third largest city after Taipei and Kaohsiung. There are so many ways to get to Taichung from Taipei :

  • You can rent a car and drive there (which is quite impossible for me, cause i’ve never drive on the left side of the road)
  • Take High Speed Rail (HSR – which take about 1 hr journey with TWD 700 / SGD 30 ) OR
  • Take  any available inter-cities buses which take about 2 hrs 20 mins with TWD 230 / SGD 9.

We decided to take the afternoon bus at Taipei Main Station, because its much cheaper compared to the HSR (High Speed Rail) and the travelling time is not that bad too.






The bus that we took (HoHsin Bus) is very decent and comfortable too. The have allocated seat number, seat is adjustable, and they have mini TV on the side where you can turn off/on whenever you want, but do prepare your own headset.

Once we reached Taichung, we head directly to Feng Jia Night Market. My friend who has stayed in Taichung said that this Feng Jia is a must visit night market. They have lots and lots of street food and many clothing shops as well.

That night was a crazy night, the holiday has turned the night market into a sea of people. I didnt take many pictures that night, but i took some videos for you to see! hehe

What i did over there was basically eat and eat.. haha.. Well. i just ate 3 types of street food there and 1 milk tea with coconut jelly.



Gold Left Leg – Baked Chicken with Cheese Topping and Salsa Sauce. This is quite nice for cheese lovers, but overall it’s just a normal baked chicken ( TWD 70 // SGD 3 )



An Mo Ji Pai – Massage Chicken (directly translated) haha. Basically they grilled this chicken with charcoal and topped it with peppers. This is much much nicer than the first one. The chicken is very tender, that it melts in your mouth (literally). Queued for about 15-20 minutes for this. and eat this for less than 10 minutes. haha (TWD 60 // SGD 2.5)


I first came to Taiwan for holiday 4 years ago. Tried this ‘chinese hotdog’ and considered this as must eat food when you are in Taiwan. Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang – which directly translated as Large intestines wrap small intestines. So the ‘large intestines’ is one big glutinous rice acting as the bread, and the ‘small intestines’ is the meat-sausage (which i assume is pork meat). I really like it cause it taste sweet, sour (cause they put pickled vegetables), and taste a little bit spicy (you can request Da La – super spicy). I think the combination is just great. i can eat this everyday if they sell it nearby my house. haha. It’s just so so good! (TWD 40 // SGD 1.7 )


Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly at Just Tea Shop (Cha Ben Wei). My friend said this is one of the bubble tea stores in Feng Jia Night Market. and guess what? This is just so good! Wish i can drink this everyday and not getting any fatter. haha. Love the coconut jelly, since i dont really like pearl. haha. ( TWD 40-50 // SGD 1.7 – 2 ) *i cant remember how much it was =(

Actually i wanted to eat more food. But it was really really crowded (as you can see from the video). You really need efforts just to Queue for few-bites of street food.

Since the three of us didnt have enough sleep the day before (cause we went to watch the fireworks at Taipei 101 – that is Not as nice as Singapore and Jakarta. *sorry*), we just felt so tired that night. so we decided to go back earlier, get some sleep and get ready to go to XinShe Castle and Carton King for the next day!

Stay tune for more Taichung stories.. ❤ ❤