Luxury Getaway : Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort (VLOG)

Ive been staying in so many hotels, but never before i got an excellent service like this.

Thanks to Atlas Pearl x Maria Rahajeng who gave out this giveaway!

I still remember how happy i was, when the Associate Director of Marketing Communications of Sheraton Bali called me for the winner confirmation.

The call was on end of February 2017 (if im not mistaken), and they were very  kind to let me choose my own date of arrival. Which just happened 4 months after that. During that 4 months, Sheraton team occasionally will ask me if the date is really fixed and asked if ive done my packing to go to Bali around 1 week before i flew. Feels so legit. Haha.

Finally the day has come, they flew me and my brother with Garuda Indonesia, and picked us up with super comfortable car, lovely driver, and great in-car service (if you have such a word) hahaha..


After we reached, we are greeted with a warm smile by two Balinese girls as the security opened up our car. Then, The Balinese girls put flowers behind our right ears, while the bellboy helped us with our luggages, and then up we go to the check -in counter.

Once we were at the check in counter, another super friendly lady greeted us and offered us their welcome drink. Not long after that the whole team came to see me.

The Associate Director of MarComm (Ms. Bee) and Team, with their GM (Mr. Dario) came to greet us and congratulate me. And finally they escorted me to our lovely suite room that overlooking Kuta Beach!


I love their Bathroom sooo veryy much! trully #bathroomgoal for me! haha

After the lovely room, we got a super breakfast with champagne as our drink for the next 3 days. Goshh, this is a lot! *literally* haha

We are served :

one lot of cheese and ham platters, one plate of croissants and other breads, that comes with madacamia butter, normal butter and so many kind of jams, like marmalade, honey, chocolate and peanut butter.

vast selection of juices, tea and coffee, yoghurt with muesli and dried fruits (my fave),

exotic selection of eggs, like truffle, foie gras, caviar and other things (that i cant remember already. haha.. must check out my VLOG), and foie gras with duck terrine,

and of coursee.. chilled sweet champagne as one of our drink..

Goshh.. me and my brother love everything here, but definitely cant finished theseee lots! Guess it’s a portion for 4. haha.. Oh well, maybe this is a portion of 2 for some people.


Took that shoots on our first day of breakfast (from Bene – Italian Kitchen), and asked the crew to bring in to our hotel room for the second and third day, just because we are too lazy to walk down to the restaurant. haha.. *Yeahh, the distance was quite a walk from our room to the restaurant. haha*

and we did not regret itt.. causee we also got thiss view from our room!

More laid back kind of breakfast, whereby we dont need to be well-presented and watched some TV programs with our PJs. haha.. AHHH.. miss this kind of breakfast, even though im not a ‘breakfast person’. haha..

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thank you once again SHERATON BALI KUTA RESORT! Thank you for all the love an hospitality, and Mr Dario and team who never failed to send us plate full of chocolates during our stays.. Much love for everyone of you.. and Hope to stay there again on my next trip! <3<3 ❤

and below is my VLOG, in case you have not seen it.. hehe

Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361



HELLOOO again everyone!

I just came back from Bali. Super blessed to have a 4 days 3 nights sponsored trip by ATLAS PEARLS and SHERATON KUTA BALI RESORT.

Well, actually this is a giveaway gift that i got from Maria Rahajeng’s (Miss Indonesia 2014 and Brand Ambassador of Atlas Pearls). I still remember that i saw Maria Rahajeng’s instastory. At that time, she mentioned that this is the last day to sign up for the giveaway. I was like, ‘What Giveaway?’. Haha.

Cut the story short. I read her post on the giveaway and signed myself up. And since im quite a ‘Dory’ sometimes. I soon forget about it.

Later at February 2017, i got an email, saying that i won a trip 4days 3 nights to Bali. I read the email and everything, and though that, ‘Woww. this scam looks legit’. HAHA. and then, i ignored it again.

Until i saw Maria Rahajeng’s tagged me 2 posts on Instagram and her Instastory, then i am reminded that i took part in her giveaway! hahahaa. OMG jenddd!!

I was and still so happy about it. Feels so lucky and blessed to have such a lovely trip. Thankfully, i can decide whenever i want to leave for the trip. So, i can use it last week, for my secondary school friend’s wedding in Bali.

Apart from staying in a luxury Sheraton Kuta Bali for 4days 3 nights, i got an exquisite pearl diamond necklace from ATLAS Pearl! *wohhooo*

Never thought that Indonesia has great seas and places like Bali, Labuan Bajo to Raja Ampat to farm oysters that can produce wonderful SouthSea pearls. We really should appreciate and take care of Indonesia even more!


*With Mba Marsha, the marketing manager of Atlas Bali. and posing with Atlas Pearl’s Bali Team*

IMG_3047IMG_3048IMG_3049IMG_2970*Ta-Daaa!! my Diamond Heart and SouthSea Pearl Necklace. Loving it’s simple yet elegant piece of ATLAS pearls*

If you girls are a pearl lover, you can let me know! ❤

And ohhh, after so long. Finally, i Vloggeddd again! Yeayy! Hope you enjoy it!



Jl. Raya Seminyak No.73, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

(0361) 732769


Hello Readers! Ga nyangka yah, tau2 udah bulan December aja nih. Udah mau akhir tahun lagi, dan tentu-nya, udah mau Christmas! The season to be jolly~~~ hehehe.

Nah, di bulan yang penuh dengan nuansa kasih dan berbagi ini, gw mau ada-in my very first giveaway ni.. hehe.. Mungkin ini akan lebih appealing buat Ladies ya, tapi buat kalian kaum Adam juga boleh ikutan kok, kalo dapet kan bisa di kasih ke siapa-nya gt yg perempuan. hehe.

Nah, Giveaway-nya tuh apa sih?

Pasti beberapa wanita disini sempet denger dong, brand make up baru, asli produk Indonesia yang namanya MIZZU. Kalo belom pernah denger, boleh sist, di check di sini, atau cek di website make up blogger yang lainnya. hehe..

Gw akan memberikan 2 SET of MIZZU, seperti foto di bawah ini.




SET B : 



Untuk Product Knowledge-nya, boleh ya di check sendiri.. hehe.. Nah, Sebenernya kenapa sih, kok seorang yang ngaku2 travel blogger, Giveaway-nya malah seperangkat alat make-up?

Jujur, sebenernya gw dapet ini dari salah satu workshop gitu di Jakarta (yang kebetulan bukan make-up workshop dan entah kenapa hadiah-nya ini. haha). Dikarenakan gw ga begitu suka make-up *Sumpah ga gt suka make-up. Make up itu karena kebutuhan panggung aja kalo gw lagi ngemcee. Kalo pergi2 yang biasa, gw gak akan pake alat2 ini, karena biasa paling cuman pake sunblock, moisturiser, BB cream sama pencil alis, dan eye-liner-an kalo lagi ga pake eyelash extention*

Jadi daripada mubazir, mendingan di limpahkan ke orang lain kann.. Biar alat2 ini bisa berguna sama kaum2 Hawa di luar sana.. hehe..

Lalu, gimana nih cara ikutan Giveaway-nya. Gampang banget..

  1. Follow blog gw *iya yg ini* kalau belum, dan follow instagram gw di @jenita.darmento
  2. Dan Jawab 2 pertanyaan ini di kolom komen gw, Pertanyaan Pertama,            ‘Seandainya tiba2 ada jin aladin yg muncul di depan elo sekarang, dan dia suruh elo untuk bikin 3 permintaan. Kira2, elo bakal minta apa?’
  3. Pertanyaan kedua adalah,                                                                                                           ‘Seandainya lu cuman di kasih 1 kesempatan lagi untuk travelling, destinasi mana yang akan lu pilih dan kenapa?’
  4. GIVEAWAY ini akan Berakhir pada tanggal 25 December 2016
  5. Pengumuman pemenang akan di Umumkan pada tanggal 28 December 2016 *akan di pilih dengan cara random*
  6. Semua pemilik blog (Iya, harus punya blog) dari segala penjuru boleh perpartisipasi – asal berkenan kalo hadiahnya di kirim.nya ke alamat yg ada di Jakarta. hehe.

Sebelumnya, gw mau mengucapkan banyak terima kasih untuk temen2 blogger yang bersedia buat ikutan seru-seruan dalam giveaway gw yg pertama ini yaa.. *peluk virtual satu2. hehehe*

Nah, sambil mikirin jawaban buat 2 pertanyaan diatas, boleh di play lagu ini dari abang Sam Smith sebagai back-ground.. Sumpahh, kenapa enak bener yaa suaranya diaa.. hahaha.. Semoga beruntung yahh teman2.. ❤