Exploring Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan

For those of you who think that Bali is over-rated and got enough of Bali’s traffic and crowd, you must try to explore Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This two small beautiful islands located on the southeast coast, approximately about 15km of the main island of Bali. IMG_4027nusa lembongan

What we did in Nusa Lembongan 

Snorkeling and Diving

It’s a small island surrounded by the vast sea. That’s why Snorkelling and Diving is the most popular activities in this island. Where you can get to see the clear water with beautiful corals, huge varieties of cute tropical fishes and manta rays (if you dive). They have a snorkeling and diving package to choose from. as for me and my friends, we chose to snorkel to 3 spots : Crystal Bay, Mangrove and Gamat Bay.

For 3 snorkelling spots, they charged us Rp 150,000 / person, inclusive boat price and snorkeling equipment (like mask and fins)



As for me, the best spot to see the fishes is in Crystal Bay, the place is not to shallow, so you can see everything nicely from above. Mangrove offered the best spot and the prettiest for its corals reefs, but the place is too shallow for us to snorkel until some of my friends had some scratches on their legs. As for Gamat Bay, the current was too strong until we cant snorkel.. =( Well, we can snorkel, but it was tiring because you must keep swimming back against the current.

One of our friend got carried away pretty far by the current in this 3rd spot. He was out of breath cause he tried to swim back to our boat. He was panicked and thought that he would drown that time. Luckily there was a boat nearby to throw him a float. Finally, we must stop the snorkelling session, cause he was screaming for help and we asked the boatman to quickly go to his spot to rescue him.


**too bad my friend’s xiaomi camera wasnt capturing many photos that time, but it recorded video instead, and the video wasnt so nice as well, cause we thought it captured pictures. =( **

Devil’s Tear 

It’s the must see natural attraction in Nusa Lembongan. it’s located inside the Dream Beach. it should be a daunting showcase of huge waves crashing the cliff, but too bad the tide wasnt high enough that time, so we could not get the fantastic view that most people talking about. But nonetheless, it was still a pretty view down there. =)


devils tear 2 devils tear


Dinner at Sandy Bay Beach Club

The must visit restaurant in Nusa Lembongan. we went here for Dinner. Best if you do reservation, more over if you are coming in a big group like us. Some of the waitress have attitude problem, but the manager was very nice to us. The place is amazing, it has the rustic feeling, and so comfortable for hangout and drink beers. The food is nice, but it took quite long for them to serve.


Biking to Nusa Ceningan 

The motorcycling itself is considered the highlight of the day for us. It was 9 of us, so we must rent 5 bikes and convoy through the islands. 2 of my friends never ride a motorbike before, They said they can cycle well, so riding a motorbike shouldnt be that different. And so, they tried and luckily they succeed to get the girls a ride. Bravoo!

The route to Nusa Ceningan was very challenging. It took about 20-30 minutes from Nusa Lembongan. So many uphills and downhills, and road were very rocky and uneven. Some more, the bridge to Nusa Ceningan is very narrow and made from wood bars. So when we went through the bridge, we can hear the rippling sound. It was so scary, i imagined what if suddenly the wood bars fell off and the motorbike fell down into the river. haha..


**picture taken from udadias.blogspot.com**


** Let me introduce you my friend, Dewi. The only girl who can ride a motorbike amongst us.. isnt she cool or what? **

What to do in Ceningan 

Blue Lagoon

A natural beauty that you must see! the un-ending waves that breaks to the cliff makes the sunset time more dramatic. it seems like your problems tossed away in the ocean and withered with the wind. Such a great place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. one of my friend said, it felt like in New Zealand. haha.

IMG_3975 IMG_4046

blue lagoonIMG_4001 IMG_4005 IMG_4006

**this sunset really enchants me**

They used to have cliff jumping from this area. but the local said the tide is getting more and more unpredictable, so they decided to close the cliff jumping activities for now. For adrenaline seekers, it might be the best experience that you could have. you can try to find out whether they have re-open.

Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan are on the rise now, many tourist aim to go here for relaxation. All the snacks and food are a little pricy. But compared to Bali, this place is quieter and seems less touristy, eventho mostly are tourist.. haha.. Overall, i had a good time in this island, and looking forward to come back next time to dive here with the Manta Rays *hopefully i can go for diving lessons soon, so i can dive there. hahaha*

How to get There

You must take speedboat from Sanur Beach, Bali to Nusa Lembongan. The journey takes about 45 minutes to get to Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan. You can buy the tickets at Sanur Beach. They have many boat operators over there that ranges from Rp. 60,000 – Rp 100,000 / one way.

I cant remember what operator that we were using, but we had it for Rp 140.000 for 2 ways. The speedboat can fit about 30-40 people. so we must share it with other people.

If you only want to go to Nusa Ceningan, you still have to go through Nusa Lembongan first, as they dont have direct boat to Nusa Ceningan. From Lembongan, you can rent a motorbike for about Rp 75,000 (half-day) and Rp 150,000 (full day). There’s no car in this two islands. Their main transportation is motorbike. if you cant ride a motorbike, you can rent the motorbike with the biker, but the price is much higher.

Until Next Time Beautiful Islands.. Closing this entry with our ‘remaja kekinian’ pictures. haha. Thanks for reading, awesome people! ❤

kekinian 2 kekinian

** Some pictures are taken from my friend (Yohannes) Olympus Pen camera**


Halong Bay – Vietnam

Many hollywood movies shot some of their scenes in asian countries. Like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ the movie where they had some of their beautiful tranquil shoots of padi fields in Ubud,Bali. ‘Avatar’ that took some of its sceneries shoot in the stunning Zhang Jia Jie National Forest Park in Hunan,china. And the all time favorite action movie ‘James bond – The Man with The Golden Gun’ that took place in the exotic islets of Pha Nga Bya, Phuket,Thailand. 

If we talk about ‘James Bond’ movies, not just that one movie that took place in Asia, but many. They managed to shot some of thier scenes in Japan, Macau, Hongkong, China and also Vietnam. 

I just got a chance to visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. A breath-taking islets in Quang Ninh Province, a place where the shooting of ‘James Bond – Tomorrow Never Dies’ took place.This world heritage site has been selected by UNESCO since 1994, got famous by ‘James bond’ the movie in 1997 and has its great jump in tourism in 2002.

Ha Long Bay literal meaning is ‘Descending Dragon from Heaven’. The ancient story says that in the old times, the heaven sent a dragon down to earth to help the people of northeast Vietnam from intruders. And the islands now, are formed from the fire and emerald that came out from the Dragon’s mouth when it tried to defend the Vietnamese people.

For the sea-lovers like me, This place has a lot to offer. It has about 3000 islands and islets that you can enjoy; from cruising through the limestone islets topped with rainforest, cycling through the halong beaches, mountain climbing for the energetic people, and one of my favorite activity, kayaking through the caves to hidden lagoon.






And not to be missed, traveler need to visit Thien Cung Cave, dragotto; where we need to hike about 150 staircase to see an epic natural stalactite and stalagmite in many forms and shapes, and accompanied by beautiful and colorful lights to enhance its greatness. This cave has a small entrance, yet have  a very high ceiling and quite an extensive length. Traveler can find some very unique rocks inside as well, where it naturally formed similarly to wings of an eagle, trunk of an elephant, and a statue of a lady. A place where you can challenge your imagination, and surely a place for me to enjoy this jawdropping nature.










After enjoying the greatness of this huge cave, traveler can enjoy a refreshing coconut drink that cost about VND 15.000-20.000 (IDR 9.000-12.000) and buy back some souvenirs. 

If many seas allow its visitor to swim, dive and snorkle, traveller could do that as well in Ha Long Bay. Just that this place is not as recommended as other water-sports in Vietnam, such as Na Trang.

To get to this natural wonders of the world, travelers need to fly first for 3 hours to Saigon-ho chi minh, then take another 2 hours of local flight to hanoi, followed by 4 hours of bus ride to Ha Long area. There’s no direct flight from Jakarta to Hanoi as for now. 

To explore this area, travelers need to arrange boat transportation in advance. They have few options, from staying 2 days 1 night, or to just hire a boat for few hours of sight-seeing. They have a lot of hotel option in Ha Long Bay area as well if you prefer to stay on the land. Most of the local people there lived as a fisherman. After traveller arranged the transportation, normally they will always serve you with sumptuous fresh seafood delights for the lunch and dinner. If you have seafood allergy, Not to worry, you can always order other things too! 


Sawadika Phuket

this is so called my early graduation trip back in 2011. 

me. friska. andreas. icha. veve. fanie and reza were there for 4days and 3 nites..


phuket is fine..

but i prefer bali more than phuket. hehe.


but again.. its not the place that you went to.. but the people whom you with with that makes you enjoyed the trip..

a lot of jokes and laughter among us..

be it make sense or not.. hahaha..

so.. this was our itinerary..


Day 1.

air asia flight from sg-phuket. 1.15pm flight

and we were still at the toilet at 1.10pm. HAHAHAHHA..

we were scolded by the air asia people..

because we were still walking slowly when we were late. ahhaahha…


after we arrived there.. we were looking for local tours to take us arnd the island..

finally we got the tour package for 3300 bath = 145 sgd to 3 places..


** hotel’s package will cost u 3300 itself for 1 attractions..

so just get it from the small booth anywhere u like.. all the prices around the same..

its the bargaining skills that u should have. ahahahha..


and we went to dinner by the beach..

actually we want to go to SAVOEY. *recommended restaurant by ibis hotel concierge.. but because of 1 2 and 3 things.. we went to this small restaurant by the beach.. called.. “the beach”. ahahah.. eventho.. we ended up.. not eating at the beach.. *forgot whats the restaurant’s name.

Day 2.

we woke up early in the morning to go for elephant tracking..

so. we ride those elephants for jungle tracking and to see the beach from the cliff..

and yes.. there are some scenery that is breath taking for me..

but unfortunately.. cant take some pics.

cause i was scared to death to let go my hands from the chair handle’s and andreas’s hand. >,<


our elephant is like a mad raging elephant. 

and its a male elephant..

it can go to the tip of the cliff and trying to go down to the beach..

it can put one of his legs up to another cliff and happily eat the banana tree..

*jadi modelnya pas dia angkat kaki depan.. kita otomatis. keblakang donkk..

yahh.. kyk modelnya sarung gajah duduk dehh.. ato polo shirt yg kuda.nya naeq..

gmn gw ga jantungann.. -_-..


it was more thrilling than universal. i can guarantee you.. *if u ride our elephants named captainn..

cause the other 2 elephants that fanie friska reza and veve ride were very calmed and we can see them enjoying the tracking..

ketika gw dan andreas seru sendiri d atas gajah kita..

sampe capeee.. -_-‘

after that we went for diner and watched local show named ‘phuket fantasea’

the diner place is fabulous. its like a place meant for gala diner..

and this is the gate to enter the show.. cool huh? haha..

all camera’s should be keep at the counter, so they gave us private lockers to put our things..

and on our way back. got 3 Ukrainian Ladies asked us to take pictures with them. haha. how cute.

Day 3

we went to phi phi island for sightseeing and snorkling..

it takes 50mins to go from phuket to phi2 island by speed boat.. *max 28people

or u can take bigger boat. but it will take u 2hours to travel there..


veve and friska got seasick and threw up in the speedboat..

it wasnt a good trip for both of themm..

luckily the rest of us are okay..


snorkling was fun.. and i can say that phi2 island is less polluted than bali. ahhaha

jernih mampus itu aer.. haha..

so. we spend the whole day at the beaches.


* dan gw baru ngerasa sakitnya keterpa sama pasir.. gara2 anginnya super kenceng.

sumpa sakit dehh ga boonk.. kyk d tabokin pasir..


malem.nya kita diner di pinggir jalan yg mayand enak juga..

namanya noodle’s house d pinggir jalan andaman..

they have the best tom yum for our trip. ahhaha.

later that night, me. ndreas. icha and reza went for massage

me went for foot spa and reflexology

and 3 of them were taking thai massage..


1hour for 400bath..

and it is very relaxing.. and we really love it..

i can recommend u the place..

its a decent place opposite SAVOEY restaurant

they wash our feet first before the massage.. hihihi

and that massage was very perfect to end our day. hehe



went back to airport early in the morning. =(


 Below is the cost breakdown of this 4 day Phuket trip 

– Return flight by air asia = 200 SGD

– Hotel ibis at patong beach for 3night = 65 AGD / person

– 270 SGD for all the activities, lunches, diners, transport by tuk2 and van + jajan2. 

Total = 535 SGD


Kap kun ka phuket.


**sorry for the low quality pictures. did not have a fancy camera back then. hehe.. 

Belitung Island

hai readers,

gw mau cerita tentang jalan2 gw ke pulau Belitung selama 3 hari 2 malam.


Bagi yg ga tau Belitung dimana..

pulau ini tuh ada di sebelah timur.nya sumatra.

yah, kira2 di atasnya kirinya pulau Jawa dehh.. haha

ini pertama kali.nya gw keluar Pulau Jawa selai Bali.

dan bisa gw bilang, trip gw ini cukup memorable. haha.

karena pantai2.nya yg bagus, dan karena gw pergi dngn keluarga besar tercinta gw. haha.


oke. mari kita mulai dngn penerbangan ke Belitung.

dr Jakarta tuh cuman ada 2 airlines yg bisa pergi kesana.

Sriwijaya dan Batavia air.


Tentunya karena penerbangan local, kita harus berangkat dr terminal 1.nya bandara soekarno-hatta.

nahhh.. ini bandara yee.. gile dehh.. udah kagak kayak airport.

kalo gw boleh bilang, maap2 kata yee..

udah kyk terminal bus gt, yg kacau.nya ga karuan.

stelah kita masuk ruangan check in. ruang-an tunggu sebelom boarding,nya tuh ga ada AC. open air gt deh model.nya.

nahh. itu gw msh gpp.

yg gw gag nahan itu para orng2 yg duduk2 di lantai dan ngerokok.. *maap yah para perokok, no offense.. gw hanya suka sesek napas aja kalo asepnya sampe ngebul. hauhau..*


terus donk.. jadwal kita sama yg di layar beda..

misalnya nih, gate gw di b4.. ehh.. malah tulisannya yg di b4 mau ke padang.

jelas2 gw mau ke belitung. haha.


pas kita tanya mba.nya. dia cuman bilang.

“iya mba. emang suka kyk gt, ga usah di perhatiin, liat yg di boarding pass aja adanya di gate berapa”

halo syalala deh gw..


ohh.. dan penerbangan di indo tuh ga reliable bngt *untuk yg local*

rute gw jkt-belitung-bangka-jkt

stiap kali gw mau naik psawat, masing2 psawat selalu delay 2 jam. ~.~`


hoahh, tolong donk bapak2 dan ibu2 pengurus erpot. tolong di benarkan jam2.nya

kan waktu kita sangat berharga.. *baik yg mau liburan ato berbisnis* hoho.


anywayy, kembali ke cerita belitung.

sesampai.nya di belitung.

gw cukup kaget lohh..

ternyata erpot belitung kecil bngt. haha.

cuman bisa 1 psawat doank muat.nya. haha.

dan beginilah belt buat kita ambil koper..

*mendingan di jejerin di dpn psawat aja deh kalo gw bilang, biar si mas2.nya ga double kerjaan, udh nurunin terus naikin lagi ke belt yg sependek ini. haha.. *

oke.. sesampainya kita di belitung.

supir kita langsung menghantar kita ke hotel

*kita nyewa mobil + supir gt deh disana*.


kita nginep di hotel Hatika,

yg konon katanya hotel ini adalah hotel terbaik di belitung. (*4 gt deh)

biaya nginep semalem disana kira2 Rp.800.000 + 2 breakfast/kamar + ada wifi di lobby.

dan ternyata kabar itu benar ada.nya. haha.

karena the following nite kita pindah ke hotel lain, yg kurang bagus kalau di bandingan hotel Hatika.

*gw ga usah sebutin deh yah namanya, kan ga enak hati juga yah brurr* hehe.

soalnya knp?

soalnya kamar hotel.nya bisa kemasukan air hujan yg menyebabkan kamar gw banjir/becek di pagi hari.nya. hahaha..


terus abis kita check-in kita makan di chinese food resto gt.

makananya yah layaknya chinese food deh. standard.

ga spektakuler gimana. huahua.

udah gt kita ke tempat laskar pelangii.. hehe.

kalo kata orng yg anter2 kita disana.

belitung tuh mulai bnyk turis pas pelem ini tuh di rilis di indo..

dan tentu.nya karena wagub DKI kita skrng.

Bapak. Ahok alias Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.


tempat pertama kita adalah Museum Kata – Andreas Hirata.

Andrea Hirata ini adalah penulis dari buku laskar pelangi ini.

kalo di pelem.nya mah.. dia tuh yg jadi ikal.nya. hehe.

Museum.nya tuh di rumah tua gt.

kita pikir mah itu rumah dia dulu.. ternyata bukan.. haha.

dia cuman milih tempat ini gara2 dket sama rumah.nya yg skrng di belitung (katanya). haha.


bokap gw nanya sama supir kita.

‘sen, *namanya asen*.. kira2 ksana bakal ktmu si andrea.nya ga?’

asen: ‘biasanya sih nggak pak, soalnya dia sibuk skali, kalo pulang pun, dia slalu istirahat di rumah, jarang ke museum.nya sendiri’


lalu tiba2, ketika gw lagi foto2 sendiri dan dlm posisi lg nenteng sendal

ada orng yg snatch sendal gw, da bilang ”Halo, ayo sini sendal.nya”


dan sontak gw kaget..

ternayata itu si mas andrea,nya sendiri.

dan respon gw pun begini

‘lohh?! mas andrea??”

*kayak kenal aja yah laga gw* hahaha.


akhirnya gw pun voto sama dia dan mengobrol sebentar.

udh gw dia kasih kontek email dia, suruh dia email-in voto dan keep in touch sama dia. hahaha.


cukup mengagetkan, karena ga ada yg so called artist memanggil gw duluan dan ngasih email.nya ke gw. haha..

terus darisini kita makan malem bakmi Fan yung!

gilee.. ini sih bakmi terenak yg pernah gw makan seumur2 mannn..

*lebayy* hahaha.

tapi ini sih beneran enak lohh

mie.nya chewy2 gt, terus pas aja gt rasanya, ga kelembekan, ga kekerasan. dan size mie.nya tepat.

karena gw suka mie yg agak gendut2. hahaha

dan ternyata, bakmi di belitung tuh comes in a set.

jadi kalo order bakmi, pasti dateng,nya sama kuah.nya yg berisikan sesuatu..

nahh.. sesuatunya ini yah terserah yg jual mau taro apa.

misalnya kyk bakmi fan yung di bawah ini..

dia kasih 2 bakso ikan, 2 pangsit, dan 1 cakhien (semacam otak2 goreng gt kalo ga salah)

yah kalo lu orng cuman mau pangsit,nya doank yah bisa..

tapi yah order lagi brooo.. haha.. 

alu di lanjutkan oleh supper kita yg maknyosss..

tak lain tak bukann..

martabak! hahaha.

walaupun katanya martabak bangka yg terkenal.

tapi since kita di belitung, yaudah lah. cobain aja..

dan rasanya yahh.. enak bngt juga lohhh

kyk pas juga gt rasanya. ga kemanisan, isi.nya ga kurang dan ga kebanyakan. dan msih anget.. thats the best i guess. haahha.. 


hari ke2 pun kita langsung tancapppss buat island hopping. hehe.

kita sewa kapal gt disana.

ada kapal kecil dan besar.. dan tentunya kita sewa yg besar. karena kita be12 waktu itu.

kalo pake yg kecil ga muat.. haha.


sebelomnya ada drama gt nih disana, antara tante gw dan si tukang kapal.

ternyata dia mau so called ‘cheat’ kita gtuh.

harusnya kan kalo udah sewa 1 kapal, berarti seharian kita mau kemana aja. si abang ini bakal anterin..

ehh. ternyata dia angkut 2 penumpang gt donkk..


jadi abis anterin kita ke pulau 1, dia angkut orng lain lagi dr pulau 1 buat ke pulau 2. yang mengakibatkan kita hrs nunggu lagi selama 2 jam.an buat si abang slesai antar si penumpang lain ini balik ke pulau 2. 


spt yg sudah2.. tante gw sontak marah. yaiyalahh.. orng dia charge kita Rp 900.000 buat seharian, malah dia anter2 orng laen.

singkat cerita kita di kasih setengah harga sama si abang gara2 prilaku dia itu..

mungkin lagi peak season kali yahh..

jadi mungkin dia berpikir doi bisa dapetin duid sebanyak2.nya.. huftt.. semoga si abang berubah dehh.

kan perlu kredibilitas tinggi juga buat beginian.. biar kita2 bisa rekomen si abang ke temen2 yg laen yg mau dtng ke belitong.. hehe.

baiklahh.. selesai masalah si abang.. terus, kita pun naik kapal.

dan sampailah kita di pulau lengkuas. hehe..

air.nya jernih bngt loh di daerah sana

konon katanya ini pulau yg paling bagus gt deh dsana. haha..

udah gt, kita pergi snorkeling di tengah2 laut.nya lengkuas..

tapi gw ga ada voto.nyaa.. semua di kamera bokap. huaa..

bagus sihh..

tapi kalo gw boleh bilang, terumbu karangnya bagusan di phi2 island.nya phuket. hehe.. 

sayang gw ga ada kameran bawah laut.. huu..


terus abis snorkeling,

kita ke pulau babi..

nahh.. knp namanya pulau babi atau pulau gede

soalnya dulu katanya pas orng naik helikopter, itu pulau.nya mirip sama babi. hahaha..

*ga tau bener apa kaga deh gw* haha.


pas di perjalanan.

si mas2.nya ktmu star fishhh..

terus kita voto2 dehh.. haha..

nah, katany si starfish ini, cuman bisa hidup 2 jam tanpa air..

jadi kan kasian kann.. 

jadi kita balikin dia deh ke air lagi (dket pantai), pas kita udah mau sampe pulau babi..

sesampai.nya di pulau babi, yah kita sih voto2 aja, soalnya bagus2 pemandangannya. hahaha.. 

kyk di bawah ini. bnyk burung2 yg lg migrasi deh kayaknya..

*sotoyy* haha

udah gt, kita pulang dehh.. karena udah sore.. udah udh kelaperan lagi semua.nya. haha..

trus pas kita mau naik kapal.

ehh.. kita ktmu yg kyknya nihh.

starfish yg tadi kita balikin ke lauttt..

gw baru tau bngt loh, starfish ternyata bisa jalan. hahaha..

so cute and weird yahh.. haha.. 

selesai blog gw buat jalan2 di pulau lada dan timah. haha..

overall.. i would grade it 8/10, because of the beaches… haha..