Bali : Pork Star Restaurant

Bali always have something new to offer. Sometimes too many new stuffs coming out together that made you confuse on which one to try first. Luckily i have some friends who are staying in this lovely island now, that makes it easier to find good new places to eat and hangout.

When i reached Bali, it was almost 12 o clock in the afternoon. And since me and my friends haven’t had our breakfast yet, We were starving like crazy. So I contacted a good ‘cici’ of mine to recommend what’s good for lunch for 6 hungry people. And she told us to go for Pork Star Restaurant in Seminyak area.

Pork Star is relatively not new though, Since it’s been around there for about 2 years. To be honest, this place is Quite easy to miss out, cause they have a small entrance. So my advise is, drive slowly when you are close by.

We started our meal by their most favorite appetizers (that’s what they say), and that’s what my good friend’s recommended too. So, without any hesitation, we ordered 2 plates of this goodness. *droll

Pork Dynamite (Rp 38,000 / SGD 3,8)

Mozarella cheese wrapped in pork bacon! These 2 crazy goodness in one single bite be like.. ahhhh! Hahaha.. Moreover, they topped it with another melted cheese. For a cheese lover like, these taste like heaven. Haha. But, do enjoy it while it’s still warm.  Else, the cheese will be kinda chewy, and the bacon will be cold and hard. 😦



Pork Tongue Sambal Hijau. (Rp 42,000 / SGD 4,2 )

I know this sounds a little bit weird, since i’m sure many of us are more familiar with beef tongue. Well, it tastes like a beef tongue for me, only a bit more firm and thicker. They claimed that they boiled their pork tongue for 6 hours, so it’s kinda tender and easy to eat.  I love the sambal hijau or green chili, not that spicy (at least for me) and it goes right with the boiled pork. Maybe my suggestion will be, to just order a plain steamed rice, rather than the butter rice. The butter rice is not bad, but it is just overwhelming for me to mix strong flavor with another strong taste.

Pork Short Ribs with Hongkong Style Sauce (Rp 58,000 / SGD 5,8)

Juicy and Tender meat, something that is very safe to order if you don’t really like Indonesian spices. I felt the sauce is too sweet for a pork ribs, but for you who love sweet food, it can be your favorite meal over there! This meal is accompanied with french fries too, which i think it can help you to neutralize the sweet hongkong style sauce.

Nasi Campur Pork Star (Rp 48,000 / SGD 4,8)

This is not your typical Bali Nasi Campur, where you have suckling pig set and pork satay. This Nasi campur consist of 4 pork goodness, which is Babi Sambal Matah, Babi Sambal Hijau, Babi Rica-rica and Dendeng that comes with steamed rice. All are good, they cooked the pork well, but my favorite is the Dendeng and sambal hijau. The Dendeng or dried pork is very savoury and the sambal hijau is just so good. Guess i just love green chili. haha.

Truffle Mushroom Pasta (Rp 55,000 / SGD 5,5)

I have to say they have the most random menu. From local pork delicacies to pork ribs, and now pasta. haha. Since there’s a friend of ours who doesn’t eat pork, so she ordered this mushroom pasta with creamy truffle mushroom choice. I thought the pasta will be a bit off. But truth to be told, this pasta is so good! The pasta is al-dente, and the mushroom truffle sauce is so good! this one taste just right, where some of creamy sauce makes you sick if you eat too much.

Overall, we had a good eating experience here! Good food with friendly price.

Pork Star Restaurant  

88, Jl. Nakula, Legian, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Opening Time : 10am-10pm


Pork Star Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Famous Taiwanese Breakfast : Fu Hang Dou Jiang (VLOG)

If you google on what to eat for breakfast in Taipei city, Fu Hang Dou Jiang will definitely be one of the top list. Located quite at the heart of the city, each day this place draws hundreds of customers who craves for local authentic breakfast. They diligently open their stalls that is located at second floor of Hua Shan Market. Everyday (except Monday), they will open their business at 5.30am, and you can find that people are already lining up by then. Since this breakfast place is so famous and people said it’s a must try breakfast when you come to Taipei, so me and my brother went to try how good it tastes like.

Reached the place about 10.45am, and saw a long line up. Luckily the line went quite fast that day and we only took 15 minutes to Queue.. *Rumour said that sometimes you need to line up for 45 minutes* When it is about your turn, i suggest you to make up your mind first, cause there’s no much time for you to read the menu one by one, since they are very fast in taking and serving your order, and they want the Q to keep moving.


So, this was what we ordered:


Cold SoyMilk

My favourite all time drink! They have both the sweetened/salty and hot/cold soymilk. Since i dont have much time to think and afraid that i may not like the salty ones. so i just go ahead with the normal cold soymilk. When they asked me to eat here or to take away. i said to eat here, and suddenly they served me a bowl of soyamilk, i thought i ordered wrongly, but they said it’s the soyamilk that i was ordering.. Well.. after that we decided to order one more soyamilk cause my brother wanted to have one as well, and you know what did i received.. It was a cup of soymilk. :/ Really not sure on how it works.

Anyway, the soyamilk is gooodd.. And i think there’s no awful soyamilk in Taipei. All soyamilk taste good for me. haha.

You Tiao (Cakwe / Fried Cruller)

My Favorite snack of all time! I can just eat this everyday for my breakfast. Too bad it’s not good for your health since it’s deep fried and tend to be oily/ greasy sometimes. This is very well paired with Soyamik!

You Tiao here is very different. I guess this is my very first time to eat super crunchy cakwe that cant be teared into two. It’s so crunchy that it feels like eating some crackers. Nevertheless this popular Taiwanese dish still taste good for me.

There’s another way to eat your You Tiao, which i just discovered as well. Just crack it into two and dip it to the cold / hot soymilk that you order. it will give you a whole different taste! I cant really describe on how it taste like, but as for me i felt that somehow it enhances the soymilk taste. Give it a try. =)

Hou Shao Bing (Thick Shao Bing) 

It’s a thick fluffy yet dry bread filled with omelette egg (egg is optional). The bread itself is already good and crunchy with a little bit of sweetness in it, but it may overpower the egg a little bit. This bread is savoury and one of their best selling item.


Bao Shao Bing (Thin Shao Bing)

It’s exactly the same with the hou shou bing with a thinner bread that taste less sweet. I personally like the thin one better, cause you can simply taste their savoury egg better. *And i dont know why outside omelette is just better than homemade ones*haha. Well, but i guess the thick bread will be more filling if you are looking for something to satisfy your tummy.



Fu Hang Dou Jiang
Hua Shan Market, 2F. No. 108, Zhongxiao East Rd., Sec. 1
Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan

(Exit 5 Shandao Temple, and Hua Shan Market is already on your right side)

Tried to make another VLOG (in Bahasa Indonesia) about this, and i discovered that my food vocabulary need to be expanded. Cant really describe the taste well when i record myself, i realized that i need to ponder first on how it taste to write it down. =( Bravo to the food blogger who can get the word on point when they made their VLOGs. =) Anyway, Enjoy my VLOG! ❤





3 Best Restaurants in Goreme, Cappadocia

3. Cafe Safak.

Muze Cadessi no 28 | (On the way to the Goreme open air museum), Goreme 50180, Turkey. +90 384 271 2597

It’s a family owned cafe, whereby you can sit there the whole day to just enjoy the afternoon breeze, and to avoid the strong sun at noon times. Most of the meals are homemade by the owner’s mom.



They said the most favorite menus are Latte,  The Lentils Soup and the Gözleme. so went to try it out :

Gözleme – savory traditional Turkish Pastry dish.


It’s something like Indian Prata that you can filled with various types.  we Ordered Cheese and Mushroom that time, and it was not bad at all. it’s rather dry compared to Prata.

Baklava – Turkish dessert, a Turkish sweet pastry with nuts and fillings. 


It feels like eating Bollen Bandung from Indonesia with Ice cream. The texture is Crispy outside, sofy and chewy inside. 
2. Cappadocian Cuisine
Uzundere Caddesi NO:5/B, Goreme 50180, Turkey. +90 536 964 62 25
Dont judge the book by it’s cover. The restaurant banner may not be as nice as the others, and maybe the place doesnt look fancy at all. But all I can say is, they have the most reasonable price and size for a great local taste! 
Lentils Soup
SONY DSC Kofte Casserole – Meatballs (beef) in oval shape. 
SONY DSCMost meals come with free Salad, and the rice smells so nice, and very soft like Japanese rice. It looks like they are using same gravy as well for most of the meals. so, it’s like changing the meats only. 
Chicken Casserole
 Turkish Pasta
 And Highlight of the Day is : Pottery Chicken Kebab!
SONY DSC The way they present the meal is very fascinating. The bowl above was already opened. So, before they open it, it looks like a giant egg. After that, they are turning the ‘big egg’ and stated knocking the spoon around the pot, until you can hear a ‘pop’ sound. and there you go, Pottery Kebab is ready to enjoy.
1. TopDeck Cave Restaurant
Hafiz Abdullah Efendi Sokak 15, Goreme 50180, Turkey. 90 384 271 2474
All i can say is, this is a must visit restaurant when you are coming to Goreme. A lovely place up in the hill and inside a cave. Yes, a cave! Cappadocia is famous for it’s cave hotel. If you want to feel how it feels like to eat in a cave restaurant, Topdeck is a right place to go.
SONY DSCA very traditional settings and lovely ambiance like we are dining in middle east countries. haha.  This place is rather small, so i suggest you to make a reservation first before coming. That time we came quite late for our dinner,and just nice they have a place to sit for 5 of us.
Chicken Kebab , Kofte (Meatballs) , and a free salad
SONY DSCAll the meals here are pretty the same with other restaurants, but what makes the different is the spices that they are using. it’s feels very rich and different from the others. Same goes with the rice as well, it’s like they are putting some spices as well, not just a normal plain rice.
Lamb Shank
And Highlights Meals for the day is Lamb Borek – Lamb springroll filled with cheese. They said it’s one of the most authentic Turkish dish ever.
SONY DSCIt feels like eating ‘Lumpia’, an Indonesian eggroll snack, but in a whole new level. Definitely, a must try!

Istanbul : Turkey Kebab

I think most people knows that Turkey is famous for its Kebab..

we were in Turkey for 6 days.. 

and we ate Kebab for almost everyday.. haha

*im not sure if we ate that everyday because we are simply in Turkey and it is famous for its Kebab or we did not know any other food there except the Kebab* hahaha.  

so, before i tour you to all the Kebab’s restaurant..

for those of you who does not know what Kebab is..

It is like pieces of grilled meat..either they make it to small skewers.. or they just slice it directly from their big skewers. hahaha.. do i make any sense here? hahahaha..


Well.. i think it’s better to proceed to the pictures directly. haha.. 

Our first restaurant in Istanbul – SultanAhmed Koftecisi 

i think it’s like Singapore’s kopitiam or coffee shop. haha..

this restaurant located nearby the Basilica Cistern.. 

 they always have bread for appetizers.

 Corba = Soup *i think its lentils soup* haha

the taste was okay. i think it’s just me who dont like lentils. haha..

*rasanya sedikit kayak kacang ijo indonesia tapi ga se enak kacang ijo. hahahaha*


i dont know why they call it meatball. since meatball is always round, doesnt it? hehe..

if im not wrong this meat ball is beef meat

and the Shish Kebab down there is made from lamb meat..

owhh. and let me introduce ‘AYRAN’ to youu..

so almost everyone in that koftecisi ordered ayran as their drink..

we were very curious why?

so we decided to ask the waiter what is it..

the waiter said it’s something like milk.. so we decided to try out one.

we thought it’s something like soy bean milk.

but we were wrong. hahaha..

it’s YOGURT !

after tasting it we were like.. 

ermm.. how a person can eat kebab with drinking yogurt drink? wouldnt it taste funny in your mouth? 

but we figured out that it’s for your health purpose..

kebab is very ‘heaty’ like lamb meat for example..

so. they drink ayran to ‘cool’ it down.. 

well.. thats what we know. please tell us if it’s not true.. haha.. 


Second restaurant – Hamdi Restaurant

located nearby Galata Bridge.. 

okay.. so this restaurant served the kebab on skewers.. 

the place is more high class than the koftecisi..

as for the food.. the kebab taste is richer than koftecisi. 

and for the rice.. it’s like garlic fried rice. 

this restaurant cost double than koftecisi. 

well. i think its true that ‘price never lie’. haha. 


so sad that we could not get the tables by the window..

i bet it’s a nice view of Galata bridge and the sunset. hehe.. 


Third Restaurant – some random restaurant along Grand Bazaar

 Chicken Kebab with Yogurt – the turkish name is et iskandar

i thought it was weird eating the chicken with yogurt..

and guess what??

it is weird..! ahahahha..

well.. the yogurt is nice.. but i think they just dont go along well.. 

we ended up eating the chicken and the yogurt separately.. hehe.. 


stay tune for more kebabs post..

because after Istanbul, we are going to Cappadocia.. hehe.  

so, wait for Cappadocia’s food post. haha..


**to be honest.. all the kebabs are nice..

eventho some are too dry sometimes that makes you very thirsty after eating..  

but i cant take kebabs everyday.. *eneggg broooo.. hahaha* 

luckily i brought instant noodle there..

Pop-Mie (indonesian instant noodle) to the rescue.. !!

cant imagine if i did not bring it there.. hahaha..



Instant noodle lover and someone who now, had enuf of Kebab. hahaha.


Israel Trip : Day 6 – The Golden Dome, The Camel & The Belief

people sometimes can randomly ask me about my belief,

and I’m proud to say that I’m a Christian.

then some of them will ask me again Why/How do I become a Christian ?


well.. i can remember vividly how comfortable it was, my first time sitting at the church without knowing what song they sang and what the preacher preached. haha..

the time when i chose bible over sailormoon comics in the bookstore during my 3rd grade,

and when i saw angels *literally* around my bed right after i asked Him to show me one.

Those things happened to me when i was in primary 3-4.

and i think those ‘magical’ moments mold my today’s belief.

and i am also sure each and everyone of us have our own ‘eureka’ moments that makes us what we are today; either you belief in any God or not.

well.. that’s only some sharing before i enter to Day 6 itinerary. hehe..

because why?


because we are going to The Golden Dome today! hehe..

Dome of The Rock or sometimes people call it The Golden Dome.,

A place whereby the Christians belief that Abraham was prepared to sacrifice Isaac,

and a place whereby the Muslims belief that Abraham was prepared to sacrifice Ishmael.

this place is the 3rd most visited place for the Muslims too after Meca and Madina.

the Muslims also believe that it was the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven..

 ahaa.. i think that’s a real Gold up there.. haha

well.. nothing much to do here.

cause i think we cant go in to the Dome as well.

so, there it is.. my touristy pictures. hehe

anyway , doo i look like a Japanese? haha

everyone there keep saying “konnichiwa” and “arigato” to me

and some people just speak to me in Japanese like i have a clue.. 

anyway.. this place is soooo sacred.. idk who makes the rules.. 

but man and woman cant even hold hands here..

or even touching their partners shoulder. 

hmpp.. be careful to watch your hands there.. hehe..

well.. but the kids are allowed to hold hands.. *like the pic below. hehe

many students come to this place for some study tour,

most of them will be in pair and holding hands.

of course the boy with the boy and vise-versa.

and when they walked around the place, they will walk and scream something like ‘Allahu akbar’

idk why they have to scream like that.

and it was non-stopp.. idk when they will stop..

maybe it’s the tradition though.

this pics here is the Golden Gate

the place where the Jewish believe that their Messiah will come through this door..


just beside this Golden Dome is

the Wailing Wall / Western Wall.   *atau yg biasa sering disapa dngn sebutan tembok ratapan. hehe*

i was thinking it will be a veryyy huge wall..

in fact its not that huge.. hehe..


so, people will come there and pray to God.

usually they will write their prayer on a piece of paper, and they will put it in between the rocks.

some people might take a while to pray, and some people might take a longgg while to pray. hehe.

they put chairs there for the people who wants to read their bible there.

or for us the tourist to wait. haha.


our tour people said that normally at night, the caretaker there will take all the letters out, and will put it in a container, and keep it under the ground for the God’s.

they said it is your official prayer to God if you put your letter there..

and believe it or not,

God did answer one of my prayer that i wrote in the letter, just right after i pray there.

does that place really can answer your prayer in no time? well.. i dont know

or maybe it’s just a coincidence? i dont know too..

what i know my God is everywhere that can answer my prayer in His right time..


after our half day of touring, we got to tried Israel Local Food.

The “Falafel”

a flat pita bread with fillings inside.. 

they usually sell this at the roadside. haha.. 

but this is nicee..

something new for my taste buds. haha. 


today we went to the place where Jesus was crucified.

the Garden Tomb – a place where Jesus was crucified according to the Christians belief.

 the “Golgotha” – The Skull Hill

they call it the skull hill because there was a man standing opposite the hill and saw this hill looks like a skull from far.

 i love the signage on the door. hehe..

believed as the Jesus’s tomb back then. 


our tour guide there at the Garden Tomb explaining to us many things.

but what we remember the most is when he said that,

“nevertheless, we are worshiping our one and only God, not a place” – not an exact lines. haha.


that was like mind blowing for us at that moment,

because we went there to know the real place where Jesus did everything back then. 

but all we found is only a place where the people believed that events were took place. 


anyway. the garden is pretty, very shady *idk if there’s such a word* haha. in bahasa we called it “teduh” hehe.

we also met a bunch of indonesia there having a service.. and i found it very heart-warming. listening to those indo worship songs.. they made me want to join their service as well.

just sit there and praising God.. it’s just felt amazing.


the Catholic’s Church *i forgot what’s the name* – a place where Jesus was crucified according to the Catholic’s belief.

this one is very different with the Christian’s ones.

its a very huge church with all the beauty engravings / paintings in the wall and many manyy pilgrims there doing their rituals.. like touching the altar and the star-hole-look-alike that is believed as Jesus’ tomb, and blessing their Rosario and scarf etc at the other altar.

it’s just a very “happening” place.

and my last thing that i want to share with you is


our very first CAMEL RIDE !!! wohooo.. hahaha..

we were like the princess of Egypt up there..

hahahaha *yaaa right! * haha..

it was an amazing experience.. yet very thrilling

it feels like i can fell anytime.. haha..

the most terrifying was when the camel went up and down

cause it bends their leg every time we need to go up and down.

for me. its equally thrilling as riding a roller coaster. haha..

that’s our driver that helped each and everyone of us to get on to the camel. haha..

yess. this was the most thrilling moment. hahaha.. 

we need to lean back when it bend it’s front knees

and we need to lean forward when it bend it’s back knees. 

byee byeee cute jackk jackkk.. 

yeahh.. his name is Jack.. hehe.. *if im not mistaken* hahaha.

thanks for the ‘princess of Egypt’ experience. =)

Taiwan’s Local Food

This is a long overdue post back in 2012

Let me show you the best Taiwan’s Local Food that we ate during our trip.

**sorry for i dont know what exactly the restaurant’s name and where exactly the restaurants are. haha..

im just not good at remembering Chinese names. hahaha. well. anyway..


1. Dumplings in Hua Lien City 


2. Taiwan Hot Dog – i never ate such a yummy hotdog before.. *i swear. haha.. 

Its in one of the night market in Hua Lien City as well. but u can find it in other nightmarket as well. 

Its wrapped by some sort like glutinous rice and the have other things like cucumber, pickles and chili, and some other things that i dont exactly know what that is.. but it is awesomely nice. hahahaha. 


3. Fried pork ribs? hahaha. 

intinya babi goreng dahh ini. ahhaah.. 



3. Cold Tofu and beef noodle when we were on our way to Taroko Gorge. =) 


4. Local Handburger with pork. This is sinfully delicious. ~.~

its somewhere in sun moon lake. 


4. The most delicious beef noodle that ive ever tried. 

named Lin Tong Fang in Ba De Lu Road in Taipei! 

it’s a small counter at the road side. They have their kitchen on 1 stall, and a place to seat in other stall.

i love their chewy noodle and their beef and tendon that really melts in your mouth. 

and plus their chili. aaaahhh~~~ Its just heaven!