Body Getaway at Bodyworks SPA – Bali

** Apologise for no pictures / less pictures as reference for this post.  As i mistakenly deleted some photos on my media blog and could not recover it back. =( **

Since tomorrow, 14th October 2015 is Indonesia’s public holiday, i guess it’s appropriate to write something about relaxation.

When i was younger, i hate massage so much. I dont like the idea of taking my clothes off, and some ‘mbok-mbok’, a quite old female therapist will put some oil on my body and start the ritual of massaging. Well, that was when i was 8 or 9 years old. My mom would frequently call this ‘mbok-mbok’ to massage her and asked me if i want to try. As one curious kid, i wanted to know how it feels, since my mom and the ‘mbok-mbok’ said it is very nice and will relax our muscles and release body tension.

Since that very first time, i banned massage as one of the way of relaxation. haha. It freaking hurt, i did not like the oily feeling on my body, and i feel a bit humiliated to took off my shirt in-front of someone that i did not know. Maybe it was not the right age to try massage as well? i dont know either.

As i grew older, my girlfriends like to ask me to go SPA with them. What i know that time, SPA is only a fancy name to a hurtful massage. haha.. i kept saying NO. But there was a time, i finally said YES to go to some javanese SPA in Singapore. It was when i finished all my uni exams, and i just want to relaxx and release all the stress. My housemate said, why dont you start with a good massage? and i dont know why, i just went with her to the massage parlour and OMG! i enjoyed massage for the first time in my life! haha. Since then, i always look forward for any SPA session.

Somehow, Bali is always correlated with nice great SPA. Two weeks ago me and my friends tried Bodyworks in Petitenget area. The location is just opposite of Motel Mexicola Cafe.

Bodyworks has a cozy place to begin with. When i entered the place, i have that feeling that i’ll be surely pampered. They have big space and they have many SPA Menu for us to choose. From Manicure/Pedicure, Facial, SPAs, Hair Treatments, and even Make up.

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For those of you who choose Manicure/Pedicure, you can request to do it outside and see the greeneries. Somehow this view reminds me of ‘Marigold Hotel’ the movie. It has the Indian vibes in some way. haha.

I choose 2 hrs of Exfoliation Massage (Mandi Lulur) this time. Indeed it feels like ‘Kanjeng Ratu’ Indonesian princess when i entered the room. Do you think so?


“This treatment begins with an hour-long Balinese massage, then the entire body is painted in a brown, granular paste (the traditional Javanese “lulur”), containing turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts and rice. The paste is then gently rubbed to exfoliate the skin. After a quick shower the body is covered in fresh yoghurt. The enzymes stimulates cell activity and restores th pH balance of the skin, which feels soft as silk after the yoghurt is washed away. The final step involves luxuriating in a warm, fragrant, flower-filled bath” (from Bodyworks)

I really enjoyed my time there, i just went back from island hopping and really in need for a good massage. i think they can give the relaxation that my body needs. The therapist can unclench my tensed muscles during the one hour Balinese massage. Eventho the scrub smells quite pungent, it felt like it can lift all the impurities from my skin.

I love the yoghurt smell! the therapist said that it made from fresh yoghurt mixed with Dancow milk full-cream. haha.. after the yoghurt time, it feels like my skin 10x smoother than before.. so soft like a baby’s butt. haha.. and Finally, one of the moment that i have been waiting for, soaking in flower bath! Well, i was expecting the bathtub will literally full of flowers. But too bad, they just put 2 basket of flower petals.. =(..

IMG_4415   **pictures from Julyerna/Julyerni (my twin friends) instagram** (forgot to take my own pictures.. =(.. )

I had great overall experience here. For me, it is indeed a good place for my body-getaway. Eventhough one friend of mine didnt really enjoy it here.

Ambiance : 3.5 / 5

Massage Service : 3.5 / 5

Price : 2 / 5

Any SPA recommendation in Jakarta / Bali, anyone? i would love to try! ❤


J. Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget, Bali, Indonesia, p. +62 361 733317. Open Mon-Sun 9am-10pm.


Sawadika Phuket

this is so called my early graduation trip back in 2011. 

me. friska. andreas. icha. veve. fanie and reza were there for 4days and 3 nites..


phuket is fine..

but i prefer bali more than phuket. hehe.


but again.. its not the place that you went to.. but the people whom you with with that makes you enjoyed the trip..

a lot of jokes and laughter among us..

be it make sense or not.. hahaha..

so.. this was our itinerary..


Day 1.

air asia flight from sg-phuket. 1.15pm flight

and we were still at the toilet at 1.10pm. HAHAHAHHA..

we were scolded by the air asia people..

because we were still walking slowly when we were late. ahhaahha…


after we arrived there.. we were looking for local tours to take us arnd the island..

finally we got the tour package for 3300 bath = 145 sgd to 3 places..


** hotel’s package will cost u 3300 itself for 1 attractions..

so just get it from the small booth anywhere u like.. all the prices around the same..

its the bargaining skills that u should have. ahahahha..


and we went to dinner by the beach..

actually we want to go to SAVOEY. *recommended restaurant by ibis hotel concierge.. but because of 1 2 and 3 things.. we went to this small restaurant by the beach.. called.. “the beach”. ahahah.. eventho.. we ended up.. not eating at the beach.. *forgot whats the restaurant’s name.

Day 2.

we woke up early in the morning to go for elephant tracking..

so. we ride those elephants for jungle tracking and to see the beach from the cliff..

and yes.. there are some scenery that is breath taking for me..

but unfortunately.. cant take some pics.

cause i was scared to death to let go my hands from the chair handle’s and andreas’s hand. >,<


our elephant is like a mad raging elephant. 

and its a male elephant..

it can go to the tip of the cliff and trying to go down to the beach..

it can put one of his legs up to another cliff and happily eat the banana tree..

*jadi modelnya pas dia angkat kaki depan.. kita otomatis. keblakang donkk..

yahh.. kyk modelnya sarung gajah duduk dehh.. ato polo shirt yg kuda.nya naeq..

gmn gw ga jantungann.. -_-..


it was more thrilling than universal. i can guarantee you.. *if u ride our elephants named captainn..

cause the other 2 elephants that fanie friska reza and veve ride were very calmed and we can see them enjoying the tracking..

ketika gw dan andreas seru sendiri d atas gajah kita..

sampe capeee.. -_-‘

after that we went for diner and watched local show named ‘phuket fantasea’

the diner place is fabulous. its like a place meant for gala diner..

and this is the gate to enter the show.. cool huh? haha..

all camera’s should be keep at the counter, so they gave us private lockers to put our things..

and on our way back. got 3 Ukrainian Ladies asked us to take pictures with them. haha. how cute.

Day 3

we went to phi phi island for sightseeing and snorkling..

it takes 50mins to go from phuket to phi2 island by speed boat.. *max 28people

or u can take bigger boat. but it will take u 2hours to travel there..


veve and friska got seasick and threw up in the speedboat..

it wasnt a good trip for both of themm..

luckily the rest of us are okay..


snorkling was fun.. and i can say that phi2 island is less polluted than bali. ahhaha

jernih mampus itu aer.. haha..

so. we spend the whole day at the beaches.


* dan gw baru ngerasa sakitnya keterpa sama pasir.. gara2 anginnya super kenceng.

sumpa sakit dehh ga boonk.. kyk d tabokin pasir..


malem.nya kita diner di pinggir jalan yg mayand enak juga..

namanya noodle’s house d pinggir jalan andaman..

they have the best tom yum for our trip. ahhaha.

later that night, me. ndreas. icha and reza went for massage

me went for foot spa and reflexology

and 3 of them were taking thai massage..


1hour for 400bath..

and it is very relaxing.. and we really love it..

i can recommend u the place..

its a decent place opposite SAVOEY restaurant

they wash our feet first before the massage.. hihihi

and that massage was very perfect to end our day. hehe



went back to airport early in the morning. =(


 Below is the cost breakdown of this 4 day Phuket trip 

– Return flight by air asia = 200 SGD

– Hotel ibis at patong beach for 3night = 65 AGD / person

– 270 SGD for all the activities, lunches, diners, transport by tuk2 and van + jajan2. 

Total = 535 SGD


Kap kun ka phuket.


**sorry for the low quality pictures. did not have a fancy camera back then. hehe.. 


I am sure most woman and some of the guys out there have the love of spa.

whereby you just need to lay down to let go of all your tiredness and rejuvenate yourself .

when i went to bali 2 weeks ago.

me and some of the girls have the craving of spa.

we need to be pampered ! haha


after we did our research,

we finally decided to go to Spa Bali.

yes.. SPA BALI is a spa name.. hehe..

its a nice, decent, clean spa nearby Seminyak area.

*agak masuk2 gang kecil gt*


well, it’s not a luxurious spa

but we are very happy with the services.

as i mentioned before..

the place is clean and very decent

looks small from outside, but its rather big inside.

It’s like mini salon as well, where you can do your hair and nails. 

the price is considered cheap..

we took SPA BALI MASSAGE – their signature Balinese massage mixed with Swedish and Shiatsu techniques for only RP. 133.000 ( 2 weeks ago 1 SGD = RP 9200, so its only for 15 SGD)


they have private rooms. 

since it was 4 of us..

so they gave us 2 rooms.

the room is just a normal 2 bedded room.

our other 2 friends got a room with build in bathroom inside.


ohh.. actually there’s funny story.

the therapist asked us to take off all our clothes except our panties..

then after we took that off.

there’s an awkward moment between me and my friend. ahhaha..

we just chat for a while since the therapist have not come in again,

until me and her was like.. uhmm.. its kinda awkward yaa when we chat without clothes on.

then we just lay ourselves down and wait for the therapist to go in again. hahaha..

i cannot imagine if i need to go for the pre-marital massage. haahha.. well.. hahaha.. 

our other 2 friends said it was even more awkward for them, cause there’s no partition for the bathroom, only have 2 showers in the same place. hahaha. 


they have great ‘massage-rs’ (if there such a word.. haha) or therapist..

they are very friendly and really know what they are doing.

like any other spa, they will ask you how is the massage.

is it too hard or too soft?

i am one of those people who cannot take hard massage.

i prefer soft massage.. 

but that time, eventho it was not that hard..

i can feel some pain on my right thigh.. 

and i asked the therapist to do it softer on that specific area.

when i took bath after that.

i can feel that my thigh is a bit painful. its like the muscle ache.


my friend said it’s normal if your leg are too tired.

so when you go for massage, the pain will come out and will go away shortly after that.


and you know what..

its truee.. haha

so 1-2 hrs after the massage.. i dont feel anymore muscle ache on my right tight..

maybe too much walking in singapore. haha..



it’s very recommended..

i think their stone massage and flower bath is very pampering as well.

but too bad, we only have 1 hr for the treatment since we have to go somewhere else.


the last time i email them, they said their websites is still under maintenance

so you can give them a call or drop them an email if you are interested. =)



Jalan Drupadi

Seminyak, Bali

PHONE (0361) 737-694



888 Jalan Dyanapura

Seminyak, Bali