MC STORY : The Miracle Wedding of Christian & Vanie

Many people asked me, which one is your most favorite or most memorable wedding reception by far? To be honest, i cant answer one, because each wedding hold their own beautiful story. Apart from the lovely venue and decor, the stunning dresses and the euphoria of the event, for me as a Wedding MC, the story of the bride & groom themselves and the presence of their loved ones are more important to make a wedding day meaningful and memorable.

This time, let me share with you the Miracle Wedding of Christian & Vanie. One of my most memorable wedding as a Wedding MC.

It was a sunny day when i reached Bali in early December 2017. I remember i went straight to the wedding venue for the Technical Meeting right after i landed. Well, usually i don’t normally go for technical meeting in Bali, not because i dont want to, but because the time doesnt really permit and often clash with the flight time. But since the venue was’t really far from the place that i stayed, so i dropped by and joined the Technical Meeting.

*FYI, i will always come for Technical Meeting in Jakarta. If the timing doesnt not match, i will arrange to meet up with the couple and the Wedding Organizer separately. Why? Because i want to know the bride & groom personally, i want to be friends with them and the organizer. So when i MC their event, i can feel that i’m celebrating my friend’s big day too!

Anyway, let’s continue our story. The TM went well, and Vanie (the bride to be) asked me to pray for the weather too. I was like, ‘Chill babe, it’s super sunny, and the organizer said it’s been sunny the whole week’

So i went back to my villa, enjoyed a plate of Nasi Babi Guling and get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

To my surprised, i was awakened by a big thunder. And the first thing came to my mind was, ‘Oh God, please stop the rain for Christian & Vanie’, and i went back to sleep. When i woke up again, it was drizzling, and still drizzling when i have to go to the venue at 2-ish.

The first thing i did when i arrived was to enter Vanie’s room and said hello!

J : Van, you look so stunning!

V : Thank you Jend. How’s outside is it still raining?

J : Yeah, still drizzling, but dont worry, we still have 3 more hours to go!

V : Please help us to pray ya Jend! I even closed my curtain so i wont see the rain. So frustrating =(

J : Do you engage ‘pawang hujan’ / rain handler (someone who could stop the rain) ?

V : We did not. We asked them what do they do in order to stop the rain? The ‘Pawang’ said, we pray.
So, if he can only pray, why do we have to pay more for something that we can do too? 

*i was some moved by their faith btw! not many couple or family will risk their big day.

J : True, we can prayy too! we have Jesus. Let’s pray & cheer up! We still have time..

And i went downstairs to get my make up done.

Almost 2 hours later, the rain still pours, i was still optimistic, but had doubt as well. Since the deco people need to stop and cover all the tables, i was thinking, if the rain stopped on time, will they have enough time to decorate all the tables?

Right after im done with my make up, i went up again. This time i went to visit Christian, and to have my pre-dinner in his villa, since all the food was there. I chatted with Christian & his 3 bestman, they were concerned as well, but still optimistic & hoped for the best too.

Not long after that the photographer came in and did some photoshoot with them, and suddenly the organizer knocked the door and asked Christian to come to prepare for something. I was like, OMG it’s almost holy matrimony time and it’s still drizzling.

When i have that thought. there’s another knocked on the door. It’s the bridesmaids!

One of them said : Hi All, are you guys busy? If not, would you three come with us to pray together? Some of Christian & Vanie’s friends are already downstairs. We will pray for the rain to stop. 

I was like, Awww.. such a sweet friendship. They dont complain about the situation but pray about it. I’m so moved once again. 

and so, The bestman went down, i finished my meals, and fix my cue-cards while waiting for my MC partner to come.. and it was still drizzling.

When i went down, all the families have lined up for the Holy Matrimony procession. I asked the organizer, ‘Can we wait a bit more?’

The organizer said, ‘We cant, we are so late already, The show must go on’

and amazing thing start to happen..

It was still raining when the event started, but when the family walked in and the praise and worship starts, the rain slowly begin to stop.

I finally joined the Holy Matrimony & sit at the back, and it was one the craziest moment of my life. i looked up to the sky, and it’s a BRIGHT sky up there. But when i looked straight far in front, back, left and right, we are surrounded by BIG BLACK CLOUD.

the only bright place is that villa! 

SUMPAH ANEH BANGET! Bentuk villa-nya kotak, dan cuman di kotak persegi itu terangnya!

and so, everyone was happy! The holy matrimony went well, the reception went well too! and another weird thing is happening.

When me and my partner about to close the event, suddenly i felt something dripping on my cue-card. I signal the bride & groom and my partner to wrap up soon right after.

and when we said THANK YOU for the LAST TIME, it started to rain. and five minutes after we ended, the rain started to pour heavily again.

I was like. THIS IS SUPER CRAZY! THE RAIN STOPPED JUST WITHIN THAT TIME-FRAME. If it’s NOT Miracle Wedding, then i dont know what is?

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Wedding Organiser & Decor – ITS TRUE WEDDING // Photography – APEL PHOTOGRAPHYBride’s Dress – LYNPRISMAGARMENT // Groom’s Suit – ASSEMBLE SG // Bride’s MUA – CATLEYA DEA // Wedding Cake – SUGAR LEGACY BALI // Calligraphy – BASANTARA LETTERS