Israel Day 8 : Mount of Beatitudes & Sea of Galilee

Okay.. bear with me people..

my Israel Blog will be finishing soon. haha..

it’s 8/12 days in Israel.. so yeah.. 

i think i wont write much in this entry. but we’ll see how it goes. haha..

firstly, i want to show you our very last hotel in Israel. 

not a very luxurious, like the previous one.. 

it’s more like a very old resort for me, whereby u still locked the room with the traditional key, only few floors there, and no wi-fi at all at the building, except the lobby. haha..

so yeah. you can always find us in the lobby every afternoon and evening, engrossed with our smart phones, giggling and spamming the instagram. haha.

but on the higher note..

our hotel is facing the Sea of Galilee.. 

i took the above pics from my instagram, so thats why the pics size is a little bit different. hehe.

we met a lot of American-Jewish there..

and got a chance to know one of the girls.

we chit-chat about 20mins.. and we learnt something new about how the Jewish preserve their race on earth by arranging a free camp to Israel and hope that some of them can fall in love, got married and give birth to more Jewish..

well. they are indirectly match-making them with some good motives, to know your more about your Jewish root. haha.

*i will talk more of this on my next post*


move on to my Day 7

this day was very ‘adventurous’. why?

because we are climbing to the mount – not literally,

but literally sailing on the sea where Peter walks on water 2013 years ago. hihi..

okay. so firstly is Mount of Beatitudes, the place where Jesus deliver the “Happy” sermon on the Mount. hehe..

well.. like i said we did not literraly hike the Mount, because they already furbished it with some souvenir shop at the entrance, decorate the whole path with water fountain and “Happy” verses along the way to the church.

yess.. like most of the ‘sacred’ places, they’ll surely built up a church on it.

*thank God for CROCS! this flat-shoes really comfortable for travelling* hehe

 they also have the monastery house there.. owh. i think it’s a pretty buildings and garden. hehe..

*if you place this somewhere else, it just looks like some rich people’s house, isnt it? haha*


The city of Capernaum.

A town in Galilee where Jesus taught in synagogue and healed the man who was possessed by an evil spirit (Luke 4:31-36)

not much to see here, and somemore the weather on that day is not friendly at all.

i think that’s the hottest day ever in my whole trip. haha

but i like the ruins of the synagogue. it’s just sooo nicee. i love the big pillars.

like i travelled back to some ancient greek time, where Zeus is still known as a god of the greeks.

 ci bom with her triple protection : sunblock, hat and umbrella hahaha

gigantic crocodile tongue. ahahaha.. i mean aloe vera.. 

is there any other name than aloe vera? cause it doesnt sounds right for a plant.

aloe vera drink just sounds better. haha.  


the Sea of Galilee

okay.. this is one of a kind experience. because we sailed on the sea where Jesus asked Peter to walk on the water, and it was my very first sermon on the boat.. haha.. *sounds very tacky*

we also have small session there,

firstly we get to know others first (since we are together with some other small group that came from all over the world), then we sing some songs and he finally he shared something about Faith.

well.. i think all pastors will share the same thing if we are talking about walking on the water.

Faith to walk on your ‘water’, the impossible. =)

 quite a big boat, right ?

i think i can jog around here. haha.

as we approaching the land..

ill see you again on my next Israel’s entrees. =)