National Gallery Singapore – The ‘Louvre of Asia’

I still remember vividly, about 6-7 years ago, one of my senior in my Singapore church took her pre-wedding pictures in front of this Supreme Court Building. Back then, pre-wedding photos just started to be popular amongst the newly-wed couples. I remember that me and one of my friend were so ‘Kaypoh’ that time, tailed them from the St. Andrew Cathedral to this classic pretty building. Well, for an 18 years old (then) me, pre-wedding shoots was somehow ‘dreamy and extravagant’, it made the younger me hope that i’ll have that kind of photoshoot when i turn 23, and get married by 24. But yeah, too bad.. i have passed that age monthss ago.. and here i am, Independent (read:single) and still dreaming to have a beautiful photoshoot soon with my future husband to be. hahaha.

Okay. enough about me. haha.. Let’s talk more about this newly opened museum in the heart of Singapore. After 10 years of renovating and SGD374 millions of expenditure, ‘The Louvre of Asia’ is finally unfolded on 24th November 2015, and it is Uh-mah-zing! Indeed, The prettiest museum in SE Asia.

I came to this ‘few-months-old-museum’ twice, the first one was planned and the second one was not. It is free to come here and take pretty pictures in the hallway and the classic-elegant bridge, but you need to pay SGD 20 dollars/ person for foreigners and free admission for PR and Singaporean to see all of the exhibitions.

On my first visit, I did not enter at any of their exhibition, but on my second impromptu visit, i accidentally entered one of their exhibition named ‘Siapa Nama Kamu’ – A Painting and many other artwork gallery that represents the development of modern arts in Singapore. I was so lucky, the staff was quite lenient that time, so they let me to quickly finish the entire gallery.#rejekianaksoleh

This marriage of two-buildings, City Hall and Supreme Courts is amazingly beautiful. I can stay there one whole day just to enjoy its classic yet modern architecture, and stare at paintings that i may not even understand. haha.

National Gallery Singapore is surely a must visit when you are in Singapore. Why?

  • They simply have a nice architecture to admire
  • Then you can take loads of instagramable pictures
  • Enjoy the 8,000 art pieces from old and new Singapore, and SE Asian arts
  • Nice cafe with a great Singapore landscape and MBS view
  • Cute museum shops – I can assure you, it’s not a boring ones

Okay, i guess enough of talking. Just see the pretty pictures below that were captured by Me and my lovely friend, Amanda Lorena

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National Gallery Singapore

1 St Andrew’s Rd, Singapore 178957

Nearest MRT Station : City Hall

**Taken by Iphone 6 (edited by Vscocam)

Taipei Must Visit : Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

In memorial of one of the greatest leader in Taiwan,  one vast memorial hall has been built in the heart of Taipei. Chiang Kai Shek played a significant role which makes Taiwan as it is now, even though he is not the founding father.

Chiang Kai Shek is the successor of Sun Yat Sen from the Kuo Min Tang Party. He was the president of Republic of China in 1928. History said that he was one of the best to replace Sun Yat Sen. But few years later, Japan entered China in 1931 and took over the capital city, Nanjing/Nanking. Chiang could not do much that time. After Japan knocked out by US, civil war occurred in China, and it drove Chiang Kai Shek away to Taiwan because he could not battle the communism, and let Mao Ze Dong lead ROC right after that in 1946.

Chiang then lived in Taiwan since then, and died in 1975 because of kidney failure.



To visit Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, you can take the MRT directly to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall station.

This memorial hall was open in 1980. All the colours in this memorial hall is using red and blue and white accents, represent the Taiwan flag itself.

The middle octagon building represents the 8 sides of chinese culture that associate with fortune and health, whereby they had two sets of 89 steps which represents Chiang’s age when he died.

When you entered the main hall, you can see the bronze statue of Chiang Kai Shek, and they embossed three characteristics on the wall that represent Ethics, Democracy and Science. You can also see the changing of the guards every hour from 9-5pm, and of course you can take a look at their museum too that exhibits a lot of things from Chiang’s history until painting and other exhibitions from 9-6.30pm. Enjoy the rest of the pictures. ❤



*All pictures taken by SONY NEX C-3

Vietnam must visit museums : The War Leftover

I got a chance to visit Saigon, Vietnam last month. In my 6 days of trip, i visited two must visit place in vietnam, moreover if you are historian type of person.

This two places are really really interesting. It evokes the curiousity inside of me when i visited these two places. Firstly is The War Remnant Museum and the second place is the infamous Cu Chi Tunnel.

War Remnant Museum

When many of travellers must put museum on their to go list. Im quite the opposite kind of travellers. Im more to cafe hopping or sightseeing. Well, i do like museums too, but its not priorities. When i stepped in to this museum, i kinda felt sleepy, its an old three storeys building, with some war leftovers like big tankers, bazookas, and many other weapons.




When i listened to its stories, things suddenly changed. I felt so awake. Vietnam quite have tonnes of histories. After France colonial, America was there to take over the south part of Vietnam. They afraid that the communist countries getting bigger, because that time the northern part of Vietnam was under Russia. And why this museum is so interesting? Because i just knew that America, a superpower country, lost for the first time. *yeah. I have poor history knowledge*

There was a group called National Liberation Front or well known as Viet Cong, a group of people who want to fought for freedom from USA. America was so cruel that time, they killed everyone who’s getting their way,they think everyone can become a thread, that everyone is Viet Cong.

There is one village named My Lai inside Quang Ngai province, which Suspected to be the homebase of Viet Cong. And the US troops just killed every vietnamese there, including women and children.


Another ruthless acts was they bomb south vietnam with an ‘Napalm – agent orange’. A very concentrated herbisides, like a jelly substance that practically will stick to anything and burn it right away. Napalm is one of the deathly substance that has ever been made. I guess thats the second biggest drop after Nagasaki and Hiroshima done by the USA.

Thousands of vietnamese died right away after strucked by the agent orange. And thousands of other vietnamese who did not died, they must suffer terrible effects, such as burnt skin, lost thier limbs, and disabled for life because of the napalm residue. This effect dont just stop there, it passed through their generations, hence all the babies are born incomplete, either they are blind, no limbs, unproportional limbs, cant walk properly, etc. A really an unending nightmare.


This museum showcased all the war pictures taken by international journalist from all over the world. since the beginning of war till its ends.


America finally ‘knocked down’ by the Viet Cong after years of war. They decided to go home because they have lost more than 58,000 soldiers and lost a lot of money only for this Vietnam war. History writes that this war was bigger than the World War II. Vietnamese use ‘Guerrilla Warfare’, which some says they learnt it from our general, AH Nasution. The most amazing this is, the Vietnamese fight with traditional weapons, like sharp bamboos while the US troops were all well-equiped. Other countries tried to send modern weapons as well for the Viet Cong, but how did they send the weapons while US troops watching the Whole country day and night? That’s where Cu Chi Tunnel play a big part, which i will tell you later.

This museum also showcase the disable people who suffered from the residue of Agent Orange. i was so saddened when i saw them. and not only me, i saw some other visitors shed some tears when they watch the blind man played the keyboard, while some men who have no limbs tried to sell some handmade keychains with his one little small hands. indeed a heart-breaking moment for me. one thing that we should learn from them, keep the hope high, because that’s the only thing that makes us living.


Cu Chi Tunnel

This place is located quite far from Saigon city, i must travel by bus about 2 hours time. I was wondering why this tunnel located so far away from the city. Was the forest have more space to build an underground hiding place? or that particular place have plenty of foods when they need to hide for years? I was shocked to know that this tunnel was made over there, because it’s near to Cambodia’s borderline. They use this access to sent all the weapons from the North Vietnam to Laos then to Cambodia then to South Vietnam. During that time, the soldiers can only walk from North Vietnam to avoid the US troops. So they need about 6 months to pass by 2 countries, just to deliver the weapons to Viet Cong. Really an act that we must respect!

Another jaw-dropping thing is how the Vietnamese made the underground ‘village’ where they stay for years. when i say a ‘village’, it is a real thing, where they have meeting rooms, kitchens to cook, temporary toilets, a place to make weapons,even a theatre for them to sing and dance. They built the 3 storeys underground with a very small entrance and many traps inside. Hence, if the US troops found them, they will be killed by the traps, and if they bombed the first layer, they stil have the second and third layer to hide.


The Vietnamese was very smart in building this place :

  • Firstly the traps, if US solder followed them in, they already know where was the marked traps, so they can easily trapped the soldier
  • Secondly is how they get the air and water. The tunnel is near a river, they can managed to pump the water into the tunnels. as for the air, they need to camouflage the bamboo sticks up there that looks like an ant-nests, to get the air from above.
  • Thirdly is how they cook. There’s always smokes normally when we normally cook, so to camouflage the smokes, They need to cook very early in the morning, because it will be seen as morning dews when it already reached the top.
  • The last thing is their last resources if US troops found their hiding place. They already made a way out to the river, and alreadt prepared many small boats for them to escape.

All are smart tactics, arent it? stil i dont know how they live with a lot of insects down there, like poisonous centipede, spiders and scorpions. even when i visited the place, i stil saw big centipede. ~.~`

The tunnel is indeed very small. less than 1m x 1m.

SONY DSCMy tour guide said that the management already made the tunnel a little bit bigger for tourist purpose now, the initial tunnel was just half of that size, and below is the real entrance to the tunnel.



I wanted to try the real entrance, but im afraid i cant pull myself out, hahaha. I only tried to went in to the tunnel, a short 20metres long for the tourist to try. even 20 metres long seems very far for me, it is very dark down there, very stuffy, and very small. you have to kinda squat all the way to get yourself out from there. cant imagine they need to do this everyday for almost 25 years.

This forest is very big, and they have some workshops for you to see as well. Like how the Viet Cong cooks that time, and how they make their own slippers from the tanker wheels. They said it’s proven the best slippers in the world, because you dont need any glue to made one, and it’s very safe to use, it’s thickness will safe you from stepping on sharp things, and will stay for as long as you can remember.




SONY DSC** One of Viet Cong’s trap to catch animals for their meals**

They have shooting range too, where you can try some guns like M16, M60, AK47, and other models for about 20 dollars for 10 times shoots. My experience in firing real guns was very scary but exciting at the same time. i was really shocked to hear a very loud voice of the gun-fire, and to feel the recoil for the first time. i tried M16 that time, expert said to use M16 for beginners because the recoil is not to strong. they said someone injured her shoulder when trying AK47 because of the strong recoil. it was very scary for me, i cant imagine how they use those weapon to kill a person, even to hit a dummy target is so frustrating to me.



indeed there 2 places are the must visit when you are in Vietnam. all i can say is they are freaking smart, and a country that worth our respect, because they can get up from their miseries and become a developing country like today.

House of Sampoerna

When i travel, people often asked me ‘Where are you from?’ and I always answer, ‘I am from Indonesia’

and their answer be like.. ‘Awesome, I love Bali’ or something related to Bali, and the second most common answer is, ‘Awesome, I love your Kretek’.

Apparently Indonesia is famous for Bali, and Kretek cigarette. I was quite surprised when i got ‘Kretek’ for an answer. since i do not smoke, and i dont even know what kind of cigarette are the best in Indonesia.

I was in Surabaya last month for a friend’s wedding. After the non-stop eating, finally we decided to drop by to House of Sampoerna, the ‘home’ of our famous Dji Sam Soe (Kretek cigarette). The Museum is located in Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya. History said it was a Dutch orphanage, until Lim Seeng Tee bought this in 1932 and transformed it to major cigarette factory.

The cloves smell is very strong once you entered this museum. To be honest, i love the cloves smell, just that i cant smell it too long, because it makes me dizzy.

The museum itself is not that huge, but the placement of the items and the ambiance are well set. It makes you feel very comfortable in reading and reminiscing the history. They exhibit quite many items over there, from the replica of the small shop that he used to have, Lim Seeng Tee’s workplace and his wife’s Kebaya, cute lighters, the uniform and the drums of Sampoerna Marching Bands, the old printers and packaging papers, and a lot of old pictures that tells myriad histories.

IMG_1215IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1214 On the Second floor, they have souvenirs shop where we can buy back some the memento from House of Sampoerna. aside of that, you can see the huge cigarette factory where more than 200 women hand-rolled 4000 cigarettes a day. If you come there before 3pm, you can still see how fast they are producing the Dji Sam Soe, the famous Indonesia cigarettes that is banned from most countries because of the strong tar content.


IMG_1218 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1224

after visiting the museum, you can chill out in their cafe too. it’s just located beside the main building. We actually wanted to grab our dinner there, but all menu are set for Valentine’s dinner. =(.. so decided to move elsewhere.. but i think it will be a cozy place to hang out. the interior is so chinese yet so dutch. haha.

IMG_1231 IMG_1232 IMG_1233

**Lim Seeng Tee’s Rolls Royce – imported from Singapore** Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

House of Sampoerna

Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60163, Indonesia.

Museum Hopping in Istanbul

If Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be it’s capital – Napoleon Bonaparte


We started our Istanbul trip with Museum Hopping.

knowing that Istanbul have a very rich cultural history, i am not surprised that they have sooo many museums in it. 

there’s a card called MUZE – Museum Pass Istanbul that you can purchase if you are a museum lovers.. haha..

but we decided not to buy one, since we just want to visit 4 museums, and unfortunately not all museums are included in the Museum Pass.


Museum pass cost about 85 TL (Turkish Lira) = about SGD 50

and for the 4 museums that we about to visit cost us about 60 TL = about SGD 35


1. Blue Mosque – free entrance.

The blue tiles that surround the walls made it called Blue Mosque. 

They say Ahmed The First wanted to build something that can beat Hagia Sophia (previously was a church)

so yeahh.. so here we are in the Blue Mosque.. 

 Mad Queue with sun-kissed-skin

*ini cewek kecil centil bngt gaya.nya.. ahhaha.. sampe akhirnya gw voto juga dehh.. mungkin busana kyk doi harus di balut semua kali yah pas masuk mosque.nya..

tapi gw kurang paham juga sihh ada peraturan lain ga buat anak kecill.. hoho*

 Super Exquisite details for the interior. 

 oh ya, for ladies..

please bring your shawl or scarf to enter this mosque..

because you need to cover your hair..

no singlet and shorts too.. hehe..

well. if you dont wear one.. they will lend you some blue cloth to cover you up.


owhh.. they will ask you to take off your shoes as well..

so you will be given a plastic bag to put your shoes.. so cute yahh.. hehe..

but because of that..

the mosque become a bit smelly.. =(

the Mosque is super hugeeee.

i dont know how many people it can fit.

Our visit there was quite short because too many people inside..

just take a few pictures there and take a short look.

ohh.. we also met many many Indonesian here.. haha..

ohh.. and they are using carpet for the floor.

cannot imagine when it comes to cleaning. hauhaua.. 

Blue Mosque Located at Sultan Ahmed.. 

and it opens everyday..

but you cant enter the mosque if the are having their prayer *the 5 times a day prayer / Shalat. 


2. Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) – 25 TL

Hagia Sophia which means ‘Holy Wisdom’ is not far from Blue Mosque.

to be exact, its just the opposite of Blue Mosque..

see my last pictures above..

behind us is Blue Mosque..

and in front of us – not far from there is Hagia Sophia.. haha..

the Q here is worse than blue mosque.. ~.~`

*terik.nya matahari disana tuh bener2 menghujam jantung bngt*


we went there during summer time.. (June 2013)

so it is very very recommended for you to bring a hat / scarf to cover your head.

i think you can faint soon if you Q there without a hat.. 

ohh.. do bring water everywhere too to keep yourself hydrated too..

Hagia sophia was formerly a Church. then it became a Mosque.. then now it becomes a Museum..

dont asked me on the historical side on how exactly it changes from time to time.. haha..

i just knew that when the Byzantine period ended.. then the Ottoman made it as a mosque.. haha.. 

again. another jaw-dropping interior design..

the dome, the hemisphere, the mozaic, the decoration.. all just fall in the right place that makes Hagia Sophia beautiful.

hahaha.. *im talking as if i know architecture* hahaha..

*above picture taken from*

i forgot to take the front look of the bulding.. =(


anyway.. it’s how it looks like in the inside.. hehe

too bad some construction are in progress when we were there. 

but nevertheless.. it’s still looks great.. hehe.. 

3. Basilica Cistern – 10 TL

The Museum that somehow i like the most among the 4 Museums.. 

and luckily for this one.. the Q was not that long.. 

It’s the Medusa’s Crib. haha..

well.. not really Medusa’s crib..

it was actually a place to store water during Byzantine’s period.. 

and they found some big stone / sculpture that resembles Medusa’s face.. 

i quite like some Greek mythology.. so that’s why i like this place the most. haha..

the place is so cooling.. you can feel water dripping from above as well.

many pillars / columns over there..

and they set the lighting quite dark that makes a bit of eerie atmosphere.. haha.. 

owh.. above is some stories about Medussa..

so the Greek Myth said that Medusa was a very beautiful lady.

she has long black hair, beautiful black eyes, gorgeous body and she was very proud of it.

Perseu, the son of Zeus fell in love with Medusa.

but at the same time Athene, one of the goddess likes Perseus.


and here comes the drama..

Athene used her power to turned Medusa’s black hair to horrible snakes,

and everyone will turned into stone IF they see into Medusa’s eyes..

when Perseus knows that, he beheaded Medusa.

*im not so sure why he did this to the one he love.. ~.~`*

after the ‘murder’. Perseus used Medusa’s head to stoned all his enemies and won many wars after that..

what a story, huh? 

here, i can imagine like how Medusa will ‘play’ with you in the midst of the pillars and waters. haha.. 



Ci Gill said the famous thriller-ficton writer-Dan Brown makes this place as the last destination to solved the mystery.

after visited this place, it makes me want to read the book.

im sure there will be some ‘goosebumps moments’ when you read that. haha..

Basicila Cistern is not very far from Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia as well.. 

these 3 Museums located nearby each other..

you will see a lot of  people queuing here and there.. hehe..


4. Topkapi Palace. – 25 TL

This is the largest Museum of all..

well.. it was a Palace of Ottoman Sultans in the first place.. so, what do you expect? haha..

it is freaking huge until we dont know where to go already. ahhaha..

they have several courts and many many rooms.. like the king’s dressing rooms / tea room / accessories room / gifts room / entertainment room / etc etc..  

all the rooms are nice.. all are build with expensive materials i assume. haha..

some are coated by gold too ! 

ohh.. if you dont want to Queue, they have an automatic ticket machine just beside the counter..

we figured it out when 3 of them are queuing.

me and amel tried out the ticket machine..

we thought it was out of order because no one is using..  

but it worked ! hahaha.. so we ended up to buy the tix from the machine. and people start using it after our turn. haha.

basically that all for our Museum Hopping.. hehe..

just dressed properly and enjoy the history ! hehe.. 



Israel Trip : The Wall & Day 4

Before i continue to our 4th day.

i want to share this first with you

we went here on our 3rd day. when we about going back to the hotel. 

if you think that it’s just a normal graffiti done by the youngsters there, like we have it in Somerset (scape park), Singapore.

too bad, it is not. 

it’s Palestine-Israel border wall.


it was made by the Israeli to separate them from Palestine. 

a kind of an action that they made to protect themselves from the Palestinians.

we always thought that Palestine are full with unfriendly people, like what many media portrayed.

but when we were there, they are actually not that bad..

well.. while we took some pictures here. some people did scream at us in a language that we dont understand.. 

maybe they think it’s an offense by taking our ‘touristy’ pictures there. 

but we already asked our tour guide.

and apparently he said okay. so. why not? haha

we want it simply because we found it interesting and historical in one way or another. haha.


i thought it’s just a normal border wall. like to let people know that they are entering Palestine.

like we enter Johor, Malaysia from Singapore.

and i just knew it means more than that. 

we got a chance to chat with a Palestinian.

started with a light conversation that was made by our friend, Raimond.


‘do you play basketball?’

‘yes, how do you know?’


and the conversation went deeper. 

we asked him some questions about Palestine and all. 

and to my surprise, he was willing to share.

he said it’s like living in a little prisoner there. they are not allowed to enter Israel whenever they want. 

they need visa to go to Israel. 

and its not easy to get the visa. *he showed us his visa and ID too, maybe we have this disbelief face, until he  showed us his.*


like if you applied it today. there’s no guarantee that they will grant you in 2 weeks time. or 1 month time. etc etc. *where we as a normal tourist, we need to apply visa 6 weeks before arrival.. some timeline they gave us. so at least we know what to expect*

and the duration of the visa is up them also. they c to an give you 3 moths of stay, maybe less or more. it’s really up to them. 

we also asked, then why you dont go for another country.

and he said. they just cant. it’s very difficult to get the visa as well, and cost a bomb to them too. 

because the salary there is not much, and the government cant do anything about it.

so sad to hear this kind of story. hopefully things will get easier for all of them. 


On a lighter note.

we proceed to..


Day 4

The Upper Room – known as the room of Last Supper.

forgot to take how the whole room looks like.. =(

the room is quite small. maybe like a 3 bedded apartment in Singapore but without any partitions. hehe.

the room is a very simple room with a little bit of decoration.

apparently this room is symbolic. not a really exact place where God pours down the Holy Spirit to the 120 people (Acts 2)


but this place leaves a special place in my heart.

i can feel the presence of God soo strong there eventho its symbolic. (sorry if i sound weird for those of you who are not Christian. hehe.. but that’s truly what i felt)

we prayed there as well for us, our future and our TLG *our youth* congregations too.. hehe..  

and when we prayed there, it felts so nice.. like i dont want stop praying and praising God. it feels like.. home.. 

then it comes to my thinking. why the presence of God is so strong there eventho it’s only a symbolic place?

and ive got the answer.

it’s about expectations. 

it’s about our way of thinking.

before i left for Israel, i have a yearning to pray in the upper room (well. since we didnt go there with pastor, we wont have any sessions unless we pray there by ourselves)


i have expectations that it will be a very great praying session..

i want God to do something with me like what He did to the 120 people there. 

i have this mindset that God is there.. 

and i think that is why i felt the atmosphere is different there..

God gave it when you are expecting things from Him. hehe.. 

our first group photo after upper room

– the king David with his harp –


Ein Karem – birthplace of John the Baptist

you can found this ‘decorated hole’ in every church that is believed to be someone’s important birth place.

in this case is John the baptized. 

so you can touch that and pray in the altar as well.



and somewhere there we found PAULANER! hahaha.. 

i dont expect to see this cafe/bar somewhere near a church. 

and somemore it’s in Israel. haha..

guess they know how to indulge themselves too. muahahha. 

and a little nice cafe beside paulaner.

ahhh.. how i wanted to just sit there and relax and sheltered myself from the hot hot sunn.. *fiuhhh*

Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum

 view at the back of Holocaust Museum

It’s world largest Holocaust Museum. it’s a nice museum i may say, in terms of building and how they set the place. and yet a very sentimental place too. 

they displayed everything that can display there.

like the history of Hitler, belongings of the victims, videos of people who survived the Holocaust, who saved them, and what countries they fled to. etc etc.

i still cant comprehend why this Hitler guy hated Jews so much.. 

and im still in ‘awe’ on how he can managed to take over other Europe countries at that point of time, and tell the government to kill all the Jews there.. 

many stories there that is very heartbreaking.

like there’s a story from a woman who once lived in Holland, if im not mistaken, she comes from a Jews family. and when the Nazis want to take their family, her mother quickly hide her in a cupboard and only said to her ‘go to aunt … house’. and that’s it. that’s the last word that she heard from her mother. =(

and the Nazis have million ways to eliminate the Jews as well.

with the concentration camp, killing the mentally ill with some gasses in the back of an old truck.

Stuffing them on the train with less air and without food given, and let the train runs for 10 days. 

and tell them to dig their own graves and shot them after that.. 

hoahh.. what a frustrating facts. 

after this we went to..


Pool of Bethesda

a pool whereby the sick can get healed if he/she stepped in to the pool when the angel troubled the water. 

(John 5)

 they said the real Bethesda Pool is deep down there.. 

but they left a pretty ruins i may say.. hehe..  

and our last stop for the day is


Via Dolorosa (the way of Jesus’ suffering)

all of us know that Jesus need to take the cross and walk in a very hot, long and winding road before they crucified them..

and to my surprise as well. the christian and the catholic have a different believe on this via dolorosa thing.

the christian believe that Jesus has walked this way, lets say the right path.. 

but the catholic said that Jesus walked to the left. 

and both of them build a church there. hauhaua..

well.. *mau2 mereka dehh* 

and today we just walked the via dolorosa. so we dont go the catholic / christian churches yet.

and another surprise.

it is now a very bigg market.. *like Grand Bazaar in Turkey maybe* haha

*jadi kurang begitu ada kesan sentimental.nya disini. hehehe*

the Damascus gate, if im not mistaken. hahaha.

the old one is below there..

and the new one is up here.. hehe.

that’s all for my 4th day. 

hope you enjoyed the read. =)