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Hello December! Indeed, time goes by too fast! I still remember vividly how my last December like, having Christmas dinner with my all my loved ones back in Singapore and Jakarta. and this year, im spending most of my December in the island of God, Bali, Indonesia.

Someway somehow, Bali always excites me. It’s the only place that i would not mind to go back again and again, at least for now. Haha. So, Normally i will share about a must go place or must eat food in Bali, but for now, im gonna share with you one villa that captured my heart.

Tehila House 

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A villa / guest house located in the heart of Canggu has really captured my heart. Definitely not a fancy hotel with all the 5* service, but i love the serene ambiance homey kind of feeling that they offer. Tehila house has 10 different rooms that has been carefully thought and uniquely designed. The owner goal is to get her guests feels inspired when they are staying in Tehila house.

Room 2

During my 3 days stay in Tehila, i got upgraded from the owner to room number 2. A more spacious room for me and my friend who just had her pre-wedding shots in Bali. I personally love this big rooms. i know it’s kinda too big for the two of us. But it feels super comfortable since we can get the queen bed all to ourselves. Love the hanger with the local-made ‘sarong’ as their background, the self-made white bed frame, all the little details that the owner put, the morning rays of lights , the fish pond view and the ‘back-to-nature’ bathroom design that makes your bathing experience a little bit different.

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Room 5

During this trip, I also travel with my high-school friend, Aquinaldo Adrian whom nowadays people known him as GD Indonesia. Haha. He got room number 5, which i have to admit that it is one of the nicest room that Tehila has. It has a very picturesque corner that will make you feels like you’re staying in Santorini. Haha. Okay, i might be too much on this. But i just love that blue-white corner to the bits, and love the green stone bed-frame. Guess nowadays, it’s hard for you to find a nice big stone as your bed-frame. Haha

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Aside from the nice bed-rooms for us to sleep in, they have this few comfortable public space to hang-out with the other travellers. Like the Gazebo for example, i love how they built it in the middle of the beautiful fish pond. It is super relaxing, and the breeze can literally put you to sleep in that Gazebo.

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Other than the Gazebo, the kitchen or the bar could be the perfect place for you to work in. When i spent my days in Tehila, i always woke up in the morning to open up my emails and do some works before i left. Literally the kind of space that i want if i can work remotely.

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They also have some sofa to chill in their living room if you want some cooler air. But i prefer to stay in the bar tho. Haha.

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And the last but not least, THE POOL! It may looks small from a far, but if you really swim in it. it can be pretty tiring too. *Duhhh. HAHAHA. Anyway they are very thoughtful to put the floaties, so i can take pretty picture with it. Yeayy.. hehe.. Owh, it can be very hot at daytime yet a perfect spot for you who wants to sunbath.

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Overall, my stay in Tehila was perfect! Love the owner, Anita very much! Such a lovely person with big personalities! She is very helpful during my stay, shown us good and nice cafe  (which i just knew that there’s a lot of well known cafe around that area. Haha. I even met Irfan Bachdim, Indonesian footballer in one of the cafe. Indeed a strategic place to stay in. Haha) , give us some insights on what to do in Bali as well, and can be a great listener to all your Bali stories. Haha. And last but not least, love the companion of their little friends over there. Puma and Boyboy who fill my stay in Tehila with more laughter. Hope you see you guys again! ❤

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*And this is Pak Domi, Tehila’s butler and bodyguard*

Tehila House 

AddressJl. Tegal Sari No.39, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361


* Apologise for no pictures / less pictures as reference for this post.  As i mistakenly deleted some photos on my media blog and could not recover it back. =( *

Back in Singapore days, we love to go out in big group. The more the merrier! More over when i go out with my Indonesian friends. We dont just go in big groups; We tend to stay quite a while after our meals and talk like there’s no tomorrow. haha..

Since we already know our so called ‘bad habit’. Normally we gonna squeeze our mind to just find a proper place to eat and hangout at the same time. And it is very tiring sometimes, since not so many places can fit 10-15 people in one go, at the same table. So, if your circle has the same habit like ours. Guess PICNIC can be one of your option for your next gathering.

PICNIC is like an international food-court with a beautiful decorated picnic-ky garden theme. Indeed, a very unique idea that makes many people want to give them a visit.

PICNIC itself has more than 10 seasonal and thematic stalls in foodtrucks to choose from. Ranging from Korean food, Japanese, Western, to Italian and French food. They have fancy drink stalls and dessert stalls too!

Food price ranging from SGD 15-20 per meal. A little bit pricy for a ‘food court style’ of food. But since this place is in Orchard, and they have comfortable ambiance as well, so i think this price is already an average.

If you have been to Marche, PICNIC also has quite the same system of payment. The difference is, you have to do it yourself in PICNIC.  So, they have a huge touch-screen menu in every stall, where you can view the food and order it at the same time. and after you ordered it, the ‘beeper machine’ will buzz and ask you to collect your meals. Payment also can be settled by ourselves as well if we are using NETS or Credit card at the exit.

The system is quite high-tech, but i personally think It can be quite a hassle for some people, like my parents for example. But so far, everything is good here! Nice food, great ambiance!


Peperoni Pizza from Flour and Water (Western stall).

Normal skinny pizza with tomato base, huge-not-so-dried peperoni, and melted cheese.

Foie Gras Ricebowl from Ezo Hokkaido East (Japanese stall)

This is everyone’s favourite. This consist of medium cooked succulent USA beef , fluffy rice, pickles, with awesome nice-smell super tasty foie gras sauce. All of this combination just melts in your mouth. One of the must try! and must enjoy this while it’s warm!

PorkBelly Sandwich and Truffle oil mashed potato from Le Coq Roti (French stall)

I dont really eat pork. But this one is considered good. The roasted pork belly is so juicy and tender. and since the filling is so overflowing, you have to eat this sandwich with fork and knife, and not with your both hands like the normal sandwich.

The Truffle oil mashed potato is heavenly as well! I can just eat this mashed potato alone without anything else. The mashed potato is just so soft, creamy and flavourfull. More over it’s truffle oil mashed potatoo.. The greatest combination ever!

Kimchi Noodle from Daebak (Korean Stall)

I’m a noodle person, and i am always up for any kinds of noodle. As for this, i think the noodle is thicker than normal Shin Ramyun (Korean instant noodle) and quite chewy. As for the soup, it’s not kimchi-ish much, which not that sour but quite spicy. The melted cheese add more texture for the noodle and richness of the soup. This bowl actually goes with clamps, but since i dont really eat clamps, i asked the cook to change it to extra dumplings. The dumplings itself is just a normal minced meat dumplings, but quite generous in its filling.

Wisma Atria #03-15,
435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 6734 8352
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm 


I am really in a need of Holiday. This past few weeks has been rough for me. But I’m pressing on.. Knowing that it is not the end of the line, and knowing that i have a great God who is just Risen! oohh, by the way, Happy Passover for my Christian and Catholic friends. ❤

Since i cant go anywhere for now, i just browse through my picture folders to ease my craving for holiday. When i browse around, i found that i have not share about this one great hotel in Bali.

Tijili Hotel 

We spent another night in Bali after spending our 5 days of Flores trip. Last year, we still need to made flight transit to Bali before going to and from Labuan Bajo. Whereas now, there’s a new flight schedule from Garuda Indonesia that goes directly to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta (even though the price is still not as friendly as other airlines and not many direct flights yet)

A friend of mine, Amanda, found this while we searched on our Bali accommodation. and i felt so blessed to sleep in this uniquely beautiful hotel. Moreover, after one night stay at traditional village on a mountain, with three nights live on board. This hotel is just so perfect for us, like finally we are back to the civilisation. Haha.. Well, dont get me wrong, Flores trip was super awesome, but getting a proper rest after the adventure is equally important for me too. =)

Located at the trendiest neighbourhood of Bali,  Seminyak, a nice location where many local boutiques shops, restaurants, and nightlife entertainment, and 20 minutes drive to Ngurah Rai, Bali Airport. And as i remember, this 4 star hotel is still affordable too. Not as pricy as other hotels.

This cozy hotel is quite spacious to share among three guests, luxurious standard of bedding (even for the extra bed), clean room, cold aircon, fast wifi. and a very unique design of everything in it.  I just love all the creative interior details.

“Tijili” refers to a Balinese traditional motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility.

*and gossip said that Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil contributes his ideas to made this artistic hotel too!

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PS: This post is not an endorsed post.

Tijili Hotel

Jl. Drupadi No.9, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Sisterfields – Bali Hippest Cafe

I still vividly remember our Bali trip. Exactly today, last month, It was 21 of us, and we were struggling where to have our brunch. Some of us have some options in mind and threw it to the crowd, but our crowd also got confused because we had too many options. haha.  Indeed, Bali has a great range of cafe to choose from. Finally, we decided to have our brunch in Bali Hippest Cafe, in the heart of Seminyak, Sisterfields.

We went there about 10am, and the Q was brutally crazy. I really wondered what they serve inside, cause to be honest, i just heard of this cafe when my friend mentioned it (yes, guess im not that hip after all. haha). My friend said they served good quality coffee and the best Australian style brunch in town.

We waited for about 15-20 minutes, and they split us into 3 tables. I quite like the interior design and the layout of this cafe. They really managed to get as many tables as possible, without making it looked so packed.



We ordered a lot of food that time. But again, i just managed to take some pictures cause i was too excited to try the foods. haha.. The waiting time for all the food was about 15 minutes. Which i think it is already good enough since they have non-stop customer coming in and out.

One thing i noticed here is, they do have great waiter/waitress. They were quite prompt in serving and quite patient in explaining us some food on the menu that is new to us.

So, after we asked a lot of questions, we came down to this foods..

** Sweet Corn Fritters**

Normal corn fritters, fascinating for foreigners. As for us, we just ordered this for fun and regret why we ordered this in a cafe. haha..

EFQE8991**Pan Fried Salt and Pepper Squid**

I personally really like this pan fried squid. The Squid is very tender, it doesnt have funny fishy smells, and the mayonaise with the palm sugar caramel really compliment the salty taste.


**Pulled Pork Charcoal Roll** – The Black One on top

It’s a tender charcoal bread combined with a sweet homemade BBQ sauce on the pulled pork. I like the cabbage coleslaw inside, because it balance the sweetness.

**Smashed Avocado** – The green ones on the left

I like the fresh avocado topped with semi-dried cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. They put one slice of whole-grain bread which i think they need to put more. You have the option to add eggs.

**Mixed Seed and Muesli** – The bowl below

I really like this kind of seeds and yoghurt in a bowl. perfect for brunch! the apples are a bit too sour for me, but overall, i love this big bowl of happiness.

**Polenta Fries** – The long yellow ones on the right

Not a big fan of this kind of fries. Im more shoe-string fries type of girl. But the truffles sauce is good!


**Sisterfields Big Breakfast**

This menu has always been my choice to ‘eat safe’. haha.. Normal food, but everything in it is very good. I seldom finished my big breakfast meal. But this one is exceptional. Love it to the last bite. such a comfort food for me.

Overall Experience :

Ambiance : 3 / 5

Food : 4 / 5

Price : 3 / 5

Sisterfields Cafe

Jl. Kayu Cendana No. 7, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361


Hope to see you again, Sistersfield


Body Getaway at Bodyworks SPA – Bali

** Apologise for no pictures / less pictures as reference for this post.  As i mistakenly deleted some photos on my media blog and could not recover it back. =( **

Since tomorrow, 14th October 2015 is Indonesia’s public holiday, i guess it’s appropriate to write something about relaxation.

When i was younger, i hate massage so much. I dont like the idea of taking my clothes off, and some ‘mbok-mbok’, a quite old female therapist will put some oil on my body and start the ritual of massaging. Well, that was when i was 8 or 9 years old. My mom would frequently call this ‘mbok-mbok’ to massage her and asked me if i want to try. As one curious kid, i wanted to know how it feels, since my mom and the ‘mbok-mbok’ said it is very nice and will relax our muscles and release body tension.

Since that very first time, i banned massage as one of the way of relaxation. haha. It freaking hurt, i did not like the oily feeling on my body, and i feel a bit humiliated to took off my shirt in-front of someone that i did not know. Maybe it was not the right age to try massage as well? i dont know either.

As i grew older, my girlfriends like to ask me to go SPA with them. What i know that time, SPA is only a fancy name to a hurtful massage. haha.. i kept saying NO. But there was a time, i finally said YES to go to some javanese SPA in Singapore. It was when i finished all my uni exams, and i just want to relaxx and release all the stress. My housemate said, why dont you start with a good massage? and i dont know why, i just went with her to the massage parlour and OMG! i enjoyed massage for the first time in my life! haha. Since then, i always look forward for any SPA session.

Somehow, Bali is always correlated with nice great SPA. Two weeks ago me and my friends tried Bodyworks in Petitenget area. The location is just opposite of Motel Mexicola Cafe.

Bodyworks has a cozy place to begin with. When i entered the place, i have that feeling that i’ll be surely pampered. They have big space and they have many SPA Menu for us to choose. From Manicure/Pedicure, Facial, SPAs, Hair Treatments, and even Make up.

FBGE6045 VFSR7638WECI2915


For those of you who choose Manicure/Pedicure, you can request to do it outside and see the greeneries. Somehow this view reminds me of ‘Marigold Hotel’ the movie. It has the Indian vibes in some way. haha.

I choose 2 hrs of Exfoliation Massage (Mandi Lulur) this time. Indeed it feels like ‘Kanjeng Ratu’ Indonesian princess when i entered the room. Do you think so?


“This treatment begins with an hour-long Balinese massage, then the entire body is painted in a brown, granular paste (the traditional Javanese “lulur”), containing turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts and rice. The paste is then gently rubbed to exfoliate the skin. After a quick shower the body is covered in fresh yoghurt. The enzymes stimulates cell activity and restores th pH balance of the skin, which feels soft as silk after the yoghurt is washed away. The final step involves luxuriating in a warm, fragrant, flower-filled bath” (from Bodyworks)

I really enjoyed my time there, i just went back from island hopping and really in need for a good massage. i think they can give the relaxation that my body needs. The therapist can unclench my tensed muscles during the one hour Balinese massage. Eventho the scrub smells quite pungent, it felt like it can lift all the impurities from my skin.

I love the yoghurt smell! the therapist said that it made from fresh yoghurt mixed with Dancow milk full-cream. haha.. after the yoghurt time, it feels like my skin 10x smoother than before.. so soft like a baby’s butt. haha.. and Finally, one of the moment that i have been waiting for, soaking in flower bath! Well, i was expecting the bathtub will literally full of flowers. But too bad, they just put 2 basket of flower petals.. =(..

IMG_4415   **pictures from Julyerna/Julyerni (my twin friends) instagram** (forgot to take my own pictures.. =(.. )

I had great overall experience here. For me, it is indeed a good place for my body-getaway. Eventhough one friend of mine didnt really enjoy it here.

Ambiance : 3.5 / 5

Massage Service : 3.5 / 5

Price : 2 / 5

Any SPA recommendation in Jakarta / Bali, anyone? i would love to try! ❤


J. Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget, Bali, Indonesia, p. +62 361 733317. Open Mon-Sun 9am-10pm.

Desa Atas Awan

Bali itu memang selalu jadi pilihan yang tepat untuk berlibur. Kalo pulau Bali di ibaratin seorang cowok, sosok ini gak hanya ganteng dan charming, tapi selau bikin cewek kayak gw selalu penasaran.. Kayaknya ada aja hal dari pulau ini yang harus di explore.

Beberapa bulan lalu, gw dan teman2 harus decide itinary buat trip kita ke Bali. Since kita cuman punya waktu seminggu di pulau ini, kita harus decide baik2 kemana kita harus pergi.. biar maximal liburannya..

Akhirnya kita menjatuhkan keputusan untuk spent 3 hari terakir kita di Bali untuk menginap di ‘Desa Atas Awan’. Villa yang berada di ketinggian 1000m di atas permukaan laut ini bener2 pilihan yg memuaskan buat kita semua. Di kelilingi oleh indahnya perkebunan dan sawah yg terbentang seperti tanpa batas, dan udara yang segar tanpa polusi udara, bikin gw dan 16 temen gw jatuh cinta sama desa ini.

gw selalu berpikir kalo gw ini anak kota yg ga begitu suka dengan alam. tapi ternyata gw sendiri pun belum mengenal diri gw sepenuhnya.. setelah gw sampe di tempat yg ‘tranquil’ ini, jiwa gw serasa di segarkan kembali. ternyata gw suka memanjakan mata gw dengan hijaunya alam, biru.nya langit, dan segarnya udara yg gw hirup. ternyata, gw suka sama ketenangan yg alam tawarkan. well, ga tau emang gw suka alam, atau emang villa ini bagus bngt yahh.. hahaha.

Untuk sampai ke ‘Village above the clouds’ ini, kita harus menempuh perjalanan selama kurang lebih 2 jam dari seminyak (tergantung macet). Lokasi villa ini beneran ‘secluded’, supir kita sampe wanti2 untuk berangkat pagian karena mereka takut nyasar, dan karena jalan yg di tempuh cukup challenging, mereka pun ga berani bawa mobil kalau sudah lewat dari jam 6 sore.. soalnya udah gelap dan ga ada penerangan di atas bukit sana.

Kita sampai di ‘Desa atas awan’ sekitar jam 5 sore. sesampainya kita disana, kita langsung di sambut dngn porter yg membawakan barang2 kita, dan langsung di suguhkan jus sehat dan enak sebagai welcome drink.

IMG_4159 **The Receptionist Area**IMG_4161IMG_4235

Indah banget ga sih pemandangannya? hahaha.. ini pas lagi gloomy gt abis gerimis.. dan di voto-in pake HP temen yg pake apps gt, jadi warna-nya contrast bngt.. Nahh, di bawah ini adalah pemandangan asli, suer tanpa edit di tempat yg sama di ke-esokan pagi,nyaa.. hehe.. Breathtaking banget kann??


Salah satu hal yg bikin betah lagi adalah akomodasinya.. gw suka bngt sama bungalow.nyaa.. super cozy untuk di tinggalin sama temen2.. Mereka hanya punya 3 bungalow (bisa di isi 5-6 orng) dan 2 suite room (bisa di isi 3 orng) yang ranging from Rp1,5 juta – 1,6 juta per kamar.nya.. Jadi kemarin gt, kita kyk berasa book 1 desa.. bungalownya cuman di tempatin sama temen2 sendiri aja.. hehe..

IMG_4158 IMG_4167

Ini bungalow lantai dasar, masih rapih pas kita baru check-in.. hehe.. Lupa voto lantai atasnyaa.. Dan ini pemandangan pas di pagi hari.. Duhh.. pengen bngt wake up to this amazing view everyday of my life.. hahaha.. seger bngt ga sih? kyk im ready to seize the day gt kesannya yaa.. haha..


1 Bungalow ada meja makan kecil, 1 fridge, 1 electric jug, 2 sofa, 1 meja kecil.. di siapin 6 towel kecil dan besar, 2 kamar mandi, 1 toilet, dan 1 tempat cuci tangan, jadi lumayand ga berebut untuk mandi pagi.. cuman sedikit berebut kalo ada yg kebelet buat poo poo.. hahaha..

Nah, buat ciwik2 yg harus bngt pake hair-dryer kyk gw, kalian harus bawa sendiri, karena mrk ga siapin buat kita.. ceritanya mrk eco-friendly gt.. kyk handuk aja, mrk hanya akan cuci-in 3 hari sekali aja..


Mereka serve complimentary breakfast untuk kita.. dan seru.nya, there are plenty menus to choose from.. dari omelette, scramble egg ala desa di atas awan, granola yoghurt, pancake, nasi goreng / mie goreng, dll.. setiap dari kita bisa request 1 menu.. Susu, teh, kopi dan juice juga udah di sediain untuk pagi hari.. dan i have to say that masakan mereka not bad.. hehe..

IMG_4194 IMG_4195And they have nice dining room as well. Mereka juga cukup thoughtful untuk arrange meja,nya supaya kita ber17 bisa duduk bersama saat makan..


Penampakan dining room saat pagi.. dan di bawah adalah penampakan dining room saat malam.. Setiap makan malem disana dan berdoa bersama, rasanya kayak christmas atau thanksgiving bngt dehh.. dingin2 gt dan menikmati santapan bersama the loved ones.. hehehe.. IMG_4168

Meal yg complimentary hanyalah Breakfast, jadi untuk Lunch dan Dinner, kita harus pesen lagi. since Desa ini beneran jauh dari mana2, mau ga mau kita pesen makanan dr mrk juga.. Price range dari Rp 40,000 – 80,000 per meal. Taste wise is not bad.. Tapi mungkin agak bland aja untuk lidah2 orng indo kyk kita.. Mereka claim that mereka ga pake MSG dan too much salt di makanan kita, karena mrk support hidup sehat gt dehh.. jadi ada one of the night, gw ga berasa pengen makan makanan mereka, jadi gw seduh pop-mie yg udah gw siapin aja deh for my dinner. hehe..

What to do 

Amazingly, di sekitar desa ini ada banyak kegiatan.. jadi buat temen2 yg ga mau nyantai duduk di villa, jangan takut kalian bakal bosen..

Angsari Hot Spring

Dingin2 begini, enaknya berendam di permandian air panas.. Tapi untuk kesini, kita harus jalan kaki sekitar 1-1.5 jam dari bungalow kita.. Macam anak petualang gitu.. kita harus lewatin sawah, hutan, dan jalan2 yg mendaki untuk ke hot-spring..

IMG_4232 IMG_4205IMG_4240 Akhirnya sampe deh di Hot-Spring.nya.. ga sampe fantastic gimana sih.. karena kita pikir bakal besar.. ternyata nggak.. public hot-spring.nya cukup kecil.. huahua.. yg ini panasnya moderate aja.. kalo mau yg lebih panas lagi, mrk ada siapin cubicle2 kecil untuk kita berendam gt.. tapi tempatnya ga gt picturesque buat di voto.. hahaha.

Well. jujur kolamnya agak kotor sih menurut gw, banyak lumutnya gt, jadi agak licin juga tangga untuk kebawahnyaa.. tapi yahh, not bad sih buat berendam di suasana yg sejuk2 gituu.. again, yg bikin seru adalah companionnya! hahaha.

IMG_4268IMG_4264IMG_4250**Obsesi model ala-ala Vogue. muahahhaa*

Hot-spring ini adalah complimentary dari ‘Desa atas awan’, kalau kalian ga nginep disana, mrk akan pungut bayaran sebesar Rp 50,000 per orngnya.. Nah, buat yg males buat balik ke hotel dngn jalan kaki lagi, mrk bisa nawarin ojek atau mobil pick up sayur.. kalo ojek harganya sekitar Rp50,000 dan kalau mobil pick up sayur, mrk hitung Rp 30,000 per orng..

Freedom School

Buat kalian yg suka main sama anak2, disinilah tempat yg tepat! Mr. Josep, sang spanish owner ‘Village above the clouds’ ini adalah contributor besar untuk sekolah ini, jadi anak2 yg kurang mampu di desa ini bisa sekolah disana tanpa di pungut biaya apapun. Mereka belajar bnyk hal, dari bahasa inggris yg di ajar oleh Mr. Josep dan istri, kelas komputer, kelas memahat, kelas tari bali, dll. I was very surprised to know that the owner have a very fond heart for the surroundings. Well, soalnya kan bnyk yahh businessman yg cuman peduli omset aja.. nah ini tuh beda, hitung2 yahh biaya kita tinggal disana itu, untuk biaya-in anak2 yg sekolah disana..

gw belajar cara memahat kayu disana.. dan gilaa.. susah puol! 1 jam gw belajar mahat, dan pahatan gw jauh dari sempurna.. harusnya bongkahan kayu kecil ini di bikin bunga.. tapi untuk buat 1 lingkaran dasar.nya aja tuh susah bngt.. haha..

Pas mau pulang karena gw menyerah untuk memahat lagi.. ehh, gw sama temen gw malah di kasih pahatan yg udah jadi dari anak2 disana.. mrk bilang, mrk kerjain pahatan ini 1,5 hari.. dan mrk mau kasih kita ini sebagai kenang2an.. so sweet bngt yaaa.. Gw salut dan terharu sama mrk karena mrk bisa kasih hasil jerih payah mrk begitu aja sama orng yg hanya di kenal selama 1 jam aja.. Alhasil, pas kita lewat warung.. kita beliin mereka snack2 gt deh, sebagai tanda appresiasi kita ke mereka.. hoho..


IMG_4223 IMG_4275IMG_4227**Makasih Dina dan Kadek.. =)) **

Sebenernya masih bnyk aktifitas lainnya, seperti outbound, berkunjung ke danau Bratan dan Tamblingan, tapi karena waktu yang sempit, kita cuman sempet melakukan 2 kegiatan itu dehh.. dan malem.nya, yah kita Quality time aja.. enjoying the dinner and the talk, and playing stupid games that made my stomach hurt real bad. haha..

Makasih temen2 kuu yang udah buat the stay in this pretty village more beautiful.. Thank you for the amazing memories that we created..

Untuk temen2 yg mau ke Bali dan mau cari suasana yg beda, boleh banget untuk consider ‘Desa Atas Awan’ ini.. mau pacaran / udah nikah / atau cuman mau spend quality time aja sama temen2.. gw yakin tempat ini akan jadi tempat yg memorable untuk kalian.. =)

Desa di Atas Awan (Village above the Clouds)

Munduk Andong Kelod,

Desa Bangli, Baturiti

Tabanan Bali, Indonesia

Bandung : Ken Ken Bigul Kitchen

Kota Bandung, kota yang punya satu tempat special di hati saya. Kenapa begitu? Karena mas Ridwan Kamil sang walikota yang kece. Hahahaha. Ga dehh, Ya mungkin karena dari saya kecil, keluarga saya suka ajak saya tamasya kesana. Kebetulan juga keluarga dari kakak.nya si papi tinggal di kota kembang ini juga. Yang mungkin jadi faktor besar kenapa kita suka main kesana.

Kalo inget masa kecil, senang deh rasanya, ke bandung aja rasanya kayak pergi keluar negri. Ada rasa menggelitik di perut tiap kali mau kesana. Saya suka udara dinginnya bandung, saya inget, dulu kalau ke bandung harus pake jaket! Haha. Saya juga suka tempat2 wisata Kota Bandung yang kita ga bisa dapet di Jakarta. Seperti main ke permandian air panas, minum susu murni di tengah dinginnya malam, makan malam sambil melihat indahnya kota Bandung, belanja di outlet, dan tentunya wisata kuliner.

Perlu di akui kalau Bandung itu juaranya Kuliner di Jawa Barat. Kayaknya sedari saya kecil, selalu makan makanan yg berbeda, dan semuanya enak2. Favorite saya itu bakmi2-an nya bandung, batagor, empal, kwotie,dan jajanan2 pasar.nya bandung.

Nah ngomongin kuliner yg ga ada habisnya di Bandung, bulan lalu saya nyobain Ken Ken Bigul Kitchen. Restaurant babi guling ini katanya sih baru2 aja bukanya, tapi reviewnya udah melejit. Saking penasarannya saya dan keluarga, langsung aja deh kita cuss ke sana sesampainya kita di Bandung.

Nasi Bigul – 20,000an

Saya tuh orangnya ga gitu suka makan Babi sebenernyaa.. tapi nasi Bigul alias Nasi Babi Guling yang satu ini,, gilee.. super sedepss.. hehehe.. sate.nya enak bngt..

Kalo saya ketemu nasi yg modelnya kayak begini, biasanya saya campur semua kyk nasi gorengg.. haha.. ga tau kenapa, rasanya kayak lebih sedap dan menyatu semua aja gituu.. hehe.. sambal matahnya mantep banget! sampe nambah lagi satu porsi sambel lagi.. Nahh.. kalo kerupuk Babi.nya, jujur aku ga begitu suka sihh.. dan agak sedikit keras menurut akuu.. tapi overall ini nasi uenak pisan! hehe

Sambal Matah – 10,000an

Seperti yang saya share di atas, ini cabe uenaknya ga ketolongann.. sunggu saya bisa cemil / gado sambel.nya ajaa.. haha.. Buat kamu2 yg suka sambel juga.. pesen 1 porsi lagi ga akan nyesel!

Sate Samcan – 32,oooan (isi 4)

Jujur ini sate enak bngt sih.. tapi aku cuman bisa makan 1 bar aja dari 1 tusuk.. soalnya enek bngt kalo kebanyakann.. Tapi buat yg suka Sate lemak.. pasti ini juara bngt deh rasanyaa.. hehe..

 Barbeque Pork Ribs – 90,000an 

ini Ribs ter ‘worth-it’ yg pernah saya makan.. bumbu-nya menyerap sempurna sampe ke daging dan tulangnyaa.. dan harganya masih masuk akal juga.. ga salah kalo mereka claim makanan ini adalah Signature Dish-nya Ken Ken Bigul Kitchen.

 Infused Water (Fat Burn) – 40,000an

Air putih yang lagi hits ini berisikan Lemon, Mint, Cucumber yang katanya sih bagus di minum kalo udah banyak makan makanan yg berlemak. 1 jug ini bisa menyajikan 6-7 gelas.. seger banget menurut saya.. pas buat cuaca bandung yang tidak begitu dingin lagi.. hehehe..

Overall experience :

Ambiance : 2,5 / 5

Food : 4 / 5

Price : 3 / 5

Verdict : Mungkin bisa jadi saingannya Babi Guling Bu Oka di Bali

Ken Ken Bigul Kitchen 

Ruko Grand Eastern, Jalan Pasir Kaliki no 16 Bandung.

*tepat di seberang Paskal Hyper Square*

Glomax Aesthetics – The Face Artistry

Sponsored Review

Doesnt matter how we clean our face everyday, we can never really clean all the impurities that already clogged beneath our skin.

I always try to clean my own blackheads / whiteheads with some products that i bought over the counter (Especially right after travelling, it feels like my skin are super dirty), i also went to a few doctors to get injection for my big pimple that always popped on my nose.. and guess what every doctor said? They said my pores are all clogged.. that’s why the pimples always peep out on the nose, and they suggested that i need to go for regular facial to remove all the impurities on my T-zone.

Sometimes im afraid to go for facial, afraid that their treatment is not suitable for my skin, and afraid the therapist will push me to sign up for their package.. haha.. I do have my all time favorite facial house, but it’s located in Jakarta.. and since i moved to Singapore. i haven’t really found the suitable one for me.

Few weeks back i got an invitation from Glomax Aesthetics to try out one of their skin treatment. They claimed that their treatment is highly raved for their result after one session. So enticing, right?

I always do my research first for everything. and when i found out that their treatment are appraised in many woman’s magazines, i thought, why dont i give it a try.

Straightaway, I made appointment with Hazel,  a very lovely lady from Glomax, and just nice that they have an empty slot on that day for the treatment.

Once i reached their place, i was warmly greeted by Hazel, Evon and team. They started out with a skin consultation before recommending me on which treatment to do. They also said that i have congested pores and acne on my T-zone, so they recommend me to do ‘Intensive Acne Medic Treatment – GLOMAX Aesthetics’. A treatment that is suitable for my skin problem.

**sorry for many selfies pictures in this entry.. =)**


*My face Before the Treatment*

Firstly, they will clean your face first with Cleansing Milk and Foam, this to remove my sunblocks, eye-liners, and some dirt that i collected along the way. haha.


Secondly,  They will start with a sonic cleansing that gently lifts impurities and dirt off skin surface before the problem areas are healed with a mild antiseptic high frequency.


*the dirt from my face that was lifted by the sonic cleansing (euwhh much)*

Right after ‘de-congesting’ my skin with the sonic cleaning, they also need to do extraction to make sure that all blackheads, whiteheads, and acne are lifted up.

This second process is a bit painful, but no worries, it is still bearable. Just remember no pain, no gain.. haha.

When all the extraction is done, our face will be healed with a mild antiseptic high frequency.


During this process, it felt like a slight tingling on my face (something like electrocuted? but in a very mild way)

The Third Step is acne IPL to re-balance the sebum level. This is a very new experience for me, because i never had something like this before.

They will apply quite thick amount of cold gel on your face as the protective layer, and they will shoot your face with one device that is very bright and warm to your skin. Once the IPL is done, they will remove the cold gel and wipe clean your face.


The Last step is the Charcoal Mask to soothe and hydrate the face. This last step took about 15-20 minutes, where you just need to relax and take some beauty nap if you want..

And Tadaa.. end of the treatment..


The therapist cleaned my face again, and put back some moisturizer and sun-block on my face..

Right after the treatment, there will be some red marks on your face (it was on the nose, as for me) because of the extraction after effect. but not to worries. it will be gone by the next day!

Does my skin look more refined and glowing now?

IMG_1535 IMG_1539

Please ignore the black dot on my nose.. it was my itch-hands mistake =(

I was only using moisturizer, transparent sunblock, and eyeliner when i took this pictures. It is really #NoFilterSkin.

For Those of you who wants to have a glowing, radiant, refined skin badly. You can try their below treatment:

– Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment 90mins $168 – The Women’s Weekly Best Pre Party Facial Award 2014

– Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 60mins $150  – Simply Her Best Anti Acne Facial Award 2014

– Ultimate Bright Enlightenment 60mins $250 – Cosmopolitan Best For Sensitive Skin Treatment Award 2013

– Eternal Lifting Treatment 60mins $400 – The Women’s Weekly Best Non-invasive Treatment Award 2013

and If you wanted to go for the same treatment like me, you can get some discount treat by Quoting My name!

Get Full 60 mins $88 (UP$150) Acne Medic Treatment when you quote “JENITA” when making appointment. Simply Her Best Anti AcneFacial Award 2014

Glomax Aesthetics – The Face Artistry

12 Eu Tong Sen Street.
The Central, Soho 2.
#06-168 Singapore 059819
T: (65) 6225-5193 SMS: 9459-0795
IG/FB: @GLOMAXAesthetics
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10am-8pm (closed on alternate Mondays)
Sat – Sun: 10am-5pm (closed on alternate Sundays)

Recommended Hotel in Taiwan

Went to Taiwan and Hongkong for the last 11 days of 2011.

so, let me start by introducing all the hotels that we stayed for this Oriental Trip. hihi.

the first day we arrived in Taipei, we stayed in Caesar Park Hotel.

its a 5* hotel, located at the heart of Taipei. It’s basically above Taipei Main Station, and attached to a small shopping centre with a lot variation of foods below the hotel.

a very spacious room and free wifi at the hotel! hihihi.


 and for the following day. we travelled to hua lien city.

it’s Charming City Hotel Hua Lien.  It’s in 19 Guoshing 2nd Street.

It’s a 3* Hotel. but not bad. they actually gave us voucher for breakfast and we can get a glass of wine for their welcome drink. eventho its not an expensive one. but still, i think its quite a good service. and we have a private room there to enjoy our wine during the christmas eve. =)


it’s quite spacious room too. but they only have the wifi at their lobby with a very long password. hahaha.

owh.. and they made their bathroom seen through from the bedroom. hahaha. *As u can see the pic below later on*. and if u are bathing in the bathtub, we can see your silhouette. hahaha..   

we spent out 3rd day at the most beautiful hotel that i ever stayed, named

Silk Place Hotel at Taroko at Hua Lien city

my banker friend said. that one episode of Baccalaureate was taken in this hotel.

it is just a perfect hotel in the middle of the mountains. haha..

the hotel are just a 5 storey’s hotel. but they designed it perfectly beautiful. well, that’s what i think. haha.

they have a very spacious cozy room, a very good facilities (indoor pool, outdoor pool, spa, outdoor jacuzzi, spacious playing room with ps3 or xbox there, bonfire surrounded by the nature and cozy sofa’s)


it is just perfect for honeymoon. HAHAHHAHA.. it is a very romantic place. *again, in my opinion.* especially, when u are out there near the bonfire in a winter time, with the life music.

hmm.. perfecto. ahhahahahaha..


swimming pools between the mountains. too freezing to even touch the water. haha

and they have a very good wifi too. hahaha.. u can access it in every part of the hotel.

after Taroko Gorge, we moved to tai chung city.

and we stayed in Plaza Hotel near the Taichung Station.

It is a very business hotel and very small. hahaha..

nothing much too say for this hotel. they have nice fried noodle and fried rice for their breakfast tho. haha

owh yahh. and condom is provided as well in this hotel. hahaha. *my first time seeing this in the hotel.*

after taichung, we were back to Taipei and stayed at Howard Hotel.

Its a 5* hotel, but i dont really feel the grandness that 5* hotel suppose to have. ahahhaha.

quite good location tho, even tho its not as convenient as caesar park hotel. but still accessible.

near MRT as well. *well, i forgot which MRT station. hahaha..*

and it’s near HELLOKITTY CAFE! hihihi..


but their wifi is expensiveee.. it cost u SGD 25 for a day, and can only be used for a device.

*so, if u already insert the pin to ur laptop, u cant use it with ur smartphone. hauahua..

but overall, its a good hotel . =)


okay.. that’s all for now..

and i think all the hotels should pay me for the good reviews. hahaha..