Tsukiji Market and Ginza : Day 3

We really forced ourselves up to wake up early in the morning just to go to Tsukiji market..

we were thinking.. should we go for the Tuna auction at 5am? but since we came back so late and felt so tired from Disneysea the day before.. we decided to just go to Sushi Dai for brunch.

Actually i wanted to see the Tuna auction so much.. *kyknya seru banget aja gt liat tuna segede gaban dan liat si auctioneer potong2 tuna.nya pake samurai.. berasa si nat geo gt.. haha* If only they dont start the auction so early.. =(

the other thing that made us hesitant to go is they limit the spectator now. only 120 people are allowed to see the auction. and i think they are very strict with it. we were like.. what if we are the 121st person.. so wasted to wake up in the morning then.. huahua..

we reached Tsukiji market about 10.30 in the morning.. the market is still busy and smell very fishy. haha.. *yaiyalahh. namanya juga pasar ikann* we passed by a lot of shops before we reached Sushi Dai..

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC*berbagai macam pisau dapurr.. gila yaakk. bnyk ajee. haha.. ini di bawah juga jamur.nya guede2.kyk bisa di tanem ulang gt. haha.. oh iyaa.. btw. dsini gw liat national geographic photographer lagi tour gt.. like a bunch of men with big camera dan ada name tag nat geo.nyaa. keren yaaa kliatanntaa.. huu.. sayang ga voto mrk in action.. haha*


and after we passed all this shops by.. finally we reached our brunch place.. i assume below pictures are the place where they are doing their Tuna Auction..

SONY DSC SONY DSCand the restaurant.. just right on our right side..

okay.. so, i have been talking about sushi dai right.. ended up, we never eat at Sushi dai.. haha..

why?? because the queue is freaking longg.. like LONGGGG! and i forgot to take the picture. =(

well.. i already read some blogs that we need to queue 2-3 hrs to eat this Sushi Dai.. they said it’s the cheapest sushi shop over there and it tastes veryyy goodd.. but we dont want to queue that long.. since we already got enough in Disneysea. haha..

i remember that there’s 2 famous sushi restaurant here.. Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi..

so, we just try to stroll around and found that Daiwa sushi queue was not that long. like half of Sushi Dai.. we figured out that Sushi Dai only has 12 seats inside *tepok jidat moment* where Daiwa Sushi have 2 shops.. so, it can fit to 24 people.. without hesitating, we moved queue to Daiwa Sushi.



*Q-ing timee*SONY DSC

*we ordered the set menu*



*the fatty Tuna, the middle one is the best of all, and secondly is the unagi (below pictures) and the third one is the tamago.. The Tamago have the sweet taste that i never tasted before*

The sushi pictures was only just half of it.. forgot to take the rest because we are just to concentrate to eat. haha.. *dan gw kepedesan gara2 wasabii.. kepedesan yg sampe ke hidung gt.. haha* you know right that most of sushi restaurant always put their Wasabi between the fish and the rice.. not like in normal restaurant in Singapore / Jakarta whereby they served you 1 different place for the wasabi.. the texture also a little bit different, more diluted than Singapore / Jakarta wasabi..

after we finished eating, we passed by Sushi Dai Q again, and we were very thankful that we moved to Daiwa Sushi.. because the person who already far before us were still in the Q.. it’s like not moving at all. i think we Q-ed for Daiwa Sushi about 45 minutes, and eat there about 25 – 30 minutes..

they said all the sushi bar are nice over there.. not just Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi. just that this 2 sushi place are the cheapest among all.

since Tsukiji market is somewhere near Ginza.. so we decided to just stroll around there first for a while..


One of the largest shopping malls in Tokyo.. Mitsukoshi.. tried to go inside and saw that they are selling branded goods like YSL, Celine and with some other high end Japanese brand.. since we did not intend to buy anything branded.. we tried to go to their rooftop. which is not bad at all. haha..
SONY DSCIMG-20141001-WA0005

Quite nice right? apparently you can just sit down there and do nothing.. haha..

Ginza is like the Tokyo’s orchard road. but much prettier i guess. haha.. all are shopping malls and branded boutique..


*cakep2 yaa bunga.nyaa.. macam di new york city gitu berasa.nya. muahahha.. pengen di comot buat voto2.. hihi*SONY DSCohh. and they have 8 storeys of Uniqlo here.. *faint*.. the biggest Uniqlo in Tokyo i think. haha..

well.. it turned out that we spent quite a long while in Ginza.. almost 4 hours there to went in and out the shops.. haha..

since i already made appointment with Thirza *my Uni friend who now reside in Tokyo*, so we quickly went to Shinjuku to meet her..

our legs was still so painful because of Disneysea the day before and the stroll that we took in Ginza. so we decided to went to some random cafe just to rest our legs for a while and do some catch up with thirzaaa.. hehe..


Shinjuku station was crazyyy.. it is literally a sea of human.. no wonder research said that it’s the second world’s business train station. when we went out from the trains station.. so many girls / guys are singing in front of the the trains station.. my friend said they are there promoting their band almost everyday, selling out their CDs, giving out their flyer and waiting to be spotted by the talent scout. below is AKB 48 wannabe. haha..


so, after we walked awhile in Shinjuku, we went back to Shibuya to grab our dinner.

i already did research for this restaurant.. bloggers like Lady iron chef said its one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo.. so why dont we give it a try? hehe.

Welcome to Maisen (Shibuya) :

Tokyu Department Toyoko Store (West) 9F, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture 150-8319, Japan


This is really hands down the best Tonkatsu that i have ever tasted. muahahha.. The Pork is very tender and juicy inside.. not oily at all and the bread crumbs are crunchy but not hurting your throat.. and the rice.. ahh.. so soft and fluffy.. i can eat this everyday. hahaha.. their specialty is Kurobuta (Black Pork)  cutlet. a must try if you are a Tonkatsu Lover..

SONY DSCMeet Thirza Zefanya! my roomate when we were on US school trip 4 year agoo.. ahh.. we are getting oldd.. NOOO!!! =(

glad to see you there girl! hope to see you again soon! ❤