Istanbul : Grand Bazaar & Spice Market

Your Istanbul trip is not complete without visiting Grand Bazaar and Spice Market.

both are very localized market.. very authentic and unique..


let us start with Grand Bazaar.

Since byzantine years, Grand Bazaar play a huge part in Istanbul economics.

it’s like the first ever shopping malls in that era..

people from all over Turkey go there to do some trading.. 

and like its name.. the market is very grand.. haha.. 

very huge with its high ceiling..

myriad shops in labyrinth like.. where you can lost yourself in it. 

and it’s a great place to shop, only if you know the art of bargaining. 

seriously.. i overheard a tourist got scammed here.. 

we (me and the tourist) were standing in front of a shawl shop looking at some of their offer..

when he was looking very carefully at the shawl.. his friends suddenly came and said this to him..


‘wow.. that looks exactly the same like the shawl that you bought just now.. how much is it here?’

‘ 10 TL mann..’ *10 TL is about 5 SGD.

‘ ohh.. and how much you bought earlier?’

‘ 100 TL’

‘ ohh mannn.. is there any different? maybe your is softer? haha’

‘ i dont know man.. i think it feels the same’


and 3 of them left after that..

so sad to hear thatt..

that’s why i said you should have the art of bargaining over here.. hoho..

well.. enuf said of the ‘tourist trap’.. i think all cities have this kind of things thoo.. they earn from the tourist.  hehe.. 

if you love those carpets.. silks. shawls.. jewelry..  antique things.. lamps.. and authentic things from Turkey,

you surely should try to pay this bazaar a visit.


and eventho you dont like to shop..

just came here and look around.. because i think some shop are just pretty to see..hehe..

i guess i just love to look at colorful things..  

*it’s like mangga dua (in jakarta), but it’s way cooler. hahahaha*

the merchants are nice i may say..

and we met 1 funny merchant too.. 


we were walking down that alley.. 

and 1 merchant was screaming at us saying, ‘excusemeee.. excusemeee.. you drop something’

we heard that clearly, but we just walk off..

then he screamed the same things again..

and then we stopped for a while, because i thought i dropped my hat, since i only hooked it to my sling bag..

and do you know what the merchant did after we turned our head to the floor??


he pointed the floor and slowly directed his finger to his shop,

and smile handsomely with ‘i got you, girls’ kind if look.  

ahhahaha.. very funny right…

me, ci bombie and amel could not stop laughing after thatt..

we were like.. OMG.. it is too creative to attract people to see his shop. hahahaha. 

but i bought it.. it is indeed very cute way to catch our attention. hahahha.


secondly is Spice Market.

this market is not as big as Grand Bazaar. 

since it’s name is Spice Market..

so their specialty is in selling spices and Turkish delights.. 

they also sell shawls, clothes, handcrafted things, and other items like what Grand Bazaar have.

i found it cheaper than Grand Bazaar.. but too bad.. we cant stay there for long since we have to go to Princess island after that.. hoho.. 


i think it’s very recommended to buy turkish delights here, since you got to try a lot of things, and you can buy a few pieces rather than buying one whole box of the delights..  

 *owhh.. there’s a free wifi in this shop ! ahahahah.. i was just trying my luck to connect to the wifi, and very surprised when i started receiving whatsapp messages right after.. hahahha..