When Typhoon Hits Tokyo : Day 8 & 9

4th October, after eating Mutekiya Ramen

** beep beep **

Thirza : Jen, dont go back so late. typhoon is hitting Tokyo soon.

Jend : What?? are you serious??

T : *sending me some news link*

J : oh noo.. tomorrow is our Fuji trip. =(


when we were back to our hotel, we saw the news are all about the typhoon. so basically the typhoon already hit other places in Japan, and it’s coming towards tokyo. we can just pray that our Fuji Tour would turn alright, since we did not have any notification of cancellation.

before we sleep, the heavy rain was already pouring like mad, i can say it was the most bad-ass rain ive ever seen.

Day 8 – Mount Fuji Trip

The tour guide pick us up on the dot that day, before we are going to Fuji, we went to some other hotels to pick other peoples up. The rain still pouring heavily that day. Me and 3 others already have low energy, since we know that we cant see mt Fuji greatness on that day.

It took 2 hours to drive from Tokyo to Mount Fuji.. on the way up, the tour guide was trying to tell us story about  Mount Fuji or Fuji San. there’s a few meaning behind that Fuji San name. Firstly is “No Equal”, so there’s no other mountain like Fuji San, been there for soo soo long since more that 100,000 years ago. Secondly is “No Ending”. and the other meaning is “Abundant” and “Wealthy”. so that’s why many Japanese using Fuji name for their company. Like Fuji Film, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, Fuji Trading, etc etc.

while he was still explaining, suddenly he ask all of us to keep quite and listen if we can hear any sound ??

all of us kept quite for a while, and we did hear something.. it’s like a whale / dolphin sound for me.. *yeap.. beneran kyk suara lumba2 ato paus yg kita suak dnger di tv2. haha*.

“if you hear that.. it’s the song of Mount Fuji,” he said. He explained that sometimes when we drove at certain speed, the friction will give us a beautiful sound, and it the sound never come up the same. it’s like a beautiful melody, and that’s why they said it’s a song of Mount Fuji.

so excited to know and listen to the sound.. haha.. *norak* well. i dont know if other mountain can produce that kind of sound. but for me it’s just too cool! haha.. so sad that i did not record it.. it happened so fast, and normally it just ‘play’ for a few seconds only.

our first stop is Mount Fuji 5th Station 

since it’s still raining, we cannot enjoy the Mount Fuji sceneries, it supposed to be the photo spot. so we just went in to the gift shop for a while to warm ourselves..

Mount Fuji itself is very cold eventho you are going there in the summer. so we were so freezing since we went during autumn accompanied with the rain and wind from the upcoming typhoon. =(

20141005_115623inside the shop was sooo soo crowded, i think everyone just wanted to warm themselves up. haha.. *ohh btw, all pictures are taken by Samsung S3, since i was too lazy to take out my camera again. haha. and below is Mount Fuji dessert, so cute yaa. haha.. too bad that time we dont have any appetite to eat this.. because we are too frozen and just wanted to drink some warm things. haha. 20141005_120852 and finally, the misty-foggy-hazy Mount Fuji.. huaaa..20141005_122537

i can only send a postcard to myself that i should go back here again someday to see the majestic of Mount Fuji. haha..


*the post-card is so cute yaa.. hehe.. i sent one to Bern as well, and he took such a nice picture of the postcard. haha*

after this, we are going to Hakone, a city nearby Mount Fuji. and the second stop of the day is Lake Ashi Cruise.

This is a crater lake that formed by powerful eruption more than 3,000 years ago. and before we take the cruise, the tour send us to a restaurant to eat our lunch first. they actually offered us 2 options of the tour, to go with lunch or to go without lunch..

the price different is about 2,000 Yen. and 4 of us decided to sign up without lunch, since the lunch that they offer is only some grilled chicken set.. and we wanted to try some other foods. so for us who sign up without lunch package, they send us to Togendai View Restaurant.

it’s quite a beautiful restaurant i may say, because it’s facing the Lake Ashi itself.

20141005_143158 20141005_141729

well. to be honest, this restaurant is a bit expensive.. the port-cutlet curry chicken cost us about 3,000 Yen per set ? if im not wrong.. 1,000 yen more expensive than the grilled chicken set. haha. but well, at least we tried the real Japanese curry. haha. and it was super nice.. i think all food in Japan are all super nice! haha.    20141005_150122


and it’s cruise time now.. still raining. =( Below is how the cruise likes from inside 20141005_15051220141005_152155

The misty lake, make me Feels like in “Pirates of Caribbean” movie where the haunted ship suddenly appears from the fogs. hahaha.

The third stop is Hakone Sky Gondola. This trip supposed to be a pretty sightseeing trip, but too bad, we cant see any pretty things at all =( i’ll show you how pretty the gondola trip is supposed to be.


taken from the visitor’s centre, and below is what we got

20141005_162028such a huge different right. hahaha.. before we left Hakone, the tour guide told us that Hakone is famous for the black egg, that is literally turn black because they boiled it with Sulphur from the lake. Old people said if you eat one of the black egg, it will add up 7 years of your life.

One Australian lady gave me 1 of her black egg. she said it tastes like a normal boiled egg. only smells a bit funny. haha.. since i dont like boiled egg as well, so i gave this to the 3 others, but they didnt want it as well, so this 1 boiled egg gone to waste.. =( it supposed to be darker, just that it has been passed on to many hands, so yeahh the colour become not so black anymore.



and that was the last stop of the day. The tour took us back to Odawara station to take bullet train back to Tokyo station. Because the rain was still pouring that night, Thirza said just go to Vimon restaurant at Tokyo station, so we can go back easily to our hotel.

so, we followed her suggestion and felt so satisfied with the hamburger! *yuuummm yummmm*

Me and Yana shared 1 Hind-Shank Hamburget Steak set (2,280 Yen) & 1 Fatty Hamburger Steak Set (2,580 Yen).

20141005_195759 20141005_195825 20141005_201010

The hind-shank is a bit chewy and dry, but of course its still nice.. hehe.. where the fatty hamburger consist of ground beef and beef ribs, so it’s more tender and juicy.. both is super nice i may say. haha.. somemore if you deep a bit of your hamburger to the reddish sauce.. it’s a bit salty, but it enhances the beef taste.. yumss.. hehe.. you also have the choice to change your plain rice to garlic rice with some additional (that i already forgot).. if you willing to draw somemore money for your dinner, i suggest you to change to the garlic rice cause it’s so savory. hehehe.

Steak & Hamburg Vimon (at Tokyo Station)

1-9-1 Marunochi | Tokyo Sta. 1F Kitchen Street, Chiyoda, Tokyo Prefecture 100-0005, Japan
+81 3-3283-1841
Day 9 – Last day
actually we  wanted to go to Shinjuku or Ikebukuro to walk around. but the weather was still as bad.. the bad weather caused chaos in the train stations. because many trains got cancelled and dont know what time it will resume =(
as much as we wanted to pro-long our holiday, we did not want to miss our flight back home as well. so, we decided to go super early to Tokyo Station to book the shinkansen back to Narita airport. since we have plenty of time at Tokyo Station, we just grab our lunch at some random restaurant that turns up to be awesome. haha..
20141006_13002020141006_122746 20141006_130004 20141006_122732There’s no english menu in this restaurant, so we need to point at the pictures and ask them what udon is this? haha.
Finally, i took the Beef Udon (small portion) and feel so satisfiedd.. ahhh.. so grateful we chose this restaurant to have our last meal at Japan.. =)
Trying to find the full address of this Nanba Sennichimae Kamatake Udon restaurant, but could not find it . huu..
after this good meal, we tried to go down to check the Shinkansen schedule, so shocked when the officer asked us to board now because the next train (which is our schedule) is cancelled. we ran and ran to catch that Shinkansen. luckily we went and ask the officer.. else, we really need to extend our holiday. haha.. 
the thing that i learned here is, dont be shy to ask things.. hahaha. 
the great udon and the running marks our last day in Japan. hope to see you again, Japan! 
much Love,

Best Ramen in Ikebukuro – Tokyo : Day 7

oh gosh.. time flies just like that.. it seems like i just celebrated Christmas and brave myself to enter 2014.

and now, it that month again whereby you need to re-think what you have done in the past year and write your plans for the year ahead..

well. well.. been back from the Japan trip 2 months ago, yet have not finished all the blogs yet.. =(

but good news, only left with 2 post to go (this post and our Mount Fuji Trip)

So, after exploring the 2 shrines in Kyoto, we were back in Tokyo. since we reached there almost 4pm. We decided to have early Diner at Mutekiya Ramen (at Ikebukuro)

one of the reason that we decided to reach early is because most of the review said it will be a long Q after 5pm.. and to skip that Q, then we need to reach there before 5.

we reached at Ikebukuro station around 4.50pm. we followed the direction that one of travel blogger given to us.. but we still cant find our way out. haha.. so we tried to use our googlemap to find the way.. since our dataplan is already low, the googlemap didnt help much.. so, we just tried to walk around and try to find below signage.



after 15 minutes of walk. finally we found it!! *berhasill.. berhasill. hore! gaya dora the explorer. haha*

it was around 5.10pm, and luckily the Q was not that long yet.. we waited for around 2o minutes before we can savour the best ramen at Ikebukuro area.


well. bassically they only have a few types of ramen.. and their bestselling ones are the 3 ramen above. *sorry for the blurry pictures. =(

Favorite Menu for Mutekiya’s first timer :

1. Nikutama Men

2. Tokumaru Men

3. Umakara Men – spicy soup

guess all ramen shop in Japan is only limited for 20 person or so.. and all of it are bar tables.

the first difference between Ichiran Ramen is their tables, in Mutekiya, they give you a range of sauces that you can add in to your ramen – pepper, soya sauce, vinegar, chili oil, tonkatsu sauce, garlic, some other things that im not sure what it is. haha.


The Gyoza came the first


This tastes like normal Gyoza, nothing in particular.. it’s just simply a nice companion for eating the ramen..

and introducing you the Best Ramen at Ikebukuro!


I chose the Umakara Men – the spicy soup based noodle.

owhmaigod! it was just super nice and super spicyy.. *gw sampe keselek gt pas pertama kali makan*

if you order this, you must slowly slurp the soup for the first sip. i was too excited and just gulp the first spoon until i was choking like crazy. hahaha..

okay, what i love about this?

– it’s broth.. the broth is so thick and creamy and so tasteful.. eventho it is spicy, but it’s still enjoyable. not those kind of spicy that makes your bowel suffer. they said they

– it’s noodle… ahhh.. how i love thick noodle.. it’s so yellow and chewy. *lebih seru aja gt makan noodle gendut2. haha*

– it’s pork meat.. muahhaha.. *maafkan daku yah buat yg halal, tapi ini enak bngt menurut aku.. huhu* the meat is just super thick, juicy, tender and doesnt make you sick of eating it again and again.. it just melts on your mouth..! if you compared the thickness and juiciness with Ichiran Ramen, i think Mutekiya has better meat.. well again. this is personal preference.


owh goshh.. this is just too sinful! this is a must go ramen shop if you are going to Tokyo!


After eating this, my Ramen standard is going up to the next level. hahaha *gaya pisan* hahaha.. *tapi bener.. beberapa minggu lalu gw dapet free ramen di Santouka Singapore gara2 pas lagi bday month.. Santaouka itu udah memuaskan bngt biasanya buat gw.. menurut lidah gw sii.. lebih enak si Santouka ini daripada Ippudo.. tapi setelah makan Mutekiya sama Ichirann.. wahh.. rasanya si Santouka udah kyk makan mie-instant biasa aja. kurang greget gt. hahaha.. sok bngt yee gw.. tapi gw tetep royal kok sama Santouka. since mrk suka kasih grastisan sidedish buat member. ahahha.. dan emang gw suka ramennya dia juga sii.. just that standard gw buat ramen enak sudah meningkat aja.. hehe.. *


The Ramen shop is somewhere along Meiji dori Ave.. if you see the that green Tonkudo building, it’s just somewhere across there.

Mutekiya Ramen 麺創房無敵家
1-17-1 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku 東京都豊島区南池袋1-17- (Ikebukuro Station East Exit), Tokyo, Japan. Tel: + 03 3982 7656
Opening Hours: 10:30am-4am

Tsukiji Market and Ginza : Day 3

We really forced ourselves up to wake up early in the morning just to go to Tsukiji market..

we were thinking.. should we go for the Tuna auction at 5am? but since we came back so late and felt so tired from Disneysea the day before.. we decided to just go to Sushi Dai for brunch.

Actually i wanted to see the Tuna auction so much.. *kyknya seru banget aja gt liat tuna segede gaban dan liat si auctioneer potong2 tuna.nya pake samurai.. berasa si nat geo gt.. haha* If only they dont start the auction so early.. =(

the other thing that made us hesitant to go is they limit the spectator now. only 120 people are allowed to see the auction. and i think they are very strict with it. we were like.. what if we are the 121st person.. so wasted to wake up in the morning then.. huahua..

we reached Tsukiji market about 10.30 in the morning.. the market is still busy and smell very fishy. haha.. *yaiyalahh. namanya juga pasar ikann* we passed by a lot of shops before we reached Sushi Dai..

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC*berbagai macam pisau dapurr.. gila yaakk. bnyk ajee. haha.. ini di bawah juga jamur.nya guede2.kyk bisa di tanem ulang gt. haha.. oh iyaa.. btw. dsini gw liat national geographic photographer lagi tour gt.. like a bunch of men with big camera dan ada name tag nat geo.nyaa. keren yaaa kliatanntaa.. huu.. sayang ga voto mrk in action.. haha*


and after we passed all this shops by.. finally we reached our brunch place.. i assume below pictures are the place where they are doing their Tuna Auction..

SONY DSC SONY DSCand the restaurant.. just right on our right side..

okay.. so, i have been talking about sushi dai right.. ended up, we never eat at Sushi dai.. haha..

why?? because the queue is freaking longg.. like LONGGGG! and i forgot to take the picture. =(

well.. i already read some blogs that we need to queue 2-3 hrs to eat this Sushi Dai.. they said it’s the cheapest sushi shop over there and it tastes veryyy goodd.. but we dont want to queue that long.. since we already got enough in Disneysea. haha..

i remember that there’s 2 famous sushi restaurant here.. Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi..

so, we just try to stroll around and found that Daiwa sushi queue was not that long. like half of Sushi Dai.. we figured out that Sushi Dai only has 12 seats inside *tepok jidat moment* where Daiwa Sushi have 2 shops.. so, it can fit to 24 people.. without hesitating, we moved queue to Daiwa Sushi.



*Q-ing timee*SONY DSC

*we ordered the set menu*



*the fatty Tuna, the middle one is the best of all, and secondly is the unagi (below pictures) and the third one is the tamago.. The Tamago have the sweet taste that i never tasted before*

The sushi pictures was only just half of it.. forgot to take the rest because we are just to concentrate to eat. haha.. *dan gw kepedesan gara2 wasabii.. kepedesan yg sampe ke hidung gt.. haha* you know right that most of sushi restaurant always put their Wasabi between the fish and the rice.. not like in normal restaurant in Singapore / Jakarta whereby they served you 1 different place for the wasabi.. the texture also a little bit different, more diluted than Singapore / Jakarta wasabi..

after we finished eating, we passed by Sushi Dai Q again, and we were very thankful that we moved to Daiwa Sushi.. because the person who already far before us were still in the Q.. it’s like not moving at all. i think we Q-ed for Daiwa Sushi about 45 minutes, and eat there about 25 – 30 minutes..

they said all the sushi bar are nice over there.. not just Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi. just that this 2 sushi place are the cheapest among all.

since Tsukiji market is somewhere near Ginza.. so we decided to just stroll around there first for a while..


One of the largest shopping malls in Tokyo.. Mitsukoshi.. tried to go inside and saw that they are selling branded goods like YSL, Celine and with some other high end Japanese brand.. since we did not intend to buy anything branded.. we tried to go to their rooftop. which is not bad at all. haha..
SONY DSCIMG-20141001-WA0005

Quite nice right? apparently you can just sit down there and do nothing.. haha..

Ginza is like the Tokyo’s orchard road. but much prettier i guess. haha.. all are shopping malls and branded boutique..


*cakep2 yaa bunga.nyaa.. macam di new york city gitu berasa.nya. muahahha.. pengen di comot buat voto2.. hihi*SONY DSCohh. and they have 8 storeys of Uniqlo here.. *faint*.. the biggest Uniqlo in Tokyo i think. haha..

well.. it turned out that we spent quite a long while in Ginza.. almost 4 hours there to went in and out the shops.. haha..

since i already made appointment with Thirza *my Uni friend who now reside in Tokyo*, so we quickly went to Shinjuku to meet her..

our legs was still so painful because of Disneysea the day before and the stroll that we took in Ginza. so we decided to went to some random cafe just to rest our legs for a while and do some catch up with thirzaaa.. hehe..


Shinjuku station was crazyyy.. it is literally a sea of human.. no wonder research said that it’s the second world’s business train station. when we went out from the trains station.. so many girls / guys are singing in front of the the trains station.. my friend said they are there promoting their band almost everyday, selling out their CDs, giving out their flyer and waiting to be spotted by the talent scout. below is AKB 48 wannabe. haha..


so, after we walked awhile in Shinjuku, we went back to Shibuya to grab our dinner.

i already did research for this restaurant.. bloggers like Lady iron chef said its one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo.. so why dont we give it a try? hehe.

Welcome to Maisen (Shibuya) :

Tokyu Department Toyoko Store (West) 9F, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture 150-8319, Japan


This is really hands down the best Tonkatsu that i have ever tasted. muahahha.. The Pork is very tender and juicy inside.. not oily at all and the bread crumbs are crunchy but not hurting your throat.. and the rice.. ahh.. so soft and fluffy.. i can eat this everyday. hahaha.. their specialty is Kurobuta (Black Pork)  cutlet. a must try if you are a Tonkatsu Lover..

SONY DSCMeet Thirza Zefanya! my roomate when we were on US school trip 4 year agoo.. ahh.. we are getting oldd.. NOOO!!! =(

glad to see you there girl! hope to see you again soon! ❤

Ohayou Tokyo! Day 1

Emang holiday itu selalu berasa cepet bngt ya.. ga nyangka 9 hari udah berlalu.. dan waktu.nya kembali ke realita kehidupann.. *noooo!!!*

but before im coming back to reality.. let us relive the trip.. hehe..

We went to Tokyo by Delta Airlines 6 o clock in the morning. *it was the same flight that took me to USA for my school trip 4 years agoo.. ahh.. another good old memories*

Thankfully it was a pleasant flight, and get to reach Tokyo by 2.30 in the afternoon. Since we only booked 7 days of JR pass ticket, we bought a limousine bus ticket to get to the apartment where we stayed for 3 nights in Tokyo.

nothing fancy about the limousine bus.. it’s just a normal bus that will drop you to some hotels. since we are staying in an apartment, we took the bus to the nearest hotel from the apartment.

the bus was our very first encounter with Japan public transport. and it really amazed me they are really on time.. when the ticket said that the bus leaving at 3:15pm. it will really leave on the dot.. *pokok.nya pas jem.nya berubah jadi 3:15, lansung tancap gas tanpa nungguin siapapun.. beneran ga lebay.. haha*






this limousine bus service cost us 3100 yen/person, which means around 36 SGD. The bus ride took about 90 minutes from the airport to Excel Hotel Tokyu in shibuya area, the nearest hotel from our apartment.

once we reached there, we immediately walked to our apartment. luckily it’s only 10 minute walk from the hotel. *kan cape juga boo jalan sambil narik2 koper. haha*

finally we reached to our lovely apartment named ‘Feel A Shibuya’. we booked this small room from Airbnb, and we loved it so much. it is near shibuya crossing, small but cozy for 4 of us, provided us with portable wifi and all amenities are ready to use.. feels like our own home for that 3 nights. hehe..



since we reached apartment about 5pm. we quickly go to Ichiran Ramen for dinner because we didn’t want to queue so long.

all bloggers, trip advisors and other social media said that Ichiran Ramen is a must go place when you are in Tokyo / Osaka.. *hits banget deh ceritanya ini tempat.. haha*

from our place to Ichiran, we must across the road via shibuya crossing.



shibuya crossing is just so happening.. *jadi ini kyk perempatan dimana semua orng bisa nyebrang kemana aja dr perempatan itu. gw ga ngerti deh cara atur traffic.nya gimana.. hahaha.. ohh. btw. di jepang gelap.nya cepet bngt.. kyk jem 6 gt udah gelap bngt*

Ichiran Ramen is just across Tsutaya mall.. it’s one line with 109 Men’s.




it was only around 6pm, and there was a queue already. luckily it only took us 10-15 waiting time..

since Japan is well know as a vending machine country, this ichiran ramen also require us to order via vending machine.




so you just insert your notes and coins, and just press whatever that you want to order. after that, the machines will print out 1 small notes that you must show to the waitress later on. after showing the small notes, they will ask you to circle the preference.. like the noodle thickness, how strong the soup that you want, spiciness, etc.


if you see the red and green light behind my order paper.. it’s the seating arrangement. they only have 2o seats in total. *dan ga ada bangku yg hadap2an donkk. haha.. gw lebih suka makan yg hadapa2an gt.. kyknya lebih enak aja drpd makan sebelah2an kyk gini.. selain bisa ngobrol, bisa icip2 jugaa.. klo kyk gini kan ga bisa yaa.. haha*



ohh. one funny thing.. we could not see the waitress face here, if you need anything, you just need to press the small button in the middle. and they will come to you. *agak anehh yah rasa.nya klo ngomong ga liat wajah.nyaa*


they provide us with glass and cold tap water. so practical yaa.. haha.. we dont need to keep asking if we want to refill.

and finally.. the moment we have been waiting for!!



ohh.. how i love this so so muchh.. *semua ramen enak di singapore lewatt.. ippudo.. santouka.. semua lewatt.. hahaha*

im not a fan of thin noodle.. but this one is really different. its thin but chewy, the soup was perfectly made.. strong but not make you sick of it. and the porkk.. hmmpp.. it’s just so yummyy and tender. all are just perfect in a bowl.. *faint!*

after we had our glorious ramen.. we just stroll around in shibuya and went back to our apartment, we were just so tired because none of us had proper sleep and we need to wake up early for the next day, because Disneysea is waiting for us! hehehe.





Goodnite from the glasses ‘family’ and Hachiko! ❤ ❤

Japan Trip

Very excited for the Japan Trip!

me, my brother and 2 of our friends will be going to Japan on 28th September.. *yes, yes, exactly 1 more month to go* woohoo..

actually i never think that Japan will be my next travel destination. since Japan is not that appealing to me, except the Ramen. haha

but since my brother wants to go there so bad for his graduation trip. as a good sister *hoekk*, i decided to accompany him to go. hahaha. then we start to find travel mates for this trip.

after finding our travelmates, it’s research time!

gosh.. suddenly i got huge desire to go to Japan after a few days of research. haha..  not sure if Japan is that good, or it’s just because i need to go for holiday badly. hahaha *mungkin panggilan si ichiran ramen yg merayu2 aku untuk pergi, since it looks very good. haha*

i heard from 2 friends that JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) is quite good for their flight and hotels package.

so, i came there 1 month ago to compare the price.

going to Japan with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1500, which is quite cheap, since ANA itself cost us about SGD 950. so, top up about SGD 550 more and you got quite good accomodation.

i went back and tell them that they offer us a good deal. but we must confirm within 2 days, because left a few seats with ANA. and suddenly 1 of our friend told us that she cannot go on our said date and time, because her colleague already took the leave.. *kalah cepet* hahaha.

so we re-arrange the date and ask JTB again for our desired date (which is only 1 day different). and you know what, they quoted us much much more expensive.. =(

same arrangement with ANA air + 8 nights hotel cost us about SGD 1800. hey, 300 dollars different is quite huge, right?

then we ask the sales girl why they have huge different. then the girl said, SGD 1500 is too cheap. i think my colleague quote you wrongly. gahhh..

since we dont know who is correct or wrong, then we decided to book everything ourself. haha.

after 2 weeks of comparing price, finally we booked following flight and accommodations :

– Delta Airlines : SGD 684.20

Tokyo AirBnb (Shibuya) for 3 nights : SGD 207.25

Hotel Vista Grande Osaka for 2 nights : SGD 194.85

Hotel Almont Kyoto for 1 night : SGD 92

Hotel Tokyo Dome for 2 nights : SGD 247

JR pass : SGD 347 *this is freaking expensive for 7 days train pass, but what to do, they said if we buy individually

– Tokyo Disneysea (1 day pass) : SGD 78

– Universal Studio Japan (1 day pass) : SGD 90

Visa Japan : SGD 39

so, Total per person is SGD 1979.3 / person, which is much more cheaper than buying the package in JTB. some more the SGD 1800 that they offer is a package for 3* hotel and not including the JR pass and the amusement park tickets. =(

actually we can go cheaper for the accomodations, but some airbnb apartment that we like is already full or have minimum nights for booking. so, we just go ahead with the hotels.

after all the booking, it’s time to make itinerary.. *yeay.. hehehe.

we already have some rough itinerary, but still not fixed yet.

if you have any great place to go in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Please let me know ?

Thank you before.. =)