Hello people, Thank you for visiting my humble website, where i usually share about my travelling experiences and photos, my passion, my beliefs and my random thoughts about anything under the sun.

I am an Indonesian who born in late October and yearn to see the world. I think every parts of the world has their own beauty for us to unveil. I love to eat noodles.. yes.. any kind of noodles.. i think i can call myself a NoodleLady. haha..

I always adore Eiffel Tower, and have a Major Love for Broadcasting industry. You can see my passion in Hosting/Presenting by clicking the “Inspirasiku / Portfolio” menu.

If you have any queries, or even just to say HI..

You can drop me an email to: jendluvu@gmail.com OR

Follow my Instagram : @jenita.darmento OR

See my VLOGs HERE! 

Thank you for dropping by. ❤

*PS : Do NOT copy any post or pictures here without permission. let us respect one and another. =)


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23 thoughts on “About

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  3. Hello, Salam kenal 🙂

    Wah penggemar mie juga nih, noodle enthusiast 😀
    Saya di Indonesia suka dengan makanan-makanan seperti Bakso, Mie Ayam, Mie Kocok Bandung, dan lain-lain



    • halo. salam kenal juga.. amin bisa keliling dunia juga.. gw juga butuh perjuangan buat melihat dunia. haha.. kalo tata kota, ke-aman-an dan kebersihan sih jauh lebih enak singapore, tapi kalau budaya dan makanan sihh lebih enak indonesia jauhh.. haha.. yg pinggir jalan yg ngagenin. haha.


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