Kelor Island – The Steepest Hill of Labuan Bajo (VLOG)


‘You can do it, Jenita!’ screamed the girls who already reached the ‘pit stop’ faster than me.

‘Aaaaa..! I’m confused now.. which way to go?!’ I panicly replied

‘You see the rock bigger rock on your right? Step on it and move forward!’

‘You sure?? I’m afraid i’d fall’ – I felt that the steepness of the hill is already more than 50 degrees, that i would fall anytime if i move wrongly.

‘Bend down more. Try to hold on to the rocks’

Finally after collecting all my courage, i can reach the ‘pit stop’ and the Top of the steepest hill of Labuan Bajo.

I thought it was only me who struggle my way up to Kelor hill, since i didnt see how the other girls went up because im too busy setting up my camera for vlogging (even though the vlog result still has a lot room of improvements. hahaha). But it turns out that all the girls faced the same problem with the hill. Indeed it’s a challenging one.

Our Guide, Mas Ovel already told us before we went down from the boat that this hill the most challenging of all hills in Labuan Bajo area. The smallest hill yet the steepest of all. And Mas Ovel hiked Kelor like it’s nothing. We are all so amazed that he and his partner Mas Ian can just hiked it without any struggle. Guess practices do make your moves perfect.

Kelor Island is reachable with one-hour of sailing with normal boat from Labuan Bajo, and 30 minutes of Speed boat. Apparently it’s also one of favorite place for the locals to spend their weekend too. Cause when we went down, we talked a bit with the locals and they said it’s a nice place to just hang out and relax, and for the kids to swim and snorkle.

Ohh, talking about how to go down from that hill is another interesting story. After we enjoyed the pretty sceneries and the hues of blue, we literally slide down the hill (using our butt) in order to go down. hahaha.. It was such an effort, such an experience and such a funny story to tell now (even though it was not that funny when we did it back then) haha.

But hey, we did it! and my suggestion is, do go there with a bunch of your good friends who will always tell you that you can do it, and who will spend the happiness together when you are all up there. Or i assure you it will be the most miserable 20 minutes of your hike. Unless you are a pro already, then maybe the cheer is not needed anymore.

Hope you enjoy the VLOG and the pictures displayed below! ❀



** The ‘Pit-Stop’ whereby all of us hold tightly to the only tree there. Thank you Tree for you’ve been a great ‘Pit-Stop’ for us to catch our breath**



** The two pictures that sums up of how we went down the hill. My black pants turns dark brown after that. haha. Β **

Most photos are taken by Salam Ransel, edited by me.




20 thoughts on “Kelor Island – The Steepest Hill of Labuan Bajo (VLOG)

    • makasihh mba dewii.. di puji sama photographer professional jadi malu nii.. hehe.. di banding sama punya mba, masih bnyk room for improvements.. hehehe.. yess.. indonesia emang ngangenin sii walopun suka bikin bete juga kadang.. haha.. you have to visit flores sometime! salam kenal juga.. =)


      • Ngangenin dan betein teteeep ya πŸ˜€ duuh apalagi di kampunku sana Medan tercinta..masih jauuuh ketinggalan dari rapinya Jakarta…
        Udah ngubek2 info sih ttg NTT, pantai2nya juaraa..bikin merinding…
        Duh dijuluki pro πŸ˜€ masih jauh Jen …aku masih banyak belajar…sekalian juga mau belajar videography…:)


      • porfolionyaa keren2 tapi mbaa.. hehe.. tapi Jakarta belum punya mbaa kereta dr airport ke kota macam di medan itu.. hehe.. Btw, saya minggu depan ke medan lohh.. ada job disana.. so excited, karena pertama kalinya ke kota medan.. hehe


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