Taipei Cafe : Coffee Alley

Things are getting better in Taipei. Found new friends who is so nice and friendly to show me around, getting used to the public transport here (even though it is still hard to read bus directions and destinations in Chinese), love the food and the good manner of Taiwanese people, catching up with the traditional chinese writings, and so glad that i can get along very well with my classmates and other international friends.

One of my Japanese friend said that she has one favorite cafe in town that serves Japanese and Western influenced food. Since I am new in town and love to explore the food here, of course i did not say no. We went last last Friday, right after we finished our class. The cafe that is located on the second floor was pretty full when we reached there about 4pm. It was 5 of us and we need to wait about 10-15 minutes for the table to be ready.


They have house rules for everyone to order one drink in this cafe, so it’s okay when you dont order food. Just order one drink will do.

I Decided to order Iced Fresh Fruit Tea (TWD 180 // SGD 7.5) for my drink, i thought it will come in a glass, but it came in a jug!  Me personally dont really like it cause i feel it’s just too sour.

Another one is  Smoked Beef Sandwich with Egg Salad (TWD 150 // SGD 6.5). I love their egg salad! But for the Sandwich, it’s just a normal ones, the beef meat tastes like luncheon meat, but i like the dressing that they put inside the sandwich.


Smoked Chicken Toasted Pizza ( TWD 160 // SGD 7 )This is super recommended! i just love this pizza bread. It’s like, the bread, the chicken meats, and the cheese are just perfect. I think i can eat this everyday! haha. The bread is very soft, and the chicken are just nice, and look at that cheesy topping! Cheese lovers will definitely love this!


This one my my Japanese friend’s favorite dessert! Sesame Ice Cream Waffle ( TWD 170 // SGD 7.2). The sesame ice cream is gooodd.. The yellow one is custard, and the it’s the chocolate-like sauce for the waffle’s topping. The waffle here is quite different. It tastes like bread here. It’s thicker, spongy, very filling, and not crispy. Was thinking that this waffle could be like the A&W waffle in Indonesia. but i was so wrong. haha. Worth the try, but for me, i wont specially come here just for this.


I like this one muchh better, Strawberry Mile-Feuille (TWD 130 // SGD 5.5). The Strawberry is very fresh, can be a little bit sour, but most of it are sweet. Love the texture of the puff-pastry and the creamy filling. Dont be fooled by this picture, actually the size is rather small. Good for 2 people (max), if you really want to share.


This cafe chain is quite famous amongst Taiwanese. Apparently they have this in Tokyo and Hongkong too. Guess the cafe price over here is quite cheap compared to Singapore. But the drink price is almost the same. If you like to hop from cafe to cafe, guess Taipei is a good place for you to venture.



Zhongzheng District, Taipei City Hall, 2nd Floor before Road 18 (next to the house before the road UNIQLO, Watson 2nd Floor)

+ 886-2-2388-3000



13 thoughts on “Taipei Cafe : Coffee Alley

  1. Huaaah, kayaknya enak-enak semua Jen! Dan penampilan minumannya yang pake jug gitu tambah bikin menarik ya (karena jadi banyak juga *maruk* 😛 ). Pizza dan Mile-Feuille juga nampak enak banget!!!


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