TravelTalk : Good Shoes Take You to Good Places

~ Good Shoes Take You to Good Places ~

Well, i kinda agree with the above quotes. Since without good shoes, you cant hike mountains to see breathtaking sunrise, cant walk that far to explore the fancy city’s alleys, and cant take the long stairs to see the beautiful cityscape.

Talking about shoes, i have an interesting fact about myself. When most girls need more space to store their new pair of shoes, I am a girl who always find it difficult to have a nice pair of shoes. *Yeap, you read it right! Haha

Believe it or not, for now, i only have 1 pair of flip flop, 1 pair of  sneakers, 1 pair of long boots, 1 furry winter boots, 1 pair of  running shoes, 3 pairs of flat shoes, 2 pairs of kitten heels, 1 pair of wedges, and 3 pairs of heels (which i only use 1 pair frequently. Haha #truestory #dontjudgeme

Well, i dont know if it’s already a lot. But for me, it is not many at all, since all shoes are meant for specific event, and i frequently use 1 pair of my favorite flat shoes practically everywhere for my daily basis. Haha..


Exploring Bratislava Old Town, Slovakia – 2016 with my Adidas superstar

Night stroll at The Beatles monument – Liverpool, UK – 2017  with my favorite Varina Ballet Flat from Salvatore Ferragamo

*It was 9pm in Liverpool. The sun was still up and bright!*


Morning Hike in Xiang Shan –  Taipei, Taiwan – 2016 with my striking pink Adidas Running Shoes.

*trying to find other travelling pictures with my only shoes on it, but can only find these three.. Haha*

Anyway, I am size 5,5 (US) – which is 35-36 in asia. Who got the same size as me?? Haha

This size is considered small even though im an Asian who lives in Asia. When i shop around in some shoe shops in Jakarta or Singapore, i always find that they dont really stock up a lot for my size. When there’s any, sometimes size 35 is too tight on me and size 36 is kinda loose. Haha. So,  i need to buy additional sole since it’s a little bit loose or have to let it goo since it’s too small! *Haishhh*

And  i really hate it when Often times, i find it comfortable when i  tried it in the shop, but it hurts real bad when i try to walk for hours. ~.~”

So normally, i would just come back to the same brand and probably same design with slightly different colour for my shoe needs. Awh Goshh, does this only happen to me? Lucky you if your feet can just fit to any brand!

I dont know if it’s too much to customised your own shoes, since most of the time, customisation is only for those who’s having leg problem or getting married.

But, i found this website FSJshoes that can custom your own shoes. From lovely wedding shoes to your fashionable walking boots! This made me curious, since they can do partial and full customisation, and they do ship worldwide as well.

What do you think, girls? What’s your favorite comfortable shoes? Will you go to custom your shoes too?




#TravelTalk : Travelling in Style

~ All that glitters is not gold, and all who wander are not lost ~ J.R.R Tolkien

Well, The title shows like i’m a socialites who travel glamourously. But, I am sorry that you would not see bling-bling in this post, nor heavy make up or branded goods from head to toe like princessyahrini does when she travels. Haha.

I’m just a girl who loves to travel in my style! and in this blogpost, i would love to share how i dress up when i’m out of town~~

1. Dress 

Believe it or not, i used to ONLY have 1 jeans in my wardrobe. *grin* So, whats inside it? A wardrobe full of dresses, skirts, shorts, tops and leggings. Yeap. Thats me! *Salam Kenal semuanya. HAHA

That’s why i will always bring dresses when im out, or else what else should i bring out? But to bring dresses when you’re out of town, is always a good choice. Since it can be carried out casually and neat at the same time. And if suddenly you happen to go to some fancy dining restaurant, you can just pair it up with a nice flat shoes or kitten-heels. OR just change your bag or backpack with a clutch!

bratis1 copy

(Bratislava, Slovakia – 2016)

2. Jeans Jacket

Eventhough i dont really wear jeans, i really love my jeans jacket! It is just ‘timeless’ piece, and just goes well with most clothes that i have. Perfect for Autumn, yet not so hot in summer time. And, if you follow my Instagram, you’ll realised that i wear this alottt.. It’s just super comfortable, even on long haul flights.


(Budapest, Hungaria – 2016)

3. Necklaces and sweaters

Necklaces is a must bring item when im travelling. I have a lot of statement and chunky necklaces. I’m not a ring, bracelet or earrings person. Well, actually i love earrings too, but i guess not as much as necklaces. Hmmp, maybe there’s correlation with growing up as well. As i grow up, i fancy plain colours more than patterns, and necklace can really compliment my plain tops.

Somehow i love to see shirt that’s doubled with sweater. Preppy look, but still feminine at the same time, and it gives you a smart yet outgoing vibes.


(Brussels, Belgium – 2015)

4. High-waisted Bikini

I think this invention is super brilliant! High-waisted Bikini for a plump girl like me. haha.. Dont get me wrong, i still like the one piece swim-suit, but because my torso is longer than my leg, sometimes the one piece swim suit hurts my shoulder. =( Anyone on the same boat?

Gotten this bikini as a gift from a good friend of mine and love it to the bits. Now, this is a must bring item when im out in the sun. Well, actually im still not comfortable to walk around with just the bikini on my body (cause it still shown some of my meats. Haha) , so normally i will hang a towel over my shoulder, and voila, im ready to walk around the area!


(Angseri, Bali – 2015)

5. Colourful Skirts

Since i have lots of plain tops, it will not be fun if i have another plain bottom to pair with, right? I dont know if im overly girly, but i love skirts! Just that i dont wear it a lot, since it’s not comfortable when you walk in Singapore and must be alert everytime the wind blows.

I love to wear skirts during autumn time, cause i can put on my stockings and less worry about the wind. At least they wont see my undies clearly. Haha.


(Kyoto, Japan – 2014)

6. Shorts and Sunglasses

Since i only have 1 jeans, you’ll see me more in shorts. I dont care whether im going to tropical countries or cold places, shorts will always be in my luggage. I will just double it up with thicker leggings if it’s cold and wear wool socks inside my boots. Haha

and Sunniesss.. Yes, i guess you guys already noticed that i wore my sunnies most of the time. To be honest, i dont wear it only when im travelling, but everytime when i feel that the sun shines so brightly outside.


(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam -2015)

7. Long Blazers and Loafers or Flat shoes

Long Blazers can be another options for thin-coats during the beginning of winter time. I normally wear long sleeves t-shirt or double my tank-top with cardigan (as use this blazer as 3rd layer) if it’s getting colder. Normally i’ll minimize the usage of coat if it’s not really needed, cause coats are heavy and bulky eventhough it’s pretty and warm.

Loafers and Flat shoes are just so me. I used to hate sneakers, i found it weird whenever i put it on me. Well, maybe because i use flats ever since i was in secondary school, so i found it weird to use sneakers if it’s not for sportswear. haha. When everyone complaint their feet hurts wearing flats, i feel weird in wearing slippers. Another fun-fact about me is i only have 1 slippers now. Haha. Anyway, i find loafers and flat shoes can be casual and formal as well. So, i dont need to bring a lot of shoes when im out of town, unless im going for a wedding party or do some hikings.


(Taipei, Taiwan – 2016)

So, thats all about my travelling style. How about you?

And Ohhh, BTW.. The Black friday of Indonesia, which is called ‘Hari Belanja National or Harbolnas’ is coming up soon! For you who’s still looking on what to wear for your Christmas Holiday Trip. Do check out Harbolnas in Zalora ! A lot of nice clothes to complete your holiday look. I think im gonna stock up all my fashion necessities for my upcoming trip! Haha

Even though im not a fashion blogger. I hope this entry gives you some fashion inspiration on what to wear when you travel. Dont forget to share with me your fashion style when you’re travelling.. Im excited to know! ❤

#TravelTalk : Orang-Orang yang Tak Terlupakan

Ketika kita travelling / jalan2, selain kita menikmati pemandangan yg breathtaking dan kuliner yang tidak ada habisnya, pasti banyak ketemu orang2 local asli yang berkesan – baik atau buruk.

Nah tiba-tiba kepikiran aja nih untuk nulis soal orang-orang yang tak terlupakan pas gw travelling, yang indirectly mengajarkan gw sesuatu di dalam kehidupan ini. #eaaa haha

1. The Palestinian Guy 

Kira-kira 2-3 tahun yang lalu, gw dan beberapa temen ke Israel untuk ziarah. Tapi trip ziarah ini agak berbeda dengan trip-trip ziarah orang indonesia lainnya. Kenapa? Karena kita ga ikut tour dari gereja.. tapi kita ikut private tour sendiri yang ga ada pendetanya..

Hotel pertama kita terletak di Bethlehem, Palestina. (Iya, Bethlehem itu bukan di Israel). Karena kebetulan hotel kita deket perbatasan Palestina dan Israel, setelah day-tour selesai kita pun foto-foto di tembok perbatasan. Sempet di teriakin orang local juga dari mobil pas foto2 disana, ga tau apa gw yg ge-er di teriakin, apa emang beneran di teriak-in.. haha. tapi anyway, ga ngerti juga dia teriak apa..

Pas pulang ke hotel untuk dinner, ternyata yg dinner saat itu tuhh cuman gw sama temen2 aja.. jadi ga ada orang lain lagi.. Akhirnya temen gw yg cowok pun iseng ajak ngobrol waiter yg lagi serve kita. ‘Do you play Basketball?’ kata temen gw.. Dan dari sana, langsung aja dongg kita ngobrol luamaa sama dia..

Ceritanya doi orang Palestina asli, dia sempet tinggal di luar (kalo ga salah Amrik) – lupa juga kenapa dia bisa keluar dari sana. Setelah dia tinggal cukup lama di luar, karena ada 1 family issue dia pun harus balik ke Palestina.. dan setelah dia balik ke negaranya, dia ga pernah bisa balik lagi atau jalan2 ke luar negri lainnya. Kita pun kepo deh.. Nanya2 kenapa doi ga bisa pergi jalan2?

Pemerintah Palestina itu katanya ribet bngt, somehow rakyatnya di buat susah untuk keluar negara mereka sendiri.. Setelah itu, Israel juga super strict untuk nerima orang2 Palestina untuk masuk ke negara mereka. Sempet bingung apa hubungannya dia mau kluar negri sama Israel. Ternyata, cerita punya cerita.. Palestina tuh ga punya airport. Jadi keluar masuk harus lewat Israel. ~~

Untuk orang Palestina ke Israel sendiri, mereka harus apply jauh2 hari untuk visanya. dan apply visa Israel ini ga tentu dapet walopun udah nunggu lama. Dan ketika dapet-pun, biasanya ga akan di kasih lama. Perbatasan Palestina-Israel pun di jaga super strict, ada ruangan jeruji yang hanya bisa di lewatin satu orang (ini keliatan pas mobil van kita lagi di periksa sama polisi2 ganteng Israel). Miris banget denger cerita dia. Karena dia bilang di palestina ga gt bisa kerjain banyak hal, sepertinya istilah ‘gapailah cita-citamu setinggi langit’ terbunuh di kota ini.. (kalo dari ceritanya doi yaa.. hoho)

Moral : Dari sini gw belajar, kita sebagai orang Indo harus banyak2 bersyukurrr.. karena mau jalan2 gampang. Indonesia punya banyak hal yang bisa di explore.. Gunung yg keren, Laut yang indah, padang2 yang luas..  Kalo mau kluar negri pun, sesusah-susahnya visa.. Kemungkinan dapet kita pun sangatlahh besarrr. Dan ga perlu visa juga kalo mau jalan2 seputar SE Asia. Dan Kalo kita punya cita2, masih ada harapan untuk menggapai dan merealisasikan cita2 kita..



2. The Grand Bazaar Guy

Kalo lu ke Istanbul, Turkey. Lu ga boleh ngelewatin yang namanya The Grand Bazaar (the oldest and the largest covered market in the world). Banyak banget yang jualan disini, kalo ga ingetin jalan masuk, gw yakin lu bisa tersesat di dalem sini.. Kebanyakan jual barang2 souvenir sih (sejauh mata gw memandang ya) kayak shawl scarf, karpet, pajangan2, sampe lampu2 kyk lampu aladdin. Banyak banget mas2 turki yang senyum2in kita, yang panggil2 kita, pokoknya mrk berusaha jualan barang mrk dehh, atau at least buat liat2 barang mereka. Tapi kita cukup ignorant, karena waktu itu udah ga gt mau lihat2 lagi.

Tiba2, ada yg teriak ke gw, ‘Mammm, you dropped something!’

Gw denger dia ngomong gt, tapi gw ga nengok, karena gw pikir mungkin aja itu bukan gw. Eh, terus dia teriak lagi hal yg sama.. Terus gw mikir, ‘ahh.. ga mungkin gw drop something. Kan gw pake tas selempang, dan tasnya gw taroh depan’

Dan dia pun teriak lagi untuk ke3 kali.nyaa.. dan akhirnya gw pun nengokk ke orang itu, dan nengok ke bawahh. And do you know what he did??

Dia nunjukin tangannya ke lantai..  lalu mengarahkan tangannya itu perlahan2 ke toko dia.. dan dia pun tersenyum sama gw.

Dan gw sama 2 temen cewek gw langsung sontak ketawa terbahak2.. Ide yang super creative bngt buat menarik perhatian orang untuk berkunjung or at least liat barang apa yg lu jual (dari pada cuman triak2 kayak mba2 di mangga dua) hahaha. Walopun akhirnya kita ga mampir juga sih ke toko itu..

Moral : Do something out of the box to grab attention for your business. di saat yang lain cuman panggil2 atau nanya ‘where do you come from?’ which is overrated question di turki menurut gw. ahhaha. Daya juang si mas2 di grand bazaar ini perlu di acungin jempol, karena gw yakin kalo jualan di grand bazaar itu pasti susah bngt. Yaaa. Sama-lah kyk hidup kitaa.. Kadang susah banget rasanya buat people to notice our business atau potensi yg ada dlm diri kita.. Tapi dia ngajarin gw buat jangan nyerah di tengah beratnya bersaing di ibukota..



3. The Chef

Ketika gw jalan-jalan ke Jepang, gw mampir ke koya Kyoto. Kota geisha yang indah yang lu harus visit ketika main ke Jepang. Trip gw ke jepang, fulll dengan makannn.. makann dan makann.. haha.. Jadi ketika gw main ke Kyoto, gw udah ngincer salah satu restorant jepang yang namanya Kichi-Kichi Kyoto.. Omurice yang super sensational menurut gw..

Karena temen cowok gw bisa dikit2 bahasa Jepang waktu itu.. akhirnya mereka pun ngobrol, dan yg lainnya pun menjadi pendengar yang baik. Jadi ternyata si bapak chef ini ketemu inspirasi dan belajar bikin omurice itu pas dia lagi berkunjung ke Indonesia lohh..

Gw yg kyk? What? Nemu inspirasi makanan Jepang di indoo.. ga nyambung bngt ga sih? haha.. Kalo nemu cabe ulek enakk di Indoo.. Nahh.. itu baru ga anehh.. haha..

Moral : Dont limit the place where you can get your inspiration from. Gw sering dnger deh kalo orng2 cari inspirasi di tempat2 tertentu, contohnya kalo mau dapet inspirasi fashion, harus ke fashion2 events.. siapa tau kan di pasar pun kamu bisa dapet fashion inspiration. kalo mau terinspirasi buat bikin lagu, harus di tempat2 yang tenang.. siapa tau kan lu dapet inspirasi lagu lu dari hingar bingarnya suatu tempat. haha.. Dan tentunyaa, jangan pernah berenti belajar.. and you never too old to learn something new. A note to myself too that im not too old to learn Chinese Language as well. hahaha.. *walopun orng2 ngomong lebih susah jauh buat blajar bahasa pas lu udah lewat umur 20* #kibasrambut #shakeitoff #doakanakulancar hahaha