Bangkok Best Wanton Mee and Mangoes 

These are a few of my favorite foods. Mee and Mangoes. Since we only had limited time to do our research, we only searched those best thing to eat around pratunam and siam.

Actually there are a lot of nice food to eat around that area. But we chose those 2 for our breakfast and teatime.. 🙂

Sabx2 Pratunum Wanton Mee

A place that is very famous among singaporean (idk why).. Im not so sure if it’s popular among the indonesian. But im very very sure that this place is a must go for singaporeans. Why? Because we q-ed in front of singaporean. Turned back and see many more singaporeans. And we sit beside singaporeans. Hahaha.

The famous food in this food stall is their pork rice (pork meat and all the innards, like intestines, etc) and of course, their wonton noodle.







I didnt try the pork rice, cause i dont really like those kind of pork meat, where you can see all the fats and looks very horrifying for me.. But my brother and my friends said that the pork rice is not bad at all.. But cannot beat the wonton noodle. Really, the wonton noodle that they serve is the best one that ive tasted so far.. Yes, eventho i stayed in singapore for so long, i must say that this noodle is very good. Maybe they put too much lard inside? Hahahaha.

This noodle smells so nice, undoublty it’s the fried lard smell and taste so good as well. They are using chewy thin noodle, with thin roasted pork, some pork dumpling and some vegetables.

They will ask you to order the small bowl or the big one. Since we afraid that we will be too full, we ordered the small bowl. And we soon regret that we did not order the big ones. Haha. The small bowl is too small for us. We can finish it in no time. Haha.

They only open in the morning. So if you want to taste this heavenly noodle. You must wake up early.. We came about 9.30 and the q was already long. The street is rather small. So you need to be careful as well, because many cars are passing through that small alley as well.

Sabx2 Pratunum Wanton Mee

Soi Petchburi 19

*opposite platinum shopping centre. You will see mcdonalds after you cross the road. Just go in to the smaller street beside mcdonalds and walk abit. You will find this shop at the right hand side*

Ambiance : 😍😍 / 5

Food : 😍😍😍😍 / 5

Price : 😍😍😍😍 / 5

Mango Tango

It’s a dessert place that is very popular among singaporeans  and indonesians as well.. Placed in the middle of siam square. Easy to find since the place is quite big. And they served you the sweetest mango in town.. Okay, it may sound hiperbole. But the mangoes are crazy nicee.. Hehe.. Somemore if you eat it when you are tired and it’s hot outside.

They have a nice place to just hang out and talk. But everyone of us need to order at least one item to sit down over there. So we ordered :

  • Signature Mango Tango Sticky Rice – a must buy meal in Mango Tango where you can taste a little bit of everything. As mentioned before, the mangoes are undoubtly sweet, tasty and not too ripe (so not so soft) , the sticky rice is good too (seems like all the sticky rice in bkk are good), mango milky ice cream, and soft mango pudding
  • Mango Sago – normal sweet diced mango with milky sago.
  • Kiwi Juice – just a normal kiwi Juice. not in the picture. =(






Mango Tango

Siam Square Soi 5

Ambiance : 😍😍😍 / 5

Food : 😍😍😍😍 / 5

Price : 😍😍😍😘 / 5


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